9 Best Commercial Battery Chargers Reviews 2024

Car batteries can lose charge due to various reasons such as age, weather, or even because of leaving the car lights on. The solution to this is having the battery charged either using a portable jump starter, a car battery charger, or charging from another vehicle’s functional battery through a jumper cable.

As a mechanic, one thing you need to have is a commercial battery charger. This will act as a lifesaver for owners who are not able to get their personal jump starters and they look for help from mechanic shops. The best commercial battery charger should be versatile enough to charge various sizes and types of vehicles.

Finding a good commercial battery charger that can work in all industries has become very difficult. The market is flooded with tons of commercial battery chargers which vary in quality and specification. This best commercial battery charger review narrows down to the top-notch chargers to meet your commercial needs.

Top 3 Commercial Battery Chargers

Clore Automotive...
Associated Equipments...
Schumacher DSR131-250...
Clore Automotive...
Associated Equipments...
Schumacher DSR131-250...
208 pounds
68.2 pounds
33 pounds
23 x 44.5 x 20 inches
26.5 x 16.5 x 13.7 inches
11.8 x 16 x 24 inches
Clore Automotive
Associated Equipment
Amazon Prime
Clore Automotive...
Clore Automotive...
208 pounds
23 x 44.5 x 20 inches
Clore Automotive
Associated Equipments...
Associated Equipments...
68.2 pounds
26.5 x 16.5 x 13.7 inches
Associated Equipment
Schumacher DSR131-250...
Schumacher DSR131-250...
33 pounds
11.8 x 16 x 24 inches
Amazon Prime

Best Commercial Battery Chargers

Commercial battery chargers are high-powered units with the ability to charge fully depleted truck and car batteries in a short time. Some of the best industrial battery chargers maintain the batteries of a whole fleet of vehicles when in repair or service. Here are our top recommendations of commercial battery chargers:

1. Associated Equipments 6002B 

If you are looking for the best heavy-duty battery charger 12/24v then Associated Equipments 6002B is the choice to go with. This charger s designed to deliver dependable results irrespective of the weather condition. It is the ideal package of power and versatility.

Associated Equipments 6002B commercial battery charger features a powerful and durable transformer. The fully insulated clamps have flexible spring clamps and provide up to 500 amps. This commercial battery charger provides you with a continuous charge of 80 amps and a cranking assist of 400 amps.

This heavy-duty commercial battery charger weighs 70 pounds. Its chrome-plated handle and 7 inches wheels make transportation quite easy. It has an analog display which helps you to track the amps and charge easily. Associated Equipments 6002B battery charger is also equipped with fans that prevent it from overheating and increase its useful life.

Associated Equipments 6002B charger has a timer that you can use to set the time of operation and avoid continuous monitoring. It also features an automatic reset for DC/AC circuit breakers and a stop/go light for safety. The battery charger is accompanied by a 10 feet long connection cable and 10 feet power cord.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It is heavy duty
  • Can charge 24V, 18V, 12V, and 6V batteries
  • Have a handle and wheels for easy transportation
  • Listed by CSA and UL
  • 725 Amp MFR boot rating
  • Made with a fan cooling mechanism
  • Safe to use in all weather conditions

2. Battery Tender 5-Bank

Battery Tender 5-bank is among the best commercial automotive battery chargers in the market today. The most outstanding feature about this battery is that it can charge 5 batteries simultaneously with a 4A peak charging current. It has switchable options allowing you to use either 6V or 12 V.

The battery automatically switches to maintenance or float voltage once the battery is charged fully. Battery Tender 5-bank commercial battery is made with safety in mind. It is equipped with complex microchip circuitry to prevent dead short sparking. In this case, the charger only provides power after the correct connection.

Another great thing about Battery Tender 5-bank is its ease of monitoring power levels. It features LED light that shows the charging status. This light also indicates when the battery voltage drops under the load. Its ISM adaptive charging will get back the full charger output power.

This multiple port battery bank is made with reverse polarity protection. You can leave it charging for 72 hours without the feat of overcharging. The package comes with an X5 fused alligator clip and X5 fused ring harness which you can use on places that are hard to reach.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Charges 5 batteries simultaneously
  • Ideal for 6V or 12 V batteries
  • Have excellent safety features
  • Easy to monitor power levels
  • Has a microchip to detect reverse polarity
  • Comes with alligator clips and a ring terminal harness

3. Associated Equipment US20

Associated Equipment US20 is the best battery charger for professionals. It is the perfect solution for a mechanic looking for a budget-friendly commercial battery charger. It is a combination of power and affordability. It is ideal for a small repair shop and DIY applications.

