10 Best Nut Splitters Reviews – 2024

Have you ever been stuck with a bolt that is impossible to remove? Most car owners or mechanics have found themselves in such a situation. At times you try to use all the tools you have with no success. I have come to bring you good news. This problem can be solved by the best nut stripper. A nut splitter is a simple tool that enables you to remove a damaged, rusted nut that has failed all the other methods.

A nut splitter is also known as a nut breaker or nutcracker. This tool saves you time and energy and does not destroy the nut thread when getting off the nut. Nutcrackers seem similar, and you may not know their difference. That is why I am here to make your search stress-free. I have highlighted some of the best nut splitters in the market and given you a guide on buying a dependable, durable, and reliable cracker.

Comparison Table of Top 3 Nut Splitters

CRAFTSMAN Universal Nut...
Cal-Hawk Tools Nut...
Hydraulic Nut Splitter...
CRAFTSMAN Universal Nut...
Cal-Hawk Tools Nut...
Hydraulic Nut Splitter...
Amazon Prime
CRAFTSMAN Universal Nut...
CRAFTSMAN Universal Nut...
Amazon Prime
Cal-Hawk Tools Nut...
Cal-Hawk Tools Nut...
Hydraulic Nut Splitter...
Hydraulic Nut Splitter...

How Do You Use a Nut Splitter?

Using a nut splitter is quite an easy task that anyone can perform. Here are steps to observe when using a splitter to crack a nut:

  • Step 1: Unscrew the Chisel: Turn the head of the screw in an anti-clockwise direction pushing the chisel into the splitter handle until the nut can fit between the anvils and chisel.
  • Step 2: Position the Chisel: Place the nut splitter’s frame over the nut, line the chisel, and avail with the flat sides of the nut. Ensure that the chisel is well situated in the center of the flat side of the nut.
  • Step 3: Tighten the Chisel: Tighten the chisel by turning the head of the screw in a clockwise direction. Pinch the stuck nut in between the avail and chisel of the nut splitter. Go on tightening the screw with a spanner, socket, or wrench to deliver enough torque. When you hear a crack sound, it means that the nut is split, and you should stop. You may be needed to hold the nut splitter in place throughout the process.
  • Step 4: Unscrew the Chisel: Unscrew the chisel by turning the nut splitter’s head in an anti-clockwise direction. The chisel will disattach from the nut and move back into the handle.
  • Step 5: Repeat the Same on the Other Side: Nut splitters have one chisel, and thus you need to repeat the process to crack the other side of the nut. The nut will split into two without damaging the bolt thread.

The Best Nut Splitters Reviews

1. K Tool Universal Nut Splitter

This is a medium-duty universal nut splitter that helps in splitting frozen or rusted nuts. The tool slits nuts ranging from 1/8 inches to 15/16 inches across flats. The pusher features a parallel action that cracks the nut on one side without damaging the bolt threads. During the splitting process, the cutters do not touch the bolt, leaving them as they were.

K Tool nut splitter is made with a compound design. The 360-degree rotating cutter enables the nut splitter to be used even in locations that are difficult to reach. Turning the power screw a few more times with a ¾ hand wrench cuts the nuts, making them easy to remove. The splitter has a rugged drop-forged frame, which makes it quite strong. This easy-to-use tool weighs just 1 pound.

Highlighted Featured

  • Splits of frozen or rusted nuts
  • Fits in hard-to-reach places
  • It is a medium-duty
  • Cracks nuts without damaging the bolt
  • Compound angle design
  • Has a rugged drop-forged frame
  • Adjustable blade
  • The blades are sharp
  • It is easy to work with

2. CRAFTSMAN (CMMT14117) Universal Nut Splitter 

CRAFTSMAN is popular for its high-quality and sturdy products. Their CRAFTSMAN CMMT14117 universal nut splitter is not an exception. This nut splitter is made with high-quality materials since it is meant to last. It is made with a forged steel frame, and it’s equipped with a hardened steel cutter at the eyelet end of the splitter’s head. The head deals with nuts ranging from 5/16 inches to 7/8 inches.

CRAFTSMAN CMMT14117nut splitter splits the nuts without destroying the attached bolt threads. For this tool to operate successfully, you are supposed to have a ¾ inches wrench. It turns the bolt head manually with a wrench and pushes the cone-shaped steel prod in the nut till it cracks. This CRAFTSMAN nut splitter is quite compact. It is a little wider than one inch, 4 inches long, and weighs around 0.8 pounds.

