Mevotech vs. Moog (Suspension Parts Comparison Guide)

The car suspension system is crucial for your car’s smooth running, and you need to ensure that it is always in the right shape. The suspension system works in tandem with the steering system to keep the car under control.  These two car suspension parts brands’ name and fame brings us to the Mevotech vs. Moog comparison, as both are companies that deal with car suspension and steering replacement parts.

Talking about replacement parts, they are essential in case of damage or aging of your parts, and a replacement is necessary for the car to run properly. When looking for a replacement part, you should not compromise on quality, which is why it is advisable to go for standout brands that guarantee you the best products. In this case, we are looking at Mevotech and Moog, two companies that have been in the auto-part scene for a long time. We will look at each company to show you why they are worthy options.

moog vs mevotech

Mevotech and Moog Suspension Parts Comparison Table

This comparison table between Mevotech and Moog, car suspension parts, may prove crucial for you when considering such automotive components.

Feature Mevotech Moog
Reputation Known for affordable aftermarket parts Renowned for high-quality, durable components
Price More affordable than Moog Generally more expensive
Quality Generally good quality materials Emphasizes premium materials and durability
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Product Range Offers a wide range of suspension parts Extensive catalog covering various car models
Customer Satisfaction Generally positive reviews for quality High customer satisfaction due to part durability
Customer Service Responsive Responsive
Performance Reliable performance for everyday use Known for improved handling and longevity
Availability Widely available through various retailers Commonly found in major auto parts stores
Overall Good value for the money Excellent quality, but expensive

With the comparison between the two over, let’s dive into the details.


If you are looking for the best parts for your car, mainly concentrating on the suspension or steering system in the auto-repair sector, you will hear Mevotech’s name pop up. Its name is synonymous with high-quality parts that ensure you have a smooth driving experience courtesy of their design and sturdy build.

Mevotech is a Canadian company that has been offering its services for almost 40 years, which translates to immense experience in dealing with client needs. The lengthy stay in the industry gives the company an upper edge over most of its competitors as it has an idea of how things work concerning automobile trends. Back to its parts, this is one area that the company does not spare any effort to create the best replacements. One thing that helps this company stay on top is that it focuses 100% on product specialization with its sights set on the aftermarket. The specialization makes it quite flexible as it has parts for most vehicle makes.

Another area that Mevotech gets right is coming up with parts depending on the market’s nature. For example, presently, we are shifting to lighter cars, translating to softer suspensions, which sustain too much stress from the chassis. When the vehicle age, the stress may become too much, and the driving experience won’t be as smooth as desired. Mevotech steps up its game in this situation by engineering parts that support the platform-specific weight. The company also pays attention to the designing geometry to make the parts long-lasting, and even if the car ages, the driving experience will still be smooth.

Mevotech is constantly coming up with various innovations and boasts of over 12 patented technologies, evidence of the strides its making in the replacement part technology. It relies on a lengthy but effective manufacturing process, and the results never disappoint. The engineering process elements include vehicle and part research and design, platform-based designs, finite element analysis, design optimization, and 3D prototyping. There is also rigorous testing to ascertain that the parts are of high quality.

Mevotech has three brands under its wings, each specializing in a specific area. They are Tough Terrain Extreme (TTX), Mevotech Supreme, and Mevotech Original Grade.  The Tough Terrain Extreme parts are ideal for heavy usage vehicles like working trucks, with their design targeting OE standards, and are very durable. The Mevotech Supreme parts are for daily-use vehicles, and they major in durability and stability. Finally, the Original Grade parts meet the exact specifications of OE standards, resulting in cost-effectiveness, smooth handling, and durability.

Something you cannot overlook about this company is its vast catalog. Under its collection, you get control arms, stabilizer links, ball joints, coil springs, and alignment aids in the suspension category. There is the idler arm, inner and outer tie rod, pitman arm, and rack and pinion boot in the steering section. For the driveline, there are the wheel hub assemblies and CV boot kits, including CV axles.

How does Mevotech fare against other brands? While we are mainly concentrating on Mevotech vs. Moog suspension parts, other brands stand out, like Proforged. It leads us to the comparison of Proforged vs. Mevotech. Both are excellent brands, but the engineering process that Mevotech employs gives it an upper edge.


Flipping the coin on the debate at hand, we have Moog. When you talk about experience in the parts industry, few companies can beat Moog, considering it has been in the manufacturing and supplying suspension and steering parts industry for over a century. It has been in existence since 1919 and boasts of global recognition when it comes to supplying quality replacement parts for the suspension and steering system. It ventured into the European market in 2001 to cement its reputation as a global brand.