Associated Equipment US20 battery charger has a comfortable grip and convenient handle for easy carriage. Its steel foot keeps the charger stable. It has a continuous rating of 40 A at 12 volts and 6 volts. The battery charger also offers a 200A cranking and 330A manufacturer boost rating.

This Associated battery charger is equipped with a 90 minutes timer. It also has a fan that prevents it from overheating during the charging process. The fans increase the charger’s durability. Another thing that stands out in this charger is that you can use it in any weather condition.

Associated Equipment US20 may not be able to charge large batteries but it will take care of most of the everyday activities. It is CSA listed for Canada and the US thus you can be assured of quality.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Safe to use in any weather
  • Has a 90-minute timer
  • The handle is conveniently located
  • The foot is made with quality steel
  • CSA is listed in Canada and the US
  • It is durable

4. Clore Automotive HT1224AGM Commercial Charger

Clore Automotive HT1224AGM has stood the test of time to be among the most reliable heavy equipment battery charger. AGM batteries gave been installed to eliminate spill hazards and increase the longevity of the battery.

This TCB-HT1224 commercial battery charger provides you with optimum performance even in frigid weather conditions. It offers cold-cranking amps of 800A at 24 volts and 1400A in 12-volt batteries.

.Clore Automotive commercial battery charger has an automatic double 7 amp channel battery charging system. It comes with a 10 feet cable lead enabling it to reach starting points of all vehicles perfectly

The battery charger is specifically designed for heavy-duty implements and over-the-road transportation starting applications. It is ideal to jump-start farm implements, construction equipment, class 8 semi-trucks, and high displacement vehicles.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Has an automatic battery charging system
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications
  • Equipped with AM batteries
  • 800 amp cold cracking in 24V mode
  • 1400 amp cold cracking in 12V mode

5. Schumacher INC100 Battery Charger

Schumacher INC100 battery charger is an international fully automatic commercial power battery. This battery is designed to use on gel cell, start-stop, AGM, calcium, lead-acid, and regular automotive batteries. It maintains stable voltage when used on various loads during diagnostic work and major vehicle ECU reprogramming.

The voltage of this best car battery charger 2019 can be set between 13.0V to 14.8V. This professional-grade battery charger offers up to 100 amps of power. It has both Amps and a digital volts display.

This battery charger is controlled by a microprocessor and features both manual mode and a digital timer. Schumacher INC100 commercial battery charger features dual temperature-controlled cooling fans which contribute to long-lasting power.

The package includes an INC100 battery charger, adjustable mounting brackets, and extended reach output cables. The mounting brackets the installation process quite easily. The extended reach-out cables give the user more space during the jump-starting process.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It is powerful and durable
  • Easy to install permanently
  • Compatible with a wide variety of batteries
  • Includes an extended reach
  • Has built-in fans for cooling the charger

6. Victron Centaur Charger 

Victron Centaur is a 12V 80 amp 3 bank battery charger. It is among the best car battery charger for dead batteries. This commercial battery charger auto-ranging input covers 90-265VAC 50/60Hz input. This means that it can be basically used anywhere in the world.

Victron Centaur commercial battery charger has an internal temperature sensor. This ensures that power components are operating within specified limits. This happens by automatically reducing output currents when working under harsh environmental conditions.

This outstanding battery charger charges at a bulk rate until when the output is reduced by 70% of the amp rates. After this the 4-hour timer starts to count and once the period is over the battery charger switches to a floating rate.

The three isolated outputs on the Victron Centaur battery charger allow you to charge three different car batteries simultaneously. Each of the 3 outputs is capable of supplying the full rated current. Ensure you follow the applicable electrical codes when installing the battery since doing it the wrong way can be hazardous.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Have three isolated outputs
  • Each output supply full rated current
  • Has a 4-hour timer
  • The float rate switch prevents overcharging
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Features an internal temperature sense
  • Can charge 3 batteries simultaneously

7. DEWALT DXAEC210 Battery Charger

Most people ask which DEWALT battery charger is best. If you have wondered about this before then DEWALT DXAEC210 is the best, especially for commercial use. This 70 amp rolling car battery charger charges and maintains any WET, GEL, AGM marine, or automotive 12V batteries.

