Who Makes Napa Batteries? and Its Pros and Cons

The car battery is one important component, even though most folks tend to remember it only when their car won’t start. Nevertheless, Napa batteries would appear to be the right option if you are seeking a suitable battery replacement for your vehicle. Thus, you may want to know who makes Napa batteries.

The batteries of vehicles power up all electrical automotive components and get the start motor powered to turn on the engine. It is common for top-quality batteries to last up to six years in warmer climates and up to four years in hot climates.

Thus, after such a period, you would need to replace the old and worn-out car batteries. Napa Batteries are a reputable brand in the market that offers a wide range of batteries for cars. This option is among the top-performing batteries in the industry and would work well for your vehicle.

This article will offer some interesting information about the producers of Napa batteries, some available types, and their pros and cons.

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Napa Batteries

Whether you are noticing a few signs of a bad battery or your vehicle’s battery needs a replacement, it may seem tasking to find a good one. Nevertheless, you can go through the wide range of options offered by the Napa brand and find an excellent pair for your car.

With the many retail options around the United States and other parts of the world, Napa batteries appear to be one of the best options. Within the industry, Napa batteries are among the most trusted brands, offering consumers a vast selection of automotive premium batteries for varying car makes and models.

All products from Napa come constructed with top-quality materials, and as such, they are pretty durable and offer long-lasting services. So, even though automotive batteries do not last forever, Napa batteries can duly serve their purpose for an extended period.

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Who Makes Napa Batteries?

Napa batteries are supplied by the Napa Auto Parts store alongside other top-quality car parts. If you are keen on knowing who is the manufacturer of Napa batteries, you should know that East Penn has produced Napa automotive batteries since 2009.

Established in 1946 by DeLight Jr., East Penn has grown to be one of the top manufacturers in the United States. The firm is also the one that makes Deka batteries, another famous option available in the market.

Their steadfast commitment ensures that consumers get top-quality products, and the firm is recognized for keeping to high environmental standards. Thus, this company takes action during production to protect the health of people and the surrounding community.

Nevertheless, there are a few speculations that Napa batteries are now being manufactured by Johnson Controls, Inc., a multinational Irish-domiciled conglomerate that deals with the production of security, HVAC, and fire equipment.

Founded in 1885, Johnson Controls has been providing consumers with various outstanding products. They also supply about a third of the lead-acid batteries used around the world, which work for various cars.

Napa batteries are top quality and are readily available in different parts of the world. Interestingly, there are over 6,000 distributions of Napa auto part stores around the world, and you can get one when the need arises.

Pros of Napa Batteries

Napa battery is an excellent option that you can find in the market for your car, as it comes designed to offer enough power that ensure a smooth ride. Interestingly, the products from this brand are affordable, and their outstanding features are worth their prices.

Most of the batteries from this product line have sturdy cases that protect them from spills. Again, the manufacturer makes these batteries with outstanding technology that ensures they work in varying climatic conditions. Another thing most consumers like about this brand is the warranties that come with these automotive batteries.

Napa brand holds an eighteen-month warranty for all power batteries. Kindly note that such a warranty covers replacements if the defect is a fault of the manufacturer, and you can get a full or partial replacement from the brand. Furthermore, Napa batteries are pretty much available as there are more than 6,000 Napa auto parts locations around the world.

Cons of Napa Batteries

There are a few downsides associated with Napa batteries, and one of them is the guarantee that covers a short period (18 months), unlike some brands that reaches cover a much longer period (up to 24 months). Another issue some folks have with Napa batteries is their cost, as they seem pretty pricey compared to a few options.

The battery longevity of some Napa batteries seems to fluctuate, causing them to face some damage when exposed to extreme conditions and use. Again, the compatibility of the products from this brand varies from vehicle to vehicle. Nevertheless, you can find a good replacement with the vast options available.

Available Types of Napa Batteries

Car owners can enjoy optimized operations with the best car batteries, and Napa batteries have excellent options that work for different car models. Remember, each vehicle has its specific needs, and as such, you should look out for batteries from the Napa brand that match your car while noting its battery configuration and engine type.