Highlighted Featured

  • Made with forged steel
  • Has a hardened steel cutter piece
  • Removes tough nuts between 5/6 inches and 7/8 inches
  • Does not damage the bolt threads
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • The splitter is easy to use

3. Mophorn Hydraulic Nut Splitter 

The mophorn nut cutter is an essential tool to have when working on heavy-duty tasks. It is set to work at various maintenance and repair locations for removing, smashing, and cutting rusted nuts. It is designed with an integral structure and has a capacity of 16 tons. This nut splitter enables you to remove ordinary nuts, saving you effort and time. It works on nuts ranging from 18mm to 46mm.

Mophorn Hydraulic Nut splitter comes with a hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder is quite tight and does not have any leakages. It relieves or generates pressure through an exceptional pressure relief valve. The tool is suitable for both aerial and narrow-space work. The head of this durable alloy steel cutter is taken through special heat treatment, making it strong, hard, and solid.

The splitter has a durable, insulated handle, which gives the user an anti-slip and comfortable user experience. The handle has a hydraulic moveable wick that controls the pressure. Though this nut splitter is heavy-duty, it is compact and easy to carry. It comes along with a long-lasting tool bag for storing the cutter and other small accessories.

Highlighted Featured

  • Made with premium alloy steel
  • Designed with an integral structure
  • The blade is hard, strong, and solid
  • The hydraulic pump generates 16 tons of pressure
  • Works on nuts between 18mm to 46mm
  • Comes with a thickened and tight hydraulic cylinder
  • Saves your energy and time
  • Has thickened, insulated, and anti-slip handles
  • Comes with a free tool bag
  • Used for professional purposes

4. Cal-Hawk Tools Nut Splitter 

Cal-Hawk Tools nut splitter set comes with two high-quality and hardened steel nut splitters. There is a large nut splitter and a small one. The smaller nut splitter can crack nuts ranging from ½ inches to 5/8 inches. The larger one handles the nuts between 5/8 inches and 7/8 inches. The small nut splitter enables you to access nuts in tight places where the large tool cannot fit.

The two splitters work like traditional nut splitters. The user is required to drive the hardened steel chisel right to the nut while turning the bolt’s end with the right wrench and torque degree. Both nut splitters are designed to split stubborn nuts without damaging the bolt threads. They save you time and effort to crack nuts that once seemed impossible to remove.

Highlighted Featured

  • Comes in a set of two
  • Nut splitters are made with hardened steel
  • No damage on the bolt threads
  • Saves you time and effort
  • It is affordable

5. Hydraulic Universal C frame Nut Splitter 

Universal C frame is a high-quality nut breaker that helps professionals split even the most stubborn nuts. The frame of this nutcracker is forged and heat-treated for extra strength and hardness. It has an offset handle which enables you to work in areas where ordinary nut splitters cannot work. This nut splitter fits perfectly on the filter side fitting and works perfectly in removing rusted and hard-to-remove nuts.

This c-frame nut splitter by J&R QUALITY TOOLS manufacturers is meant to split nuts between 7/16 inches/ 1mm to ¾ inches/ 19mm across the flat. The chisel of the nutcracker rotates 360 degrees, which enables it to line up parallel to the bolt. This ensures that the user cracks the stubborn nut without touching the bolt thread. The description states that this tool is hydraulic, but it is not. However, even if this nut splitter is not hydraulic, it does its work perfectly well.

Highlighted Featured

  • It’s a universal C-frame nut splitter
  • The chisel rotates 360 degrees
  • It is lightweight
  • Chisel lines up parallel to the bolt
  • Helps in splitting stubborn nuts
  • Cracks nuts between 7/16 to ¾ inches
  • Has a heat-treated and forged frame
  • Works in hard-to-reach areas
  • Fits perfectly on the filter side fitting

6. 2 Piece Nut Splitter Set 

2 Piece sets of nut splitters are a real-time saver when removing rounded, rusted, and frozen nuts. The set comes with two nut splitters where; one is large, and the other one is smaller. The nut cracker’s frames are quite strong since they are made with heat-treated and rugged forged carbon steel. Its chisel is made of hardened and forged chrome vanadium chrome for durability.

The 2 Nut Splitters are designed to cut off any damaged nuts without harming the bolts. The larger cracker handles nuts ranging from ½ inches/12mm to 5/8 inches/16mm or 9/16 hex base. The smaller nut splitter removes nuts between 5/8 inches/16mm to 7/8 inches/22mm or ¾ inches hex base. The set will come along with instructions on how to use the nut splitters.

Highlighted Featured

  • Comes with 2 nut splitters
  • Ideal for removing damaged nuts
  • Does not damage the bolts
  • Heat-treated and rugged forged carbon steel frame
  • It is durable
  • Chisel is hardened chrome vanadium steel
  • The set comes with instructions

7. TE261 2pc Nut Splitter Cracker 

There are high-quality old-style screw-type nut splitters. It is made with a simple design which makes it easy and simple to use. All you need to do is to tighten the nut, and it will split in a while. It is an ideal tool for removing rounded and rusted nuts. This nutcracker set comes with two nut splitters.

