Royal Purple Vs. Mobil 1 – Which is Better?

When picking the right lubricant for your vehicle, you should always go for synthetic oil, especially if you own a new car model. This type of lube is stable and pure, translating to excellent wear protection, prevention of sludge buildup, and suitability for extreme temperatures.

So, Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1, which should you go for? Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are among the most popular oil brands that deal in synthetic oil. Picking the best between the two is quite challenging, as both bring their A-game in various attributes.

Read on to learn how the two brands contrast, which will help you choose the best brand depending on the situation.

What’s The Difference Between Royal Purple and Mobil 1

Royal Purple is a Calumet Specialty Products Partners product, while ExxonMobil manufactures Mobil 1. The two brands have several differences, which we will look at to determine the best based on various facets.

royal purple vs mobil 1 review

1. Product Quality

Quality is critical when getting car consumables, including engine oil. High-quality oil guarantees superior performance, and your engine will be in superb shape. Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are renowned for their top-grade products, resulting from combining highly refined base oils with proprietary additive technologies.

The two brands meet and exceed industry standards and possess the proper certifications. Royal Purple and Mobil 1 tie in the quality discussion. With both brands dealing in synthetic oil, your expectations should be high with your preference.

2. Appearance

A key contrasting point between Royal Purple and Mobil 1 is their appearance. Mobil 1 has the standard engine oil color, golden before use and dark brown after use. Royal Purple oil stands out from other brands due to its purple appearance.

The purple color comes from the addition of dye, which serves no significance other than being a marketing strategy. The oil will turn dark brown like others after use.

Oils from either brand may appear thick or less dense, depending on their rating. Winter oils are less dense than their high-temperature counterparts.

3. Performance

The two synthetic oil brands are popular due to how good they are in engine protection and cleaning. They owe their excellent performance to their respective formulas.

Royal Purple Synerlec additive technology improves the lubricants molecularly. The result is robust ionic bonds between the oils and metal surfaces, translating to heat and pressure resilience.

Furthermore, Royal Purple features a perfect blend of additives, such as anti-foam, oxidation inhibitor, detergent, anti-wear, and corrosion inhibitor. The balanced additives boost its overall performance in cleaning and protecting the engine.

Mobil 1 relies on the Triple Action Power+ formula. This lubricant manufacturing technology ensures long-lasting power and resilience, 30 times more protection than standard oils, and the elimination of contaminants that may damage the engine. The Plus denotes improved fuel economy.

Regarding performance, Royal Purple is the best option if you are targeting versatility, courtesy of its many additives. You should go for Mobil 1 if you are more interested in engine cleanliness, as it has more detergent than its counterpart.

4. Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test (TEOST) Results

Motor oil tests examine various attributes of lubricants to give an idea of their efficiency. The Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test is among them and weighs the oils’ deposit formation upon heat exposure. Engine oil forms deposits when heated; the more deposits it forms, the less effective it is.

An independent lab test measured the deposit formation of Royal Purple, Mobil 1, and other brands using 5W-30 oil. The oils’ deposits should be under 30 mg after the test. After heat exposure, Royal Purple’s sample yielded around 25.2 mg of residue, while Mobil 1 yielded roughly 28.2 mg.

This motor oil test shows Royal Purple is better than Mobil 1 in heat and deposit formation resistance.

5. Drain Intervals

The best lubricants are durable and will serve you for a reasonable time before a swap. Mobil 1 and Royal Purple oils have impressive drain intervals, though the duration depends on the specific product you opt for.

You can travel up to 12000 miles with Royal Purple’s regular synthetic oil before changing it. This brand’s high-performance and high-mileage oils, HMX and HPS, can last up to 15000 miles.

Mobil 1 is the victor in the durability discussion, as it’s regular lubes have a 15000-mile service life, while extended performance will clock 18000 miles before prompting a swap.

6. Product Catalog

Many engine oil brands have a vast product catalog, hinting at versatility as there is something for various applications. Mobil 1 has a bigger inventory than its counterpart, with its lubricants falling under the following categories.

  • Mobi1 1
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance and High Mileage
  • Mobil 1 High Mileage
  • Mobi1 1 Truck and SUV
  • Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy
  • Mobil 1 Hybri

Other categories are Mobil 1 Supercar, FS, Turbo Diesel Truck, and Racing oils, among many more. Under these divisions, you find oils of different SAE viscosity grades.

Royal Purple’s oils fall into consumer and commercial/diesel motor oils. Under consumer oils, you find:

  • Engine break-in oil
  • Duralec Super and Duralec Ultra
  • High-Performance motor oil
  • High-Performance Motor Oil European Formula
  • HMX
  • HPS
  • HP 2-C

Commercial oils are Duralec Super and Duralec Ultra. While Royal Purple has a smaller catalog, its avid users praise its immense specialization to meet multiple needs.

