Who Makes Mini Coopers – Everything You Need to Know

One of the most iconic car brands that have been in the market is Mini Coopers, as this company’s car lineups appear expanded to satisfy the growing needs of consumers out there. Hence, most folks and car enthusiasts are keen on knowing who makes Mini Coopers.

 You should know that this brand dates far back to 1969 within the automotive market and is known for its intricate designs and styles. Whether as new or used cars, purchasing such vehicles would offer you an awesome driving experience since they hold great value.

Thus, this durable vehicle line is among the top options for persons who seek sturdy subcompact cars. This article holds interesting details about what company makes the Mini Cooper and some of the famous car lineups you find at Mini Cooper dealerships.    

Who Makes Mini Coopers?

mini cooper make and model

The Mini cooper model is one British automotive marque that emerged in 1969, operating under the renowned BMW, a top German automotive company. BMW, also known as “Bayerische Motoren Werke AG,” is a multinational motorcycle and luxury vehicles manufacturer headquartered in Munich (Bavaria), Germany.

Nevertheless, the company owns various manufacturing facilities in the UK, US, South Africa, Brazil, India, Mexico, and China. Founded in 1916, the company began with the production of aircraft engines and later started the production of automobiles in 1928. 

Kindly note that Mini Coopers were formerly products of the British Motor Corp, after which they were sold to the British Leyland and later, the Rover Group. 

So, when did BMW buy Mini?

In 1994, BMW acquired the Rover Group, and in 2000 this company was broken, and the automaker decided to retain the Mini brand. Thus, BMW further modernized this automotive model. 

It would interest you to know that the lineup from this model has since expanded under BMW, as there are various car options, including larger ones like the compact SUVs. As such, you would find the current options consisting of the Clubman, Convertible/Hatch/Hardtop, Coupe/Roadster, Paceman, and the five-door Crossovers (Countryman).

Apart from these options mentioned above, you can also find the S-trim versions constructed to give off higher performance. 

Are Mini coopers reliable? The newly upgraded Minis possesses excellent reliability ratings, as you can find them emerging above average in the Consumer Reports. Furthermore, the Mini cooper brand has a high rank for its dependability.

Where Are Mini Coopers Made?

Before the acquisition of Mini by BMW, the Longbridge plant (established in 1905) situated next to the Rover’s headquarters in Birmingham, England, was in charge of manufacturing all versions of vehicles from this brand.

Nevertheless, the change of ownership led to the development of Plant Oxford, situated in southeast Oxford (Cowley), England. Kindly note that, this manufacturing facility forms a production triangle with the Plant Swindon and Plant Hams Hall.

Please know that the body of Mini vehicles comes from the plant Swindon, and the car’s engines come manufactured in the Plant Hams Hall. Thus, all Mini sub-assemblies and pressings like the doors come from the Plant Swindon, where 135 welding robots manufacture up to 280 pressed parts.

The Hams Hall facility takes charge of the production of petrol engines, and you should know that all the Prince four-cylinder petrol engines for BMW and Mini come from this plant. With that in mind, there is another plant in Austria, the Plant Steyr, which takes charge of Diesel engines.

Furthermore, this automaker has expanded the production of these vehicles, and as such, there are three other international manufacturing locations:

  • The BMW plant is located close to Chennai, India, which supplies majorly for the Indian market.
  • The BMW manufacturing plant in Rayong, Thailand.
  • The BMW Group manufacturing plant in Kulim, Kedah in Malaysia.

Again, there is a contract plant for this brand in the Netherlands, the VDL Nedcar facility, where the Mini Countryman and Convertibles are reportedly assembled. Kindly note that this facility started its operations in 1967 as a setup of DAF Trucks. 

However, the plant’s contract for the manufacturing of Mini began in 2014. This vehicle appears to be supplied across the world, as the company boasts of up to 301,526 vehicles delivered worldwide in 2012.

The Mini Lineup

Since 2001, BMW has significantly revamped the lines of Mini vehicles, introducing the Mini Hatch, Mini Convertible, Mini Clubman, Mini Countryman, Mini Coupe, Mini Roadster, and Mini Paceman.

Although Mini started as an experimenter and a brand with battery-electric drive trains, you can notice that this company has moved from having various modified Mini E Coopers in test fleets and now offers different models of the all-electric Mini Cooper SE.

With that in mind, below are some of the Mini Coopers for sale in the market.

2021 Mini Cooper JCW

2021 Mini Cooper JCW

The 2021 Mini Cooper JCW appears among the notable car models offered by this car brand, as various consumers reveal that it is great fun driving this vehicle. Please know that this 2021 lineup of Cooper JCWs has three variants; the Convertible, GP, and Hardtop. 

The turbocharged four-cylinder engine powers this car, and it churns out 228 (302 for GP variants) horsepower, which is pretty high compared to the standard JCWs. The GP and convertible variants come having an eight-speed transmission. 

