Who Makes Royal Purple Oil?

Many automotive oil manufacturers have been featuring synthetic oil lately due to the benefits associated with it. Royal Purple is one of the notable oil brands that deal in synthetic oil.

So, “Who makes royal purple oil?” is a question many auto mechanics and car owners have, seeing that the product is of high quality and very efficient. If you have the same query, this short article will help you know precisely about the Royal Purple manufacturer and more.

Who Manufactures Royal Purple Oil?

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Presently, royal purple oil is a product of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, a public trading company. Since its inception in 1916, it has been dealing in the manufacture of naphthenic and paraffinic oils, with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Calumet has manufacturing plants spread all over the country, in Texas, Princeton, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, among other areas.

Royal Purple was not always under Calumet. The brand emerged in 1986, the brainchild of John Williams, who used to develop synthetic oil. He named the product Royal Purple after a remark from a client who had never encountered purple oil.

Royal Purple made considerable strides in the lubricant market as it used its own additives in making synthetic oil. The growth led to the acquisition of a production facility in Texas in 2004. In the same year, the company got a federal trademark for the use of purple containers for its products.

It registered sustained growth over the years, reaching an annual income of over $100-million in 2011. In mid-2012, the ownership of Royal Purple Oil changed hands to Calumet Lubricants in a $335-million deal.

The Las Vegas Bowl managed to garner a Royal Purple Sponsorship from 2013 to 2016, which pushed the brand to a nationwide appeal. At the moment, it is present in the US, Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, and the UK.

Royal Purple Oil Products

An endearing attribute of Royal Purple is the many products it has. The products are under three categories; consumer, industrial and commercial. Under consumer goods, you have motor oils, including the DURALEC Super, engine break-in oil, max-cycle, and snow 2-cycle oil. Additionally, Royal Purple has racing products, performance additives, and specialty lubricants.

Under the industrial category, Royal Purple has food-grade, gear, hydraulic and automotive lubricants. Also, you get grease and commercial engine oil under this product class.

Royal Purple commercial products are diesel motor oils and fuel optimizers, hydraulic fluid, and multi-use grease. The brand is famous for its synthetic engine oil. It provides improved wear protection, increased fuel efficiency, and protection against vehicle exhaust emissions. Moreover, the oil features patented additive technology for compatibility with ethanol-containing fuels.

Talking about its catalog, you cannot overlook the Royal Purple HPS. It is a high-performance lubricant with SYNERLEC, suited for powerful and modified engines. Its features include high film strength, boosted sealing between the piston ring and cylinder wall for maximum torque and horsepower, and advanced synthetic solvency. This helps keep the engine clean with minimal deposits.

The oil has a decent amount of zinc and phosphorous additives that improve wear protection. Coupled with the SYNERLEC additive technology, you get a superior formulation that tops other synthetic oil brands in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is Royal Purple Oil So Good?

Royal Purple is one of the most popular synthetic oil brands, with a diverse catalog of products for consumer, industrial, and commercial applications. The oils have various additives, like zinc and phosphorous, that make them effective in wear protection and preventing oxidation and sludge formation.

Q: What Group Is Royal Purple Oil?

Royal Purple oil is under the Calumet Specialty Products umbrella, a company that specializes in oil manufacturing. This is after a 2012 acquisition worth $335-million. Royal Purple oil is now a global brand, with a presence in the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, and many more, with plans to expand to other territories.

Q: Is Royal Purple BMW Approved?

For BMW warranty purposes, you have to use LL-01-approved oils. Few oil brands have this certification, and Royal Purple, despite its efficiency, is not one of them. If you are past the BMW warranty time, you may use Royal Purple oil for your car and enjoy its service.

Q: Can Royal Purple Be Used in Any Car?

Royal Purple oil is a versatile oil name with utilities for every car. You can use the standard engine oil for an everyday-use vehicle or opt for the HPS if you have a high-performance engine. Moreover, it has products for commercial and industrial use. It is safe to say that you can use Royal Purple in any car.

Q: How Much Did Royal Purple Sell for?

A huge milestone in the history of Royal Purple came in 2012, with its acquisition by Calumet Specialty Products, an oil manufacturing company. The $335-million deal made Royal Purple a brand under Calumet Lubricants.

Q: Does Royal Purple Remove Sludge?

Sludge buildup is a common engine problem. It may lead to overheating of the engine or hasten the wear process. Royal Purple motor oil has a formulation that prevents the accumulation of sludge. If your engine already has dirt deposits, you may consider using Royal Purple’s Clean and Flush, which helps deal with this problem.

Q: Does Royal Purple Stain Your Engine?

Royal Purple motor oil has a distinct purple appearance that makes it distinctive. The color comes from the dye, and when the oil dissipates, it may leave some stains on the engine block. You can use a cleaner, like WD-40, to remove the stains.

Q: Is Royal Purple Oil Good for High-Mileage Cars?

High-mileage vehicles need special oil that will preserve the state of the aged car parts. The Royal Purple HMX high mileage motor oil is an excellent option if you own such a car. It is fit for cars clocking over 75000-miles and will revitalize hardened seals and reduce oil consumption. Furthermore, it reduces sludge formation and provides oxidation stability.

Final Words

Royal Purple oil has been a key industry player since its establishment in 1986, with synthetic oil being its central focus. The company came under the wing of Calumet Lubricants in 2012 and continued with its steady growth.

A quick search for Royal Purple near me shows you how accessible the oil is, with a presence in China, Japan, the UK, the USA, Mexico, and Australia. Use this article to learn more about Royal Purple oil and get a befitting car utility from its stores.

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