Toyota GR010 Hybrid Racing Car – Specs, Features, Performance & Records

This is the story of a two-motor hybrid endurance racing car. Toyota gr010 hybrid has taken all care to hold on to the records and achievements of Toyota’s endurance racing championships – the jewels in the crown.

Back at the evaluation period, Toyota announced that their GR010 hybrid car is meant not only for the world endurance championship but also for La Mans Prototype racing. It was declared that the car would have a superior engine to its predecessor with a hybrid motor (ICE and Electric) in action both in combination and individually. 

True to its class, the endurance racing hybrid car under discussion has lived up to the expectation and reputation inspired even before its advent in the racing industry. Indeed, this racer is several times more efficient, though not faster, than other cars in its class. 

An in-depth examination of this endurance racer four-wheeler may quench your thirst to know what, how, why, where, and more. So, are you ready to face the speed monster? Read on.

toyota gr010 hybrid top speed

Toyota GR010 Hybrid – Overview

The Toyota GR010 HYBRID is the child of a persistent innovation partnership between Toyota headquarters in Germany and hybrid electric powertrain experts in Japan.

It appeared online first on 15 January 2021 and participated in La Mans and FIFA WEC in 2021 and 2022. You can google ‘Toyota gr010 hybrid gt7’ to reach Gran Turismo 7, a video game where Toyota gr010 first showed its stunning grace. 

Exclusively featured with a four-wheel drive racing hybrid powertrain and a powerhouse turbo engine, the Toyota gr010 hybrid engine meets the fancy of endurance race hobbyists. In line with this, the endurance car supplies combustion power spectacularly supported by DENSO-made top-notch spark plugs matching the supercar standard.

The GR010 Hybrid inspires a raging reputation and high esteem that had been a challenge to live up to. As a successor of the TS050 Hybrid, it must contest the reputation of the prominent predecessor – one of the most successful WEC cars in recent time. 

To fathom the challenge thrown at Toyota Gr010, you should know that the TS050 Hybrid laurels include FIFA WEC in 2019 and 2020 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans championship in 2019 and 2020. 

But seeing the excitement in the TOYOTA GAZOO camp, it seems that the new model has already created an air of confidence in the potential to surprise. Pleased with both the feel it gives and the stunning looks, some of Toyota’s endurance drivers opine very highly about their new hyper-ride. They claim it to be addictive and exclusive. 

To your amazement, the brand has a plan to roll out Toyota GR010 Hybrid 2022 with C+port for individual use this year. This will presumably be the Toyota gr010 hybrid road car for general use.

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Championship Records

 Toyota, introducing an upgraded version for the FIFA WEC, enjoyed a successful season in 2021 after winning the championship in all six races. The Toyota GR010 Hybrid supercar achieved pole position and 5 fastest laps and thus sent two cars to the podium. But the only exception remained Monza, where the #8 car was unsuccessful because of reliability issues.

Toyota’s GR010 victory in the Bahrain double-header final claimed the Hypercar World Endurance Championship title. Toyota would win the fourth overall victory at the next Le Mans competition, backed by the excellent drivers’ setup kept unchanged since 2020 FIFA WEC with this event in mind. 

Speed & Performance

BoP or balance of power regulation has given Toyota Gr010 a run for its power outage. After winning all the past rounds, this racer has become a victim of increased power limitation as WEC aims to equalize the participants’ performance. 

Despite that power compromise, Toyota’s gr01hybrid top speed is 190km/h, and the front motor can speed up to wet and dry racing tracks. But with eyes on the 5th consecutive championship, the technical team is hell-bent on control technologies for optimum power outage within the limit regulated by WEC BoP.

Race cars are notorious for their performance cost, so the brand has worked to cut Toyota gr010 hybrid cost at the time of performance. The slower the racing car, the lesser its performance cost.

Toyota Hybrid GR010 Specifications:

Here you go with the Toyota gr010 hybrid specs to impress your fancy of a hypercar.

