AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple – A Comparative Review

As a car owner, you should know the best utilities for your vehicle. Motor oil is an essential utility that you will be in need of at all times. Several oil brands dot the market, each promising you excellent service. It brings us to the AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple discussion to see which is the top brand and their respective selling points.

Why AMSOIL and Royal Purple, you may ask. The fact remains, that the two brands specialize in synthetic oil, which many motorists prefer due to its benefits. Let us look at each company’s profile as we try and see which brand stands out.



Albert Amatuzio is the founder of AMSOIL and was a pilot during the Second World War. During his time as a pilot, he observed the performance of synthetic oil, which at the time was exclusively used on airplanes. He started developing synthetic oil formulations for vehicles, and he came up with several of them.

In 1969, AMSOIL came to be, its name at the time being Life-Lube Inc. Amatuzio changed the name to Amzoil in 1970, and later on to AMSOIL. 1972 was a good year for AMSOIL, as its 10W-40 oil became the first synthetic oil to be at par with American Petroleum Institute’s requirements. The use of synthetic oil for cars went mainstream after this recognition, attracting many players in the long run.

AMSOIL boasts a vast catalog, with engine oil for gasoline cars, diesel engines, racecars, European vehicles, and power equipment. Additionally, it has utilities such as transmission fluid, gear oil, filters, oil additives, cleaners, and protectants.

Pros of AMSOIL

AMSOIL manages to maintain a top spot in the synthetic oil market due to the quality of its oil. The distinction of having the first synthetic oil for cars certified by the American Petroleum Institute strengthens the brand.

AMSOIL has plenty to offer to meet different vehicle needs. They include engine oil for racecars, diesel and petroleum cars, and powerful engines. Other utilities are transmission fluid, cleansers, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, antifreeze, and coolant.

The firm has a friendly customer support service, ready to help you with any problem. Furthermore, the AMSOIL warranty is reasonable and covers engine damage resulting from the use of its commodities.


The major downside of AMSOIL’s items is their steep price. However, you get every worth of your spending due to the high quality. The car utilities may be inaccessible in some territories. AMSOIL is trying to solve this issue by establishing branches worldwide. The other downside is its limited compatibility with other oils.

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Royal Purple

Royal Purple

On the other side of our discussion, we have Royal Purple oil, owned by Calumet Specialty, and has been around since its conception in 1986. Its products are unique in that they have a purple color, hence its name.

The company has grown tremendously over the years and is one of the leading synthetic oil brands with a global appeal. Another impressive factor about Royal Purple is the myriads of products it stocks, categorized into consumer, industrial and commercial utilities. All items are of high quality and ensure that your vehicle is in okay shape.  

The standout oil in Royal Purple’s catalog is the Royal Purple HPS, which is an ideal pick for powerful and modified engines, like those in racecars. It is a high-grade utility that prevents engine deposits and enhanced sealing between piston rings.

Pros of Royal Purple

Royal Purple oils have various additives that improve their efficiency. The additives include zinc and phosphorous, which prevent oxidation and sludge formation. Additionally, Royal Purple has plenty of products to serve various needs. Under its catalog are motor oils, performance additives, and specialty and industrial lubricants.

Royal Purple has a global reach. The US, the UK, Canada, Australia, China, and Mexico are few of the many territories it serves.


The primary Royal Purple problem you will have to deal with is the price. It may be too pricey for some motorists, prompting them to go for cheaper alternatives. Like AMSOIL, the price is worth it as the oil is high quality.

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AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple Differences

Back to AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple, you have to look at the differences between the oils to know which one is better. A noticeable contrasting point is a color; AMSOIL has the typical oil color, while Royal Purple has its signature purple hue.

The other element to look at is AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple gear oil. Both have high-quality gear lubricants that offer maximum protection to the Engine parts. The prices lie in the same range for either brand. Royal Purple gear oil is compatible with other oils, while AMSOIL is not.

Shifting our focus to AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple diesel oil, you realize it is a close tie between the two brands. The former guarantees extreme pressure protection, minimal oil consumption, and six times enhanced wear protection.

On the other hand, Royal Purple diesel oil offers seal protection, controls exhaust emissions, and prevents corrosion. You can see that diesel oil is excellent, majoring in several aspects.

As per AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple Reddit discussions, AMSOIL appears to do better in powerful engines, such as racecars. Royal Purple is ideal for heavy-duty applications. The product price range is similar for AMSOIL and Royal Purple. The cost may fluctuate depending on your dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is AMSOIL Actually Better?

AMSOIL is a reliable oil brand that offers superior protection to your Engine. It ranks top among synthetic oil manufacturers, with excellent formulations that clients appreciate. Global availability, vast catalog, and quality are some reasons why it is a better choice.

Q: What Oil Is Comparable to Royal Purple?

Royal Purple primarily deals in synthetic oil. It is a lucrative field with many players, such as AMSOIL, Castrol, Mobil1, Pennzoil, and Valvoline. All assure you of high quality, and each brand has its respective selling appeal.

Q: Is Royal Purple a True Synthetic Oil?

Royal Purple has both full synthetic oil and synthetic oil blends. As their name hints, the latter is a blend of synthetic and conventional oils. You can go for the blends if you want some efficiency of full synthetic oil but at an affordable rate.

Q: Why Is AMSOIL Not Sold in Stores?

AMSOIL has a policy of supporting small businesses; you won’t find its products in large stores like Walmart or platforms such as eBay and Amazon. This protects the small business AMSOIL dealer from unfair competition from the large establishments.

Q: Why Is AMSOIL So Hard to Find?

It is hard to find AMSOIL in large chain stores due to the company’s policy of supporting small businesses. Instead, you will get AMSOIL commodities at service centers that handle other services like repairs.

Q: Why Is AMSOIL Not API Certified?

API certification shows that oils and gas meet industry specifications. AMSOIL has some of its products API certified, while others are not. The reason behind this is the strict restrictions imposed on phosphorus levels. The restriction will affect the performance of AMSOIL oils.

Q: Is AMSOIL Dexos1 Approved?

Dexos1-approved oils are those that you can use on GM vehicles. Currently, AMSOIL is not Dexos1 approved, though it works fine with GM models. Reports indicate that plans are underway for AMSOIL to land on the list of Dexos1 approved oils.

Q: Is Royal Purple Oil Good For Daily Driving?

Royal Purple oil is a leading synthetic oil brand, with oils suitable for different needs. You can check the consumer goods section for daily driving, where you can pick from Duralec Super, high mileage motor oil to the 2-cycle engine oil, and many more.

How Often Should I Change My Oil With Royal Purple?

Royal Purple is the go-to choice for many motorists owing to its resiliency. You do not have to make constant oil changes when using Royal Purple. Do an oil swap every 12000-miles or 12-months. Some formulations can last up to 25000-miles.

Final Remark

AMSOIL vs. Royal Purple; which is the best option? This article helps answer this query to help you come out clear. The two are some of the notable oil brands that deal in synthetic oil. You can learn areas that each is excellent in, with quality being a guarantee.

Go fully synthetic with either AMSOIL or Royal Purple and enjoy enhanced performance, reduced sludge buildup, and resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown.


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