7 Best Powder Coating Guns Reviews 2024

Have you ever looked at an appliance or an object and admired it just because of its outstanding finish? Do you desire to make the most durable, even, and vibrant finish? If so, then the critical thing you need to have is the best powder coating gun. A powder coating gun is not only affordable but also more efficient compared to traditional finishing.

This equipment helps to apply powder coat through an electrostatic process, which is then cured with heat. It charges the powder electrically and propels it to the components you want to powder coat. It leaves a tough finish making it ideal for various applications, including finishing appliances, mechanical parts, vehicles, and industrial equipment.

With the several powder coating guns in the market, you may never know the real one for the task. This best powder coating gun review guides you on the high-quality powder coating guns and things to put into consideration when purchasing.

Top 3 Powder Coating Guns Comparison Table

Mophorn 40W 45L...
Eastwood PCS-150 Powder...
Chicago Electric Power...
Mophorn 40W 45L...
Eastwood PCS-150 Powder...
Chicago Electric Power...
Amazon Prime
Mophorn 40W 45L...
Mophorn 40W 45L...
Amazon Prime
Eastwood PCS-150 Powder...
Eastwood PCS-150 Powder...
Chicago Electric Power...
Chicago Electric Power...

The Best Powder Coating Guns

1. Mophorn Powder Coating Machine

Mophorn is a well-known company for many years for the production of high-quality industrial machines and tools. They provide you with the best budget powder coating gun to get your work done. Mophorn powder coating gun is made with high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to alkali, acid, corrosion, and rust.

Mophorn powder coating machine is designed with high sensitivity, smooth appearance, and durability. The electrostatic spraying equipment has two interior central gas designs. This feature enhances its discharge effect and improves the coating quality. The gun is widely used for medical equipment, heat sinks, sports equipment, aluminum, security doors, hardware home appliances, and other industries.

This powder coating gun provides you with excellent performance. Its smaller air pressure provides a large flow of pneumatic components. The gun has a thickening that prevents it from puncturing the tip, thus reducing maintenance rates. The gun is safe to use thanks to its circuit protection features. The voltage self-adjusting function provides the user with a perfect spraying effect.

Mophorn powder coating machine gun features a high-quality powder pump made with advanced technology. It provides an excellent atomization effect and uniform powder. It also features replaceable high voltage components, low voltage loss, and a high voltage module next to the nozzle making it more convenient to maintain. The push and pull wheel design makes this powder coating machine easy to move and saves you effort and time.

  • Has voltage self-adjusting functions
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Has a beautiful and smooth appearance
  • Two interior central gas
  • High-quality powder pump
  • Push and pull wheels for easy mobility
  • It is versatile
  • The installation manual is not clear

2. Eastwood Dual Voltage Powder Gun

Eastwood Dual Voltage powder gun enables you to enjoy the benefits of powder coating appliances and other small components instead of using paint. It is among the best hobby powder coating guns. This powder coating voltage gun comes with a handheld activation switch, ground clamp, quick-change powder bottle, a removable diverter, and 6ft activation and ground leads.

This high-quality dual voltage powder gun provides a maximum of 25,000 volts for multi-coat coverage when working in large areas. The minimum setting of this powder gun is 15,000 volt. The gun is quick to change color and easy to apply. It offers you an extremely durable finish and cures in less than an hour. It is the ideal powder coating gun for use in tight areas and large surfaces.

  • Quick to change color
  • Applies extremely durable finish
  • Covers tight areas and large surfaces
  • Cures in less than an hour
  • The maximum voltage of 25,000V
  • Needs some adjusting and tweaking

3. Chicago Electric Portable Powder Coating System

If you are looking for a smooth and nice finish, then the Chicago Electric Portable Powder system is the ideal gun to buy. This high-grade portable powder coating gun provides you with a tough finish than conventional paints. It is ideal for coating trucks, cars, and airplane parts with easy to clean and even cover.

