Where can I sell my Catalytic Converter?

What do you do with the old catalytic converters after replacing with a new one? While it is true that many old car parts don’t have value, a clogged or faulty cat does; many mechanics won’t say this.

Well, cats are gold mines. Catalytic converters house precious metals that make them valuable even when old. So while spending money on new ones, you can get some money back from selling the old ones. So the next question is, where can I sell my catalytic converter? This article will answer this and other questions that pertain to selling cats. With this in mind, let’s explore it together.

who buys used catalytic converters near me

Where is the best place to sell my scrap catalytic converter?

Old cats, like every other old car parts replaced, are regarded as scraps. So, you can sell your catalytic converter at scrap yards or any recycling centers near you. However, since there are many options or places available to sell cats, the obvious question is which is the best place to sell scrap catalytic converters.

The best place to sell your scrap cat is the online space, and these places you can find in the internet. Online buyers have a versatile knowledge of the value of special metals like those found in cats. Hence, they offer better prices. They are also very informed on how their prices fluctuate.

Moreover, buying from them is much easier and more comfortable; with the click of a button, you are good to go. There are also many options to choose from. So instead of going to a scrap yard and selling at whatever price the scrap dealer says, you can check out different online buyers from the comfort of your home. And chose the one offering the best price.

To sell catalytic converters online, first, do your research to know the worth of your cat. Most catalytic converters are made of rhodium, palladium, and platinum, with rhodium as the most expensive. The exact metal and the amount in your cat will determine its worth.

Next is to go online and look at the options. Compare and pick the buyer paying the best. Different online buyers have their buying processes. But most times, all you need to do is prepare the cat and get it shipped to the cat buyer. Sometimes, buyers can get it from you, after which you get paid.

However, it’s worth noting that most of these online cat buyers do not have physical shops. So you must verify they are not scammers. These days, many things are happening in the online space. Most times, you can learn about a buyer’s credibility by reading reviews on their website.

Lastly, cat theft these days has become rampant. So cat buyers are doing everything possible to avoid buying stolen catalytic converters. So be ready to go through a verification process to prove the cat belongs to you. But what exactly do these buyers require to confirm the cat is yours? Do you need a license to sell catalytic converters?

It practically depends on the buyer. Some buyers, for example, will get copies of your vehicle registration and compare them with your cat’s serial number. Some will even check with law enforcement agencies to ensure no reports have been made about that car. But know they will only pay after they’ve done their background checks.

Why you should avoid local shops selling scrap catalytic converters?

A major reason you should not sell your cat at local shops is that these shops underprice catalytic converters. Most don’t specialize in buying precious metals like those housed in cats.

They practically specialize in buying junk that are usually of low value. Hence, view a cat just like they view those junk metals. So if you want to get value for your cat, reach out to sellers who know the worth of the valuable metals in a cat.

How to find the right scrap catalytic converter buyer?

The right buyer is one who is legit and offers the best price, as many buyers scam people while some offer low prices. So how do you find them?  Here is how I find the right catalytic converter buyer for my customers. You can follow the same approach.

I make a list of possible buyers I can sell to. Since I already have a list of buyers I sell to, I don’t make new lists all the time. In your case, you could search for buyers offline or online, but in both cases, using the internet makes your search faster. If you want buyers that pay handsomely, the type where can I sell my catalytic converter for the most money? Generally, online buyers pay more, so you will likely get firms that sell cats online.

If, however, you want scrap yards that buy catalytic converters around you, type catalytic converter buyers near me. You can even be specific if you want buyers in an entire region. For example, if you want a list of cat buyers in California, type where can I sell my catalytic converter in California?

The next step will be to confirm if the company is genuine. To verify the authenticity of the buyer,

  • Check their location and ensure it’s really a scrap yard and not a house. Even some online buyers have physical shops.
  • Check for online reviews. Whether they have just online or both online and offline shops, you should see reviews on their website as long you look for them online
  • Be sure they clearly state what you should expect. If they are not direct on how the transaction should go, let them
  • Get a grasp of their payment options. How and when do they pay? Do they pay before or after getting the cat? For those online shops, will the shipping payment be done by them or you? All these should be clearly stated; hence your money may be delayed.

Note: Ensure you sell old cats only to scrap buyers or recyclers. Selling or buying a used or old cat in places like California is illegal. Unless you’re selling to scrap buyers who will dismantle the cat and remove the precious metal inside, don’t sell. This also means it is unlawful to buy old cats from scrap yards or even install them in your car.

where can i sell my catalytic converter

Where can I sell my catalytic converter?

As noted above, selling an old cat is profitable. This knowledge has made many ask; where can I sell my catalytic converter?

You can sell your catalytic converter at any salvage yard, recycling center, or business that sells individual cats. While visiting shops around you is helpful, it can also be stressful. To make it easier to find buyers, use the internet. These buyers usually have their information online through which sellers can reach them.

To find a buyer near you, just type who buys catalytic converters near me? A list of options should appear; contact them. But even these scrap yards have price discrepancies, so how do you quickly find buyers with the best price? Simply narrow down your search by typing where can I sell my catalytic converter for the most money near me. Only shops offering higher prices will pop up.

However, even the scrap buyers offering the highest pay may still underprice your cat since most of them do not know the actual worth of a cat. So the right question you should be asking generally is, where can I sell my catalytic converter for the most money?

Online buyers pay more for used catalytic converters. Plus, you have the privilege of looking through many options and making a choice. The only thing about selling online is that the process may be longer than when selling physically to scrap buyers.

Each online buyer has their buying process. But for most, here is how to sell catalytic converters online. First, make sure you research to know the worth of your cat. Next is to note the cat’s serial number, then do an online search to get a list of online buyers.

After this, take a clear snapshot of the cat and get a quote from all buyers you can access online. Compare their prices and choose the one with the best offer. Accept their offer and follow their next instruction to get the cat shipped and get your money

Final Words

Those ready to sell their old cats often ask, where can I sell my catalytic converter? You can sell your catalytic converter online or at nearby scrap yards. All you need is research to know the value of the metal inside your cat. Then get quotes from online buyers or physical shops around and compare. Whether using the online option or going to physical shops, getting the most off your cat matters. So go with the one offering the highest price.

Lastly, always check for the credibility of the buyer. Because, in many cases, you may not get cash for the catalytic converter the day you sell it. These buyers always do background checks to confirm that the catalytic converter wasn’t stolen before payment. A scammer will also use this excuse to abscond with your cat.

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