Tesla Model X Vs. Y – An Inclusive Comparison

Tesla is a brand that most electric vehicle enthusiasts admire in the automotive industry. This is because the multi-billion-dollar EV manufacturer builds some of the best electric cars that anyone would like to include on the list of the cars in their garage.

Whether you need an EV as a first car or an addition to your fleet of cars, the Tesla Model X and Y are amazing models to consider.

However, studying the core differences between the models ensuing the debate of Tesla Model X Vs. Y will help you make an informed decision. So, let’s see what these models are made of, including their pros and cons.

Tesla Model X

The Model X stands out among several other models designed by Tesla. The electric car is well-equipped with fantastic features that make driving a fulfilling experience. The Model X is an all-wheel-drive EV with a high towing capacity and overall performance.

The spacious, accommodating interior of the Model X is second to none. The SUV is designed to accommodate 5, 6, or 7 passengers, including the driver.

The superfly falcon-wings doors just climax the beauty of the exterior over many other electric cars in the EV industry. Nevertheless, the Model X has several drawbacks (cons), irrespective of the pros.

Tesla Model X

Pros of Tesla Model X

  • Impressive electric range.
  • Powerful and instant acceleration.
  • Wider interior space.
  • Falcon wings doors open/close in tight parking spaces.
  • 3–row seating accommodates more passengers (up to 7).
  • The constant charge is available at Tesla’s supercharger network.

Cons of Tesla Model X

  • Relatively expensive.
  • Falcon wings doors delay in opening/closing.
  • Discomfort due to lack of arm-rest on the second-row seat.
  • Expensive battery pack replacement cost.

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is a derivative of one or two models from Tesla’s line of battery-powered electric vehicles. It draws from the features in the Model 3 specifically as they share pretty similar interior looks and powertrain. 

However, the Model Y comes in a variety of designs, including an optional 7-occupant seating capacity. It also has a long electric range, top-notch performance, and wide interior accommodating space.

While comparing the Model Y to other models from Tesla’s line of electric vehicles, it features a number of pros and cons that you must consider, especially before making a buying decision.

Tesla Model Y

Pros of Tesla Model Y

  • Long driving range.
  • Advanced inbuilt safety features.
  • Powerful and instant acceleration.
  • Very roomy interior with impressive headroom and legroom.
  • Wide and accommodating storage space for family use.

Cons of Tesla Model Y

  • Lack of adequate rear visibility due to tiny rear windows.
  • Poor interior finishing (especially dashboard area).
  • Relatively poor technology due to the absence of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Siri.
  • An infotainment system can be a distraction.

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Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Overview

No doubt, Tesla is a household brand name when it comes to the best electric vehicles with amazing features. However, although Tesla is a brand to reckon with, identifying the difference between the Tesla Model Y Vs. Model X will help you make the best buying decision.

The Model X is an older model compared to the Tesla Model Y. However, they have some similar key features that serve as the Tesla brand signature. Nevertheless, they also have varying features that help distinguish between the two models.

Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model Y: Specifications

The Model X and Y are designed with some of the most outstanding features of the Tesla brand. The electric powertrain and overall performance alongside the top-notch interiors and exteriors are worthy features of these two models. The table below unveils the major difference in specifications between the Tesla X Vs. Y.

           Tesla Model X                  Tesla Model Y
Charging 250kW 250kW
Range 351 miles 330 miles
Top Speed 163mph 155mph
0-60mph 2.5 seconds 3.5 seconds
More features Autopilot, App control, Sentry mode, tinted glass roof, wireless charger, AAA gaming, etc. Autopilot, App control, Sentry mode, wireless charger, tinted glass roof, flat-folding seats, heated seats, steering wheel, etc.

Tesla Model X Vs. Y Interiors 

The Model X is well built with a spacious interior of 91 cubic feet. The seats are well packaged for maximum comfort, besides the second-row seat that lacks arm-rests. Conversely, the Model Y has a relatively smaller interior space, around 68 cubic feet.

If you’re interested in getting a family-size SUV electric vehicle for traveling and other utility purposes, the Model X is a better choice for you. If you’re looking for a recent model (say 2021), ensure to first find out the difference between the 2021 Tesla Model Y  vs. 2021 Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X Vs. Y Exteriors 

Elon Musk and the entire Tesla team are known for their top-notch creativity in building some of the world’s best space crafts, vehicles, etc. This signature is not left out on the Model X and Y. However, the Model X has more sophisticated exterior features than its Model Y counterpart.