Nevertheless, you would find the hardtop variant providing choices between the six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmission. This car model has standard driving-assistance features such as automated emergency braking and a rear backup camera.

2021 Mini Cooper JCW Specifications

Horsepower 228/302 horsepower
Transmission Eight-speed/six-speed transmission
Engine 2.0l turbocharged four-cylinder engine
Safety Standard rear parking sensors, automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control
Technology Six audio sound systems, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless device charging, and Apple CarPlay capability

2021 Cooper S Clubman

2021 Mini Cooper JCW

The iconic design of the 2021 Cooper S Clubman makes it an attraction for most car enthusiasts, as it possesses premium exteriors and interiors. With eager driving dynamics, you would find that this vehicle runs on a 2.0l turbocharged four-cylinder engine that supplies 189 horsepower.

Again, it further operates on a seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission. This vehicle has a roomy trunk compared to some Mini cars, and as such, you can have enough space for storing your stuff in the car. The safety features of this car also make it an excellent option, having the adaptive cruise control and forward-collision warning.

2021 Cooper S Clubman Specifications

Horsepower 189
Transmission Seven-speed transmission
Engine 2.0l turbocharged four-cylinder engine
Seating Five passenger
Safety Forward-collision warning, standard lane-departure warning, automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control
Standard MPG 22/30
Technology Wireless device charging, six audio sound systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and optional Apple CarPlay capability

2021 Cooper Countryman JCW

2021 Cooper Countryman JCW

Car enthusiasts attribute the features offered by this Mini car brand to be one of the best from the Countryman models, as it provides comfortable seats and blistering acceleration. In essence, this vehicle would be suitable for folks who seek the hottest versions of Mini that would work well for families.

Kindly note that this car runs on a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0l engine and releases 301 horsepower. According to the EPA estimates, this Cooper Countryman JCW should provide 23 mpg. Furthermore, this subcompact crossover has sport-tuned suspension that appears excellent for controlled driving dynamics.

2021 Cooper Countryman JCW Specifications

Horsepower 301
Torque 331 lb-ft
Engine 2.0 l turbocharged four-cylinder
Safety Adaptive cruise control and standard automated emergency braking
MPG 23
Technology Six-speaker audio system, 8.8-inch standard touchscreen, wireless device charging, and Apple CarPlay integration

2021Mini Cooper Electric

2021 Cooper Electric

This 2021 Mini cooper electric vehicle appears as one of the inexpensive EVs available in the market. The high performance of this version is outstanding, with the electric motor supplying 181 horsepower and torque reaching 199 pounds.

Please note that this car operates on a 32.6-kWh EV battery pack, which the brand reportedly claims would hit 60mph within 6.9 seconds. Furthermore, this vehicle comes with excellent safety and driving-assistance features such as pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, headlights, and windshield wipers that sense rainfall.

2021 Cooper Electric Specifications

Horsepower 181
Torque 199 pounds
Battery Fast-charging 32.6 kWh battery
Top speed 93mph
Wheelbase 105.1 inches
MPGe 108
Technology 5.5-inch digital gauge battery display, 6.5-inch standard touchscreen, smartphone app, and Apple CarPlay integration

2020 Mini Cooper Clubman JCW

2020 Cooper Clubman JCW
Image Credit: https://www.autoweek.com/drives/g2146196/2020-mini-clubman-jcw/

You would often find the 2020 Mini Cooper Clubman JCW having a classic styling, with side-hinged cargo doors that appear unique. It operates with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which supplies 228 horsepower.

Furthermore, this vehicle works on a six-speed automatic transmission, which is pretty effective for smooth driving. Kindly note that engine also comes with powerful brake systems, as some car enthusiast appears satisfied with the firmness provided by the brake pedal.

2020 Cooper Clubman JCW Specifications

Engine Four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine
Top speed 155 mph
Transmission Six-speed automatic
Layout 5-passenger, AWD hatchback, 4-door, and front engine
Wheelbase 105.1 inches
Standard MPG 21/29
Technology 6.5-inch screen, wireless charger, Apple CarPlay

2019 Mini Cooper Clubman/S

2019 Cooper Clubman-S

Another excellent car model from the Mini brand is the 2019 Cooper Clubman/S, which comes with a total seating of five. This vehicle runs on a gas inline-four engine that supplies up to 189 horsepower, operating with a manual 6-speed transmission.

The fuel tank capacity of this car reaches 13.2 gallons, and it possesses a combined MPG of 24. For persons who seek an effective Mini vehicle with excellent comfort features, this car remains one of the best options that you can find. Please note that it supports a keyless ignition and has rear parking sensors.

2019 Cooper Clubman/S Specifications

Engine Inline 4 engine
Horsepower 189 hp
Transmission Six-speed manual
Torque 37.1ft
Seating Five
Drive Type All-wheel drive
Technology 6 speakers, electric power steering, auxiliary audio input, AM/FM stereo, and USB connection

2016 Mini 2016 Cooper Paceman


This vehicle comes with an excellent rating for its performance, powered by a four-cylinder engine that supplies 121 horsepower. Again, this vehicle works with a six-speed manual/automatic transmission.

