Who Makes Snap-On Welders?

Metalworks require excellent welders to give off an outstanding finish. Thus, whether you are keen on making some repairs or a new fabrication, you will look out for various welding machines available in the market. 

Snap-On welders are one excellent option that you can find, and as such, folks are interested in knowing who makes Snap-On welders. Positive customer reviews underline the satisfaction from Snap-on welders users. This is normal because Snap-on welders are constructed with top-quality materials and by the finest engineers.

Contrary to the quality and standard, most folks know very little or nothing about the manufacturers of Snap-on welders. With that in mind, this piece would reveal exciting details about the makers of Snap-On welders and some of the famous welding machines.

snap on mig 135 manual

Who Makes Snap-on Welders?

Snap-On welders are signature the products of the renowned ”Snap-On Incorporation,” founded in 1920 in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) in the United States. But the firm later moved to Kenosha in 1930.

Being the brain-work of Joseph Johnson and William Seidman, this company kicked off with the idea of revolutionizing repairs and easing the works of mechanics. This company has become famous for supplying diagnostic solutions, repair information, and a wide range of tools and equipment.

The company had its first catalog published in 1923, and soonest, the company thought of expanding geographically. With great success, it had about 17 branches launched in 1925 and employed roughly 165 salespeople in charge of the sales of tools to mechanics.

With the rapid growth and successes, Snap-On moved further to the production of customized toolsets for vehicles. Aside from the United States, this company has expanded internationally, and you can find them in Mexico, Canada, Japan, and other parts of the world.

Usually, the advancements from this firm improved their product line, and these products encompass premium electronic accessories. Thus, you can find them supplying various OEM specialty tools, electronic parts, and excellent welding machines.

The welders from this brand appear to be one of the top-performing options you would find out there. The good news is that these welding machines come with an excellent warranty from the manufacturer, suggesting that they offer great value for your money.

Common Snap-On Welders

Snap-On has a wide range of welding machines and some of the famous options include:

The Snap-On Muscle MIG 140 A Wire Feed Welder

snap on mig 140
Image Credit: shop.snapon.com

This product comes with several excellent features, including the higher-duty cycles it offers at maximum amperage. It consists of a cylinder rack, power input cable (20-inch), MIG torch plus 10-inch cable, and feeder cable.

If you are keen on knowing the capacity of this welder, please know that it can weld up to ¼ inch metal in a single go. Coming with a voltmeter, that welder aids in indicating the arc voltage or OC V, and you can comfortably add a Spool Gun if the need arises for welding aluminum. 

Interestingly, this welder supports the exact voltage needed for the metal fabrication, and such heat control makes it pretty easy to use. From various Snap-On MIG 140 reviews, you would notice customers’ satisfaction since the manufacturer allows an excellent warranty, reaching two years. 

The Snap-On Portable 135 A MIG Welder

snap on mig 135 manual
Image credit: https://shop.snapon.com/product/Snap-on-115-Volt-MIG-Welders/135-A-Portable-MIG-Welder/MIG135

Another excellent welding machine from this brand is the 135 A portable MIG welder that comes in a compact size, making it suitable for use on various worksites. Thus, it is an excellent option for both auto mechanics and different metalwork experts.

It boasts of an excellent welding capacity and can work with a .035-inch flux core and .023-035-inch wire. Kindly note that you can set the desired amount of heat needed using the 7-customizable “heat settings” supplied by this welder. Furthermore, experts and DIYers can comfortably weld from 24 gages up to 3/16-inch thick steel. 

The Snap-On TIG 150 A Welder

Snap-On TIG 150
Image credit: https://shop.snapon.com/product/Snap-on-Tig-Welders/TIG-Welder/TIG150i

There are a few misconceptions about the cost of TIG welders, but you should know that Snap-On TIG 150 A Welder is pretty affordable but offers great value. The arc stability of this welding machine supports increased low amperage performance.

Interestingly, consumers can easily choose from either the DC or AC TIG functionality that comes with this welding machine.

There is an AC balance adjustment that allows you to choose the desired setting from three varying options. The pulse adjustment keeps the max amperage under control and aids in determining the amount of heat needed for the metal fabrication.

The Snap-On Workhorse 140 A MIG Welder

140 A Workhorse MIG Welder
Image credit: https://shop.snapon.com/product/Snap-on-115-Volt-MIG-Welders/140-A-Workhorse-MIG-Welder/MIG140

This product is one welding machine that appears pretty economical for folks, as you can use it without purchasing the welding cart. The good news is that this welder does not limit its performance even when the outlet power may seem limited.

For repeatable welds and precise voltage control, this welding machine comes with the bolted lamination and Nomex® insulation. Kindly note that the wire feed assembly comes constructed with precise machine cast aluminum.

You would enjoy the consistent voltage thanks to its capacitor bank alongside the diode set using this welding machine. Some optional accessories that appear compatible with this machine include the appropriate spool gun, consumables kit, and conversion kit.

The Snap-On Portable TIG 130i Welder

Snap-On Portable TIG 130i Welder
Image credit: https://shop.snapon.com/product/Snap-on-Tig-Welders/Portable-TIG-Welder/TIG130i

One notable feature of this welding machine is its lightweight, making it easier to carry from one location to the other. This welder is an excellent option for beginners and experts keen on joining steel and stainless steel.

It has a capability of dual voltage input that reaches 115-230 V and comes with various excellent features. The components of this welding machine include a tote bag, regulator power supply, ground cable, and torch.

This TIG welder makes good use of argon gas in small bottles and is compatible with various power-generating equipment.

Final Words

Welders are one of the most sought-after tools when it comes to metal fabrications and repairs. Thus, it is an excellent tool needed by various mechanics and manufacturers to repair various metal parts of used cars and fabricate new vehicles. 

Though there are numerous welding machines in the market from various companies, Snap-On welders stand out in the group backed by its top-performing products available at affordable prices. If you are, seeking the answer to who makes Snap-On welders, read through this article to find interesting details on the manufacturer of Snap-On welders.

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