Service Rear Vision System – Causes and Solutions

The rear vision system is one of the most outstanding innovations in the automotive industry. A driver doesn’t need to use the inner mirror or turn backward to reverse without hitting an object anymore. Instead, it is almost like you’re driving forward when reversing with the help of the monitor.

However, you may suddenly see – “Service Rear Vision System” on the infotainment screen after using the rearview camera for a while. This error signal is not a big deal, but it would be best if you understood the rear vision system and what the warning signal means.

That will enable you to fix the service rear vision system in a GMC Terrain before it degenerates into something else and tampers with other components in the vehicle. So, let’s jump on everything you need to know about the rear vision system.

service rear vision system chevy equinox

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What is Rear Vision System?

The rear vision system is a safety technology built in modern vehicles. The system synergizes the operations of a rearview camera and the monitor (infotainment screen) in a vehicle to display the image in the vehicle’s rear area when the driver engages the “Reverse – R” gear.

Cars equipped with the rear vision system are protected from crashing against objects behind them when reversing or parking. This innovation makes driving easy, especially for newbies on the road with their first car.

The rear vision safety device is fitted in virtually all vehicles, especially cars and light pickup trucks manufactured in the United States from May 2018 to date.

The new development is in line with the federal requirement as announced by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on 31 March 2014.

Like other electrical and mechanical components in a vehicle, the operation of the rear vision system is not a mystery. So, let’s see how it works.

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How Rear Vision System Works

The rear vision system works by combining the operations of the backup camera at the rear of a car and the dashboard screen. The camera remains dormant when you engage other operations like Drive, Park, etc.

However, once you engage the Reverse gear, it will trigger the camera, which automatically sends the display of the image at the rear to the infotainment screen. This operation makes reversing easy, helping the driver avoid crashing into objects behind the vehicle.

The rear vision camera is fitted in virtually all modern vehicles with an infotainment screen. However, installing the system in any older vehicle without such operations is possible.

You can install an aftermarket rearview camera and an infotainment screen on your car, especially if it is already fitted with the AM/FM systems. The installation can be easy for DIYers handling simple to complex electrical operations.

Therefore, if you’re not confident about doing the job perfectly, kindly consult a professional auto technician. If you already have an infotainment screen, that’s over 50% of the job done already. Getting an aftermarket rear backup camera will not cost a fortune.

What Does Service Rear Vision System Mean?

To be precise, the importance of the rear vision system cannot be overemphasized because it is a modern safety technology for cars. However, the system can suddenly malfunction and trigger a “service system” warning signal on the dashboard.

Suppose you already see this message on your vehicle’s dashboard screen; it simply means the system is not receiving the appropriate information or cooperation of other related components in the vehicle.

For instance, a wiring or fuse issue can alter the proper functioning of the rear vision system, resulting in a sudden malfunction. So, if you’re experiencing any glitches with the system, ensure to check it out as soon as possible.

Now, let’s find out how to fix the service rear vision system in a GMC. You can try this for your car (any brand) if you’re also facing a similar issue.

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service rear vision system blue screen

How to fix service rear vision system

Usually, water leaking into the rear vision system’s wiring is one of the main reasons why your vehicle displays the service rear vision system blue screen. However, resolving the issue may be somehow tricky, but not impossible.

So, the procedure below will help you fix the issue in your GMC truck. However, it can also rectify the service rear vision system in a Chevy Silverado.

Step 1: Park in a safe place

Firstly, ensure to park the vehicle in a safe location before commencing the operation. To keep safe, this isn’t a task you perform on the way. In other words, if you discover this issue while on a journey, ensure to arrive first before you are up to fixing the problem.

So, once you’re home, drive into your garage and start the operation. You may want an assistant to help you with a few things to make it faster. However, it is something you can do alone.

Step 2: Remove the vehicle’s headliner.

Once you park the vehicle, kindly turn off the engine and remove the key. Then, get a flat head screwdriver to remove the screw on the clips used to hold the headliner in place at the corners of the roof.

