Who Makes Eastwood Welders?

Whether it is a new fabrication or the modification of metal pieces, welding machines appears pretty important, and it comes in handy for various automobile repairs and applications. Within the industry, Eastwood emerges famous as one of the top suppliers of welding machines; hence, most persons are interested in knowing who makes Eastwood welders.

As one stand-up company with excellent support, Eastwood is known for its quality performance. Thus, the products from this brand seem to be the first choice of folks who are keen on getting a new welder or swapping their previous one.

With the various speculations about the manufacturer of the products from this brand, it would help to read through this piece since it holds interesting details about the makers of Eastwood welders.

Who Makes Eastwood Welders

Eastwood welders are products manufactured by the Eastwood Company, a firm that appears famous for supplying different automotive restoration products. Founded in 1978, this company has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, US. 

The founder of this company, Curt Strohacker, started with buffing wheels and moved further to the supply of excellent metal-finishing tools. Some of the notable successes of Eastwood Company is the endorsement from Mercedes and BMW on the firm’s car wash brush, and the company’s ads emerged in over 50 publications between 1984 and 1985.

With the rapid growth of this company, it would interest you to know that Eastwood Company possesses more than 5,000 products ranging from metal fabrications, rust preventatives, powder coating, paints, and welding tools.

There are various retail locations within the United States, such as Chicago, IL, Reno, NV, Edison, NJ, Pottstown, PA, and Parma, OH. Nevertheless, various reports suggest that Eastwood welders are manufactured in China even though they are designed within the US.

Common Eastwood Welders

This company has expanded and supplies a wide range of welders to folks, and you can easily find their products in the market. Nevertheless, some of the top options that you would find include:

The Eastwood MIG 17Amp Welder Plus Spoon Gun for Steel

Eastwood 175 Amp MIG Welder
Image Credit: amazon.com

It is often common for auto mechanics to cut out the metal surfaces or frames of cars and MIG welders are pretty useful for such applications and quick repairs. The MIG welders from this brand are pretty effective, and this 17 amp unit comes with a spoon gun that would work well on steel.

It comes powered with a 220V current supply, and you can also use this welder on aluminum, with its welding capacity ranging from 14 gauge to ¼-inch. Various Eastwood MIG welder reviews suggest this product to be an excellent option as it gives a seamless wire feed.

Interestingly, it further reduces the chances of slipping or slipping, and as such, all welding outcomes are of top quality.

Eastwood Versa Cut Plasma 60 Amp Nema 6-50R Plug

Image Credit: eastwood.com

When looking for a precise and clean plasma cutter, this product seems to be the right choice, as it offers top performance. This tool effectively cuts through the mild and stainless steel and even aluminum materials.

Thus, this welder from Eastwood can cut through materials as thin as 24 gauge to thicker options reaching 7/8-inch. Its price is very affordable compared to some similar products available in the market. Furthermore, the 60 amp welder comes constructed with the MOSFET inverter technology for enhanced power.

Eastwood 135 MIG Welder 12011 110VAC Tweco Style 135A Output

Eastwood 135 MIG Welder
Image Credit: eastwood.com

For skeptical people about getting good MIG welders, it would interest you to know that this option is high-performing. The fact that this welder appears pretty easy to control is quite intriguing, and as such, you can use it for mild welds and stainless steel.

The good news is that it is compatible with the #20172 spool gun, which appears very efficient. The overall operation of this welder ensures that the unit cuts through effortlessly with the standard 120V residential current.

Eastwood 200 TIG 20565 AC/DC Welder

Eastwood 200 TIG 20565
Image Credit: Amazon.com

The versatility of this welder is quite outstanding, as it is very efficient and appears suitable for a wide range of DIY projects. Whether you are working on [pieces made of aluminum or steel, you can expect this tool to join these objects with much ease.

The operation of this machine is smooth, running on various power sources through the 30-amp circuit, 110V AC, and 220V AC. Thus, it appears easy to carry this welder to any location for work. Kindly note that there are five inbuilt settings, and you can access fifteen customizable options that allow an easy setup.


Q: Are Eastwood welders of good quality?

Eastwood appears to be one reputable welding brand that has a wide range of TIG and MIG welders. The product from this brand appears pretty decent and works well for stainless and aluminum; hence, it emerges as one of the top welding brands.

The cost of these machines is fair, considering the effectiveness of the welders from the brand. So, you can look up the various welders from Eastwood and choose a suitable option that would suit your needs.

Q: Is Eastwood a good brand?

When it comes to getting good welders, one option that comes to mind is Eastwood; this brand is renowned for supplying top-quality machines that come powered by high-performing currents that work on joining both thin and thick metals.

You can find several TIG welders with fair value points and various high-quality MIG welders. The good news is that these lines of welders are very affordable and may come pretty cheap compared to some other options you may find in the market.

Q: Where are Eastwood TIG welders made?

A few speculations are surrounding the location where Eastwood welders are manufactured. Still, some reports suggest that they come made in China but are designed in the United States.

Q: Are 110v MIG welders any good?

Although not common as other options, 100V MIG welders can be pretty effective if they come constructed with top-quality materials to suit your needs. The good news is that these 100V MIG welders come in handy for basic welding applications and can effectively fix the light to medium gauge sections of metals.

In essence, it would help to conduct extensive research on the best 100V welders that you can find in the market and choose the most efficient option out of them.

Q: How thick does a 110v welder weld?

The fact that 100V welders come in handy for basic welding makes them pretty suitable for light applications. Still, you can use such tools for metals with thickness reaching 1/8-inch (steel) at 40 amp.

Thus, it may be a suitable recommendation for folks burdened with light DIY tasks or beginners that require flexible machines for welding tasks.

Final Words

The search for a top-performing welder can be pretty challenging, as there are various options available in the market, and it may be more tasking to tell which would be effective. Nevertheless, Eastwood is one renowned brand supplying folks with a wide range of welders for multiple applications.

If you are keen on knowing who makes Eastwood welders, you should know that they are products of Eastwood Company. The firm appears famous for producing and supplying various metal-finishing equipment and tools, and as such, they own some of the best welders available.

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