Best Car AC Compressor and Buying Guide 2024

One of the most desired tools a driver needs in a vehicle is an air conditioner. The AC compressor acts as the heart of the air conditioning system of the vehicle. Its work is to pressurize and pump refrigerant to the evaporator.

The worst part is that these AC compressors do not last a lifetime. After some years of usage, you will need to purchase the best car AC compressor to serve the purpose. AC compressors can either experience internal failures or external failures.

External failures could be due to a refrigerant leak or faulty pulley or clutch. The external damages of an AC compressor are easy to fix. However, when it experiences internal failures then the best option is to replace the entire AC compressor.

At this point, you need to look for a good aftermarket compressor for your AC system. Here are the AC compressor’s top brands, the 12 best car air compressors, and a guide on how to choose the best air compressor for your vehicle.

Top 3 Car AC Compressor For Quick Selections 

Denso 471-1630 New...
Denso 471-1630 New...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
931 Reviews
Denso 471-1630 New...
Denso 471-1630 New...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
931 Reviews

Top Car AC Compressor Brand

There are so many manufacturers of AC compressors in the market and you may get confused on the one to choose from. Some of the best car and home ac compressor brands are made by renowned manufacturers. The secret is going through reviews that were given by previous buyers. Here are some of the best brands for AC compressors you should consider:


Denso is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of AC compressors. Their first time fit AC compressors are made and tested to meet the strict rules of OE standards. This air conditioning manufacturer uses all its skills to produce high-quality remanufactured and factory new compressors. 

The most advisable thing to do when buying a new compressor is to buy one from an OE manufacturer. Denso manufacturers are well known for their top-notch factory new compressors and you can never go wrong with them. All Denso compressors are made through a rigorous process of remanufacturing to ensure high quality. 

All Denso’s remanufactured AC compressors are coreless which makes them easy for you to handle. They are all made right the first time and you can be sure that they will perform better and last longer. They are made with quality materials to withstand stress and tension for maximum durability.


UAC is one of the best car ac compressor brands. The company was founded in 1988 to distribute and provide automatic AC parts at affordable prices. The company later transformed itself from a components supplier to a developer of the truck and automotive air conditioning parts.

UAC AC compressors go through rigorous in-house validation and factory auditing process to achieve their high-quality standards. The UAC brand is popular for its superior electronic catalog, excellent fill rates, large product range, competitive cost, and consistent quality.

UAC manufacturers have constantly been developing new products to meet customer needs. Their AC compressors are designed to meet the OE specifications. They are all manufactured from a tire 1 facility. The brand is synonymous with reliability and quality.


ACDelco is a well-owned brand for automotive parts in America. This brand is owned by General Motors. This company produces parts for GM manufactured vehicles. It also offers aftermarket automotive parts for non-GM vehicles. This brand has changed its names a lot over the years.

It was initially known as United Motors Corporation. It then changed to United motors service to United Delco and now ACDelco. GM motors have pushed the limits of technology and transportation. ACDelco OE equipment is designed to fit perfectly and function precisely.

ACDelco AC compressors are engineered, designed, tested, and backed by GM motors. Their Silver and Gold aftermarket parts go through an 18 step quality approval process. Therefore you can use both their OE and aftermarket products with confidence since they are quality, reliable and durable.  


Delphi was initially part of General Motors. It later became an independent company on 31st May 1999. Their aim to help aftermarket customers to service and maintain sophisticated vehicle systems. This company has over 50 years of expertise in AC systems.

Their AC compressors go through rigorous testing for reliability and durability. Delphi AC compressors have a high-efficiency design and are lightweight for fuel economy and high efficiency. The company’s workers have gone through specialist training and they have an F-gas certification.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a basic manufacturer of AC compressors. This manufacturer is part one of the SMP Temperature Control division. They manufacture and distribute a broad variety of replacement mobile climate control components. They are among the largest producers of compressors and aftermarket mobile climate control parts.