To use this Chicago tools powder coating system, fill it with your desired powder and start painting. Its design gives you the freedom to use your hands on the handle as you operate the switch with your leg. This gives the user more precise control and direction. This Chicago Electric Portable Powder machine requires air pressure ranging from 10-30 PSI.

This Chicago package comes with two powder cups, an inline filter, a power source, a footswitch, and a powder coating gun. Other accessories included are 8’ lead with a ground clamp, remote, 8’ high voltage gun power lead, spare sealing gasket, spare fuse, disposable moisture separator, and a spare tip O-ring.

  • Provides a tough finish
  • Can be used with standard powder coating
  • Accurate and smooth airflow
  • Versatile and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Has an inline moisture filter
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Hard to clean when changing colors

4. New Complete PC04-5 10~30 PSI Powder Coating System

The New Complete Powder Coating gun is one of the best professional powder coating guns. This PC04-5 powder coating gun is optimized from PC02, PC03, PC03-2, PC03-5, and PC04 versions. The gun applies a dependable, durable, and strong finish on various surfaces ranging from plastic, metal, concrete, wood, and glass.

This spray powder coating gun has a beautiful design with internal wiring making it safe to use. It features a button system helping you to regulate your desired amount of powder and air. It is made with advanced technology and digital pulse making it more efficient. They help you to get faultless coats and various contours.

The New Complete Powder Coating system comes with a gun, a control box, a grounding cable, a cup, and a two-line power cord. The powder coating gun has a 10~30 PSI at 3.5 CFM. The recommended paint curing temperature is 400°F for 15 minutes.

  • Easy to use control box
  • Paint curing temperature of up to 400°F
  • Has an air supply pressure of 10-30 PSI
  • Comes as a single package
  • Easy to use
  • No cons

5. Hyper Smooth 02 LED Powder Coating System

Hyper Smooth 02 LED is the best powder coating gun for multiple coats. It is an ideal choice for both beginners and professionals looking for an economic powder-coating gun. This gun has an adjustable power supply ranging from 0 to 100 kV. The adjustment knob is conveniently located on the box, making the settings easy.

This Hyper Smooth powder coating gun is not only durable but also dependable. It features a standard air gauge and regulated air feed. The gun is compatible with multiple-coat nozzles and dual cups. Besides, the machine has an air regulation knob and a voltage regulation knob.

The air adjustment knob enables you to set your desired air output. Adjusting the air output allows you a fast flow or a slow flow of the powder coat, depending on the type of spraying job. Hyper Smooth 02 LED powder coating gun comes together with ground and power cables, a flat spray nozzle, 1” standard nozzle, 1lb and 2lb standard hoppers, a power supply, and a wide-mouth multi-coat nozzle.

  • Ideal to use for corners and recessed parts
  • Has 1lb and 2lb hoppers
  • Features a pressure gauge
  • Comes with different replacement tips and nozzles
  • Easy to do multi-coats
  • Affordable and economical
  • Amps are not adjustable

6. Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating Gun Bonus Kit

Red Line is one of the most popular companies for powder-coating guns due to their high quality and excellent performance. This Red Line EZ50 comes as a comprehensive kit offering you almost all the accessories you need in the coating process at a fair and affordable price. In this kit, you get some useful items on top of the powder coating gun such as three powder flow detectors, two powder coating electrodes, a power supply,

The Red Line EZ50 powder coating gun is easy to use since it does not have confusing hand switches and foot pedals. All controls of this powder gun are built-in, and thus it does not have a separate box control. This feature makes it convenient for the user since they control everything from the gun. Another amazing feature of the Red Line powder gun is its long 10 feet cable with a connecting clip.

This bonus kit comes with three powder cups with lids, making it easy for you to switch from one color to another. It saves you time working with many colors since you do not have to keep cleaning the same cup to put the next color. It also comes with additional nozzles for future replacement and a special air-line adapter. Red Line EZ50 powder coating gun is adjustable from o to 50kv.