DEWALT DXAEC210 car battery charger has a fully automatic high-frequency charging that delivers 3 stages of charging. It automatically switches from fast charge to top off all the way to shut-off mode. This feature prevents the battery from overcharging even when left unattended.

Another great feature of DEWALT DXAEC210 is its battery reconditioning which extends its battery life. This 210 amp engine start offers 1512 watts which enables the vehicle to charge in seconds. The battery is equipped with reverse polarity protection for safety purposes.

This high-quality DEWALT battery charger features an LCD screen that displays the battery status and charging status. The icons on the displays are also quite easy to understand. Other outstanding features are a 120 volt AC outlet, 3.1 Amp USB outlets, and an alternator check. It is certified by ETL for safety and performance.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Charges various battery types
  • Offers a fully automatic high-frequency charging
  • Has battery reconditioning feature
  • Has LCD screen displays
  • Has an alternator check
  • It is ETL certified

8. Schumacher SC1325 Automatic Battery Charger

Another one of the Schumacher charger lines is the Schumacher SC1325. This fully automatic battery charger offers a 40 amp quick boost which helps to quickly bring dead batteries back to life. It’s 250 A engine start is ideal for RVs, marine vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and cars.

Schumacher SC1325 battery charger has a heavy-duty transformer and strong starting power. The microprocessor and multi-stage charging provide safety, added precision, and increase battery life.

This Schumacher battery charger has a reverse hook up which prevents it from operating if the clamps are reversed. Its auto voltage feature enables the commercial battery charger to automatically detect 16V batteries or 12V batteries.

The battery charger’s retractable handle and compact wheels make it easy to move and store. The clamps are color-coded for easy identification. The battery charger comes along with a flexible 12-foot output cable and a 6-foot power cord.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Offers a 250 A hump start and 40 A quick boost
  • Controlled by a microprocessor
  • Features multi-stage charging
  • Has auto voltage detection
  • Has reverse hook-up protection
  • Powerful for large engines

9. Schumacher DSR131 Battery Charger

Schumacher DSR131 is a great battery charger for 12V and 6-volt batteries. It is one of the best battery chargers for diesel trucks and SUVs. It powers a variety of batteries including deep-cycle, Gel, AGM, and standard batteries.

This Schumacher DSR131 commercial battery charger is controlled by a microprocessor. The feature enables this battery to adjust to the amperage rate automatically for optimal use. It enables the charger to power different variety of battery sizes and types safely and quickly.

Schumacher DSR131 has a multi-stage charging feature that ensures that the battery receives optimal power. It not only charges the battery but also preserves the battery. Its 50 amp burst modes rejuvenate flat batteries quickly thus saving you time.

The battery charger’s trickle charge feature helps in maintaining the battery levels by preventing it from discharging when not in use. After charging a battery fully, this charger automatically shifts from charge mode to maintenance mode thus protecting it from overcharging.

This Schumacher battery charger has a reverse hook protection feature that prevents it from damage in case you hook it up wrongly. It also has a digital display and LED indicator lights that alert you to current settings and selections. The comfortable handle and wheels make it easy to move the charger.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Charges different battery types
  • 50A boost mode recharges dead batteries fast
  • Has LED indicators and digital display
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • 12 foot and 6 gauge output cables
  • Offer to 250A for 6V and 12V batteries

What to Consider Before Buying Commercial Battery Charger

 As a mechanic, there are several key considerations to take before you buy a commercial battery charger. A commercial battery charger should be able to charge different types and sizes of batteries. Here are some features you should look for when setting for an industrial car battery charger:

heavy duty battery charger for trucks

Charging Voltage Output

Before you settle on the charge voltage settings of the battery charger, it is important to consider your commercial requirements. Lower voltage battery chargers work on small vehicles but if you will most likely deal with heavy and large vehicles you will need high a voltage battery charger. Most of the

Most of the best battery chargers have a voltage output of 12V and this will work on almost all vehicles. However, a 24V heavy equipment battery charger charges a wider variety of vehicles from golf carts to large trucks. Some other battery chargers have a 6V output and they are more ideal for standard vehicles.

Charging Current

Another Crucial thing to check is the charging current of the battery charger. You want a unit for commercial purposes thus it is advisable to consider one with a higher current. Battery chargers with higher current charge faster than those with a low current rating. Some units feature a single charge output of up to 100A.

This means that they can charge 100Ah batteries in slightly over an hour. Slower charging on the other hand is safe and it prevents damage to the batteries and overcharging. The most prudent thing is to get a battery charger that offers both slow and fast charging options.