Category LMH (Successor of LMP1 and Predecessor of Toyota TS050
Chassis Carbon Fibre, Aluminium Honeycomb Monocoque
Suspension Front: Independent, Double Wishbone, and Pushrod-system
Rear: Independent, Double Wishbone, and Pushrod-system
Dimensions 49000mm (L)*2000 mm(W)* 1150 mm(H)
Engine Toyota Gazoo Racing 3.5 L V6 Twin-turbo, Longitudinal Mount (4WD System)
Motor (Electric) Toyota Hybrid System-racing
Transmission Transversal 7-speed, semi-auto sequential
Power 500 KW(671 hp) for ICE, 200 KW for Electric Motor, 700 KW (939 hp) combines
Layout Middle Engine, All-wheel drive
Weight 1040 kg (2293 pounds)
Lubricants Mobil 1
Brakes Brembo carbon ventilated (front and rear disc), Brembo Pads, and Akebono Calipers
Type Michelin radical (31/71-18)
Fuel Total Excellium
Battery High Powered Lithium-ion
Steering Hydraulic assisted
Springs Torsion Bars
Differential Mechanical Locking
Valves 4 per cylinder

Pros of Toyota gr010 hybrid

The Toyota gr010 hybrid is a great car because of the following above-the-average benefits:

  • Two-motor powerhouse to empower the engine with 939 hp 
  • Restricted aerodynamics, tailored to high-speed and low downforce, with one package meant for the entire racing season
  • The Toyota’s gr010 Hybrid gets an estimated high mileage both on dry and wet racing tracks
  • Featured with eternal backup power source located around the C+port
  • FIFA WEC regulated a power outage of 671 with the ICE mode
  • External power up to 1500 W to support run for 10 hours
  • Drivers already had a test drive and praise the front-end grip and direct steering
  • All compatible with the new technical regulations meant for racing cars

Cons of Toyota gr010 hybrid

Toyota’s GR010 Hybrid is still the craze on the market, and the reasons are well known to you now. However, a few drawbacks to this vehicle should be considered before purchasing it. It is:

  • Slower than the predecessors by 10 seconds at FIFA WEC and by 4-5 seconds at Le Mans
  • Heavier and larger than the previous model may cause a lack in an initial punch while moving out of the corners
  • The GR010 Hybrid is more expensive than many other vehicles on the market 
  • Another downside is that it goes a bit down in terms of power compared to the fellow racing cars. 32% less power than its earlier version Toyota TS050
  • Unlike the predecessor, it lacks a motor-generated unit for the rear, requiring a hydraulic brake fitted to the car
  • The battery life on this car isn’t as long as some racing car drivers would like 

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Q: What engine is in the Toyota Hypercar?

The Toyota Hypercars is a new car speculated to follow an upgraded version soon. The latest Toyota hg010 model powered by Toyota’s new 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine can produce 671 horsepower. The Hypercar is made of carbon fiber and has a top speed of 190 mph. The Toyota gr010 hybrid acceleration ranges from 0 to 60 mph, which matches an endurance car strength. This can do to answer if you wonder what Toyota gr010 hybrid 0 60 stands for.   

This wonder car did not hit the road before the 2021 endurance championship, and fans remained satisfied with its online appearance in January 2021. 

Q: What is Toyota Hypercar?

Toyota has entered the hypercar market with a car codenamed “TS030”. The car’s 3.4 L V8 engine will compete in the Le Mans series. It was the first car that Toyota competed with in the hypercar market, and they are up against stiff competition from companies like Ferrari and McLaren. 

After a thorough evaluation, Toyota came up with a successor to its TS050 model that featured a 3.6 v6 engine with LMH competition in mind. And that car hit the road in 2021 and already has won several championships for Toyota. 

Now, Toyota is planning to build an all-new Hypercar keeping LA Men’s championship in mind. This car will replace its existing FIA World Endurance Championship contender gr010. This decision of the Japanese manufacturer has come to take full advantage of the regulations that allow cars to homologate a second LMH car within the updated rules cycle. 

