Monroe vs. KYB Shocks and Struts: Which Brand is Best?

Vehicular motion is impossible without the suspension system. This car unit brings together different parts like the wheels, springs, shock absorbers, struts, and associated linkages. Shock absorbers ensure that the car moves smoothly, contributing to its handling.

Talking about shock absorbers and struts, we set our eyes on Monroe vs. KYB discussion. These two are among the popular brands renowned for their quality.

KYB or Monroe shocks and struts, which is the best? This is the question every car user encounter and find answer to. Deciding on the best car part is quite a hassle but possible with required exposure to the topic. This is what we will try to offer you in this Monroe vs. KYB debate.

Monroe vs. KYB

Monroe vs. KYB Shocks and Struts

Specific product lines and models may have variations, so it’s essential to check the details for the specific shocks and struts you are considering. Here’s a basic comparison table:

Feature Monroe KYB
Manufacturer A US company based in Michigan with worldwide licenses in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and other countries A Japanese company based in Tokyo with factories in 21 countries
Product Range Extensive range of shocks and struts A wide range of shocks and struts
Ride Comfort Emphasis on smooth and comfortable ride Focus on a balance between comfort and performance
Performance Generally good performance Known for sportier and firmer feel
Durability Durable and reliable          High-quality materials for longevity
Warranty Typically comes with a limited lifetime warranty Usually backed by a limited warranty to replace products in case of defect
Ease of installation Generally easy to install Installation ease may vary by model
Handling Good handling for everyday driving Excellent handling for sporty driving
Best for Drivers who prioritize ride comfort Drivers who prioritize handling and performance
Price Varied, with options at different price points, cheaper than KYB products Generally competitive pricing

Monroe Shocks and Struts

Monroe has been in the automotive sector for over a century. Founded in 1916 in Monroe, Michigan, it was the brainchild of a young mechanic and entrepreneur. Initially, the company focused on the manufacture of tire pumps, producing over 5000 units weekly.

The company grew and attracted several investors interested in exploring the developing automotive industry. Ten years after its establishment, Monroe introduced the shock absorber into its line of products.

It targeted smooth driving, and it relied on the design of the single-barrel pump, which it was producing at the time. From this point, Monroe paid more attention to shock absorbers, which saw the invention of the double-action shock absorber.

The company underwent several name changes to reflect its growth but maintained the Monroe name. In the late 1930s to 1940s, Monroe tried out railroad and military suspension parts, which went well and earned it some awards.

The 70s to 80s proved to be a boom for Monroe as it expanded to other countries after acquiring worldwide licenses. It ventured in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and other countries in Europe and Africa.

It also started producing struts. A thing that made and still makes Monroe shocks and struts stand out is their quality.

The suspension parts ensure smooth riding on both smooth and rough roads. Their functionality makes them ideal for paved roads, especially for high-speed driving.

Their design makes them very durable. For instance, if you look at the Monroe Magnum shock absorber, you will appreciate its self-lubrication properties and its nitrocarburized rod.

Monroe shocks work on small to large vehicles, an edge of versatility.

Monroe Shocks and Struts

KYB Shocks and Struts

Launched in 1919, it has been in the automotive sector for over a century. It is a Japanese firm with its headquarters in Tokyo. The company’s primary focus is on the car suspension system. It manufactures air suspension, shock absorbers, struts, and power steering systems.

Additionally, KYB features in the construction industry, having the biggest share of concrete mixer trucks at 85% of the market value.

Over the period it has been in existence, KYB has expanded its horizons to be a global brand. At the moment, it is available in 21 countries with 32 different locations worldwide. It cemented its presence in Asia, Europe, and America by establishing 15 production plants.

KYB does not compromise when it comes to quality, which puts it ahead of its many rivals. KYB shocks and struts are heavy-duty products and mainly target Asian-manufactured vehicles.

It produces OEM standard parts for brands like Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Volkswagen, and Honda. Many auto-enthusiasts agree that KYB shocks and struts are ideal for rough terrain.

The KYB Excel-G Gas shock is an excellent example of the resilience that KYB shows on the road. It is a great pick for SUVs and crossover SUVs. It is a hardy suspension part featuring seamless eye rings and bushings that do away with rattling sounds when on the road.

