WIX vs. WIX XP Filters: Which is Better?

Car filters play a significant role in the car, mainly by ensuring steady air and fuel and that there are no contaminants, like dust and other particles getting into the system. These car parts also ascertain that you have clean fuel to power the vehicle effectively. There are four primary filters: the air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, and oil filter. WIX is among the notable names you will come across when looking for a suitable replacement for a damaged filter. There are two classes of products under this company, which brings us to the WIX vs. WIX XP discussion, focusing on the categories.

WIX filters are the standard type of filters you will encounter and can fit into any vehicle type. On the other hand, WIX XP products undergo top-notch engineering to deal with challenging driving conditions. In short, the XP filters are some of the best, leaning on factors like durability and flexibility. We will look at each car filter system to better understand how they work and their differences.

wix vs wix xp

WIX and WIX XP filters Comparison Table

WIX and WIX XP are two types of car filters produced by the same company, WIX Filters. WIX filters are the standard type of filters that can fit into any vehicle type, while WIX XP filters are engineered to deal with challenging driving conditions and offer extended performance. Here is a comparison table for WIX and WIX XP filters:

Oil Filter Yes Yes
Air Filter Yes Yes
Fuel Filter Yes No
Cabin Filter Yes Yes
Price Range $5-$30 $10-$40
Warranty 1 warranty 1 warranty
Compatibility Fit into any vehicle type Built to deal with adverse driving conditions
Efficiency Efficiently filters contaminant More efficient with synthetic media that can capture more contaminants
Stability & Durability Averagely stable & durable Have a metal end cap and a coil spring that provide more stability than average filters
Product Range A wider range of products, including fuel filters and coolant filters Air filters, and cabin filters


WIX Filters

WIX Filters

WIX Filters is a member of Affinia Group, a global brand majoring in industrial-grade products’ production and distribution. Among Affinia Group’s target markets include agriculture, manufacturing, and the automobile industries. The car filters are some of its main products marketed under WIX, and one thing you will notice about this brand is the large variety of goods it deals in and their high quality.

The company highly invests in its staff, with most members having been part of the company for many years. It also spares no effort in ensuring that there is an efficient filter production process for quality control and only the best make it to the market. You can check the Below YouTube video to get a hint of how the company runs.

A look at WIX filter Reddit reviews paints a picture of a top-grade brand highly dedicated to ensuring that it has filters that will serve you diligently. Talking about the various aspect, you will notice that WIX also has products targeting the motorsport scene. The motorsport market does not compromise quality due to the high expectations on the circuit or other car racing events. WIX filters motorsport catalog is very impressive, and aside from the filters, you will also notice that there are mounting bases and application guides dedicated to different vehicle models.

Apart from car filters, WIX also has industrial filters designed to offer the best performance in the manufacturing scene. The industrial filters are ideal for hydraulic and fluid power systems, where they ensure there is even gas and fluid flow and distribution with zero contaminants. Still, under this category, there are compressed gas and air filters specially engineered to complement the air and gas industry’s extensive needs. Additionally, there are the AQUACHEK filters that help in the elimination of moisture from compressed air units.

There are several WIX filters, and we will look at each of them to give you an idea of their functionality.

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WIX Oil Filters

WIX XP Filters

The oil filter is a crucial part of a vehicle, where its primary role is to keep off contaminants from the many types of oil, like engine, hydraulic, transmission, and lubricating oil. If you want to understand how significant the oil filter is, you should look at the effects of contaminated oil. Some of the issues you will experience due to dirty oil include insufficient lubrication, wearing the engine compartment, and slow performance, especially when you try accelerating. Poor lubrication can lead to a faster rate of wear and tear of different car parts.

WIX has three filters, the PRO-TEC, WIX filter, and XP oil filters. The PRO-TEC oil filter is a suitable choice for a normal everyday driver, maybe commuting short distances between home and work. The WIX filter is perfect if you are a severe driver, where you want a booted performance or if you use poor terrain. 

The WIX 51515 is an excellent example of this filter, and among its advantages include:

  • Durability.
  • High particle size retention.
  • Enhanced dirt-holding capacity.
  • Low oil flow restriction.

The oil filter also has an impressive mileage of 3750 to 10000 miles.

WIX Air Filter

The air filter is an underrated engine component, seeing how important it is in the combustion engine. Air helps burn fuel for the car to move in internal combustion engines, and the air filter ensures that clean air gets into the engine. In case there are contaminants in the air coming into the engine, it may cause abrasion of the engine parts or corrupt oil.