Four Seasons products are tested, inspected, and validated before they get to the customers. The company identifies the deficiencies and flaws in OE designs and engineers solutions for high pattern failures. Their OE AC compressors are made with proven, durable, and piston wobble plate designs for longevity and reliability.  


ECCPP Company aims to provide the ultimate experience for customers by providing them with exceptional services. They are an eCommerce platform whose goal is to improve drivers shopping for the components they need. They provide premium quality vehicle components varying from basic car repairs to passionate modifications.

Best Car AC Compressors

With the many manufacturers of car AC compressors, it might be challenging to choose a good one. Some companies claim to have high-quality products but they do not function as expected. This nest car AC compressor review will make your search much easier. Here are the 14 top cars AC compressors for the best car cooling system:

1. Denso 471-1630 Compressor 

Denso is one of the giant suppliers of clutches, AC compressors, and components. Their products are well known for their top-notch quality and are specified by most vehicle manufacturers. Their Denso AC compressor is not any different. The compressors are designed to meet the stringent requirements of vehicle makes across the world.

Denso AC compressors provide you with extended reliability, high output, and reduced vibration, noise, and harshness. These first fit aftermarket compressors are made with over 30 years of engineering experience. This product comes with a clutch. The AC compressor clutch makes it easy for you to use this Denso AC compressor.

Denso 471-1630 made with seals and O-rings compatible with R134a and R12 refrigerants. If you are looking for an OE-specified AC compressor, then Denso 471-1630 compressor is the right choice. On the downside, the AC compressor is not pre-filled oil thus you have to oil it once you receive it.

2. NEW AC COMPRESSOR (4711537) 

When buying a new AC compressor, the most prudent thing to do is get one manufactured by an OE supplier. New AC Compressor 4711537 is manufactured by Denso which is one of the largest OE suppliers. The qualities of these units are topnotch since Denso originally designed them.

The thrust bearings of the Denso New AC Compressor are made to withstand stress and tension for maximum durability. The compressor pistons are treated with PTFE for efficient and smooth operation. The unit also features a lightweight aluminum valve, swash plates, and shaft for maximum strength.

This AC compressor with a clutch provides you with efficient fuel consumption. The clutch makes it easy to use the compressor and has a diameter of 135mm. the Denso AC compressor has four mounting holes and is mounted using the tangent mounting bolts.

Denso New AC Compressor 4711537 has OE specified seals and O-rings which are compatible with R134a and R12 refrigerants. The snap rings are made to improve the compressor’s performance under extreme heat conditions. This Denso AC compressor comes along with OE specified oil.

3. UAC CO 10736C A/C Compressor 

If you are looking for an AC compressor for your compact or small vehicle, UAC CO 10736C is the best unit to purchase. This compressor is compact but the cooling and airflow are well optimized. This brand new OE replacement offers you 100% fit. It is designed and tested with ISO/TS 16949 quality to exceed the OEM specifications.

UAC CO 10736C is well designed to serve you for daily drives and long rides. The expansion valve improves the performance of the AC compressor. These compressors go through nitrogen pressure testing to ensure that there are no leaks. This, therefore, guarantees you that it will serve you for a long time.

This UAC AC compressor features a coil, a body, a clutch, and a pulley. It comes charged with oil which keeps it lubricated during the shipping process. Once you receive the unit, drain the oil and replace it based on your systems requirements.

It is made to fit specific vehicles and thus you need to confirm the year, make, and model of your vehicle before the purchase. If your vehicle does not fit this unit you can also consider their UAC CO 20151C A/C Compressor.

4. Denso 471-8135 New Compressor with Clutch 

Another of Denso’s best ac compressors is Denso 471-8135 new compressor. Just like its name suggests, this compressor has a clutch with a diameter of 129mm. This first-fit AC compressor is engineered to meet the company’s rigorous standards and manufacturer’s specifications.  

Denso 471-8135 new Ac compressor is an OE recommended replacement part. They are designed to keep your vehicle in a top shape. Just like other Denso Ac compressors, it is high quality, and you buy it at a great price. It is built with high-quality materials for long-lasting service and durability.

