10 Best Pegboard Hooks Reviews and Complete Guide 2024

Every household has one or more pegboards, be it the study room, Automotive garage, kitchen, and sometimes in the dressing room. As an organized person, you need to accompany your pegboard with the best pegboard hooks for the intended purpose. There are several designs of such hooks in the market. In some instances, you can use DIY pegboard hooks- you can customize to suit your style and save on cost.

It is advisable to have an assortment of pegboard hooks in your garage- let them vary in size, shape, and strength. They will all hold different weights and shapes of objects. The advantage of pegboard hooks is that they all fit on the pegboard holes. Sometimes, you will need pegboard accessories or hot glue to fasten the hooks in place.  In this review, we will help you organize your workshop with the ten best pegboard hooks in the market. They are stylish, sturdy, and durable.

Comparison Table of top 3 Pegboard Hooks

FRIMOONY Pegboard Hooks...
Pegboard Hooks 10-Packs J...
Right Arrange –...
FRIMOONY Pegboard Hooks...
Pegboard Hooks 10-Packs J...
Right Arrange –...
3.2 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches
3.7 x 2.56 x 0.87 inches
8.8 x 7.9 x 5.2 inches
2.2 pounds
0.95 ounces
2 pounds
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
FRIMOONY Pegboard Hooks...
FRIMOONY Pegboard Hooks...
3.2 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches
2.2 pounds
Amazon Prime
Pegboard Hooks 10-Packs J...
Pegboard Hooks 10-Packs J...
3.7 x 2.56 x 0.87 inches
0.95 ounces
Amazon Prime
Right Arrange –...
Right Arrange –...
8.8 x 7.9 x 5.2 inches
2 pounds
Amazon Prime

The Best Pegboard Hooks Reviews

1. FRIMOONY Pegboard Hooks Assortment for Various Tools

Frimoony made these hooks with you in mind. The heavy-duty pegboard hooks are made from durable and robust iron. Do not worry about the rust because this high-quality metal is coated with nickel that making it corrosion and rust-resistant. The nickel plate also makes it attractive.

The hooks come along with peg locks that make it easy to mount them on the board. The manufacturer packs 13 different types of hooks in each package. It saves you the trouble of sourcing different types of hooks for various purposes. They are ideal for all mounting storage around the house. You can use them on standard pegboards of ¼ inch or 1/8 inch with 1-inch spacing

The pegboard bins are of high-quality polypropylene material. You are sure they will hold mechanic tools and not break over 3lb weight. However, you need to get creative with the bin as the pegs/hooks on the bin are short.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They last long since they do not corrode or rust. You can use them in a humid or moist environment
  • The metal is strong enough to hold up to 3lb weight. You can combine more than one hook to hold heavier weights
  • You get hooks for various purposes on one purchase
  • You can place the tiny objects on the peg bin
  • The hook on the bins is short, and it does not reach the pegboard.

2. Pegboard J-shape Peg Hooks

Sometimes you do not need the harmful metal pegboard hooks, especially when you need them in your kids’ bedroom. This j-shape plastic design ensures safety all around the house. They are durable and can hold up the weight you cannot imagine. They have smooth curves and so not have a split barb, and thus do not damage the pegboard.

These j-shaped hooks fit universal ¼ inch pegboards and contain no peg locks. They are easy to install and use. They are black, making them unique compared to metallic hooks.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They do not damage your pegboard
  • They are durable and attractive
  • They are safe to use in children’s room
  • They are the best hooks to display paparazzi accessories
  • They have smooth edges. Thus, you cannot accidentally harm yourself
  • They are cheaper than other hooks in the market
  • They hold a smaller width than the L-shaped pegboard hooks. The distance between the edge of the hook and the pegboard is ½ an inch only.
  • They can break easier than the metal pegboard hooks
  • There are few pieces in the package (10 pieces), you will need to order more packages to have enough
  • They will not fit a 1/8 inch holed pegboard
  • They cannot hold heavyweights; hence not suitable for an automotive garage

3. Neiko 53100A 4-Inch Pegboard Hooks

When you need strong 4-inch pegboard hooks, then Neiko 53100A is what you need. It is sturdy and can hold up to 4lb of weight. They fit a universal pegboard with a spacing of 1 inch. The hooks have a width of 1/8 inches, so if you have a pegboard with 1/8 inches’ holes, you do not need to buy a new one.