Royal Purple vs. Amsoil, how do their inventories fare against each other? Amsoil’s catalog is more diverse than Royal Purple’s, plus its lubricants fall under several SAE viscosity grades.

7. Availability

Many customers opt for a brand that is readily accessible. The two big brands have a strong footprint in the USA and the general North American market. Mobil 1 is a product of ExxonMobil, a multinational company that has been around for ages. Its parent company gives it a robust brand prestige, and it is easily accessible worldwide.

Royal Purple is still young in the scene and has limited reach. It is available in the USA, China, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan and Mexico. You might fail to get it in some territories, especially parts of Africa, Asia, and South America.

8. Price

The Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 price debate ends in the latter’s favor, as it is more affordable. According to many customers, the steep price is one of Royal Purple’s problems. A 5-quart bottle of Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5w30 costs $28.97, converting to $5.79 per quart. Its Royal Purple equivalent is the 5-quart High Performance 5w30, which costs $37.50, translating to $7.5 per quart.

The higher cost of Royal Purple may be due to its balance of additives and proprietary formula. Nonetheless, many people may opt for Mobil 1 courtesy of its availability and affordability.

9. Customer Reviews

How good is Royal Purple? Is Mobil 1 a good lubricant brand? Online customer reviews are the go-to places if you want answers to these questions and more, which hint at the lubricants’ performance.

This Quora comment explains in detail the logic behind Royal Purple’s pricing. Still, on Quora, this comment shows how good Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil is, focusing on quality and regular product upgrades.

You should check out more Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 reviews on social media platforms and online forums to determine whether you are making the right choice with either lubricant brand.

Is Royal Purple Better Than Mobil 1?

Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1, which is better? The answer is subjective, depending on what you are looking for. Royal Purple has a slight advantage over Mobil 1 in additive concentration, courtesy of its proprietary Synerlec additive technology. This technology works at molecular levels, ensuring adequate bonds between the lubricant and engine surfaces to protect the engine from heat and pressure.

Additionally, Royal Purple has plenty of additives that make it a versatile choice. The additives include anti-wear, anti-foam, detergent/ dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, and oxidation inhibitor.

Mobil 1 also brings its A-game in additives, supported by its patented Triple Action Plus formula, which guarantees top-grade engine performance, cleanliness, protection, and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, Mobil 1 beats Royal Purple in engine cleaning capability due to its higher detergent concentration.

Other advantages Mobil 1 has over its counterpart are affordability, extensive product catalog, and availability. Pick the best lube brand, depending on your preferences.

What Oil Is Comparable to Royal Purple?

Royal Purple is a high-quality lubricant that gives other leading brands a run for their money. You can compare it to brands like Mobil 1, Castrol, Liqui Moly, Valvoline, and Shell.

How does Royal Purple vs. Castrol Edge compare? Royal Purple and Castrol Edge are renowned for their impressive blend of additives. Castrol Edge has additives that prevent sludge buildup and improve engine performance.

Castrol’s patented TITANIUM FST technology doubles the lubricant’s film strength. The extra robustness makes the oils less prone to breakdown and improves their friction protection. When it comes to Royal Purple and Castrol Edge’s additive technology, they tie as both are superior.

What about Royal Purple vs. Liqui Moly? The two brands have purple lubricant, the center of their dispute, with Royal Purple claiming trademark infringement. Royal Purple has an advantage over Liqui Moly in affordability. A 5-liter can of Liqui Moly’s Longtime High Tech 5w30 costs $59.18, equal to $11.85 per liter or $11.39 per quart. This is pricier than the $7.5 per quart deal when buying Royal Purple’s equivalent, the 5-quart High Performance 5w30.

Can I Mix Mobil 1 With Royal Purple?

Mobil 1 and Royal Purple are flexible lubricants; you can mix them with mineral and synthetic oils from other brands. This means you can mix Mobil 1 and Royal Purple lubes, with their high-quality formulations complementing each other.

You should be careful when mixing different oil brands, as you may compromise their functionality. In this case, you must ensure the lubricants have the same SAE grade, and their additives should be compatible.   

Final Words

Your car’s efficiency is as good as the utilities you use on it. For instance, high-quality oils will bring the best out of your vehicle’s engine. Talking about high-grade oils, this piece compares Mobil 1 vs. Royal Purple to help you pick a befitting lube brand.

Each has its selling attributes, which you focus on to get your preference. Royal Purple is ideal if you are targeting versatility, courtesy of its vast blend of additives. Go for Mobil 1 if you want an affordable lubricant with excellent cleaning capability.


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