5. UAC CO 29002C A/C Compressor 

UAC CO 29002C A/C is a brand new OE replacement unit by UAC manufacturers. This unit is a 100% guaranteed fit for your vehicle. However, it is designed for specific types of cars, and thus you need to confirm your vehicle’s model make, and year. These compressors are ideal for SUVs, trucks, and cars.

UAC CO 29002C A/C compressors have an all-metal construction which makes them super sturdy. The unit will, therefore, not get affected by heat. With this compressor, you can boost your daily driving workflow and still get a smooth power delivery without thermal throttling. 

UAC CO 29002C A/C compressors go through testing assembly and leading-edge production to ensure sustainability and performance. They also go through sound tests, thus guaranteeing you that you will not have any sound issues. This compressor also comes with a coil, puller, and clutch adapter for convenient installation.

Just like other UAC ac compressors, it is made with Premium ISO/TS 16949 quality and they meet and exceed the OEM specifications. They are taken through pressure testing to ensure it does not have leaks. It is charged with oil which keeps it lubricated throughout the transit period. Another of their best unit is UAC CO 10900C A/C Compressor.

6. ACDelco 15-20941 GM Air Conditioning Compressor 

ACDelco 15-20941 is one of the best ac compressors for cars since it comes with different facilities for customer satisfaction. It is among the most suitable compressors for GM vehicles. The materials used to make this compressor are unmatched. Its standard, design, and power rating are well maintained, making it ideal for most family vehicles.

ACDelco is an OE equipment manufacturer well known for its high-quality products. The compressor has refrigerant oil which keeps it lubricated. It enables the compressor to withstand variable temperatures without burning or freezing. The compressor is also leak tested to ensure that you will not experience any leaks during its service life.

This ACDelco AC compressor is made with an ergonomic design. It features a clutch that assists in disengaging and engaging the compressor. It offers you a quiet and smooth operation. Buy ACDelco 15-20941 ac compressors to enjoy quality, durability, and reliability.

7. UAC CO 10905C A/C Compressor

Universal Air Conditioner Company is a well-known brand of AC compressors. They make every effort to ensure that they deliver high-quality products to their customers. Their UAC CO 10905C AC compressor is another one of their best units. This new OE is paired with the FS20 compressor assembly.

UAC CO 10905C AC compressor is made using high-quality and durable materials. Like other units from this manufacturer, it goes through nitrogen pressure testing to ensure there are no leaks. This compressor takes the lead in refurbished compressors since it is fitted with the new OE.

This UAC ac compressor is manufactured with Premium ISO/TS 16949 quality standards to meet the customer’s needs. It comes along with a body, a pulley, a coil, and a clutch. UAC CO 10905C AC compressor is available at a competitive price from Amazon.

8. Four Seasons 58152 Compressor 

Four Seasons AC compressors are designed with quality assurance processes and state-of-the-art technology. Their compressors are assembled carefully, and they go through an array of stringent quality tests for pressure, leak, function, and noise testing. Their 58152 AC compressor has gone through all these processes to meet their set standards.

Four Seasons 58152 AC compressor meets all the OE fit, form, and functions. It has been made to offer the user reliability, durability, and quality. Four Seasons have more than 50 years of experience in mobile air conditioning, and their compressor will fix it right the first time.

The AC compressor by Four Seasons is made with an enhanced lubrication system design. It uses a PAG 46. The compressor is filled with ICE32 lubricant, which prevents friction, thus promoting optimal system performance and longevity. It is vacuum and pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks.

According to the four seasons, the ac compressor reviews its endurance testing is equivalent to 50 miles. It comes with a specific electrical connecter that aids in eliminating splicing. It also comes with a pulley and a clutch. If you are looking for a reliable yet budget-friendly AC compressor, then Four Seasons 58152 AC compressor is the right choice.