All the hooks are L-shaped, making them suitable for a garage, workshop, workbench, and shed. In some instances, you can use them in the kitchen to hand a few things.

The steel rods are nickel-plated to reduces cases of corrosion and rusting. They are also hardened to add on strength. Hence they hold heavier items than standard steel rods of the same size.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They are strong and durable. The rust resistance capacity can allow you to work with the hooks on moist environments
  • You can use them for various purposes around the house, for example, hold extension cords, painting supplies. Organize tools, among other things.
  • They fit all standard pegboards
  • They are easy to install
  • They come in one design, thus limited in terms of use.
  • You cannot hold tiny objects unless you stash them in a paper bag or a toolbox

4. Connor tool Pegboard Bins

Mechanics lose the screws, nuts, needles, and other small tools. However, the Conor tool pegboard bins can hold them for you;  These bins can fit on any pegboard of any thickness not exceeding ¼ an inch. You will find them useful on metallic and non-metallic pegboards. You can also fit them on wall control or triton pegboards. The design fits hole diameters of 1/8 inches, ¼ inches, and 3/16 inches.

Unlike other bins that use plastic pegs to mount, this particular type uses metal hook attachment. Thus, they will not snap or break during installation or use.

They are broad and hence can hold many items or tools at once. They will save you a lot of space. They are perfect spice organizers in the kitchen; The dimensions are 3.5” by 3.5” by 1.8”.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They are solid, strong, and durable
  • They have metal hooks instead of plastic pegs. Thus, they last a lifetime
  • They fit all types of pegboards. Hence, you do not need a lot of research and questions when purchasing these pegboard bins
  • They ate easy to mount and remove. You can move the bin to your working area and reinstall it without unhooking the pegs.
  • A great storage facility for small tools and items in the garage, workshop or kitchen
  • You cannot mount an item that exceeds the weight one bin can hold. You also cannot align more than one bin to hold a heavy object
  • They are plastic. Hence, you need to handle them with care, or else you break the bins.

5. Colorstorm Pegboard Hooks 100PK Kit

If you love colorful items, then these Colorstorm J-shaped hooks are for you. The shiny blue color attracts the eye. Thus, they are good to display accessories on an accessory store. You can also use them in your children’s bedroom to organize toys and other small items.

Although they do not fit in a garage or workshop, you can use a few of them to mount lightweight tools.  They lack a split barb; hence, they protect the non-metallic pegboards. They have smooth edges and systems. So, they will not accidentally harm you or damage the pegboard.

Since the manufacturer understands the need for these hooks, they pack 100 pegboard hooks in a single package. You will have enough hooks in one purchase. They are easy to use; you just need to slide the hook on one hole.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They are light in weight
  • They are many in one package. One purchase will meet all your mounting needs
  • They fit a standard pegboard
  • They are safe to use
  • They do not damage the pegboard
  • They are suitable for use on metallic or non-metallic pegboards
  • They cannot hold heavy tools. Thus unsuitable for garage and workshops
  • They have a short hook. Hence cannot hold several items at once
  • They can break if handled carelessly
  • Since they do not have a split barb, they tend to be loose. They will swing as you move the board from one place to another.

6. Pegboard Baskets, Set of 4 Black Square Style Wire Shelf Baskets

Some items are too clumsy to hang on a hook. And they may be heavy for a pegboard bin. You, therefore, need a pegboard basket. They are large and strong enough to hold up to 30lb of weight. They are made of hardened steel coated with nickel to reduce rusting and corrosion.

They are an excellent fit for any standard sized pegboard. The hooks will fit on holes with a thickness of 3/16 inches, ¼ inches, or 1/8 inches.  Keep not that you cannot use the baskets on a grid wall.

They are suitable for use in the garage, workshop, kitchen, craft room, shed, basement, or laundry room as a shower caddy. They are quick and easy to install. Therefore, you can use them as a temporary shelf on a mobile mini shop. They are packed as small, medium, large, and extra-large baskets.