KYB Shocks and Struts

Main Differences between Monroe vs. KYB Shocks and Struts

To get to the root of the KYB vs. Monroe discussion, we have to look at their differences. The two companies have a strong presence as manufacturers of car suspension system parts but they have several variations.

We will look at their contrasting areas to give you a clear picture of the points the two brands part their ways at.

Monroe vs. KYB

Monroe vs. KYB Installation Process

When picking a brand of spare parts, you have to consider their user-friendliness. A hint of user-friendliness comes in the installation process. When installing suspension car parts, you need a ton of experience or have a professional to handle it.

Monroe vs. KYB installation process, which is easier? The situation at hand will depend on the vehicle model. Despite the two brands targeting the entire global market, there are markets in each of them that stand strong.

For instance, Monroe’s main target is the American market. It is easy to install Monroe shocks and struts on American-made vehicles. On the other hand, KYB is easy to install on Japanese and Asian car models. While both of them are easy to install, they are more compatible with their native markets.

If you are a pro mechanic, the installation process won’t stress you at all. With your mechanic’s toolbox, you will effortlessly pull through with the fixing. The main thing is to get the right part depending on the vehicle’s make. Use truck shock absorbers and shocks for trucks and SUV parts for SUVs.

Monroe vs. KYB Overall Performance

Another to look at to determine the best in performance. When you look at performance, you realize that the two brands are almost at the same level. However, Monroe and KYB have their strengths in different areas.

Monroe shock absorbers and struts are excellent for daily driven vehicles, more so for use on tarmac. The car suspension parts ensure that you have a smooth and stable ride.

On the other hand, KYB suspension parts are ideal for rough roads. Here, their durability and resiliency come to play to guarantee you an excellent drive on uneven terrain. The KYB MonoMax gas shock gives you a spoiler of KYB’s performance on punishing roads.

The zinc-coated and stainless steel-built piston rings provide a positive seal to tackle extreme driving conditions.

Monroe vs. KYB Pricing

Price is a crucial factor to consider when getting car parts. As severally mentioned, the two shocks and struts brand spare no effort when it comes to quality. As such, they may have higher price tags, which is understandable considering their performance.

Paying attention to the prices of the respective brands, you will find that KYB shock prices are higher than those of Monroe in most cases. The difference is around $10 to $20.

The price will depend on several factors, such as the shock and strut assembly. If it comes as a complete package, the cost will be higher. Another factor is the vehicle type. You realize that shock absorbers for heavy vehicles like trucks and vans are quite costly than the standard ones.

KYB vs. Monroe Shocks and Struts Pros and Cons

What advantages do each of the shocks and struts brands have? What of their disadvantages? This is an essential area to look at to help you decide on which one to go for. Below are the respective pros and cons of KYB and Monroe suspension parts.

Pros of Monroe Shocks

Monroe shocks have many advantages, a noticeable one being durability. They have a robust build, featuring high-quality material for the rod. For instance, the Monroe Magnum truck shock absorber sports a heavy-duty nitrocarburized rod.

Monroe shocks and struts are technically sound. The company invests in the latest technology on its products to guarantee efficiency. You can see this from the nitrogen gas-charged truck absorbers. The shock absorbers also have self-lubricating fluid seals. They help in reducing friction, prevent wear, and improve the life of the suspension components.

Monroe struts and shocks are versatile. The flexibility aspect comes to light where there are parts for different vehicle types. On its website, you will find absorbers for passenger cars, vans, buses, and trucks.

Performance-wise, you will notice the following advantages.

  • Enhanced handling.
  • No noise coming from the car when driving.
  • Decreased aeration and fade.
  • Ideal for all road types.

Additionally, the Monroe Shocks price is cheaper than most of its competitors, giving you a decent value.


Monroe suspension parts have a handful of downsides. A common one is increasing the vehicle’s height. This is a problem that you will find with some models not all of them. There is also the issue of the rear shock assembly being pretty soft.

While Monroe suspension assemblies are durable, their longevity depends on your driving style and the vehicle’s usage.

Pros of KYB

KYB’s selling aspect is its resilience, translating to longevity and compatibility to rough terrains. You mostly find KYB’s products on Japanese cars designed for rugged terrain use. It also employs the latest technology for compatibility with both new and older car models.

