Who Makes Carquest Oil?

Lots of activities occur within an engine, and a good motor oil cools, cleans, and protects the car’s engine and moving parts. Carquest oil is a good blend that lubricates the engine parts and improves their lifespan. Thus, it would be a great idea to know who makes Carquest oil.

When you notice that your car’s engine overheats or hear some weird noises from the engine area, it could be due to low engine oil. So, it is essential to top the motor oil if it appears low and conduct oil changes at the right time.

Nevertheless, you need a good motor oil with the proper viscosity, flashpoint, and excellent stability. Carquest is among the top options you can find in the market that protects engines for a long time. This article would provide exciting details about the manufacturers of Carquest motor oil.

A brief History of Carquest Oil

Carquest oil is one of the top-performing products within the industry that works well for various engines. Carquest Corporation is a firm that provides consumers with multiple product options and has been providing consumers with top-quality products since 1974.

The company emerged as an alliance with various warehouse distributors, and their participation in the automotive market has them having over 60 distribution centers. Carquest Corporation currently has more than 3,400 stores within the United States and in Canada and Mexico.

Nevertheless, Carquest oil is a product supplied for the brand by Amalie Oil Company, a firm that started in 1903 in Franklin, Pennsylvania. This fast-developing firm is famous for the provision of well-engineered and top-quality petroleum products.

The company has its manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida, which boasts of excellent equipment. In 1953, this firm emerged as the first to introduce the multi-grade oil (the Imperial 10W30) and provided fleets of lubricants over the years, including Carquest oil.

who makes carquest motor oil

Who Makes Carquest Oil?

Carquest oil is a product of Amalie Oil Company, one of the top manufacturers of transmission fluid, synthetic oil, and motor oil of varying weights. This American company emerged in 1903, was founded in Pennsylvania (Franklin), and provided consumers with top-quality fluid solutions.

Being one of the largest private oil and lubricant firms in North America, they supply various brands as an independent blender of industrial lubricants and motor oil. Thus, they provide private labels like O’Reilly Auto Part store, Walmart, AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, and Carquest.

Kindly note that the company manufactures and sells its branded products globally and possesses Wolf’s Head. The Barletta family is responsible for this firm’s activities after purchasing the Petroleum Packers firm in 1977 (in Port Tampa Bay).

The merger occurred in 1977 when the Barker family acquired Amalie from the Sun Oil Company. Carquest Premium is one motor oil that exceeds industry standards, offers exceptional performance, and effectively protects engines.

It features a recommendable formula that ensures reduced friction around its moving parts and consists of various additives that improve gas mileage.

Thus, car owners can rest assured that this oil would ensure a longer engine life even while diving across different conditions. Interestingly, this oil comes at an affordable price and comes in varying weights that suit other vehicle’s needs.

Some standard Carquest oil products in the market include:

The Carquest Full Synthetic Oil

Most car owners get disturbed while driving across severe conditions; hence, this motor oil formulation considers the engine’s needs for such challenging driving conditions. At “start-up,” this oil offers better protection and flows well even in cold temperatures.

The Carquest High Mileage Oil

 This conventional motor oil works for cars that drive across 75,000 miles under normal conditions. It features excellent additives that get rid of engine sludge, and it offers complete protection with high mileage.

The Carquest Full Synthetic High Mileage Oil

Unlike most conventional oil, this synthetic motor oil has a combination that features high mileage additives and further protects older engines. With this oil, there are reduced leaks, and the seal condition for decreased oil consumption appears restored.

The Carquest Conventional Oil

This motor oil works well for drivers that drive across normal conditions. Its great formulation exceeds the industry standards and offers exceptional performance while protecting the engine.


Q: Is Carquest oil good quality?

Carquest oil is a quality product that comes formulated with great standards. There are excellent additives that ensure the engine gets protected from possible damages and no oil leaks occur. The high-quality synthetic oil from this brand works well for driving across severe driving conditions.

With its formulation, drivers can feel less worried about the oil flow even in cold temperatures. The motor oil from this brand’s product line lasts for an extended period, and it comes at an affordable price, compared to some other options in the market.

Q: Who produces Carquest oil?

The current Carquest oil available in the market are products of Amalie Oil Company, one of the top manufacturers of transmission fluid, synthetic oil, and motor oil of varying weights. This company provides various fluid solutions and supplies high-quality products to various private labels.

Carquest oil comes formulated with premium materials that consider the needs of engines and ensures they remain protected. This motor oil exceeds the industry standards and comes in varying weights.

Q: Where is Amalie Oil made?

The state-of-art manufacturing facility of Amalie Oil Company is in Tampa, Florida. This facility boasts of excellent blending, bottle blow-molding, and packaging equipment that results in the sophisticated products available in the market.

The company blends and packages more than 3,000 products of different kinds and sizes, ranging from 8-ounce sized plastic bottles to larger products. These products moved through bulk rail transport and are supplied to consumers around various parts of the world.

Q: Is Amalie Motor Oil any good?

Various customer reviews on Amalie motor oil suggest this product to be good, as it comes with varying additives that work well in protecting the engine. Some folks like the fact that this motor oil appears quite affordable since specialty oils are often available at a high cost.

The formulation of this oil seems like one of the best in the industry as it exceeds the standards while providing high mileage. Various available options match the needs of different vehicles.

Final Words

Motor oil is essential for the smooth running of automobiles, as it ensures that engines function in good condition. A good oil would reduce the friction between the engine’s parts with its excellent lubrication and cools the high temperature.

Carquest oil is an excellent option that exceeds the industry’s standards, providing high mileage and complete protection for the engine. It would be of great interest to learn about who makes Carquest oil, and this piece holds exciting details that would keep you away from some speculations.

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