They are safe to use in a baby room. Once you mount them, they will not fall. The rust-free surface also ensures baby items and clothes are free from contamination. The baskets are great in the kitchen as they allow water to drip. Hence you can use to store vegetables and fruits.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Hold heavy weights than other bins, baskets, and hooks
  • They are very versatile
  • They come in different sizes
  • They are rust-resistant
  • They are strong
  • They are easy to install and use
  • They are the best alternatives for a mechanics toolbox
  • You cannot purchase two baskets of the same size unless you are buying two sets to get two baskets of each size.

7. WallPeg Locking Pegboard Hooks AM 114 B

J style pegboard hook is usually loose. Hence USA Peg thought of rectifying the fault. The Wallpeg locking hooks are heavy-duty pegboard hooks made of polypropylene. They are light in weight, though they can hold up to 3lb when well mounted.  They fit tightly on the pegboard holes making the movement of the pegboard with mounted items easy. The patented flex lock enables the hook to hold firmly on the pegboard.

The hook system has a smooth surface to protect the pegboard and the user. You will be sure that all the items you hook there will be unscratched.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Its patented lock system ensures that the hooks if firmly attached to the pegboard
  • It is easy to install. You only need to push it through the hole
  • it is made of recycled material, hence environmentally friendly
  • it is too thick, and it cannot fit 1/8 inches and 3/16 inch holes
  • the pegs are too fragile, and you may break them while installing

8. Wangday Pegboard Hooks Accessories

When you need versatility in terms of pegboard accessories, then Wangday pegboard accessories are all you need. They pack 50 pieces of assorted designs of pegboard hooks. You will jet J-style hooks, U-style, L-style, pegboard screwdrivers, and others.

The 3mm thick stainless steel ensures that your items are held firmly on the pegboard. The metal is coated with chrome to prevent rusting and corrosion. Hence, you can use the hooks all around the house. You will comfortably use them in moist environments, and they will remain as good as new.

You will use your pegboard hooks in standard pegboards with hole width of ¼ an inch

Highlighted Benefits
  • You will enjoy the versatility that comes with assorted pegboard hooks
  • They are durable and rust-resistant
  • You can use them all around the house
  • They are safe to use in children’s room
  • They cannot hold heavyweights

9. Colorstorm 12 pk Red Peg Hook Accessories

Colorstorm is known to produce the best plastic pegboard hooks. In their line of pegboard hooks, they released the 12pk. The hooks have a smooth design that protects the pegboard from damage. You can also use them in the kids’ room to hang their playing items or clothes.

The red color makes them compatible with various shades of pegboard. They will make your paparazzi pegboard attractive. You can use the hooks in the garage and workshop to hang lightweight items. On the downside, you cannot hang heavy items to avoid breakage.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They are cheap and durable
  • They are attractive
  • They are sage to use
  • They are easy to install
  • They do not damage the pegboard
  • They cannot hold heavyweights
  • They break during installation if not handled with care

10. Pegitz Pegboard Peg Locks 50PCS (1/4 inch, Black)

If you have used the pegboard hooks, you understand the struggle that comes with loose hooks. Pegitz gave you a solution by offering the magical Peg Locks.

These locks will hold your hooks in place. You do not have to worry about loose pegboard hooks again. Whenever you place a purchase for the pegboard hooks, ensure you accompany them with a pegboard lock. Well, not unless the hooks have a patented lock system.

The reason we listed these locks among the best pegboard hooks is to enlighten you about the vital role they play in securing your hooks. They are easy to use, and you can use them with the existing pegboard and hooks. However, they may not be compatible with metallic pegboards.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They are easy to use.
  • They fit ¼ inch and 1/8 inch hooks
  • They prevent the hooks from falling, hence your items will be safe on the pegboard
  • They are not compatible with metallic pegboards

Things To Consider Before Buying Pegboard Hooks

When you are buying any item, there are a few guidelines you should follow. It is not different when you are selecting the best pegboard hooks. The following tips will help you in making the right choices.

pegboard hooks made in usa
Image Source: Amazon

Your Type of Pegboard

The first thing to look a is the type of pegboard you have, or you intend to buy. Check the thickness of the board, the size of the holes, and hole spacing. Some hooks are not compatible with metallic, and some non-metallic pegboards. Hence, you should consider the compatibility of the hooks with the material of the pegboard.

