Carvana vs. CarMax: What Are the Difference?

Traditionally, buying a car was quite a challenging process. You had to look for a reliable dealer and start the haggling process. The same applies to selling your vehicle. However, this is no longer the case with online dealership sites. We bring you the Carvana vs. CarMax discussion, looking at some of the biggest online car dealership sites.

Both platforms stock a variety of cars, meaning you will get what you want. Additionally, they promote a no-haggle environment, doing away with the pressure of getting a new car. Stick on as we look at the differences between the CarMax and Carvana to determine the best.

How Does Carvana Work?

carvana vs dealership

Picture buying a product from an online store and having the product delivered to your doorstep. This is the exact way that Carvana works. You place an order for your car on the online site, using your computer or phone. Optionally, you can pick your car from an agreed pickup point or Carvana’s car vending machines.

On the car vending machines, you insert your token to retrieve your vehicle. You can take it in a test drive then make the necessary signings for the transfer.

Carvana prides its services being exclusively online and without any haggling involved. As such, there is no time-wasting, whether you are a seller or a buyer. The other thing you will notice about Carvana is that the prices are reasonable. The costs are not too far stretched, as you may find on other platforms.

Carvana vs. dealership, what is the difference? The main difference is that most of Carvana’s services take place online, and the only point you may meet with the seller is in delivery.

Another impressive feature of Carvana is the car finder. It is a sorting tool that will help you find a befitting model. You indicate what you want, such as value, performance, comfort, price, and year of manufacture.

Carvana also has financing solutions. You can get an auto loan with impressive terms that won’t affect your credit score.

How Does CarMax Work?

carmax vs dealership

CarMax is a car dealership and auto-financing solution that has been around for almost three decades. The firm operates on the philosophy of offering an honest and sound car trading platform. It explains its lengthy stay in the business, drawing a considerable clientele base.

CarMax reviews Reddit show that one of the reasons that CarMax is a top dealership is its flexibility. You notice this element where it has both physical stores and online stores. The physical dealerships are spread all over the country, numbering around 200.

You can do the entire business online or visit CarMax’s dealership centers to buy or sell a car. Buying is a straightforward process, as you have access to over 50000 listings at any given point. As such, getting the car of your choice is not a problem.

If you want to sell your vehicle, CarMax will inspect it to see if it meets its specifications. If it looks alright, you sign the deal. You take your vehicle to the nearest dealership center for inspection, where you will get an offer if it passes all the tests.

Additionally, CarMax offers financing services at reasonable rates. Using the site, you may schedule vehicle servicing at the nearest outlet. The outlet has experts who will handle issues like oil change, tire repair, and other diagnostic practices to ensure your car is in good shape.

What Are The Differences Between CarMax And Carvana?

CarMax and Carvana share many similarities, like having popular online dealership platforms. The main difference is that while CarMax has an online site and several physical stores, Carvana solely has an online presence. Additionally, they stock a variety of vehicles, both used and new.

Looking at Carvana vs. CarMax selling Reddit discussions, you see that the two dealers vary in their respective processes. For instance, if dealing with Carvana, you contact them online, and they will reach out to you for inspection. If the car is in good shape, Carvana pays you.

For CarMax, you contact them and go to one of their many outlets to inspect the vehicle. If the vehicle is okay, you seal the deal.

Carvana vs. CarMax Pros and Cons

To appreciate the features of each of the car dealer sites, it is prudent to look at their respective pros and cons.

Carvana Pros

Carvana has a user-friendly site that is easy to navigate. Getting the vehicle you want is an effortless process, with the car finder feature coming to your aid. You will also have a fruitful moment buying and selling your car. For purchases, you will have the car delivered to your preferred address. Moreover, there are car vending machines where you provide your token before taking your pick on a test drive.

There is no haggling on Carvana, ensuring there is no pressure when sealing your deal. Finally, you benefit from a seven-day return policy, where you can go for a swap if the vehicle picked does not impress you.


One of the downsides of Carvana is that you cannot take the vehicle on a test drive before finalizing the purchase. While the no-haggle prices can be advantageous at times, you might be on the losing end of the deal at times when you don’t get the preferred deal.

CarMax Pros

CarMax is very versatile, evident from its online platform and several physical sites spread throughout the country. The site is easily accessible, with its design allowing for easy navigation by clients.

Another thing to love about CarMax is the many services it offers. Besides offering a platform for buying and selling cars, it also offers auto-repair services by linking you to credible auto shops. Additionally, it provides auto-financing solutions if you want a flexible way to pay for your vehicle.

CarMax gives you access to plenty of vehicle models from different years; thus, you cannot run out of options. The no-haggle environment allows you to make a purchase or sale without any pressure.


When selling a car, you might need to move to CarMax’s outlets to settle the deal physically. For purchases, you may pay some extra amount to cater for shipping costs.


Is Carvana Cheaper Than CarMax?

A crucial factor to pay attention to when picking a befitting car dealership is the price of the cars. Focusing on CarMax vs. Carvana price, you will realize that there is not much of a difference. However, CarMax’s vehicles may attract a slightly higher price due to the middle man element.

Does Carvana Match CarMax?

CarMax is one of the most visible online car dealership platforms. It has been standard in the auto scene for almost three decades. Several competitors also bring their best in the automotive purchase and sale scene. A notable one is Carvana, which deals exclusively online. It has a vast catalog of vehicles and assures you of an excellent no-haggle environment.

Can You Negotiate With Carvana?

Negotiations in car deals are common, and they help you reach a reasonable price. The downside of negotiations is that they can be time-wasting and put you under pressure. A Carvana, there is no haggling. It is a great business environment where you get a befitting offer as per your budget or the state of your vehicle.

Are Carvana Cars Reliable?

Carvana is one of the finest sites to visit if you want a great vehicle. The catalog is extensive, with vehicles in varying forms. There is the car finder feature that you use to find a vehicle matching your specifications. To promote a healthy trading environment, Carvana’s listings are very reliable and won’t disappoint you. A reasonable returns policy has your back in case you find fault with the selection.

If you are a seller, you have to take the car through an inspection process to ensure it is in the proper form for the market,

Where Does Carvana Get Its Cars?

Carvana takes pride in having an extensive collection of cars ready for sale. The firm acquires the vehicles in many ways, such as from auctions, partner dealerships, buying from other people, and trade-ins. The cars have to undergo a thorough inspection before listing.

Who Pays More Carvana Or Vroom?

The Carvana vs. Vroom Reddit discussions paint the two sites similar in several areas, like legitimacy and having an extensive catalog of cars. Vroom is an e-commerce company that specializes in the purchase and sale of cars. Furthermore, they offer the same price when acquiring cars from sellers. Some users report that Vroom offers more, though it depends on the state of the vehicle.

Does Carvana Have Hidden Fees?

A legitimate company does not have any hidden fees. This is the case with Carvana, which indicates all the payments you have to foot in any deal. As such, you are sure you won’t encounter additional costs when finalizing your purchase or sale.

Does CarMax Have Hidden Fees?

CarMax is a credible auto site and clearly indicates everything you need when buying a car or selling one. It does not have any hidden fees that can affect your budget. This is in accordance with its operating principle of upholding integrity.

Final Word

Carvana and CarMax are ideal online hubs to check out if you want to buy or sell a vehicle. They are easily accessible and have a no-haggle policy, meaning there is no pressure when finalizing your deals. Additionally, you can get financing from both platforms. Check out the sites and see the preferable one to partner with on your next car sale or purchase.

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