Thus, the following are some available Napa batteries that you can easily find in the market.

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Napa Power Battery

Have you ever thought of getting a good battery at an affordable price? Then, this product would appear as the perfect gift for your car. Despite being affordable, this car battery is maintenance-free and has excellent starting power capabilities.

The flush cover that comes with this product reduces the chances of spills occurring and ensures your vent does not appear loose. Interestingly, this option seems pretty compatible with many car models and offers a hassle-free installation process.

Napa AGM Legend Premium Battery

Having a battery that reduces the number of times you recharge saves you money and keeps you stress-free. This AGM Legend Premium battery from Napa ensures that you don’t charge it frequently. It delivers tremendous starting power for cars, irrespective of the climatic conditions.

The fact that this battery has a sturdy construction and appears resistant to vibration makes it a likable option. The manufacturer equips this battery with a case made of reinforced polypropylene material. Thus, you can use it for various commercial purposes, as it can withstand it. For easy transport and installation, this battery has durable handles.

Napa Legend Battery

This product comes packed with incredible power for starting the engine and keeps the car running without hassles. Its reliability is outstanding and it does not fail prematurely. Again, the flush cover prevents spills and possible corrosion.

The manufacturing process utilizes excellent computer technology that gives birth to a finely machined finished battery, which runs smoothly for the long haul.

Car with multiple connected electronic devices, the Napa Legend battery comes with enough reserve capacity to serve the needs of the connected devices as you keep driving. You would like the fact that this battery has handles that make it easy to carry.


Are Napa batteries made in China?

Napa batteries are made in America, as this brand is associated with East Penn and Johnson Controls. These firms are top manufacturers within the United States, producing batteries and other products for consumers.

Does Napa install batteries?

Car owners can now replace their old batteries at the Napa Auto Care Center. There are experts at this service station who handles the installation of new batteries and ensure that the car starts running smoothly.

Alternatively, you can decide to install the battery yourself when it is time for your battery replacement. Kindly get a suitable battery from the Napa auto part store to get started. With the right auto mechanic tools, you can take out the old battery and get the new one installed.

Are NAPA Batteries Made in the USA?

Napa batteries are among the top options you’d find being produced in the United States. These batteries are said to be a product of East Penn, one of the largest manufacturers of automotive batteries in the United States.

Again, some speculations reveal Napa batteries as being manufactured by Johnson Controls, another top manufacturer in the US.

Does Napa have a battery warranty?

All Napa power batteries come with an excellent warranty that covers replacements of damaged batteries (resulting from the manufacturer’s fault) within the specified period. You can find these products having up to eighteen months’ warranty.

Within this period, you can get a full or partial replacement as long as the problem with the battery does not result from poor maintenance.

How can I tell how old my NAPA battery is?

A glance through the battery can reveal the manufactured date of the Napa battery and further help you know the age of the battery. Kindly look beneath the hood and check for stickers or engraved numerals like “3/16.”

Such would mean that the battery’s manufactured date was March 2016. Alternatively, you could find some alphanumeric characters like “6D” that tell you that the battery’s manufactured date was April 2016 – with the month allocated alphabets from A to L.

Final Words

Car batteries work well to power all electrical components of vehicles and supply sufficient starting power to turn on the engine. Napa batteries are among the top options that car owners can find in the market.

These brand offer batteries that work for a wide range of cars and appears durable. Thus, most folks are interested in knowing who makes Napa batteries. Kindly go through this piece to get interesting details on the brand’s manufacturers and suppliers.

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  1. Well, looks like NAPA has gone the way of buying China. I just purchased (10/30/2023) a Legend AGM battery on their website which clearly shows a picture of the battery and is marked with Made in USA with US and imported parts. Thinking I would get a US made battery I purchased it online and picked up locally but the actual battery I bought is marked Made in China and no mention of USA. I don’t know that I can trust NAPA now, this is very misleading. You might want to update this article.

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