Drip Trough

Sometimes you may require to hang some items that drip liquids. Therefore, you will need a drip trough. In this case, you have your drip trough in that area. Then it means you will need rust and corrosion-resistant hooks. There are several rust-resistant pegboard hooks in the market, and you only need to choose which is perfect for your task.

The material of the Pegboard Hook

Plastic pegboards work well with non-metallic pegboards. It would be a big flop if you bought pegboard hooks that will slip from the pegboard. Metal hooks are sometimes accompanied with pegs to hold them on the board. Ensure your metal pegboard hook has a defined lock system. If the lock system is absent, you may consider purchasing the peg locks to complement the hooks.

Thickness and Length of the hook

Pegboard hooks come in different sizes.    The size can be 3/12 inch, 1/8 inch, or ¼ inch. Sometimes you will find hooks that are not of the standard sizes. Before settling on the thickness of the hook, consider the holes on your pegboard. Many hooks will fit ¼ inch, and 1/8 inch holed pegboard. Only a few will fit 3/12 inch holed pegboard.

Some pegboard hooks are long while others are thick. The type of task you want to accomplish with the hooks will determine the length of your hook.

Number of Pegs

The size of your board and the spacing of the holes directly affect the number of pegboard hooks you require. As you have seen in the review above, manufacturers pack different quantity of hooks. You save a lot when you buy the pegboards in bulk. Buying the hooks in packs of 50, 80, or hundreds is cheaper than buying them in 12 packs or ten packs. The shipping fee reduced when you buy in bulk.

Customer reviews

Never ignore the reviews of a satisfied or dissatisfied customer. They give an honest review of a product and the seller. Customer review will make you understand if a product is worth your investment.

Benefits of pegboard hooks

diy pegboard hooks

  • They will help you organize your workspace. You will enjoy smooth and seamless working in an organized space.
  • They help you utilize your vertical space. Most of the time, we underutilize the vertical space, sometimes due to ignorance or lack of necessary tools to utilize the space.
  • You will find your small items and essential tools with ease. You already know it is hectic to find a measuring tape in a storage bin.
  • Hooks are easier to attach compared to other pegboard attachments. You can replace them without the help of a handyman
  • You will mount and unmount your items with ease
  • There are a variety of types and styles of pegboard hooks. Hence, it is easy to find hooks that complement your style and taste,
  • Some Pegboard hooks are aesthetic. For an instance, you need them for a paparazzi display, and you will find the right one that adds to the beauty of your items.
  • Metal pegboard hooks are either nickel, chrome, or zinc plated. Hence, they will protect your items, tools, or fabric from rust stains. The plating also gives the hooks a beautiful and shiny finish; thus, adds to the aesthetic properties

How to use pegboard hooks

Using pegboard hooks is easy. However, if you miss some necessary steps during installation, you will think the hooks are faulty. This video will guide you on how to organize your pegboard. Below are the steps you should follow to use pegboard hooks;

Before you attach the hooks to the pegboard, gather all the items you need to mount. Group them according to their size. Arrange them on the floor how you want them to appear on the pegboard. This step is essential as it will direct you on how to fix and space the hooks.

Attach the hooks on the pegboard following your outline on the floor. The thick and robust pegboard hooks should support heavy tools while the thin and weaker hooks support light items. Secure the hooks with wire or glue.

Hang your Mechanic tools basing on the size and weight. Light items should hand on the short hooks. Heavier items should hand on the long and curved hooks,

Use pegboard clips when the hooks are loose. Some sets of pegboard hooks have these clips. If they are absent, you can purchase them in your local stores

Types of pegboard hooks

Single Hooks-They make up the majority of pegboard hooks in the market—many curved, looped, and angle hooks can also be classified as single hooks. Their major characteristic is the single hook that protrudes from the pegboard. Some have a single peg to attach at the pegboard while others have split barb to ensure they hold on tight to the pegboard.