Kindly note that this car version appears more reliable than some other options you would find. It offers a 6.5-inch screen, and it allows smartphone connections. Folks often like the stylish exterior and excellent customizations the vehicle allows.

2016 Cooper Paceman Specifications

Engine Four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine
Style Crossover/SUV
Transmission Six-speed manual/automatic
Seating 4/4
Class Compact Utility Vehicle
Standard MPG 26/32
Technology Bluetooth, HD radio, six-speaker audio system, and a 6.5-inch screen


Q: Is Mini Cooper a reliable car?

The reliability rating of the upgraded Mini vehicles comes way above average, signifying that they are reliable and can perform efficiently. However, some experts reveal that models from 2011 to 2013 do not appear very dependable.

Again, some reviews on the car repair cost of this brand suggest that they may appear pretty expensive compared to some other vehicles in the market with the same technology. On average, the total cost of such repairs ranges between $456 and $846 and can increase depending on the affected car part.

Q: Do Minis break down a lot?

Minis are excellent cars that come having an average rating in terms of their reliability, which seems fair. Although this car brand is highly reliable, you would also find that it has its share of issues and would naturally break down with time. 

Nevertheless, some of the common issues associated with such vehicles would often result from hard driving. Hence, folks who drive across harsh conditions may start noticing issues under 20,000 miles. Another common issue Mini car owners may face is that the repairs can be pretty expensive, and the car dealership is not everywhere. 

Q: What year of Mini Cooper should be avoided?

BMW began the revamping of Minis in 2000, supplying newly improved versions of this car brand. Nevertheless, some models introduced from 2006 through 2013 appears to have some of the lowest predicted reliability scores.

Hence, interested persons should consider other Mini versions with better dependability ratings and stay free from those “problematic” models. In essence, you can consider options from 2014; you can even find excellent 2019, 2020, and 2021 Mini models.

Q: Is it fine to buy second-hand Minis?

Whether or not second-hand Minis appears good or not would often depend on the condition of the car. Thus, there are a handful of factors that you must consider before making such purchases.

It will help if you take a good look at the possible repairs you have to do and ensure that they are not much and expensive, compared to the cost you would be buying the vehicle. Nevertheless, newer versions of Mini cars come with added luck since they appear to be in better condition.

Q: Do Minis hold their value?

Mini is among the top car brands with good resale value, much more if it seems free of any issues. This car appears as one of the most practical options that folks go after and has its appeal and demeanor. 

Based on research conducted by Autocar in 2017, you would notice that Mini holds excellent value across the board. Furthermore, buyers can get good investment returns if they decide to sell their used Mini cars since this brand is among the vehicle brands that depreciate the least.

Q: What year of Mini Cooper is most reliable?

According to various reports from consumers and car enthusiasts, it is noticed that Mini vehicle models from 2015 to 2021 are the top reliable options the brand offers. Remember, this brand of cars has over an average rating of reliability, as studied by Consumer’s Report.

Thus, these cars have fine performances and appear pretty durable and sturdy. Nevertheless, there have been some complaints in the past regarding versions between 2011 and 2013, having lower reliability scores. So, it would help if you considered getting these newer models.

Q: How many miles will a Mini Cooper last?

The extent Mini cars last vary, as they come constructed differently. Nevertheless, you would find that a Mini Cooper can last between 200,000 miles and 250,000 miles on average. However, the vehicle’s durability would depend on various factors, with the most important factor being maintenance.

By now, you should know that constant car maintenance would improve the performance and longevity of the Mini Cooper. Another crucial factor is the driving condition; folks who drive around 15,000 miles each year can expect their Mini Cooper to serve between 13-17 years.

Q: What issues are commonly associated with Mini Coopers?

Like other car brands, you can expect Mini Coopers to develop some faults with time. Nevertheless, some of the common issues associated with such vehicles include noises and vibration from the timing chain and the electric power steering pump problems.

Another significant issue that Mini cars face is the constant damages to the front radiator support and coolant hose since the vehicle sits pretty low towards the ground. With extreme wear resulting from constant use, you can also expect clutch failure and transmission problems with a less frequent fluid change.

Final Words

Mini Coopers are stylish vehicles that come with their unique style, which seems pretty attractive. Since these vehicles come with intricate designs and excellent performances, they are among the best compact cars that people prefer. From their sleek to sporty car lineups, this version of cars is easily recognizable worldwide.

Hence, most persons are keen on finding out who makes Mini Coopers. This car brand is owned by the renowned automotive company BMW. The car lineup of Mini Coopers from BMW is extensive, as there are various models from the brand. You can look through this piece for some of the best Mini Coopers out there.


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