Who Makes Toyota Oil?

Toyota motor oil is a popular brand you will find in several stores, and Toyota recommends it for its models. Who makes Toyota oil? Many people wrongly assume that Toyota manufactures oil. The truth is that the automotive manufacturer is only behind the branding.

You are in the right place if you want to know more about Toyota oil. Stick on if you want to get all the info you need about this oil brand.

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Toyota Motor Oil Explained

Toyota is a Japanese-based automotive manufacturer that also specializes in engines, car electronics, car air conditioner compressors, batteries, and stamping dies. It has been in the vehicle production scene for around 85 years and is currently one of the global market leaders.

Toyota does not deal in oil manufacturing. Instead, it gets the lubricant from renowned manufacturers and packages and rebrands it as Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) before putting it on the market. In this case, Toyota takes the role of a wholesaler in the supply chain, one of the ways it makes a profit.

The oil is high-quality and of the same standard as notable motor oil brands. Its formulation makes it ideal for Toyota models, ensuring the longevity of the moving parts and controlled emissions.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is easily accessible worldwide. Most Toyota dealerships stock this lubricant, the same as filling stations and other stores that deal in vehicle utilities.

What oil do Toyota dealerships use? Apart from Toyota engine oil, the dealerships may occasionally stock oil designed for Toyotas from renowned brands.

What are the Toyota motor oil vs. Lexus motor oil differences? Lexus is Toyota’s luxury vehicle manufacturing division; as such, the motor oils are similar, and the only difference is the branding.

Toyota Motor Oil Recommended Vehicle Models

Toyota recommends TGMO for vehicles leaving its production plants. As previously hinted, the lubricant’s formulation meets the targets of Toyota models. The motor oil prevents the formation of deposits on the engine, which affect piston movement and can result in harmful emissions. Additionally, the oil has additives that prevent oxidation and control acidity, which can corrode the engine.

In short, Toyota motor oil is ideal for Toyotas. You may also use the oil in other vehicle models as it is high-grade. An oil change before using TGMO is necessary, as mixing different oil brands can damage your engine.

Available Genuine Toyota Motor Oil

Toyota Oil has a vast product lineup comprising both synthetic and conventional oils. Conventional or mineral oils mainly target older Toyota engines. Modern engines are compatible with synthetic engine lubricants which ensure all-around performance.

TGMO synthetic oil grades include 5w40, ideal for moderate to high heat operation, and 5w30, with a slightly lower operating temperature range. 5w40 is suitable for diesel engines with a mileage of less than 6000 miles. Toyota motor winter oils include 0w20 and 0w16.

Mineral oils are 20w50, which is available in SL, SJ, and CF versions. SL is ideal for gasoline engines in Toyota cars and light trucks under 3000 miles, while SJ works for engines below 2000 miles. The CF version is perfect for diesel engines with less than 2000 miles.

The 15w40 is also a mineral oil suitable for diesel engines yet to clock 3000 miles. The TGMO mineral oils show impressive resiliency and efficiency in high temperatures and protect the engine from corrosion and buildup.

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Who Makes Toyota Oil?

Toyota’s highly recommended in-house motor oil is the product of ExxonMobil, the same company behind Mobil products. ExxonMobil’s history dates back to 1911 when its predecessor, The Standard Oil Company, split into several independent entities, and for many years, it went by Mobil. Its current name resulted from a merger between Mobil and Exxon in 1999.

Toyota has had a long relationship with ExxonMobil, mainly in the auto sports scene, where Mobil 1 sponsors a Lexus-backed racing team. ExxonMobil provides Toyota with oil, which it modifies, brands, and sells.  

Is Toyota Oil Mobil 1? Toyota oil is similar to Mobil oil, though it may have extra additives. Mobil is among the engine oil brands that Toyota recommends for its vehicles besides its branded lubricant.

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What Brand of Oil Does Toyota Use?

You can use any oil for your Toyota engine, provided it is of high quality. To avoid a hit-or-miss situation, which can spell doom for your engine, it is advisable to go for Toyota motor oil. It is a top-grade lubricant crafted to meet the demands of Toyota engines. Alternatively, you may use Mobil 1 lubricant, as Toyota gets its oil from ExxonMobil.

You should stick to one motor oil brand for your engine’s health. You can mix two or more brands, but it may lead to complications if their respective additives are incompatible. Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is always the go-to brand for Toyotas.

Does Toyota Use Mobil 1?

Toyota recommends Toyota Genuine Motor Oil for its vehicles. This motor oil is high quality and will improve your engine’s performance. Toyota motor oil is a product of ExxonMobil, which also manufactures Mobil 1, another motor oil brand that Toyota endorses for its models.

Mobil 1 and Toyota motor oil are almost similar, with the latter having more additives suitable for Toyota engines.

Does Toyota Produce Engine Oil?

Toyota specializes in the manufacture of vehicles, spare parts, batteries, AC components, and die casts. While there is Toyota-branded engine oil, this automotive manufacturer does not produce oil. Instead, it purchases the oil from reputable companies, ExxonMobil in this case, and formulates it to meet its standards before selling it.

Does Toyota Recommend Synthetic Oil?

A significant percentage of Toyota engine oil is synthetic. There are few mineral engine oils for older vehicle models. Synthetic oil contains artificially manufactured chemical compounds and is more effective than mineral oil.

Toyota recommends synthetic oil due to its oxidation stability, high viscosity index, and energy efficiency. Furthermore, synthetic motor oil has fewer impurities than conventional oil and has a longer service life. You should use synthetic oil if you have a new Toyota engine for its longevity and best performance.

Do I Have to Use Toyota Brand Oil?

Toyota motor oil is a high-grade brand that you should go for if you own a Toyota. Its formulation and additives guarantee efficiency, translating to excellent performance. You should use this motor oil for your Toyota, though you may use other high-quality brands like Mobil 1 if it’s inaccessible.

If you decide to use another brand, a complete oil change is necessary to prevent mishaps.

How Good Is Toyota Engine Oil?

Toyota oil has several appealing factors that make it ideal for your Toyota. These factors include the right additives and formulations to meet the running demands of Toyota engines. The additives include detergent to prevent dirt buildup, antioxidants, and anti-corrosion agents. Your nearest Toyota dealership will advise you on the Toyota motor oil to pick, depending on the vehicle model and driving conditions.

How Long Does Toyota Engine Oil Last?

You should change your engine oil routinely to prevent overheating, harmful emissions, and engine part wear and tear. Toyota oil can last you for up to 10000 miles before requiring a change. However, you should change it after every six months or 5000 miles, whichever comes fast.

Final Words

You should always get the right lubricant for your car’s engine to be in its best shape. Toyota engine oil is a leading brand crafted for Toyotas and works well for other vehicle models. This Toyota motor oil review answers many questions, like who manufactures the oil and focuses on its vast catalog.

We now know who makes Toyota oil: Toyota gets its oil from ExxonMobil and endorses its products like Mobil 1 for its vehicles. Remember to check the SAE oil grades to get suitable lubricant for your Toyota.


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