Double Hooks- unlike the single hooks, these have two hooks of any type that protrude from the pegboard. They have split bars to ensure they are stable on the pegboard. They are mainly used to hold heavier items than the single hooks can.

Curved Hooks-Curved hooks are single or double. J style and U style fall under this category. Utilize curved hooks to hold your small items such as a wrench, hammer, small saws, rulers, and other small items around the house. U style hooks can hold more items than J style hooks,

Looped Hooks- these hooks are necessary when you need to hang items such as screwdrivers. Ensure you purchase a pack with these hooks. Otherwise, you may misplace your screwdrivers. The outlook of the hook resembles a loop.

Angle Hooks- these hooks have a sharp angle to help support items in place. The L style, V style, and Box style fall under this category. Box style is the best in holding tools whose handle is curved. The other two groups hold heavy items and ensure they do not slide off.

Plastic Bins-these bins hold small items that cannot fit on the hooks.

Pegboard Baskets-these meshed baskets are important in the kitchen. You can use them to drip dry your tools in the garage.

Jumbo Hooks- these are necessary to hold the bulky items in the garage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you keep Pegboard hooks from falling off?

Generally, the pegboard hooks attach firmly to the pegboard. In the event the hooks are loose, you can secure them using a wire or glue. You can also purchase some peg locks to lock the pegs in place. Pegboard hooks with a lock system are the real deal. You are sure they will not fall off the pegboard, no matter the material of the hook or the board.

The best way to avoid all this struggle is to countercheck the hole size in your pegboard before you purchase the hooks. Stick to standard size items, and you are likely to get the right size if you are buying standard items all the time.

How much space is needed behind the pegboard?

One mistake you can do is to attach the pegboard directly to the wall. To insert the hooks, you will need a minimum of ½ inch between the wall and the pegboard. The tiny space is necessary so you can slide the pegboard hook with ease.

You can achieve this by inserting a nut between the screw and the wall. If you are using a nail, you may need a rubber barrier so that you do not drive the nail to the end. The barrier will ensure that the pegboard mounts firmly on the wall.

How do you hang tools on a pegboard?

You understand that hanging tools on the pegboard will save you time. But it is confusing to decide the best way to arrange them.

First of all, assess the thickness of the pegboard against the weight of your tools. Then cut the pegboard to your desired size. You may paint the board or leave it in its original color. Use polyurethane to prevent the board from absorbing moisture.

Hang your board above the workbench for convenience. Slide the hooks through the holes. Then secure the hooks with glue or wire. Hang your items carefully. Scatter the heavy tools across the board. Fit in the light items between the heavy tools.

How much weight can a pegboard hold?

Several factors determine the weight a pegboard can hold. First, it is the material of the pegboard. Metal pegboard will carry more weight than non-metal pegboards. The thickness of the pegboard also matters. The thicker the pegboard, the more weight it can hold.

A standard non-metal pegboard will hold 100lb of weight. Each of the holes will hold approximately 5lb. However, it is important to keep weight lower than the maximum as it will help prolong the life of your pegboard.

Can you paint the pegboard?

Yes, you can paint your pegboard to your desired hue. Sometimes, painting renews an old pegboard. As long as your pegboard is in good condition, the painting will give it a facelift. You also save a lot of money that you may use to purchase a new one.

Use the right paint and painting methods on different materials. You will no paint a metal pegboard with the same paint you use on a non-metal pegboard. Research on the best color to use on the pegboard you have,

Final Words

When you want to buy the best pegboard hooks, you need to know what your needs are. If you fail to identify your needs, you will think the hooks are ineffective. Follow all the guidelines before you place your order; it will save you frustration.

Although there is a notion that cheap is expensive, you can get high-quality pegboard hooks at fair prices. You need to check the stores that are offering discounts or buy the hooks in bulk. Use the correct hooks for the correct weight all the time. It will prolong the lifespan of your pegboard and hooks. When you have the materials, you can make some DIY pegboard hooks. You will save money and help in recycling old materials.

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