Who Makes Supertech Oil and Differences with Competitors

Oil is a crucial element for vehicles since it improves the performance of its mechanical components and also increases its durability. However, this will only work well when you use the right type of oil. One of the best oils that help you get optimal performance for your vehicle is Supertech Oil. Now the question is, who makes Supertech Oil? There have been too many speculations and misunderstandings about the manufacturers of Supertech. Here we shall discuss all you need to know about Supertech, its pros, cons, and comparison with its major competitors.

Supertech Oil History

Supertech is one of the most reputable brands of oil in the market today. This oil is manufactured by Warren Oil Company International. The company was formed by Tennessean William K. Warren in the twentieth century when there was an oil boom. By 1950, Warren Petroleum was the largest producer of LPG (propane) and natural gasoline.

warren oil company brands

Warren company brand is the largest packager and blender of lubricants for agriculture, automotive, heavy-duty, and the commercial market today.  It operates six packaging and manufacturing facilities located in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and North Carolina. The company produces both synthetic and conventional lubricants and distributes them locally and internationally.

One of the best things about Supertech oil is that it offers variety catering to various requirements of specific vehicles. Using the wrong type of oil on your vehicle may lead to mechanical problems with the gear transmission system or engine components. This is why Warren Oil Company comes with specific oil for the special needs of every vehicle.

Even though Supertech is a reputable brand, its lubricants are highly available at an affordable price. Some other oils of the same quality with Supertech are only available at twice or even more than it. When buying the Supertech oil, ensure it has the WPP label on it. The WPP initials stand for Warren Performance Product.

The WPP label shows that Supertech Oil has been tested and meets all the company standards. it is the only way for you to ensure that you have bought genuine Supertech oil and not an imitation. Ensure that you get this oil from trusted suppliers.

Who Makes Supertech Oil?

Supertech oil is made by Warren Oil Company, Inc., which is among the largest independent makers of lubricants in America. Theirs is the most recommended oil for mechanics due to its high quality. Even though the Supertech oil is of high quality, its is a very affordable engine oil.

Supertech oil meets all the standards set for oil products in the United States. Despite its affordable rates, this company produces reliable and quality products that the user can rely on. The manufacturer has also made sure that this oil is environmentally friendly.

The oil has a license from dexos 1 brand, and the warranty of your vehicle will not be void when you use it.

If your lookout is a high-quality and affordable oil of a reputable company, Supertech oil is the option to go for. The oil can be found in shops near you or on online platforms such as Amazon.

Pros of Supertech Oil

One major advantage of Supertech is that they withstand both extreme temperatures. This oil does not react like natural petroleum-based oil. It does not thicken when the temperatures are too low; neither does it breaks down when it gets extremely hot. Supertech oil also does not evaporate fast.

Another great advantage of Supertech oil is that it reduces acid build-ups and harmful deposits, making it last longer. The oil will also assist in reducing friction in engine components. The lubrication therefore keeps the engine healthy and makes it last longer.

Supertech oil stands out due to its consistent viscosity and improves the fuel economy of the vehicle. This oil is also cheaper compared to other synthetic oil brands. When you make Supertech your regular oil, it will reduce the maintenance cost you use on your vehicle since it reduces the wear and tear of engine parts.

Cons Supertech Oil

Synthetic oils are supposed to be disposed of differently. When using Supertech synthetic oil, you will have to dispose of them in the right way to avoid polluting the environment.

The other thing is that though the Supertech is affordable, it tends to be more expensive compared to conventional oils. Some people may find this a disadvantage, but it will save you a lot in the long run since the maintenance costs are reduced, and the engine lasts longer.

This oil is also not recommended to use in new vehicles. New cars need to break in for them to function in the right way. These vehicles need some friction that they can only get from petroleum-based lubricants.

Who Makes Supertech Oil

Supertech Oil vs. Other Competitor’s Oils

There are several other oils in the market that have worked so hard to establish their market share, but how do they compare to Supertech oil? The brand you use on your vehicle may not matter that much as long as it meets the technical and weight requirements of the vehicle. However, using high-quality oil will make your engine stay longer and decrease the amount of sludge. Here is the difference between Supertech Oil and other competitors.

