What Is Mercedes-Benz Service C?

A German luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes, produces high-dollar, high-technology premium wagons, coupes, sedans, SUVs, and convertibles. These vehicles feature modern computer systems that notify the driver when the car is due for service.

There are various services the German manufacturer programs their vehicles to display when it reaches the time to go for a service. The services include Mercedes services A, B, C, D, etc. What is Mercedes service C, anyway? This article will explain all you need to know about service C in Mercedes cars. 

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What Is Mercedes Service C?

Mercedes service A and B are the major recommended service intervals you shouldn’t ignore. Still, you’re also required to schedule service C. Mercedes Service C is a recommended service interval to carry after service B to keep Mercedes cars running as they should.

Similar to services A and B, service C is recommended around 36,000 miles. Indeed, this service requires no significant repair. Still, the manufacturers recommend you to visit a dealership for satisfactory service.

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 What Does Mercedes Service C Include?

These services are necessary for optimum vehicle performance. Hence, you need to carry out these services at the scheduled intervals before heading to your next adventure. Mercedes C service checklist includes a synthetic engine oil change just like Service A and B. Here’s all that the service c checklist comprises;

  • Windscreen wiper blade replacement
  • Onboard computer diagnosis to know where sensors and components need attention
  • All fluid level checks and corrections
  • Mercedes synthetic engine oil change
  • Oil filter replacement

Understanding Mercedes Service C Maintenance

Your Mercedes baby ride uses an onboard computer system known as ASSYST PLUS to carry out system checks to assess and determine your fluid level. Mercedes programmed this diagnostic system to trigger a wrench-like warning light on your instrument cluster whenever is time to go for service maintenance.

Understanding the difference between services A, B, C, etc., will show you what to expect during the next recommended service. However, other services show necessary maintenance you need to watch out for, which includes;

  • Mercedes Service D
  • Mercedes Service E
  • Mercedes Service F
  • Mercedes Service G
  • Mercedes Service H.

Just like Mercedes service B includes all service A checklist and more, service C through H expands as the progress of the service. The maintenance hours increase as you move the list.

If you need that optimum satisfaction Mercedes promises, endeavor to schedule maintenance at least every 10,000 miles or once a year (whichever comes first). 

Once a service warning light illuminates on the dashboard, don’t wait; drive down to a nearby dealership or service center to fix things.


What does service C consist of?

Mercedes-Benz service C doesn’t require significant maintenance. It is a necessary maintenance that should be done at 36,000 miles. The service comprises the following; Mercedes engine oil change, oil filter replacement, all fluid checks, wiper blade replacement, and general computer system diagnosis.

How much does a Mercedes C service cost?

Mercedes C service cost varies depending on the Mercedes you own, mileage covered, driving habits, and local environmental conditions. At most Mercedes dealership centers across the United States, the C service cost starts at $249.95. However, this is a base price. The service cost can skyrocket up to $350 or more, so I recommend you get on the phone with a nearby dealership and get a more exact quote for your specific Mercedes ride.

Service c Mercedes ml350 cost may differ from Mercedes gl450 service c cost, which is an exact reason you need to contact your dealership.

What is a vehicle C service?

Vehicle C service is vehicle maintenance at a specific duration, 100,000 miles for large vehicles and 50,000 miles for small cars. The C services comprise replacing engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, coolant fluids, power steering fluids, differential oil, grease, and safety checks.

Vehicle service C duration varies from car to car irrespective of the vehicle size. For instance, if you’re wondering what is service c on Mercedes s550? It is scheduled maintenance at every 36,000 miles. Other small vehicles may have a different service c duration other than 50,000 and 36,000 miles.

What is the maintenance of the Mercedes C Class?

Mercedes-Benz C class maintenance costs $10,739 for both maintenance and repair within the first ten years of maintenance.

This exceeds the industry average maintenance cost for luxury sedans by $970. Mercedes-Benz C class also has a 31.57% chance of requiring major repair within that period. The significant repair chance here is 7.99% better than other cars in its category. 

What is the C on the Mercedes dashboard?

C on a Mercedes dashboard stands for comfort mode. There are options on the ‘dynamic select’ button that permit you to choose between sport, eco, individual, and comfort mode. When you select the comfort mode, the following happens;

  • Automatic transmissions take off with a second gear from a parking spot. This is beneficial in icy and snowy environments. Unless the driver manually selects the first gear, the vehicle will always take off from the second gear in C mode.
  • Transmission shifts to a higher gear earlier than in normal mode. When in C mode, the car will shift to higher gears on lower RPMs.
  • When you engage in reverse gear with the transmission in C or W mode, it’ll affect the transmission power ratio.

Are Mercedes C-Class expensive to maintain?

Daimler motors produce Mercedes-Benz C-Class to meet customers’ satisfaction. If you desire optimum satisfaction from your beast, invest in maintenance and repair. Mercedes C-Class is expensive to maintain at $908 compared to other broader markets. However, the Mercedes-Benz C-class can be slightly affordable compared to other German manufacturers like BMW and Audi in its category.

Are Mercedes C-Class reliable?

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class has a great reliability score of 81 out of 100. A JD power says 91 to 100 is considered the best, 81 to 90 is great, 70 to 80 score is average, whereas 0-69 is deemed fair and below average.

Last word

This article has provided sufficient information and addressed the question, “what is Mercedes service C.” Is it time to schedule a Mercedes service C? Contact your dealership online or visit any nearby dealership for a professional service.

Be sure to get the maintenance done at a dealership to get expert services and OEM parts replacement for your Mercedes car.

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