Woolwax vs. Fluid Film – Which One to Go for?

Vehicle malfunctions result from several causes, including corrosion of delicate parts. Over time, a car’s frame, doors, undercarriage, etc., can be subject to rust, making the parts ineffective.

Lack of proper maintenance of the moving parts and other parts of a vehicle that are susceptible to corrosion can lead to further damage. That is why Woolwax and fluid film are essential undercoatings.

Woolwax Vs. Fluid film debate among car owners is pretty tricky because the same company makes the products. However, let’s find out what differentiates them in this review.

Woolwax Vs. Fluid Film


Woolwax is a sophisticated and durable undercoating product that helps manage rust and the sporadic spreading of the same. Woolwax undercoating is made from lanolin, a product of sheep wool. Lanolin is gotten from a classified breed of sheep reared for their wool.

Woolwax does not include any solvent; hence, it can stay without evaporation or solidification. It remains wet and can creep into the tightest inaccessible areas of a vehicle.

If you are currently having a problem with rust around your vehicle’s doors, frame, undercarriage, or other areas, use Woolwax. The product is designed to cover rust and prevent it from spreading further. By this, you can prevent damages that result from rust.


Product Features

  • Woolwax is a lanolin-made auto undercoating product.
  • Manufactured with almost no smell.
  • Made in the United States
  • Wash-off resistant
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • It Stays wet, always active, and creeps into tight/inaccessible areas.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: WOOLWAX
  • Brand: Woolwax
  • Product Dimensions: 8.82 x 8.46 x 8.23 inches
  • Product Weight: 9.26 pounds
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Wwuc1b

Fluid Film

Fluid Film is a powerful corrosion-prevention undercoating product. It is made as a lubricant for various moving parts of a vehicle and as rustproof. The fluid film ranks as one of the best undercoating products for automobile, marine, industrial, agricultural, and home use.

The fluid film has the capacity to prevent any rusting part of your vehicle from imminent damage. It also stops the continuous spread of corrosion.

Would you prefer to apply any random products on rusting parts of your vehicle, or will you allow fluid film to do a perfect job? The fluid film comes in different varieties, including fluid film black. The black is designed for a dark surface so that the color can remain after its application.

Fluid Film

Product Features

  • Protects all metal parts.
  • Stops rust at once.
  • Anti-freezing agent.
  • No solvent included.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Non-hazardous or toxic. Environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Fluid Film
  • Brand: Fluid film
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 9 inches
  • Product Weight: 7.63 pounds
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CNAS_B_FBA

WoolwaxVs. Fluid Film Differences

Woolwax and fluid film are products of the same company. The two products are outstanding in their capacities; however, some slight differences exist between Woolwax and fluid film. The following are some of the differences.


Fluid Film
Thicker content. Relatively lighter than Woolwax.
Possess more resistance against wash-off. Relatively fair resistance against wash-off.
Indefinite shelf life. Lasts up to 3 years.
No smell/less offensive odor. Possesses a stronger odor.


What’s better: Woolwax vs. FLUID FILM?

The same manufacturer produces Woolwax and fluid film. The two products are excellent; however, Woolwax is thicker than fluid film. Hence, it is a better product than fluid film, irrespective of the fact that the same manufacturer makes them.

Woolwax and fluid film are made in the United States by some of the best professionals. Woolwax comes from lanolin, and it contains a large amount of wool grease. The product also features different varieties.

The product has a relatively high resistance than most of its counterparts. As a result, it cannot be washed off like other competitive products. You may want to consider the best between Woolwax clear vs. black.

How long does Woolwax last?

Woolwax does not really have a specific lifespan, as its shelf life is indefinite. This is because the product does not contain any solvent. In that case, it cannot evaporate; neither can it harden due to environmental factors.

However, the spray cans used in packaging Woolwax have a guarantee period of 1 year. This is because, as time goes on, the propellant becomes weak. It is estimated that the spray cans may not be durable as the Woolwax content.

Is Woolwax a good undercoating?

Woolwax is an excellent undercoating product. The product now ranks as the most trusted undercoating protection brand for fire departments, municipalities, ice and snow removal companies, etc.

Most undercoats and other companies that utilize undercoating products in the northeast now use Woolwax spray. Many users continue to testify of the product’s ability to meet their needs satisfactorily at all times.

If you target an undercoating product for your vehicle, Woolwax is the best choice among other competitive undercoating products.

What is the difference between FLUID FILM and fluid film black?

If you are contemplating fluid film black vs. regular, fluid film black is basically another type of fluid film. However, it is a different variety that comes in black. The manufacturer intends that it will be used in the areas of a car where the users desire a black covering.

Therefore, the difference between fluid film and fluid film black is the coloration. While they are both used as rust protection products, fluid film black comes in a dark tint black.

So, if you need to cover any existing rust on your vehicle’s body where the dominant color is black, fluid film black would be best.

Is FLUID FILM the best undercoating?

Fluid film is one of the best undercoating rust protection brands. It is designed with a wash-off resistance to ensure that it stays on surfaces irrespective of washing the coated areas. The fluid film resists even the most powerful pressure washer.

This under-coater works perfectly in areas that are hard to reach in a vehicle, such as steel brake lines, inside doors, etc. If any part of your car is rusting, do not worry. All you need is fluid film undercoating to fix up that rusty look.

Among other undercoating brands in the market, the fluid film ranks top and is one of the most trusted brands. You don’t have a problem using fluid film to cover rusty areas of your vehicle because it works perfectly.

Can I wash my car after rustproofing?

Washing a car after rustproofing is not really a problem. Most undercoating products are designed with wash-off resistance. However, it would be best to subscribe to hand washing after rustproofing your car to be on the safe side.

Although most undercoating products are wash-off resistant, it is essential to be careful when washing the coated surface after rustproofing a car. So, kindly go for a hand wash instead of washing your car with a pressure washer.

Can you spray FLUID FILM over rust?

Of course, you can spray fluid film over any existing rust on your car. The fluid film may not be able to remove rust because it was not formulated for that purpose. However, it can stop rust from spreading sporadically from one part of a car’s surface to another.

Fluid film is designed to penetrate rust down to the base metal. This helps to loosen and ease the rust removal process. So, if you’re battling with fast-spreading rust on any part of your car’s body, use fluid film to stop the widespread ASAP.

How long does fluid film Black last?

Fluid film black lasts up to 3 years under normal circumstances. The product is pretty durable compared to some other undercoating products. Fluid film black can help keep locks and seat tracks for as long as 36 months.

Fluid film black can keep your locks from freezing irrespective of the degree of the temperature, even at a sub-zero level. So, if you are contemplating the most durable undercoating products, fluid film black is one of the best you can consider.

How much does it cost to have fluid film undercoating?

Fluid film undercoating sells for an estimated price of $8 to $11 or more per 11.65 oz can. The product is not actually cheap; considering the quantity, you would need to do a great job on the rusted surface of your car.

However, the product is worth the price tag. Having rust around your vehicle or on a particular spot can deface the vehicle. So, it would be helpful to apply fluid film undercoating to cover up the rust and prevent the rust from spreading to other areas.

Final Words

This review has just dealt with the differences between Woolwax Vs. Fluid film. Although both products are from the same company, the differences that exist between them have been unveiled.

If your vehicle’s moving parts are suffering from corrosion, now is the best time to use any of the products in this review. However, find out the one suitable for your needs and stick to it. But do not forget to consider your budget when buying any of the products.

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