Quality of Clamps

Clamps are what connect the battery charger to the car battery terminals. Build-up and corrosion on battery terminals make charging quite difficult. The clamps of the battery charger should be able to handle this.

Ensure the clamps of your battery charger are high quality with high tension springs. This feature helps the clamps to bite through the buildup on the terminals and offer a good connection for maximum transfer of charging current.

Charging Modes

Today there are many types of batteries which include lithium, maintenance-free, marine, AGM, and deep-cycle among others. These batteries differ in their internal chemistries and have other fundamental differences which mean that they need specific charging modes.

This is something you need to consider when buying a battery charger for commercial purposes. Consider a battery charger featuring multiple charging modes to comfortably cater to the various batteries in commercial applications.

High Build Quality

If you want a unit that will last then it has to be made from high-quality materials. We all know that in a workshop environment, knocks and bumps are inevitable. There I also probable exposure to corrosive liquids and grease and it should be able to withstand this. A good commercial battery charger is made of a tough outer casing that withstands even the most unfriendly environments.

In-Built Battery Testing

At times the battery does not need to be charged but rather requires replacements. It would be advisable to buy a battery charger with the ability to test if the battery is fully damaged and needs replacing. Having this in the charger will save you money from buying a full-fledged battery tester.


Most heavy-duty battery chargers tend to be quite heavy. In most commercial applications, you might be required to move the unit from one place to another. Some of the best commercial car battery chargers have wheels and a comfortable handle to make movement around the workshop easy.

Safety Features

You cannot afford to overlook the safety features of a battery charger. This unit has high output currents and it should have features preventing the damage to itself, the batteries, and the people handling it. The most important features include overcharge and overheat protection, short circuit, and reverse polarity.

Jump-Starting Assistance

This feature diversifies the work of the unit. Some of the units with this feature allow you to jump-start your vehicle directly from the battery charger. This is an important feature, especially when looking for the reasons for a dead battery before you start charging it.


Do Deep Cycle Batteries Need Special Chargers?

Deep cycle batteries should be charged with some special charger types which keep them healthy. Using a traditional battery charger on this type of battery does not give you the best results.

This is due to the reason that whenever a battery is charging, excess heat is produced. Deep cycle batteries are not made to handle extra heat or rapid charging and thus they will not reach their full capacity.

Can You Overcharge a Deep Cycle Battery?

Overcharging a deep-cycle battery leads to overheating. The thermal runaway reduces the battery life and also causes grid corrosion. The excessive heat produced from overcharging causes the cells to clasp thus shedding their active material. A deep cycle battery will fully charge in approximately 2 hours when using a 15 amps charger and around 6 hours using a 5 amps charger.

How Long Do You Charge a Deep Cycle Battery?

The length of time you use to charge a deep cycle battery will depend on its size and also the type of charger you are using. Assuming you are charging a normal deep cycle battery with a standard charger, then it would take 12 to 16 hours.

What Is the Best Heavy Duty Battery Charger?

The best heavy-duty battery charger will depend on your needs. If of cause need to have a high voltage output to enable it to charge large size batteries. These batteries are mostly used in a workshop and thus they need to have a high-quality build to withstand the harsh environment.

Another feature is high charging outputs to enable it to charge heavy-duty batteries in less time. Most of the battery chargers discussed above can work in this situation but Associated Equipments 6002B works perfectly on heavy-duty applications.

Who Makes the Best 12v Battery Charger?

There are several 12v battery chargers and you may wonder which brand is the best. The first thing you need to know is that different battery charger brands come with different features ideal for various applications.

The choice you make should depend on if it is within your budget and if the features meet your needs. Some of the most outstanding brands for 12v battery chargers are Associated, Renogy, Battery Tender DEWALT, and Schumacher.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a 12 Volt Car Battery?

The amount of time you will take to charge a 12-volt car battery will depend on the amp rate. When using a 10 amp battery charger, it will take around 4.5 hours. When using a 15 amp charger, it will take approximately 3.6 hours. If the battery charger has more charging output, it will take a shorter time.

Final words:

With the best commercial battery chargers discussed above, you can never go wrong. Since the battery is for commercial use, you should buy one that will cover a wide range of batteries as possible. In this case, the battery should have a high voltage output and high charging output.

On top of this, a good commercial battery should be built with strong and high-quality materials that will make it last longer even when used in harsh environments. The most important thing is to understand the needs of your industry and get the right match for those applications.


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