Red Line EZ50 Powder coating gun easily shoots any powder type, including metallic and chromes. This gun will make your color changes quick and fun. It is made in the USA; thus, you can be assured of the quality. This kit is better than buying the ordinary Red Line EZ50 since its additional accessories make it more adaptable and convenient. Other things you will get in this bonus package are an owner’s manual and one package of spare O-rings.

  • 3 additional powder cups
  • Has an automatic powder control
  • Special power and air-line adapters from the USA
  • Powder flow adjustable knob for increased precision and control
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Includes a long cable of 10 feet
  • The plastic shell should be more reinforced

7. Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating Cup Gun

Red Line EZ50 is among the best powder coating gun for small shop owners and DIYers. This powder coating gun is the same as the one discussed above, but the difference is that it does not come with so many accessories. It shoots all types of powders ranging from textured, chrome, and metallic. You can use it on metal, wood, plastic, and glass for both recoating and first coating.

The Red Line powder coating gun has some of the best outstanding features. It has a powder flow knob, making it easy to adjust powder flow to what you need in the application. Thus gun features an inbuilt automatic powder control preventing you from unexpected surges and powder clamps. The cable and cord that comes with the Red Line EZ50 powder coating gun is 10 foot thus long enough for different applications.

Unlike the previously discussed package, this powder coating gun kit comes with only one powder cup with a lid. This, however, should not worry you since the gun is easy to clean; thus, switching the colors is not going to be that difficult. Red Line EZ50 gun is fully adjustable to at most 50 KV.

Red Line EZ50 Powder coating cup gun is made with ForceFeed technology giving it a perfect volume. You can comfortably carry this gun around thanks to its perfect balancing and lightweight. An additional accessory that comes with the Red Line powder coating gun is a ¼” NPT air-line adapter made in the USA.

  • Well balanced and lightweight
  • All controls are inbuilt
  • Made with ForceFeed technology
  • Fully adjustable to 50kv
  • Includes an NPT Air Line adapter from the US
  • It is versatile
  • The air-line on the handle is a bit weak

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Things to Consider Before Buying Powder Coating Gun

For you to get a tough and beautiful finish, you need to be using a high-quality powder coating gun. The best powder coating gun should be able to handle your work and require minimal maintenance. Here are tips on how to get the best gun for powder coating.

best beginner powder coat gun

1. Spray Rate

This is how fast a spray gun attains the desired material coverage in a minute. The spray rate is measured by both the velocity and volume the gun uses to complete a given task. Ensure that you purchase a powder coating gun that offers your desired spray rate.

A high spray rate speeds up the process of manufacturing, saving you both time and money. If you are working on large projects, then the best gun for you is the one with a high spray rate. However, always be careful when setting up the gun to decrease powder wastage.

2. Transfer Efficiency

Transfer efficiency is a very important factor to check in powder coating projects. It is the level of efficiency the gun offers when transferring the material to the surface that needs coating. The best gin is the one with high transfer efficiency since it minimizes wastage of materials, thus saving you money. Low-quality guns have low transfer efficiency, and you should avoid them at all costs.

3. Output Voltage

The output voltage of a powder gun is measured in kV. It represents the amount of voltage that charges the powder particles coming out via the nozzle. Ensure that the powder coating gun you buy has an adjustment knob for setting your desired level. When you set high levels, particles come out highly charged and stick to the grounded surface quite easily.

If you are working on a recessed surface, then you are required to work at lower levels, which allows the particles to travel further. The best powder coating equipment for professionals should have an output voltage ranging up to at least 100kv.

4. Durability

Buying a powder coating gun is an investment, and thus it should be able to serve you for a long time. The best gun should be made with high-quality materials and resistance from rust, corrosion, and oils, among other elements. Ensure you get a gun that withstands harsh environments. The gun should have a low rate of maintenance, for it might cost your money.