Supertech vs. Mobil 1

One of the biggest competitors of Supertech is Mobil 1. One may wonder what difference super tech synthetic oil vs. Mobil 1 has. Some people consider this brand to be of superior quality, but since it is more expensive than Supertech. Another reason that makes this oil popular is its official brand by Nascar. But is this the case? Apart from the price, these two giants do not have a very big difference.

Supertech and Mobil 1 are not different in terms of formulation since both of them are naturally synthetic and thus environmentally friendly. When it comes to preventing wear and damage in places caused by a lot of friction, Mobil 1 oil stands out. For this reason, it tends to be more expensive.

Based on application, both of these oils can be used on any gasoline-driven engine. If you are dealing with a high-performance engine then you can comfortably use any of the two oils. The major difference between Supertech and Mobil 1 is the price. Supertech oil specifications, features, and qualities are not so different from those of Mobil 1, but the latter is quite expensive. Let’s have a comparison between the two to make the differences even clear.

Aspect Supertech Mobil 1
Brand Reputation Walmart’s house brand Well-established global brand
Oil types Conventional, Synthetic Blend, Full Synthetic
Viscosity Grades Various (e.g., 5W-30, 10W-30, 5W-20) Various (e.g., 5W-30, 0W-40, 10W-30)
Additives Detergents, dispersants, anti-wear additives Advanced additives for engine protection
Cold Temperature Performance Good Excellent
High-Temperature Stability Good Excellent
Price Generally more affordable Often higher in price compared to Supertech
Availability Walmart stores Available in various retail and auto stores
Life Can last up to 10,000 miles between oil changes Can last up to 10,000-15,000 miles between oil changes

Supertech vs. Castrol

Another fierce competitor of Supertech is Castrol. Both of these companies are SAE certified. Just like the Supertech, Castrol Oil protects the engine parts under all conditions, even in extreme temperatures. The two oils will keep your engine clean by preventing oxidation.

While Supertech can serve you for around 7,000 miles, Castrol can serve your engine up to 15,000 miles before the change. Apart from that slight difference, everything else is almost similar. The biggest difference between Supertech vs. Castrol comes from the price. Supertech Oil is much cheaper compared to Castrol Oil. The table below will offer an in-depth comparison between the two oils.

Aspect Supertech Castrol
Brand Overview Walmart’s in-house brand Reputed Global lubricant manufacturer
Product Range Various automotive fluids Extensive range for vehicles, industrial, and more
Quality Generally meets industry standards Well-regarded for quality and performance
Price Often competitively priced Can be priced at a premium
Applications Automotive lubricants Diverse range for automotive, industrial, and marine applications
Performance Level Meets basic requirements Often designed for high-performance engines and applications
Customer Reviews Mixed reviews, as with many store brands Generally positive reviews for performance
Lifetime Give engine protection up to 10,000 miles Give engine protection 15,000 miles (synthetic)

Supertech vs. Amazonbasics

Amazonbasics offers one of the best protection for engine parts, and its quality is at par with other leading companies such as Red Line and Castrol. Its popularity has risen very fast due to its outstanding features. This oil has an SN rating which is the highest-rated oil one can buy in America. It helps in improving fuel economy and protecting emissions systems, as well as turbochargers.

Just like Supertech, Amazonbasics protects your vehicle even under extreme temperatures. However, during the winter season, Supertech performs slightly better than Amazonbasics motor oil. Both oils are economical since they protect the engine for a long and are cheaper than most high-performance motor oils. Here is a table comparing these two for better exposure.