The Model X falcon wings doors with hinges on the roof open upward in the similitude of the bird spreading its wings. This is a significant exterior difference that luxury car lovers would choose over the regular car doors on the Model Y.

Tesla Model X Vs. Y Price

Bloomberg defines a luxury car as one with an average purchase cost of $64,864. Working with this statistic, the Tesla Model X price, which is a whopping sum of $114,990 for a start, is considered a luxury car.

Conversely, the Model Y Long Range model costs about $62,990 for a start, falling short of the average cost of a luxury car, as marked by Bloomberg. But the high-speed performance model, priced at $ 67,990, lives up to the luxury mark set by Bloomberg.  So far Tesla is involved, you can add to the price as they offer pricier and exclusive versions of the same model.

However, it is a nice choice for Tesla fans who desire to own a comfortable, efficient, and relatively cheap electric vehicle. Some other details from the Tesla Model X Vs. Y price falls within the boundaries of the table below.

    Model X Price            Model Y Price
Model X AWD $64,990 Model Y Long range $61,190
Model X Plaid $138,990 Performance model $66,190

Tesla Model X Vs Y Size

SUVs are designed for more roomy cargo space. The Model X is built with an overall wider interior cargo space, measuring about 91 cubic feet. On the flip side, the Model Y is built with a limited space of about 68 cubic feet. However, this is relatively wide compared to other vehicles.

The extensive headroom and legroom of both models are amazing features to accommodate just about any kind of person (tall/short). However, the Model X is roomier and offers a relatively larger overall size. This is a major difference between the Tesla Model X Vs. Y size.

Tesla Model X Vs. Y Safety

Tesla is a top-rated tech company with influence across several industries. The electric vehicle manufacturer builds all their brand’s models with some of the most sophisticated safety systems or features.

If you’re skeptical about the Tesla Model X Vs. Y safety, the Model X stands out as the first SUV to ever receive a 5-star rating on safety. This was duly merited because of the safety analysis of the Model X by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NHTSA also rates the Model Y as a strong vehicle after the necessary crash test analysis. Both models are designed with safety features like autopilot, automatic emergency braking, stability control, anti-lock brakes, etc.

The front, side, and overhead impact side airbags are another powerful safety structure. However, model X is well equipped with more sophisticated safety features.

Tesla Model X Vs. Tesla Model Y: Battery and Range

The battery pack seems to be one of the most important components in electric vehicles. Tesla builds some of the most sophisticated batteries with an amazingly long range before requiring a recharge.

The Model X, which is further designed in two variants – the long-range edition and the plaid version, features an electric range of around 348 and 333 miles, respectively.

On the other hand, the Model Y, which is further designed into both the long-range AWD model and the performance model. They offer 330 and 303 miles, respectively.

Model X Vs. Model Y: Power and Performance

Tesla Model X is built with a dual motor and all-wheel-drive system. The Long Range model offers a power output of 670 horsepower and a 155mph top speed level. Technically, this model ascends from 0–60mph within 3.8 seconds.

With the Long Range model, you can be sure of towing up to 5,000 lbs. Conversely, the Model X Plaid delivers a power output of 1,020 horsepower and a top speed level of 163 mph. It ascends from 0–60mph in 2.5 seconds. It also has the capacity of towing up to 5,000 lbs.

On the flip side, the Performance Model Y is built to deliver up to 155mph top speed level and 330 miles of electric range. It moves from 0–60mph within 3.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, its All-wheel Drive Long Range counterpart is designed to deliver 138mph top speed and 318 miles of electric range attainment. It moves from a level of 0–60mph in 4.8 seconds. So, technically, the Model X outperforms the Model Y, especially in the top speed attainment.

Model X Vs. Model Y: Other Parts

Tesla builds top-notch models in all ramifications. The Model X and Y are not only equipped in terms of battery capacity, electric range, cargo space, etc. but they are also built all-round. While the Model X is designed with air suspension, its Model Y counterpart is designed with coil suspension.

The Model X is built by some of the most reliable personnel from the Tesla team. It also offers an automatic emergency brake, parking brake, sophisticated lighting system, etc.

Once you start the Model X, the lighting system triggers the taillights, side marker light, headlights, and license plate light to illuminate. Meanwhile, the Model Y has a couple of LED lights scattered along the rim of the headlight. This is also referred to as “signature” light.


Q: Is Tesla Model X or Y better?

Although both the Model X and Y are products of the same manufacturer – Tesla, the Model X happens to be better due to a number of factors.

Tesla Model X offers a range of about 351 miles, a top speed of 163 mph, and a wider space than model Y’s 330 miles range, 155 mph top speed, and a relatively smaller space, respectively.