This 2pc Nut Splitter cracker is an easy-to-use tool together with a 21mm spanner or socket. The smaller nut splitter covers nuts between 12mm to 16mm. This nut breaker can also donuts smaller than 12mm. It has a length of 3½ inches. The larger splitter deals with nuts between 16mm all the way to 22mm. This splitter has a length of 4 inches.

The two nut splitter crackers are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel. Their blades are made from chrome molybdenum-hardened steel. The smaller splitter enables the user to access tight places that are hard to access with the larger nut splitter. The nut splitters remove corroded and damaged nuts without destroying the bolt threads.

Highlighted Featured

  • The Set has two nut splitters
  • Ideal for removing rounded and rusted nuts
  • Simple and easy to use
  • It’s a traditional screw-type splitter
  • Made with chrome vanadium steel
  • Blades made with chrome molybdenum-hardened steel
  • Removes nuts without destroying bolt threads

8. TE499 4pc Nut Splitter Cracker Set 

TE499 is a professional nutcracker ideal for occasional or commercial use. These 4 pieces of nutcracker set are a perfect choice for hobbyists, workshops, and home, among other places. The cracker features hardened steel blades that help you in the execution of your splitting tasks. Its grips are forged to give it maximum durability and strength during application.

This set comes with 4 pieces of nut splitters. These splitters are of different sizes, and they work with different spanner sizes. The 9mm to 12mm nut splitter needs a 12mm spanner to tighten. The 12mm to 16mm requires a 14mm spanner, while the 16mm to 22mm works with a 19mm spanner to tighten. The largest of the 4 splitters deals with nuts between 22mm to 36mm. When working with this large nut splitter, the user should have a 21mm spanner for tightening.

The 4 nut splitters are all ideal for removing seized and stubborn nuts, depending on their sizes. They will remove any corroded and damaged nuts without harming the bolt thread. The splitters can be used with wrenches, spanners, and sockets to make the job successful and easy. The set comes in a blow-molded case making it easy to store and carry the nut splitters around.

Highlighted Featured

  • Comes in 4 pieces
  • Splitters made of Chrome vanadium steel
  • The blade is hardened
  • Can deal with a wide range of nut sizes
  • Splitters come in a molded case
  • The grips are forged for extra strength
  • Splitters are durable
  • Can use with wrenches, spanners, and sockets
  • Ideal for removing rounded and rested nuts

9. Dragon Honor Nut Splitter

Dragon Honor set comes with 4 pieces of nut splitters. The nut splitters are made with bearing steel material, sharp cutting, and high hardness for long service life. These crackers are an ideal option for removing any corroded or damaged nuts without touching the bolt threads. They can be used in workshops, homes, and also by hobbyists.

Dragon Honor nut splitters can be used together with socket wrenches to make the removal process a success. Since the splitters come in different sizes, the wrenches should be of the size ideal for the specific splitter. The four nut splitters have an anti-rust treatment surface, making them resistant to corrosion and rust.

The smallest nutcracker serves nuts between 9mm and 12mm, while the one that follows it deals with 12mm to 16mm nuts. The other splitter will work for nuts ranging from 16mm to 22mm. The largest splitter is ideal for nuts between 22mm to 27mm.

Highlighted Featured

  • It is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Serves a wide range of nut sizes
  • Made with bearing steel materials
  • Removes corroded and damaged nuts
  • Does not damage a bolt thread
  • It is used with a socket wrench
  • Has a long service life
  • Has a sharp cutting and high hardness

10. General Tools 175 Nut Splitter 

Rounded and frozen nuts should not slow your progress as long as you have this instant nut splitter. General Tool’s nut splitter is made with an angled head, thus assisting it in getting in tight places. It has a driving hex head of ¾ inches, and you can use it together with a wrench or socket. General Tool’s splitters will easily break any stubborn nuts up ½ inch. This tool is a real-time-saver in different professions ranging from automotive repairs to general maintenance.

General Tool’s nut splitter is made with high-grade forged and heat-treated steel for durability. It is plated and has a finish of black oxide, preventing it from rust. Its hardened steel chisel is replaceable, and you can reverse it to get your desired cutting angle. It is a compact tool with a length of 4 ¾ inches. This nut splitter is ideal for DIYers, hobbyists as well as professional mechanics.