Moog has been afloat for all those years as it has an idea of what its clients need. You will notice this aspect when you look at how it packages its products. Moog pre-mounts its parts to make installation a simple process that you can easily pull. When you get a package from this company, you are sure to have all the necessary hardware to make the part replacement simple and effective. Besides the user-friendliness aspect, you also notice that the parts are of excellent quality. Their engineering targets durability, such that it will serve you for a long time.

Moog values its clients and will do anything to give them a satisfying experience. The company understands how hard it is for many people to know the right parts for their cars. In this vein, it has educative material on its site in the form of newsletters and virtual training that will give you relevant information on the car parts.

This American steering and suspension replacement parts manufacturer has a decent catalog with plenty of products. Wheel bearings, axial rods, tie rod assemblies, and steering rack gaiter kits are some of the goods Moog has under its collection. It also has repair kits, which can diversify your mechanics’ toolbox to deal with any issue affecting the steering or suspension unit.

Proforged vs. Moog, which is the best? In this comparison, you can see that the two brands tie, as each of them brings its best in different aspects. For example, Proforged has a diverse collection of goods, the same as Moog. Moog majors in customer experience, noticeable on the pre-mounted parts, which makes installation an effortless process. It also provides educative materials, like virtual training and newsletters, to help you understand the various parts and know which one is compatible with your vehicle.

Mevotech vs. Moog Differences

Mevotech and Moog have many similarities, seeing that both deals in the same products, are big brands, and focus on the American and global markets. The two also manufacture high-quality products, and they have wide catalogs. Despite the similarities, you will notice that Mevotech vs. Moog differences have many points showing how the two vary.

Mevotech vs. Moog

The first difference between the two brands is that Mevotech specializes in parts to meet various car models and operational nature needs. Mevotech has specialized brands, like the Tough Terrain Extreme, Mevotech Supreme, and Mevotech Original Grade. On the other hand, Moog does not specialize that much, but it dedicates its resources to educating its clients on these car systems and how to pick the right one.

A look at Mevotech vs. Moog Reddit reviews, you get into another dimension of the comparison. Many Reddit users believe that Mevotech products are of a lower quality compared to Moog, though they are affordable. Moog vs. Mevotech tie rod ends reviews indicate that the products are equal in terms of performance. A significant difference comes in the Mevotech vs. Moog control arms comparison, where Mevotech appears to have the upper hand. The Mevotech control arms feature ball joints and brushings, while Moog’s parts only have ball joints. The brushings make Mevotech’s replacement parts more effective as they are resistant to abrasions.

So which is the best between the two? As we can see from their profiles and products’ quality, each of them has a specific selling point that makes them stand out. In summary, the best depends on your preferences and the features you are looking for in the replacement parts provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moog vs. Mevotech

Which Is Better, Mevotech Or Moog?

Mevotech and Moog are excellent brands in the suspension and steering replacement parts industry. When looking at which is the best in this debate, there are several aspects you will look at, like durability, affordability, and customer experience. The two brands do not spare any effort in durability, and they have sturdy products in their catalog.  Mevotech seems to be affordable, though some pundits are of the view that its goods are of a lower quality compared to Moog. Moog’s parts may be expensive, but the quality is impeccable. Moog also spares no effort to offer the best customer experience, which it helps by offering educative materials to its clients.

As you can see, each of the brands has its high points, meaning that it’s a tie when looking at the best.

Is Mevotech Good Quality?

Ans: Mevotech is of top quality, evidenced by its dedication to offering its clients the best by having a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. The engineering employed guarantees that its products meet the automobile industry trends.

Is Mevotech Made In China?

Some Mevotech parts are China-made and may even feature the tag ‘Made in China.’ However, this does not mean that they are of poor quality, as many people may assume. When you look at the quality of the replacement parts and their durability, you will appreciate it.

Where Is Mevotech Located?

Mevotech is a Canadian company that has branches in many places around the world. The company mainly targets the North American market but still spreads its wings to other regions worldwide.

Is Moog Made In China?

The perfect answer to this question is Moog is a global brand; as such, the manufacturing of its products takes place in many parts of the world, including China. It is a legitimate brand with its headquarters in the USA, and recently, it celebrated 100 years in the replacement parts industry.

Final Word

For a smooth driving experience, your car’s suspension and steering units have to work in tandem. An essential part of their pairing is maintenance, where you occasionally have to get replacement parts. Moog and Mevotech are some of the notable brands that deal in these parts. Mevotech vs. Moog’s discussion gives us an in-depth look at each of the companies and their products. This piece is a great asset when looking at the two brands, and it will help you make a sound decision when getting parts for your steering or suspension system. Have your eyes on the best for an assured smooth driving moment in your vehicle.


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