9. Delphi CS0120 AC Compressor 

Delphi CS0120 is an authentic AC compressor that keeps your AC system running smoothly. It is a suitable choice for anyone looking for a unit with smooth and quiet operation. The AC compressor is also easy and quick to install, thus saving you a lot of installation processes.

This high-quality Delphi compressor has a sealing washer. This seal prevents any water trapping since its particles and other impurities are away. Delphi CS0120 AC compressor comes when it is fully lubricated with refrigerant oil. It comes along with high-quality coil and clutch assemblies.

Delphi CS0120 AC is also equipped with OE connectors making the connection process elementary. This saves you a lot of time since you do not have any reposition wiring and splice wires harness. The Compressor is well tested to make sure it does not have any flaws.

10. Delphi CS20010 Air Conditioning Compressor 

Another of the best Delphi Ac compressors is Delphi CS20010. The installation of this AC compressor is hassle-free since you do not have to reposition the wiring harnesses or splice wires. It comes with complete OE assemblies which include OE connectors, clutch assemblies, and sealing washers.

Delphi CS20010 AC compressors come filled with refrigerant. Most compressors are affected by friction and it reduces their service life. The refrigerant ensures that it functions smoothly and also increases its durability. It also ensures that the AC compressor functions quietly.

11. ECCPP A/C Compressor 

ECCPP is among the best car AC compressor brand in the USA. ECCPP offers accessories and parts made with a perfect combination of value and quality. This manufacturer guarantees you an exact fit and easy installation. It is an ideal compressor for models between 2002 to 2006 mini cooper 1.6L. Therefore you should check its compatibility with your car before you buy.

ECCPP AC compressor is high quality, and it is manufactured to meet and exceed the OEM specifications. It is made with the latest material and design technology ensuring you of maintenance-free and quiet experience. The package comes with one AC compressor and a clutch.

12. RYC Remanufactured AC Compressor 

RYC has the best car ac compressor cost. Their remanufactured compressor is ideal for Honda Ridgeline 2006-2008, Honda Pilot 2005-2008, Acura MDX 2003-2006, and Honda Odyssey 2005-2007. This compressor is made with premium quality materials for reliability and durability.

This RYC Remanufactured AC compressor comes with an AC clutch. It is prefilled with an accurate amount of oil to keep it lubricated and in good shape. The outstanding features of this compressor will save you from some annoying noises. This AC compressor goes through various tests to ensure they have no leaks.

What to Look for When Choosing the Car AC Compressor:

An AC compressor is a very sensitive part of your vehicle. A malfunctioning Ac conditioner affects the whole air conditioning system. Therefore, you need to be careful when purchasing an aftermarket Ac conditioner. So, which ac compressor is best? Here is the information on what you should look for in an AC compressor:


One major thing to check when buying an AC compressor is how long it will serve you. No one wants to keep on going back to the market to buy a compressor due to failure. Compressors do not last for so long due to the friction between their parts.

However, there are good and durable units that will serve you for quite a period. Ensure you get an Ac compressor made with highly durable materials and sturdy construction. You can also increase its service life by using the right lubricant.

Noise Level

If there is one thing that irritates a driver is the noise coming from vehicle parts. Some Ac compressors produce too much noise when in operation. Therefore, before you purchase an AC compressor, ensure that it has minimal or no noise during operation.

In some cases, the noises can be reduced by using the right refrigerant. Some of the best AC compressors come pre-filled with lubricants. This will reduce its noise and also increase its service life.

Power Consumption

The AC system in your vehicle uses power got from the engine. The compressors have motors that are driven by the vehicle’s engine battery. Different vehicles have different types of voltage and power supply regulated for the AC.

AC compressors have voltage drainage ratings and power ratings. More powerful AC compressors have higher voltage drainage and power consumption. Therefore, it is important to check if these ratings are compatible with what your vehicle can deliver.

Most of the best AC compressors are power efficient. This means that the units will offer you top-notch services but consume less power. These compressors are a little expensive, but they save your power consumption and batteries from damage.