Also, carefully remove the inner light to enable you to pull down the headliner easily to access the rearview camera wiring.

Step 3: Remove the headrest for more room

You may also have to remove the headrest to provide more room, allowing the headliner to come down to a point where you can work on the system easily. So, carefully press the button on top of the seat, connecting the headrest beneath it. Then, remove the headrest at once.

Step 4: Remove the border above the rear window

Now, look through the headliner’s open space above the backseat and locate the bolts holding the top border at the rear window area. Then, loosen the bolts and remove the border to access the holes where water possibly penetrates to cause a malfunction in the wiring.

Step 5: Clean and seal holes with silicone glue

Once you remove the border at the rear area above the back window, you will most likely find dirt caused by water penetration into that area. First, ensure to clean it up properly and allow it to dry. Then apply silicone glue to the holes where water easily penetrates to tamper with the rear vision system’s wiring.

Step 6: Reinstall the removed parts

Lastly, carefully reinstall all the parts removed to access the leaking spots at the vehicle’s rear. Start by bolting on the border above the rear window.

Then, reinstall the headliner and fix the inner light. After that, fix the headrest in place and clean up the interior to remove any available dirt. Once you complete this process, start the vehicle and engage the Reverse gear to check the rear view camera’s operation again.

This video will help to simplify the process if you’re also dealing with a service rear vision system in a Chevy Malibu. Correctly engaging the procedure should rectify the warning signal.

However, if it persists, kindly consult a professional auto technician to diagnose the actual cause of the problem and fix it immediately. The repair will only cost a few bucks.


Q: What does the rear view monitor do?

The rear view monitor is a device mounted at the rear of a car. It sends a corresponding image at the rear end of the dashboard screen when you shift the gear to “Reverse – R.”

This rear view system reveals things behind your car when reversing to help prevent an unexpected accident behind the car when reversing.

Q: What is HD rear vision camera?

An HD rear vision camera works similarly to the regular rear view camera by displaying the rear area of a car when the “Reverse” gear is engaged. However, the HD rear vision camera displays a relatively high-resolution image compared to the normal rear view camera.

Most modern cars and light pickup trucks manufactured in the United States are fitted with a rear vision system.

Q: What is Chevy rear vision camera?

Chevy is fitted with the HD rear vision camera. This camera is mounted at the rear, where it sends a high-resolution image to the dashboard screen when the “Reverse” gear is engaged. This enables the driver to see the vehicle’s rear clearly when reversing or parking without hitting an object.

While the Reverse gear triggers the camera, shifting back to Drive or Park will automatically turn it off again. However, the service rear vision system in a Suburban is the only issue with the rear view camera.

Q: What is GM HD rear vision camera?

GM HD rear vision camera is a monitoring device fitted in General Motors vehicles. The device displays an image behind the vehicle when in Reverse to help the driver see behind without looking backward. This helps to avoid crashing into objects when backing up or parking.

Some GM vehicles with an HD rear vision system include; the 2020 Chevrolet Suburban, 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2020 Cadillac Escalade, 2020 Cadillac CT5/XT5, Mid-engine Corvette C8, etc. However, you can install the camera if your car doesn’t have one.

Q: Where is the rear view camera located?

The rear view camera is located at the rear area of the car, usually at a position above the plate number in most vehicles. It is securely mounted such that rain and other factors will not be able to tamper with the system.

If you want to install an aftermarket rear view camera on your old car, ensure to fix the device in a perfect location at the rear. If you’re not a DIYer, kindly contact an expert auto technician to do the job.

Final Words

The Service Rear Vision System warning message will most likely surface once and again until you rectify the underlying issue. Therefore, if you’re still battling a malfunctioning rear view camera problem, ensure to implement the solution above.

However, if you’re not confident about fixing the service rear vision system in a GMC Acadia, kindly contact an expert auto technician to perform the task.

Also, if you carried the exercise recommended above, and the signal remains, you may have to seek professional advice from your auto mechanic.

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