Aspect Supertech AmazonBasics
Brand Overview Walmart’s in-house brand Amazon’s private-label brand
Product Range Various automotive fluids Limited range of automotive fluids
Quality Generally meets industry standards Aimed at providing basic quality
Price Often competitively priced Generally positioned as budget-friendly
Application Automotive Lubricants Automotive Lubricants
Performance Meet standard requirements Advanced level performance
Applications Automotive lubricants Automotive lubricants
Lifetime Up to 10,000 miles Up to 10,000 miles
Customer Reviews Mixed reviews, as with many store brands Varies, some positive, some mixed

Supertech vs. Others

Apart from the above-discussed brands, there are several other Supertech competitors in the market. The formulation of motor oil ranges from one company to another, but they are not so different. Some of the differing criteria are viscosity, the type of additives used, and if the oil is synthetic or conventional.

Some of the other major brands are Red Line, Pennzoil, and Amsoil. Pennzoil formulates a wide range of motor oil for different vehicles and mileage. This oil keeps the essential components of the engine uncontaminated from sludge and build-up. Compared to Supertech, the latter is of higher quality and more affordable.

Amsoil is an environmentally friendly company formulating life synthetic motor oils. These oils will provide engine protection for up to 7500 miles. It offers protection to European-branded trucks and cars. Red Line is a well-known brand for its high quality. Their formulation matches that of Supertech motor oil. With all these brands, the difference is too minimal, but Supertech stands out when it comes to affordability.

Why is Supertech oil so cheap?

Supertech oil is a popular choice for budget-conscious car owners. It is available at a price lower than that of its competitors, which has made many people wonder about its quality. However, Supertech oil has been tested and certified to meet industry standards, making it an excellent option for those who want to save money without compromising the performance of their vehicles.

Supertech oil is so cheap because it is sold exclusively and in large quantities at stores like Amazon and Walmart. As a result, the brand has no additional marketing expenses or distribution costs compared to other established brands like Costco, Mobil, and other big names in the market. Therefore, Supertech can offer high-quality oils at relatively affordable prices.

Is Supertech Oil Any Good?

One factor to consider when evaluating the quality of Supertech oil is its performance ratings. In general, the brand has received mostly positive reviews. Some blends have earned high ratings from independent testing organizations such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), but some blends still need to catch up to that appreciation. In line with that, Supertech Motor Oil meets all government regulations and criteria, guaranteeing its superior quality.


What Company Makes Supertech Oil?

Supertech Oil is made by one of the biggest companies in America, known as Warren Oil Company. This company was founded in the twentieth century by Tennessean William K. Warren. This company has been well known for its manufacture of high-quality lubricants for many years. To ensure that you got the genuine Supertech Oil, look for the WPP label written at the bottom of the container.

Who Makes Walmart Supertech Oil Filters?

Another most asked question is, who makes Supertech oil filters in 2023? Walmart Supertech Oil Filters are manufactured by Champion Technologies, a firm based in the USA. Just like their lubricants, their oil filters are made with high-quality material, meeting all the required standards.  An ST filter will not fail you, and it will serve you for a long time without needing any replacement. 

How Long Does Supertech Synthetic Oil Last?

Supertech Oil is a high-quality lubricant that keeps your engine safe for longer compared to other synthetic oils. Customer reviews indicate that they changed Supertech Synthetic Oil after around 7,000 miles with an average of 5 to 7 months. It is crucial to change the oil regularly to keep your engine in good shape.

Is It OK to Mix Different Brands of Motor Oil?

It is not recommended to mix oils from different brands. The reason is that different manufacturers formulate their oils differently. Oils from various brands may have different additives that might react with each other. Also, mixing oils of different viscosity can cause engine damage. The most prudent thing to do is to stick with the oil grade recommended by your car manufacturer. You can switch from one brand to another as long as it is compatible with your vehicle but do not mix the brands.

Final Words

With the above information, we have answered the common question of who makes Supertech oil. Warren Company has been in business since the 20th century, and it has managed to pass the test of time by manufacturing and distributing high-quality lubricants at an affordable price. Supertech may not have such a major difference from other oils, such as Mobil 1, but it stands out since you will get it at a lower price. The oil meets all the specification requirements of oils in America, and that guarantees you quality. Always ensure that you choose the right grade for your vehicle.

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