Cheapest Way to Replace a Mercedes Key

Few things ooze class like the modern Mercedes car. You’d find that everything about the Mercedes stands out, down to the car keys. Besides its excellent design, it also comes with some great security systems that keep your car safe at all times. So what’s the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key?

The reason for that question is simple. As unique as the Mercedes key is, it is still a key and can get missing. The sad thing about losing a Mercedes key is that it is expensive to replace, so you’d need to get a cheaper alternative to get your Mercedes key.

However, there is a way around that, which the rest of the article will describe to you. So read on!

Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

So what if you lost your Mercedes key? It is not the end of the world, after all. The worst-case scenario is to get a replacement key from the Mercedes dealership. That might be pricey, but you will get a solution (how to be it an expensive one) to the problem.

But what if we tell you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a replacement Mercedes key as there are cheaper alternatives? So here is what we will do. We will describe a few affordable methods of replacing the Mercedes key. You can then decide on which is the cheapest for you.

mercedes key programming service

 Get it on Amazon’s “Your Garage”

Did you know Amazon has expanded its services to where you could get just about anything you want on their platform? Well, in case you didn’t know, Amazon has a dedicated section for car accessories named “Your Garage”.

Once you have an Amazon account, go to the ‘Your Garage’ section. That is where you search for a blank key. There are a lot of keys to search for, so use filters in the search bar when you look for uncut keys. 

For instance, if you need a Mercedes c class key fob replacement, ensure you include some relevant keywords in the search.

Depending on the type of Mercedes you drive, getting a remote device for the key is essential because most of the recent Mercedes cars come with a smart key (a key with a remote locking device all in one). So you might have to search for both when searching on Amazon. 

There is a caveat, though. There are so many keys on Amazon, so there is a potential risk of you getting the wrong Mercedes key. But there are ways around this. Running a Google search on your Mercedes key is one way. Then there is the other option of checking for second opinions on any of the many online Mercedes forums.

The Mercedes key you opt for on Amazon must have all the features that your particular Mercedes car requires.

Now, getting your Mercedes key from Amazon is a cheap option for replacing your lost Mercedes key. However, you have to wait a bit to get the key delivered to you. Then there is the issue of getting the key coded after its delivery.

Contact Your Local Locksmith

Getting a local locksmith is a great alternative to replacing your lost Mercedes key. The trick is to get a mobile locksmith who is an expert at Mercedes cars. That way, you will deploy someone, an expert in the trade, to deal with the electronic locks built into the latest Mercedes cars.

The right locksmith will cut you a Mercedes key in little or no time, regardless of the location. The reason is that most mobile locksmiths always have a set of keys, and so once you have explained the situation to them, it would only take a few hours to fix the problem.

Some locksmiths also have the technical know-how to cut and code the Mercedes keys. If you find a locksmith with such a skill set, you are in luck because you will save a lot more money while getting the technician-level service. 

So, to be on the safe side, look for an auto locksmith that:

  • Repairs car key fobs
  • Provides replacement fob
  • Fixes remote car key fob
  • Fixes bad transponder keys
  • Provides spare transponder keys
  • Fixes transponder chips inside damaged car key remote
  • Replaces lost car key fobs
  • Reprograms car key fobs 
  • Offers Mercedes Benz key battery replacement[/su_list]

Key Coding

Now, this is one of the more difficult alternatives to a lost Mercedes key. The reason is that the Mercedes key comes with several security protocols, and coding can be quite tricky for an inexperienced person. To code your Mercedes key, you’d need to master certain technical program functions.

That said, there are certain limitations to this option of duplicating your lost Mercedes key. For one, you can only code a spare key and not a master Mercedes key. Then it is impossible to code the latest Mercedes car keys. 

If you lose your master Mercedes keys or you lose your keys to one of the latest Mercedes cars, then you would have to go to the nearest dealership to fix those issues.

Once you don’t have to deal with any of those issues and you are tech-savvy, you can code the replacement key. Always remember that you can code replacement keys for over one car. But you can program it as many times as necessary for the same type of car.

However, your best bet would be to leave coding your Mercedes key to the experts that offer Mercedes key programming service.

This is because coding a car key is pretty complex stuff and should only be done by people who know what they are doing. For instance, an expert auto locksmith or a technician at a dealership.

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Q: How Much Does A Mercedes Replacement Key Cost?

Mercedes key replacement cost depends on the year, make, model of the Mercedes car, and the key replacement method.  Replacing the keys with a mobile locksmith will cost you at least $200, depending on the Mercedes in question. 

It will cost you a lot more to replace the keys at a Mercedes dealership, especially if it is one of the “smart-key” types. On the flip side, it will cost less to get the key from Amazon. However, it is not the finished product, and you’d still need to pay to get it programmed.

Q: Can A Locksmith Make A Key For A Mercedes?

Yes. But it would have to be an auto locksmith who is a specialist in car key programming. Your regular locksmith does not have the skill set to do that.

Q: Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

Yes. An experienced auto locksmith with the required skills can make a key without the original using a blank key and a file.

Q: Why Are Mercedes Keys So Expensive?

Mercedes keys are expensive because the Mercedes company uses a lot of advanced technology to build their keys. Take the “smart keys” that support keyless entries. It would cost a lot to program such an advanced key with a battery and some circuits.

 Now compare that kind of key to a less advanced type of key, like the older type of keys that are metal. It would cost more for a replacement key for a Mercedes S550 than it would for a 2009 Mercedes C300 replacement key.

Q: Can Mercedes Keys Be Reprogrammed?

No, they can’t. Once a key has been programmed into a Mercedes vehicle, it will never work with any other vehicle.

Q: Can A Dealership Cut A Key With Just The VIN Number? 

Your vehicle dealership can cut a new key with just your VIN. Once you provide proof of ownership and the VIN number, cutting the key is a walk in the park.

Final Words:

So what is the cheapest way to replace a Mercedes key? Well, we believe that would be an expert auto locksmith. Getting the blank key from Amazon is pretty cheap, but that is not the finished product, as some cutting and programming would have to be done.

Going to a dealership is a no-no because of the costs involved. That leaves you with the specialized Mercedes auto locksmith. Now, this professional has the expertise and equipment required to fix the problem. Plus, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket while replacing the key($200-$300 is a fair deal).

So if you need an auto locksmith, you could run an internet search with the entry replacement Mercedes key near me.

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