Highlighted Featured

  • Made from high-grade forged and heat-treated steel
  • Steel chisel is hardened and replaceable
  • It can be reversed to the best cutting angle
  • It is cheap
  • Removes frozen and rusted nuts
  • It is compact
  • Deals with nuts up to ½ inches
  • Has a standard driving hex head of ¾ inches
  • Can work together with sockets or wrenches
  • Get into hard-to-reach areas
  • Black oxide finish preventing rusting

Best Nut Splitter Buying Guide

We all want to buy a tool that lasts for a long. To achieve this, we need to know what we are supposed to put into consideration when buying the best nut splitter. Below is a guide on getting a dependable and strong nutcracker:

instant nut splitter tool
Image Credit: Car World Now


Among the first things to consider when buying a nut splitter is its size. A nut splitter helps you to crack and remove stubborn and stuck nuts, but it will not work if it is not of the right size. The sizes range from one splitter to another. Some handle small nuts while others deal with larger nuts.

Check the size of the nut you want to remove before the purchase. The size of the nut will guide you on the correct size of the nut splitter. You can also choose to buy an adjustable nut splitter, which will help you deal with all nuts irrespective of their sizes. Some companies also sell several splitters of different sizes in one set.


A nut splitter may seem like a simple tool, but you need to make sure that it will serve you for a long. You may not be able to distinguish a good nutcracker by just looking at it. The best way to get a high-quality nut splitter is to buy from a well-known brand. Above, we have stated some of the best nut splitters you can consider buying. Read the reviews of previous buyers and see what they have to say about the tool.


Generally, nut splitters have the same design, and this confuses buyers on the better one to buy. The difference in construction depends on what materials have been used to make the splitter and the process it has gone through. A good and reliable nut splitter should have a sturdy construction that will not break after using it just a few times. Some of the best nutcrackers are constructed with heat-treated hardened and forged steel. Always choose a cracker that feels sturdy and heavy.


The design of a nut splitter will determine if it will be able to get in hard-to-reach areas or not. Sometimes you will need to remove stuck nuts in tight areas, and you need a splitter that will easily get there. Consider the size and the design of the nut splitter before purchasing it. Small crackers seem to get in tight areas easily. However, some are made with a reversible design enabling them to get your desired cutting angle.


When buying any tool, we are always on a budget. Nut splitters are of different costs, which could be an indicator of their quality. However, there are also low-priced nutcrackers but still high quality. Do your research well and get the best nut splitter you can within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a Nut Splitter?

A nut splitter is a simple tool to remove seized, damaged or over-tight nuts from bolt threads. Nuts can, at times, become trucks on bolts or bolt threads due to rust or corrosion, making it impossible to remove them with spanners or sockets. A nutcracker makes it easy for you to remove these nuts without damaging the bolts or bolt threads.

There are other methods you can use to remove these stubborn nuts, but they may result in damage. A nut splitter enables you to split the damaged nuts with minimum energy and time. When you have tried all the other methods of removing a nut, but it has failed, then a nut splitter will save the day.

Do-Nut Splitters Really Work?

Yes. They do work. Nut splitters enable you to remove damaged and seized nuts easily. They are the last resort after trying to remove stubborn nuts with other methods without success. The best thing about using nutcrackers is that they do not damage the bolts or bolt threads.

The basic thing you need for a successful job is to have the right tools to work along with the splitter such as wrench and sockets. The other thing is you need to have the right size of the nut splitter for the nut. Working with the wrong splitter size will not work.

How Do You Split a Big Nut?

Splitting a big nut needs you to have a large nut splitter ideal for the size. Splitters will have their diameters indicated and the range of nut sizes they can handle. Once you have the right nut splitter, detach the chisel and put the ring over the big nut. Place this chisel over the nut. The blade should face the nuts, flat side. At this point, start tightening the screw to clamp the nut between the inner edge of the ring and the chisel. Continue tightening the screw using a spanner, socket, or wrench till the nut is split.

How Do You Use a Heavy-Duty Nut Splitter?

Heavy-duty nut splitters are made with high-quality materials. They are sturdy, and they can handle heavy-duty tasks such as firm, thick, and stuck or stripped nuts, which no other tool can remove. A heavy-duty nut splitter just works like the other splitters.

You just need to unscrew the chisel, place the nut into position and tighten it hard with a socket, wrench or spanner until you hear a cracking sound. You should do this on both sides of the nuts for it to come out. Heavy-duty nutcrackers will spare you energy and time when working with completely stubborn nuts.

Final Words

Nut splitters are essential tools that every mechanic should have in their toolbox. The splitters are found in different sizes, shapes, and designs, but they all perform the same task, removing stripped or damaged nuts. For this tool to work perfectly, ensure that you are using the nut splitter’s ideal size to the nut. The splitters are used along with sockets, wrenches, or spanners which enable you to apply torque to the nut. The best nut splitter removes tough nuts without damaging the bolt threads. In our guide, we have suggested some of the best nut breakers and how to choose one. Follow through the guide, and you will not fail.

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