Who Makes Century Welders?

Welders often aid in meeting metal parts, as mechanics and other experts gear towards repairs and the fabrication of various metal works. Century welders are excellent options in the market; hence, most buyers are keen on knowing who makes Century welders.

Century Welders, renowned for supplying various welding machines to perform nearly all welding applications, make the welding and other tools. Regarded to be the hallmark of innovation in the welding industry, Century values customers’ satisfaction above all. 

However, some users, unaware of the trends of this brand, know very little about its manufacturing story. Not to worry, this piece presents interesting details about Century welders and its manufacturing.

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Who Makes Century Welders?

Century welders are products of the famous Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc., one top global manufacturers of welding equipment and products. The American multinational company emerged in 1895 as the brainwork of John C. Lincoln.

This company has its headquarter in Euclid, Ohio, in the United States and holds about 44 different manufacturing units worldwide. Still, you should know that this firm has operations and joint ventures existing in 19 countries. Nevertheless, the supply of their products is spread worldwide, with a vast network of distributors that covers over 160 countries.

Lincoln came on the scene in 1960 to acquire Century Welders, founded in 1946 in Michigan. But LincoIn Electric let the brand produce welders and likely tools and accessories in its original name as a subsidiary of the mother company.

You should know that Century reemerged as one of the best brands in the industry, backed by a top-quality manufacturer. With their supply of top-performing welding machines, you can rely on this brand committed to providing excellent welding solutions that answer your needs.

This firm is the first to create the 11V battery charger, and it keeps growing with more innovations and technologies that make its tools better. 

Common Century Welders

The myriad of welding machines available in the market can make purchasing a suitable welder pretty challenging. Century welders as one reliable brand and numerous reviews in their favor on the brand’s product suggest they are great for work on various metal works.

Some popular Century welders that you should not miss can easily be found in the market.

Century Inverter 230 Stick Arc Welder

Century Inverter 230 Stick Arc Welder
Image Credit: https://www.centurywelding.com/CenturyK2790-1.shtml

This tool comes packed with various excellent features that allow a smooth work process on metals. It uses a 220V input power with 10-155 amp output that is handy for mild steel stick electrodes. You can set the desired temperature for consistent welding, thanks to its continuous amperage control.

The portability of this welding machine makes it an excellent choice, as you can carry it from place to place with much ease. Furthermore, you would find the smooth arc supplying strong welds across varying thickness levels (18 gauge metal sheet up to 5/16 inch thick steel).

Century Flux-Corded 80GL Welder

Century Flux-Corded 80GL Welder
Image Credit: https://www.centurywelding.com/CenturyK2501-1.shtml

This Flux-corded welding machine has the capability of welding 18 gauge sheet metal to 1/8-inch steel. It would interest you to know that this tool possesses double heat Century welder settings and comes constructed with an infinite wire speed control.

The wire feed design appears pretty durable. This set possesses various properties such as a nozzle tip, an installed welding gun, the wire’s starter spool, and the century welder manual. Furthermore, this welding machine runs on 21V voltage and supplies up to 70 amperes of current.

Century Flux-Corded 255 Welder

Century Flux-Corded 255 Welder
Image Credit: https://www.centurywelding.com/CenturyK2783-1.shtml

The Century Flux-Corded 255 welder comes crafted to aid in various metal fabrications and repairs. The good news is that this equipment comes with a 30-255 amp output that comes in handy for welding a vast range of thicknesses.

As a MIG welder, this product appears pretty affordable, offering excellent services and value for your money. This welding machine possesses a 20% duty cycle when it reaches 255 amps. Hence, you can run it effectively for two minutes out of ten minutes without the hassle of overheating.

Some components of this set include the MIG welding nozzle, gun, and cable assembly, hose, gas regulator, clamp, work cable, and an input cable that comes attached to a plug.

Century 230 Stick Inverter Welder

Century 230 Stick Inverter Welder
Image Credit: https://www.centurywelding.com/CenturyK2790-2.shtml

The portable size of this tool makes it an excellent option, much more if you need to move the welding tool from one location to another during work. Interestingly, this tool comes with a smooth arc that supplies strong welds across a 14 gauge sheet metal up to 5/16-inch thick steel.

It weighs 18 lbs, having a dimension of 14 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches. Kindly note that this welding equipment comes with a shoulder strap for easy “carrying,” a working cable (measuring 10 feet), and an electrode holder.

Century Flux-Corded FC-90 Wire Feed Welder

Century Flux-Corded FC-90 Wire Feed Welder
Image Credit: https://www.centurywelding.com/CenturyK3493-1.shtml

This welding equipment from Century appears among the best welders you can find in the market. It has a compact size, and its portability is awesome. Thanks to its smooth arc, you can expect a stronger weld on 18 gauge up to ¼-inch steel.

You would find this wire feed welder working up to a 30% duty cycle, and as such, you can run this tool up to three minutes out of ten without getting bothered about overheating. Again, this Century DC welder comes having a 30-amp to 90-amp DC output.

Furthermore, this welding machine comes with the Century FC 90 welder manual, making the tool easier to use.

Century Arc 120 Inverter Stick Welder

Century Arc 120 Inverter Stick Welder
Image Credit: https://www.centurywelding.com/CenturyK2789-2.shtml

This Century 120 welder can weld from 18 gauge up to ¼-inch steel metal in a single pass. Kindly note that it works on a 10 to 90 amp DC welding output range and this tool weighs merely 10 lbs.

With the continuous amperage of this welding machine, you can work on setting the exact temperature for consistent welds. Furthermore, this welding equipment comes with a power cord (attached to a 15 amp plug), an electrode holder, shoulder strap, footwork cable, and a work clamp.

Final Words

Welding machines are necessary for various repairs and fabrications on metal. Thus, this tool is handy for performing repairs on used cars and fixing various metal parts of vehicles that appear broken. Century Welders, a subsidiary of LincoIn Electric, are among the well-known brands with a wide range of top-performing welding machines meant for both pro mechanics and DIY novices. So, to judge them by users feedback

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