Lubricant Used

For an AC compressor to work seamlessly and smoothly, you will need to use a lubricant. The type of lubricant you use on the air conditioner will determine how long the unit will last. AC compressors from renowned suppliers come with pre-filled refrigerants.

Always ensure that you use the right lubricant for the AC compressor. A good refrigerant should not freeze in cold conditions or boil in hot conditions. Therefore, check carefully the recommended lubricants for that specific AC compressor before you buy.

Refurbished or New AC Compressor

When looking for an aftermarket product you can either buy a brand new or refurbished product. The most advisable thing when buying an AC compressor is to purchase a brand new OE unit. Brand new units are a little more expensive, but they are more durable. If you are getting a new AC compressor, ensure that it does not have any refurbished parts.

This, however, does not mean that refurbished units are bad. Some refurbished AC compressors from popular suppliers will still serve you well. The best thing about these units is that they are cost-friendly. When buying these AC compressors, make sure that they have been tested and optimized to prevent future failure.

Ease of Installation and Safety

These days things have moved to DIY. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy a unit that you can install easily thus saving you time and money. The high-quality AC compressors discussed above are designed in a way that even a beginner can install easily.

It is also crucial to check on how safe the AC compressor is. The compressor should be approved and tested by the OE. The best AC compressors meet and exceed the OE standards making them safe and reliable to use.

best car ac compressor manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What Is the Best Auto AC Compressor?

The best Auto AC compressor will depend on various things and mostly the type of your vehicle. AC compressors are designed to fit specific vehicles and thus you need to ensure that the unit is compatible with your vehicle.

However, some of the best AC compressors are UAC AC compressors, Denso AC compressors, Four Seasons AC compressors, and Delphi AC compressors. To get the best AC compressor to ensure that it is OE tested and approved.

Q: How Long Do AC Compressors Last in Car?

AC compressors do not last for so long in cars because of the friction involved between the parts. In most cases, an AC compressor will last between 8 to 10 years. However, the length of time can decrease or increase depending on how well you are maintaining it.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s compressor will extend its service life. One of the best ways to keep them in good form is to have them always lubricated with the right refrigerant. When the AC compressor malfunctions, you should change it as soon as possible to prevent it from causing further damage to the system.

Q: What Is the Cost of a Car AC Compressor?

The cost of a car AC compressor will vary depending on various factors. Some of the factors are the brand if it is new or refurbished and also your vehicle model. AC compressors from some of the most renowned manufacturers are a little expensive, but you are guaranteed the value.

Most AC compressors cost between $195 and $736. This cost may go up when you add the cost, which varies depending on where you live and how difficult it is to do the replacement. Refurbished AC compressors are cheaper compared to brand new AC compressors.

Q: Can Car AC Compressor be Fixed?

The AC compressor is the main part of the AC system in the vehicle. Whether you can fix it or not will depend on what is at fault. If the external parts of the AC have failed then it is easy to fix it. However, if the AC fails due to internal problems, the best thing is to replace it with a new AC compressor.

Q: Can I Fit AC in Non AC Car?

Installing an AC compressor when the vehicle is being assembled is much cheaper and easier. It is difficult to install an AC on a non-AC car, but it is not impossible. If your vehicle was originally designed without an AC, you could take it to an expert, and they will install the unit in the vehicle. However, it is crucial to note that the process will be a bit expensive.

Final Words:

We all know that information is power. With the many companies manufacturing AC compressors these days, you need to be equipped with the right information to help you buy the best. Above, we have reviewed the best AC compressors you will get in the market and what to consider when purchasing.  

To get the correct fit of the AC for your vehicle, know the model, make, and the year before the purchase. The other thing to know before you buy an AC is whether it meets the OE standards. If it is a brand new compressor, ensure that it does not have any refurbished parts. Replace a malfunctioning AC compressor as soon as you find out.

Some of the warning signs that something is wrong with the compressor are strange noises, hot air, leaking fluid, and a stuck clutch. You can keep the AC serving you for long by lubricating it with the correct refrigerant. Always find out what lubricant the manufacturer recommends before you buy.

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