One of the things you will appreciate about WIX air filters is their design, which has nine pleats per inch, translating to longevity and an enhanced particle-capturing function. WIX has two types of air filters, panel and radial. The former provides a linear entry path for incoming air and a low restriction. This filter type has special pocket pleats, secured correctly with special glue to enhance durability. The radial filter sports a mesh screen on both the inside and outside walls. This design makes the filter strong and adds an edge of protection against backfire. Heat-proof plastisol secures each filter, with special seals on the top and bottom walls.

For the best service, you should check and, if possible, change the air filters for the best service.

WIX Cabin Air Filter

You may say the cabin air filter is a type of air filter, as it filters pollutants in the air coming through the car vents into the passenger compartment. It is part of the HVAC system, and among its functions is to keep dust, insects, and pollen from coming into the car. WIX cabin air filters are some of the best in the market when you consider their extensive functionality. Their filtering function guarantees that you have clean air in the car and prevents other HVAC units’ components, like the heater, air conditioner, and defroster, from damage.

Another thing to love about WIX cabin filters is that they have the Microban antimicrobial technology. This technology prevents the entry of microbes into the car interior by injecting and killing the cells. The filters also rely on the premium Pur-Air technology to keep off 100% of allergens like pollen and dust. Furthermore, the cabin filters have an odor and gas-absorbing qualities. It is advisable to change the cabin air filter for it to work well.

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WIX Fuel Filters

WIX fuel filters will help deal with contaminants in your fuel, which can come in the way of a vehicle’s performance. Dirty fuel may also result in excessive emissions that can pollute the environment. Some of the contaminants include rust, scales, and water, which can wear the car’s engine. WIX has spin-on and cartridge-type fuel filters that are very effective in ensuring that the vehicle is running on clean fuel.

Heavy-duty Coolant filters

The cooling system makes sure that diesel engines are in the right temperature range to prevent their failure and wearing. Impurities in the coolant can affect its performance, resulting in the engine overheating. Here is where WIX heavy-duty coolant filters come in to remove solid matter, like sand particles and rust, which may cause engine corrosion. With a clean coolant system, you have the assurance of optimum performance. The filters allow for the addition of Coolant Additives when necessary.

WIX XP Filters

Focusing on the other side of the WIX vs. WIX XP filters discussion, we look at XP filters. XP filters target heavy-duty and tough driving, bringing in durability and high-quality output to see vehicles through such conditions. WIX dedicated ample research time and rigorous testing to come up with the WIX XP filters. It was a great move when you look at how popular this filter variety is, with many users applauding its functionality. For example, in this YouTube video, they cut open the filter and you can see the media has a sturdy metal center tube and everything is in place compared to that of other filters.

WIX XP oil filters Reddit posts and discussions will give you a hint of their excellence. The filters are great for high-efficiency cars, like sports cars, heavy-duty trucks, and off-road vehicles. This WIX filter type’s top yield comes from its design, which features components like the hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber sealing gasket. This component makes the filter durable, primarily in high temperatures, as it is heat-resistant. A steel baseplate offers quality resistance against corrosion and wear. There is a silicone anti-drain back valve for protection from hardening and cracking. A wire-backed and full-synthetic media enhances the filter’s strength.

You can see that the design focuses on functionality and durability, something that most filters lack. The two standout features make it more resilient and ideal for heavy and tough driving. Let us look at the different WIX XP filters.

WIX XP Oil Filter

The oil filter prevents contaminants’ entry into the oil relay unit, preventing dirt build-up which can affect oils’ effectiveness. The XP oil filter offers more protection, considering that it works with heavy-duty vehicles and those that operate under challenging conditions. Such cars need clean oil to prevent issues like damaged parts due to a compromised lubrication capability. Pure oil is an assurance of sturdiness and will prevent engine problems like overheating and noises.

The filter is also very durable, meaning you will have it for a long time before considering a replacement. A glimpse at the WIX XP oil filter mileage, at 10000 miles, shows you how long-lasting it is. The XP oil filter is compatible with the latest engine technologies and synthetic oil use.

