P0102 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnostics, and Fixes

The P0102 error code usually indicates the mass air-flow (MAF) sensor is not receiving enough air from the engine. This can happen for multiple reasons that include bad connections from previously required wiring, corrosion in electrical connectors, and improper installations of aftermarket components. These conditions can also cause high resistance in some circuit parts that can cause the MAF to not read properly.

Another identical diagnostics trouble code triggering the engine warning light is DTC P0102. While the cause of this code should not be ignored, fixing it is far easier than you may think.

However, this article will explain what the P0102 error code means, its causes, and its symptoms. It’ll also explain common diagnostics mistakes amongst technicians and outline detailed diagnostics and repair procedures.

Code P0102 Definition

The P0102 error code is one of the many trouble codes, displayed on your car computer screen, is the result of a faulty mass air-flow sensor. This will make your car’s check engine light illuminate giving you a signal of a number of problems mentioned in the previous section.

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What Does P0102 Mean?

A mass airflow sensor is typically located downstream of an air filter on the air intake box. It regulates and measures the volume and density of air traveling from the air intake to the inlet cylinder. When an onboard car computer logs code P0102, it means the engine control module (PCM) or the engine control unit (ECU) has detected an out-of-range air volume passing through the air intake.

However, most sensors cannot measure the exact airflow by default. Instead, they take a small part of the airflow for calculation and arrive at the total air volume and density. Once the MAF sensor falls outside what the engine control unit expects, it’ll set error code P0102.

What Are the Symptoms of Code P0102?

Most often, other MAF-related trouble codes will accompany P0102 fault codes. You’ll notice other symptoms to notify you of imminent issues.

Although, these symptoms are not always present. Signs of P0102 on Mitsubishi could be the same for Mercedes P0102, but the diagnosis and repair procedures may differ.

Here are the most common symptoms of P0102 on Hyundai, OBD P0102 on Nissan, or on any vehicle you should watch out for.

  • Check engine light
  • Loss of engine power
  • Hard starting
  • Engine stalling
  • Rough idling
  • Black smoke from the exhaust tailpipe.

Whenever you notice two or more of these symptoms, consider diagnosing your vehicle. Chances are, your car onboard computer system has registered P0102.

What Cause of Code P0102?

Your car computer can set code P0102 because of several underlying issues. Here are the common reasons the PCM could log P0102;

  • Dirty mass airflow (MAF) sensor
  • Corroded or defective MAF wiring connectors
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Defective mass airflow (MAF) sensor.
  • Carbon deposits on Mass air sensor screen
  • Clogged or dirty air filter.

How Serious Is Code P0102?

The severity of the P0102 trouble code is low. This code does not pose any danger to the vehicle or driver as it doesn’t present any drivability issues.

However, it can cause excessive or limited fuel consumption, rough engine operation, and hard starting. It can also cause excessive emission, which could lead to a failed emission inspection. Hence, it is important to fix the issue on time.

Code P0102 Common Diagnosis Mistakes

The most common diagnostics mistake amongst technicians and DIYers when diagnosing P0102 on Subaru, or any vehicle model is not following the proper troubleshooting procedures. Always follow the proper troubleshooting procedures for the sensor and wiring harness.

Do not purchase a mass airflow sensor until other probable causes prove to be in good working condition. Try cleaning the old MAF sensor before buying a new one.

There could be carbon deposits on it, preventing it from working as it should. Try cleaning it with a MAF sensor-specified cleaner like CRC 05110. You can also try alternative cleaners like brake cleaners.

Another diagnostics mistake is not cleaning or replacing the air filter. A dirty or clogged air filter will restrict airflow and cause the sensor to signal the powertrain control module of a low air passage.

Tools Needed to Diagnose Code P0102

Here are the tools needed to diagnose error code P0102;

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How to Diagnose and Repair Code P0102

To diagnose code P0102, get an OBD-II scan tool and plug it into the onboard diagnosing port. Read the register fault codes on the vehicle and wipe them. After that, the test drives the vehicle for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Re-scan the vehicle and see if the code will reappear. If the error code returns, do a visual inspection of the air filter, electrical connectors, wires, sensor, and the entire MAF unit.

If everything is in good working condition, do a circuit test with a digital multimeter. This test will show sampling ratings and sensor range readings to determine if the mass airflow sensor output is within range or there’s another culprit. So, how do I fix code P0102?


Here are the repairs needed to fix error code P0102;

  • Scan the vehicle to verify the code with an OBD scan tool. Erase the code and test drive the vehicle under normal driving.
  • If the code comes back, follow these repair procedures.
  • Disconnect the electrical connectors and reconnect them back for a fresh connection. Before reconnecting it, check for corrosion and clean them.
  • Repair or replace any frayed, burnt, broken connectors and wiring.
  • Check and repair vacuum leaks, especially on older cars.

Estimated Cost of Fixing (Including the Replacement and Repair Individually)

P0102 on GM and any vehicle model is a simple and affordable fix when you follow the proper repair procedures. To avoid spending unnecessary bucks, start the diagnosis and repair with the MAF and related components like the wiring harness.

If the cause of the error code P0102 is faulty or corroded wiring, you can budget to spend around $40 to $70 on both parts and labor charges.

If a faulty MAF sensor is the culprit, you can budget to spend around $240 to $330 on repair and service fees. On some vehicles and based on your location, you can spend as low as $100 for service fees and parts.

It is important to render tender loving care to your car. The root cause of this fault could be due to lack of maintenance, such as not cleaning air filters regularly.

Same Problems with different Error Code

Here are some diagnostics trouble codes that show the same or similar problems with P0102;


Q: Can a dirty air filter cause a P0102 code?

A dirty air filter is the primary course of a P0102. It will restrict airflow to the intake manifold. When you step on the gas pedal, the engine needs to suck a higher volume of air and fuel mixture.

If the air filter is dirty or clogged, there won’t be enough air traveling into the intake plenum as the engine demands. This will cause the MAF to detect low voltage or false readings.

Q: Can you drive with a P0102 code?

You can drive with a P0102 error code. This error code does not pose any serious issues to the vehicle and the driver, and it does not give any drivability issues.

However, it can cause low fuel consumption, check engine light, and less engine power. The loss of engine power and low fuel consumption may be as small as insignificant, but as with all cases with check engine lights, the vehicle will not pass smog inspection.

Q: What does mass or volume air flow mean?

Mass airflow (MAF) sensor, also known as Volume airflow, is a system component located on the air intake. Its duty is to measure and regulate the volume and density of filtered air that gets into the engine.

The MAF sensor signals the ECM about the volume and density of air that gets into the engine. If the ECM detects a sensor malfunction or perceives an out-of-range signal, it’ll trigger error code P0102.

Final words

At this juncture, we’ve explained the meaning of a P0102 error code and outlined the causes and symptoms.

Indeed, this trouble code will not keep you stranded on the road. That, however, doesn’t mean you should ignore it. If the code stays for an extended period, it may escalate to major severe issues.

If this code logs on your vehicle, follow the diagnosis and repair procedures above to fix it. Once you identify the culprit and fix it, erase and reset the code and drive the vehicle for some distance. Scan the vehicle again and see if the code returns.

If you don’t trust your guts, contact an experienced mechanic to track and fix the root cause.

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