KYB has a vast collection of suspension system parts on its catalog. Under its collection, you find electric shocks, gas shocks, and assemblies for almost all types of vehicles. Self-leveling shocks adjust car height and balance for the car to be level in various driving conditions.

Despite targeting Asian-manufactured automobiles, the components will work well with many car models, including those from the United States.


While KYB’s car suspension parts are robust, they may require constant replacement. It is so, especially for cars that drive on rough roads. The replacements may be costly.

Another downside is that the shocks and struts are pricier than some models, like Monroe.

Deciding On Which Brand Is The Best

Monroe vs. KYB, which one is the best? After having an in-depth look at each of the brands, you can pick the ideal one. It is evident that each of them brings their best in quality and performance.

There are areas that each of them major in. For instance, if you want an affordable part, Monroe shocks are a suitable pick. However, there is no significant price difference between Monroe and KYB parts.

Another area to look at is car suitability.

This attribute brings us to the Monroe vs. KYB vs. Gabriel debate. In this discussion, we have three top brands, each of them perfect for specific vehicles. Monroe is an excellent pick for passenger cars and sedans, while KYB is ideal for SUVs and crossovers.

Gabriel shocks and struts and heavy-duty parts compatible with heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses.

KYB vs. Sachs: Which one comes on top? Sachs is a renowned model of suspension components. It targets passenger cars, like sedans and vans. They are not as heavy-duty as KYB but are great for everyday use vehicles that move on paved roads. Sachs shocks guarantee you a smooth drive, courtesy of their design, and work well with most car makes.

Back to the main question, Which one is the best? Both brands are excellent as each of them maximizes in specific areas.


Are Monroe Shocks Any Good?

Monroe has been in the auto industry for a long time and is a popular brand for suspension unit parts. Among its products are shock absorbers, which have impeccable ratings. The shocks are outstanding in performance, with attributes like resiliency and compatibility to various vehicle models.

They are ideal for cars that move on smooth-paved roads, though they also show their sturdiness on bumpy surfaces.

Are KYB Shocks Any Good?

KYB is a Japanese company that has been in operation since 1919. Its products include shock absorbers, struts, and strut assemblies. The company relies on durability as its selling point. KYB’s products are very robust, explaining their profound use in all-terrain vehicles.

Additionally, KYB shocks work with many car models, from passenger cars to vans and trucks.

Which Shocks Give The Smoothest Rides?

Both KYB and Monroe give a smooth ride as they are up to OEM standards. The smoothness depends on the shocks’ target. Here, we can say that KYB provides a smoother ride due to its stability on bumpy terrains. Monroe also brings its best, noticeable by its performance on all-weather roads.

What Brand Of Shocks Does Toyota Use?

Toyota is among the most popular Japanese car brands, with plants in different parts of the world. KYB shocks are the to-go shock absorbers and strut assemblies for Toyota. However, models manufactured in the USA can use Monroe shocks. Both Monroe and KYB are up to OEM standards, meaning they work well on Toyotas and other vehicle brands.

How Long Do KYB Shocks Last?

KYB shocks are very robust and will serve you for a long time. Under normal driving conditions, you need to replace the shocks after 50000 to 100000 miles. For rugged-terrain driving, you may have to replace shocks and struts at roughly 30,000 miles to be on the safe side.

How Long Do Monroe Shocks Last?

If you are using Monroe shock absorbers and struts, you have to replace them after 50000 miles. At this point, these components start to degrade. The 50000-mark is for everyday driving. If you drive on rough roads or in an aggressive manner, you may need to replace the shocks earlier, possibly before the 40000-mile mark.

Do I Need A Front-End Alignment When I Get New Struts?

Wheel alignment focuses on balancing the suspension system, where you pay attention to tire angles. It brings about a smooth ride and prevents issues like tire wear. When you get new struts or fix new shocks, it is advisable to go for front-end alignment to achieve the right balance.

Final Words

 The Monroe vs. KYB discussion brings to light two major shocks and struts brands. The two companies have been a mainstay in the industry for over a century and are still going strong. This article will come to your aid to help you decide which one is ideal, depending on your preference and requirements.

Look at the areas where they stand strong. Thus, you can end up voting for the best brand for your vehicle.

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