5. Ease of Use

Like any other equipment, you don’t want a gun that is challenging to use. The ideal powder coating gun should be suitable for both newbies and experts. The system should have an instruction manual that is easy to follow. Professionals may not have a problem handling these guns, but beginners need to be careful.

The best gun should also be easy to clean when changing from one color to the other. Some come with several powder tins to make this process easier. If the gun does not have several tins, ensure that it features a simple cleaning mechanism such as blowing over it with a compressor.

6. Tips and Nozzle Replacement

Nozzles and tips come in different types and designs, and they affect the spray rate. On top of this, nozzles and tips influence the styles of how the powder comes out. Big nozzles release large cloud particles, which is suitable when working on a large area.

On the other hand, small nozzles remove thin streams of particles and are ideal for small surfaces. Ensure you get a gun, which allows you to change nozzles and tips easily. Some powder coating guns come with extra replacement tips and nozzles, which is an added advantage to the user.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Powder Coat a Gun?

You can powder coat a gun, but there are things you need to put in mind. When modifying any part of the gun that is serialized requires you to have a Federal Firearms License (FFL). You can coat the barrel or the stock of the gun when brought separately since they are not the actual gun. It is advisable to understand the laws of your country before you powder coat a gun.

Which Is Better Anodized or Powder Coating?

The better one between the two depends on what you are coating and the results you want to achieve. The anodized coating is much harder compared to powder coating. It is ideal for coating Aluminum surfaces in high traffic areas. This is because this coating is hard enough to withstand physical abuse, abrasive cleaners, and a harsh environment. Anodizing coating remains as part of the coated surface since it does not flake or peel off.

On the other hand, powder coating is best for bicycle spares, automobiles, drum hardware, Aluminum extrusions, and home appliances. This type of coating offers you versatile designs, environmentally friendly, durable, and cost-effective. Therefore, the best coating type to use depends on the surface you are coating and what you want to achieve.

Is Cerakote More Durable Than Powder Coat?

Cerakote is more durable than a powder coat. It is a ceramic-based coating, and it is much thinner compared to powder coats. Unlike powder coats that are easy to apply, the mixing of Cerakote is more complicated. You also need to pay more attention when spraying on a surface. Powder coating gives you a more even coat easily.

Can Aluminum Be Powder Coated?

Yes, aluminum can be powder coated to prevent it from corrosion and rust and also gives it a beautiful appearance. Powder coats are thick, and thus they bond very well with aluminum. Powder coating on aluminum can last for 15 to 20 years, depending on the type of powder and pre-treatment.
However, before you powder coat aluminum, you need to remove the layer of aluminum oxide. Aluminum is also very smooth, and you might be required to rough the surface first before powder coating to get the best results.

Is It Better To Powder Coat Or Paint Wheels?

The best recommendable thing to do is to powder coat your wheels. Painting might seem to be a cheaper method of coating your wheels, but it leaves them vulnerable to corrosion. Paint does not protect the wheels, thus causing them to wear down quite first. Powder coating is much more advanced, and it creates a durable and protective finish on the wheels. It protects the wheels from scratches, dings, and surface damage.

Can You Powder Coat at Home?

Powder coating is an easy DIY task to do at home as long as you have the right gear. The major thing you need to have when powder coating at home is the best powder coating gun. Get to know and understand how to operate the powder gun and the steps to follow to get an even coat. Always clean the surface to be coated to ensure it is free from wax, oil, or other residues. After powder coating, give it enough time to cure.

Final Words:

We have picked the 7 best powder coating guns from the many models in the market. These guns differ in features and specifications, but their performances are top-notch. Go through the guide and its features to see if the powder coating fulfills your specific needs. When using powder coating, guns always ensure that it is well-grounded and you have a dust cover for your nose and mouth. Consider buying a powder coating gun that is portable and easy to clean, especially when changing from one color to the next.

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