Q: Are Le Mans cars hybrid?

Le Mans is a race that has been around for almost a century. The cars that compete in this race are some of the world’s most advanced and technologically advanced cars. There has been a huge buzz recently about whether or not the cars in this race are hybrids.

The Toyota TS050 developed for the 2016 Le Mans Prototype rules in the FIA World Endurance Championship was a hybrid car. In line with that, Toyota TS050 and its successor Gr010 are all hybrid cars meant for La Men’s prototype. Any LMP1 design racers are hybrid cars featured with an electric motor aimed at acceleration assistance. 

So far, technical requirements involve all the mechanical elements crucial for endurance cars’ bodywork covering. However, Le Mans offers three classes of prototype designation – LMP1, LMP2, and LMP3.

They are only second to open-wheel Formula One (F1) cars judging by speed. But Porsche’s 919 Hybrid Evo Le Mans, which made its advent only recently, is rumored to be faster even than F1 cars. 

Q: What is the price of the Toyota Gazoo?

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing embodies TOYOTA’s dedication to building cars following the limits set by WEC and ever-better cars. It is a subsidiary of Toyota, a motorsport performance brand in Japan. Toyota Gazoo Racing works as one of many divisions in various racing disciplines of the mother brand. But the price may vary if you custom selects the parts to your preferred speculations and target. 

For a general overview, look at the recent GRMN Yaris package price that Gazoo Racing premiered in Japan. The car costs 7317000 yen, but the price will go up a bit with its two packages included. The Circuit package will cost 8467000 yen, and you will have the Rally Package at 8378764 yen.  

Q: Will Toyota Make a Hypercar?

The automotive industry has two kinds of vehicles for us: regular cars meant for commuting and hypercars meant for endurance racing. While regular cars are designed for everyday people who need to get from Point A to Point B, hypercars are built for speed and performance. They can reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour and have a price tag of at least $1 million or more.

There are only a handful of hypercars worldwide, including the Bugatti Veyron, the McLaren P1, and the Ferrari LaFerrari from their respective brands. A new player in the hypercar game is Toyota, and the supercars from this brand have already won several championships, the most prestigious two of which are La Mans and FIFA WEC. 

While evaluating their hypercars, Toyota wanted that the cars could potentially beat out all of its competitors. They did so, if not all, and the game changer Toyota hypercars include TS040, TS030, and GR010. All the cars have a sleek aerodynamic body that reduces wind resistance to run at break-neck speed. 

Q: How much does a Le Mans car cost?

Le Mans cars mean La Mans Prototype, shortly dubbed LMP, race cars. These types of sports prototype cars are built to compete at endurance races, including 24 Hours of Le Mans, IMSA SportsCar Championship, FIFA WEC, and Le Mans series in Europe and Asia. 

The cost of a Le Mans car varies depending on the category and class, with LMP1 being the costliest. Putting LMP1 aside at the astronomically high cost, the average Le Mans cars cost can range from $1 to $10 million. 

Car racing is an expensive and addictive hobby that says volume for the sky-high endurance race car prices. 

Q: Toyota Gr010 Hybrid Story in Brief

What you have learned by now is not final because Toyota GR010 Hybrid will go through further refinement with a focus on power upgrades. Indeed, the target is to keep the winning spree unchanged for the upcoming 24 Hours La Mans, FIFA WEC, and other titles.

The records further enable it to reach the podium backed by a robust racing hybrid powertrain, 3.5 L V6 twin-turbo engine, 700 W of combined horsepower, and the pace-friendly compact dimension. 

Not to escape, the rear wing adjustable aerodynamic characteristics will compensate for the lack of rear MGU and make it big at both low and high downforce circuits. Thanks to the state-of-the-art aerodynamics. 

So, be it the 6-hour Spa-Francorchamps or 24-hour Le Mans race, Toyota GR010 has ample chance to make it to the winning post again.

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