However, the Model X is way more expensive than Model Y. It costs around $114,990, while the Model Y costs about $62,990. So, if you’re looking forward to buying a nice EV on a low budget, you may want to consider model Y. However, Model X comes with better packages for maximum satisfaction.

Q: How much bigger is the Model X over the Model Y?

The Model X is relatively bigger than the Model Y, with a storage space of 91 cubic feet, while the Model Y is built to 68 cubic feet.

The EV manufacturer concentrated on a lot of features when building the Model X, including a spacious, accommodating interior. This is a significant factor in distinguishing between the Tesla Model X Vs. Y space.

The Model Y is more or less a derivative of the Model X; although it also has some features that distinguish both models, especially in favor of the Model Y. Nevertheless, your desire matters when you want to acquire an electric vehicle from this amazing EV manufacturer’s brand.

Q: How do you tell the Model Y from X?

Although Tesla’s Model X and Y are somewhat similar in some aspects, distinguishing the two is still a bit easy. One major difference between Model X and Model Y is the larger interior space that the Model X has compared to the Model Y.

The Model X is built with an interior space of 88 cubic feet, while the Model Y comes with 68 cubic feet. Also, the Model X has a relatively higher range and top speed level than the Model Y. Besides the few differences, both models have pretty amazing features.

Q: What is so special about Tesla Model Y?

Tesla had worked on a few models before the Model Y; hence, the reason why it is so equipped with top-notch features. Some of the special features that make the Model Y a model to reckon with include the following:

  • Top speed and range.
  • Outstanding charging network.
  • Top-notch entertainment tech.
  • Leaner and finer feel.

Besides the factors above, another aspect that’s so special about the Model Y is its ability to thrive under different driving conditions, including snow, rain, mud, and off-road terrains.

Q: Are Tesla Model Y seats comfortable?

Of course, Tesla Model Y is thoroughly furnished with very nice seats for maximum comfort. The overall interior is something to talk about among other models. It is designed with enough headroom and legroom for great comfort.

If you’re looking forward to enjoying maximum comfort and you’re wondering whether the Model Y can satisfy this desire, you can’t go wrong with that choice. Although, the Model X offers an overall interior comfort more than the Model Y, especially because of its spacious design.

Q: Is Model Y an SUV?

Sure, the Tesla Model Y is designed as a crossover SUV. It is well built with some of the best features you can ever think of when the brand “Tesla” comes to mind. The EV is designed with driver-assist autopilot features, a giant screen, supercharger stations, cargo space with roomy seating, etc.

Model Y is a force to reckon with in all ramifications. Therefore, if you need an SUV electric vehicle with top-notch features, Tesla Model Y is definitely a priority you should consider on your top 5 list.

Q: Which Tesla is most like an SUV?

The Tesla Model X is most like an SUV. It is an electric vehicle with different dimensions of designs. Some Model X models are designed with seating for 5, 6, or 7 occupants at once. This model comes in two trim levels specifically – Model X and the Model X Plaid.

Tesla Model X comes as an all-wheel drive with 348 miles for long-range and between 311 and 333 miles range for the Model X Plaid, respectively. However, the wheel size is a factor that determines the exact range. You may want to differentiate by placing the Tesla Model X Vs. Y side by side.

Q: Does Tesla Y have falcon doors?

No! The Tesla Model Y is not built with falcon, gull-wing, or butterfly doors. They are designed with normal car doors like those on the regular vehicles on the road. This is most especially due to its size.

Rather, the Tesla Model X is the model built with the legendary falcon doors that creates a more open space for loading/entry and exit. The door’s hinge is on the roof, thereby allowing it to open upward instead of sideways (outwardly).

Q: Will 2022 Model Y have a longer range?

Not really! The 2022 Tesla Model Y’s EPA-rated range is estimated at around 279 miles as against the initial 330 miles range on previous versions of the Model Y. However, the manufacturer declared that the model would be more energy-efficient with a fast-charging capacity.

The 2022 Model Y also promises better handling, improved safety in crashes, and top-notch fit and finish designs. It will also be built with a battery pack that sustains power several times longer than some other previous battery packs.

Final Words

Since Tesla is a famous brand in the electric vehicle industry, it is natural to assume all models from the company’s line of EVs will meet your needs. However, the Tesla brand goodwill is just primary.

So, if you want to buy an electric car from the world-class EV manufacturer – Tesla, make sure you find out which car suits your needs before concluding a buying decision. Therefore, Tesla Model X Vs. Y is a worthy comparison to guide you towards picking the best model.

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