What Is Mercedes-Benz Service D?

Mercedes Service A, B, C, and D connotes different maintenance service requirements in Mercedes Benz cars. The intervals for each service also differ.

It is crucial to note that each service from A to D is very important; hence, you must not neglect them if you own a Mercedes Benz car. Now, “What is Mercedes service D?” To make a long story short, this Mercedes service is about the 4-hour service duration, oil exchange, and correcting faulty fluid.

Read on to go in-depth for a clearer understanding of all these.

What Is Mercedes Service D?

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Mercedes service D, like other maintenance services—A, B, and C, helps keep a Mercedes Benz car in good condition through the replacement of oil and other fluids and general inspection of the vehicle’s components.

The instrumentation panel in the car displays the Mercedes service codes when necessary. You need an expert Mercedes dealer to schedule the service codes on your Mercedes Benz car so it can signal you through the dashboard screen whenever it is time to perform the maintenance service.

When you take your Mercedes Benz for an appointment with a professional Mercedes mechanic, he will determine the type of maintenance that your car needs at that point in time.

The Mercedes Service D maintenance activities include:

  • Replacement of engine oil.
  • Change of filters.
  • Replacement of brake fluid.
  • Inspection of other fluids and correction (where necessary).

The Mercedes service D alert also signifies that the maintenance will require approximately 4 hours of completion.

Meanwhile, when this service code displays for a long time on your dashboard, it is most likely that the maintenance is long overdue, and you need to perform service D ASAP.

However, if the display is inconsistent, you may need to take the car to an expert Mercedes Benz auto mechanic for a Mercedes service D reset.

The maintenance service activities of service D in Mercedes E320 are not different from that of service D in Mercedes E350; however, ensure to study the manufacturer’s manual attached to your car to discover their specific intervals.


What does a service D include on a Mercedes Benz?

A service D on a Mercedes Benz includes the replacement of oil, change of oil filter, as well as replacement of brake fluid. Mercedes Benz cars require regular maintenance service to keep them running perfectly like most other vehicles.

Service D is one of the regular maintenance you must not joke with. Remember that Mercedes Benz cars are luxury cars; hence, any slight fault development can be costly to fix.

Just as Mercedes service A and every other service schedule is important, so is Mercedes service D. You must observe this maintenance service religiously to enjoy your luxury car.

What is included in the Mercedes-B service?

Mercedes Service B includes the replacement of synthetic motor oil, oil filter change, replacement of brake fluid, replacement of cabin dust/combination filter, an inspection of other fluid levels and correction (where necessary), and tire pressure check and correction.

Mercedes B service maintenance comes after service A. None of the service maintenance activities can entirely cover up for the other. Ensure to identify the specific interval recommended for each service and keep to it.

If you drive a Mercedes Benz car, ensure to schedule an appointment with an expert auto mechanic to inspect your car whenever you feel something is not right within any component of the car. Easy detection of faults will always help you avert costly problems.

What is Schedule D maintenance service?

Schedule D maintenance service is peculiar to Mercedes Benz cars. It shows that your Mercedes Benz car is due for maintenance (service D).

The Mercedes Benz instrumentation panel displays the service message. It announces the maintenance services required at intervals and the time frame for such maintenance services.

The Schedule D maintenance service in a Mercedes Benz takes approximately 4 hours, and it involves changing of oil, checking and correcting fluid levels, etc. Every Mercedes Benz car comes with a manufacturer’s manual to always get the maintenance schedule.

What is service D for an SLK?

Service D, for a “SportlichLeightKurz–SLK,” is a maintenance service schedule whereby the Mercedes SLK requires a replacement of oil, a change of filter, and brake fluid replacement.

While service A requires inspections, oil replacement, and filter change, service B requires everything in service A and brake fluid replacement. Meanwhile, service D requires just about the same maintenance activities as service B.

It is essential to go through your Mercedes Benz manufacturer’s manual to understand the differences among all the service schedules that your Mercedes Benz car requires.

How much does the Mercedes D service cost?

Mercedes D service costs around $450 to $756, which is relatively more expensive than service A, but almost the same as service B. The cost includes parts and labor; however, the prices may differ because of location and service provider.

Going back to expense, always remember that the service cost for a Mercedes Benz will usually be more than other regular cars because Mercedes is a luxury car.

Whatever you spend on your Mercedes Benz car is worth it because the car comes with superior and sophisticated features you may not get in any random car in the market.

Final Words

Now you have had the perfect answer to “What is Mercedes service D?” in this article. Having the information is not enough; you must make sure you keep to the service schedule if you own a Mercedes Benz car.

To avoid the hassle, contact an expert Mercedes Benz mechanic whenever you need to perform the Mercedes service maintenance.

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