WIX XP Air Filter

The XP air filter sieves the air getting into your internal combustion engine. For high-performance cars, the air getting into the engine should be free of any contaminants for the engine to be in great form and have a high output. The XP air filter is a slight improvement of the standard WIX filter, and they share features like pleat design to make it more effective in keeping off contaminants like dust from the engine. The filtered air assures you of excellent energy output and stable operation, doing away with issues like stalling and poor fuel economy.

WIX XP Cabin Air Filter

WIX XP cabin air filter is a relatively new entrant in the filter market, coming with impressive features to provide clean air for passengers. As mentioned earlier, the cabin air filter is part of the HVAC unit. Besides providing clean air, it is also responsible for maintaining parts like the heater and air conditioner. Some air impurities, like dust, can affect how these components work.

Some of the XP cabin air filter features include a design that helps keep allergens like dust and pollen at bay. The biofunctional layer prevents the thriving of odor-causing bacteria and the growth of fungi, for example, mold. The activated carbon layer will soak up odors, gases, and other pollutants; thus, the vehicle’s occupants have fresh air all the time.

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WIX vs. WIX XP Differences

Down to the discussion on the table, we have to look at the WIX vs. WIX XP differences to know which is the best and what makes it the best. The two products are both under the WIX umbrella and perform well in their respective filtering functions. A noticeable variation between the two products is their functionality. Both are filters, but the purposes that they serve differ a little. For instance, the standard WIX filter is for normal to extensive driving, and you will notice that the products are relatively versatile. The versatility is evident where it can work with smaller vehicles like sedans to mid-sized types like light trucks, SUVs, and vans.

WIX XP filters are products of extensive engineering and trials, with their target being high-yield, heavy-duty, and tough-driving vehicles. This type of WIX filter relies on durability and boosted functionality as its selling points, and you can see that it delivers. Some of the automobiles that can use the XP filters are mid-size trucks, tow vehicles, and off-road cars.

Another difference between the two WIX products is diversity. The standard WIX is more diverse in terms of its products, such as air filters, cabin filters, fuel filters, coolant filters, and oil filters. XP filters seem to be still under development, and presently, the only products with this brand name are oil filters, air, and cabin filters.

The two products are excellent car parts that meet OE designs and specifications and are perfect for your car if you want durability and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Does WIX XP Mean?

WIX XP is a filter type offered by WIX to give vehicles an upper hand in dealing with harsh driving conditions. These filters stand out due to their many attributes, such as ultimate protection, durability, high mileage, and maximizing synthetic oil use.

Are WIX Filters Good?

Yes, WIX filters are some of the best that you will come across and will have your back in severe driving situations. These filters rely on improved engineering to deliver impeccable standards in filtering out contaminants.

Which Is Better, FRAM Or WIX?

FRAM is an American brand specializing in the manufacture and distribution of car filters and has been in the industry since 1936. We can look at the two companies’ premium products, WIX XP vs. FRAM ultra, to see how they fare against each other. The FRAM ultra oil filter is suitable for challenging driving situations, with features like a sure grip for easy installation, a precision relief valve, and reinforced media with 99% filtering power. There is an anti-drain back valve for engine protection and triple hot oil resistance capability. The collection of features seems to take it to the top of the argument against its competitor. However, the WIX XP is great in maximizing synthetic oil use and for heavy-duty driving.

Can You Use WIX XP With Conventional Oil?

Yes, you can use WIX XP with conventional oil, and it will still work fine. The thing is that the filter does not select the oil; rather, it filters it and will likewise do a good job with synthetic oils.

Are NAPA Filters Made By WIX?

No, NAPA Filters is not related to WIX and has been in the filter manufacture and supply business since 1966. It is a great company with excellent products, which you can view on its site.

Are Carquest Oil Filters Made By WIX?

Carquest oil filters have had an association with WIX but are presently Carquest products. Carquest is another notable name in the car filter industry, and aside from oil filters, it stocks fuel, air, and cabin filters.

Who Manufactures WIX Oil Filters?

WIX oil filters come from WIX Filters, one of the best companies that major in making and distributing oil filters. It has many filter types on its catalog, like air, cabin, fuel, and antifreeze filters.

Final Thought

Car filters are must-have parts for a vehicle to move smoothly without any issues. As their name implies, they play a role in preventing contaminants in the air, fuel, oil, and other substances used in the car. WIX Filters is one of the most popular brands that has been in operation since 1939 and is a game-changer in the auto-engineering field. Pay a visit to its site and see the many OE design standard parts it has.

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