Does Les Schwab Do Oil Changes? – Other Services It Offers

We all know that engine oil lubricates the reciprocating engine parts to curb accelerated wear and keep the engine running smoothly. But most of us do not know that engine oil helps cool the engine. Motor oil is likened to human blood. Without it, the entire engine parts will be a complete disaster.

So, it is essential to change the engine oil at recommended intervals for optimal engine performance. Where to get a professional motor oil change should be a concern. If you’re a Les Schwab customer, you may wonder, does Les Schwab do oil changes?

If you have been asking other questions like does Les Schwab do transmission flushes, does Les Schwab change spark plugs, etcetera, and you’ll find the answer in this article. But first, let’s see if they do oil changes.

what services does les schwab offer

Does les schwab do oil changes?

Les Schwab specializes in tires and wheels. However, Over 100 Les Schwab stores offer oil changes and other services. So, it is important to contact a nearby Les Schwab and confirm if they do oil change services before taking your vehicle for an oil change. Or better still, search for “Les Schwab oil change near me.”

Most Les Schwab stores offer two oil change packages – full service and express service oil changes.

The express service package includes

  • Oil and oil filter replacement
  • Tire condition and pressure check
  • Pre-trip safety check.

On the other hand, the full-service oil change packages include

  • Oil and filter replacement
  • Brake inspection
  • Shocks and strut checks
  • Cabin and air filter inspection
  • Tire rotation
  • Wiper fluid checks
  • Wiper blade checks
  • Light bulbs checks
  • Front suspension components inspection
  • Greasing front-end components

The customer can choose semi-synthetic oil or full synthetic oil during the oil change. However, the oil change prices vary based on each package, the oil type, and how many quarts needed. In any case, if you’re asking, how much does Les Schwab charge for oil change? Les Schwab oil change cost can be as little as $69.99 to $189.99.

For instance, the price of an express package with semi-synthetic oil differs from the express package with full synthetic oil. But what services does Les Schwab offers aside from oil change?

What services does Les Schwab offer?

While Les Schwab specializes in tires and wheels, most stores offer additional auto services to enhance customers’ experience. Here are the available services you’ll find at Les Schwab stores.

Tire services and repairs

Les Schwabs keeps your tires rolling the right way. They ensure this by offering several tire services like wheel rotation, wheel balancing, tire inspections and repairs, TPMS services, and seasonal changeovers.

Wheel alignments

Wheel alignment is adjusting the front wheel angles to keep the tires straight and to offer comfortable and smooth handling. This requires costly machines and certified technicians to operate it. This is why Costco, Discount tires, Walmart, and America’s tires do not offer alignment services.

However, since Les Schwab specializes in all tire-related services, they offer no hassle wheel alignment checks with proven precision technology to ensure your safety on the road.


Brakes are one of the car safety systems you shouldn’t toy with. Your brakes should be in good working condition at all times. If you hear a squealing noise, grinding noise, or vibration from the brakes, visit any Les Schwab store for a free visual brake inspection. This is one of the common Les Schwab free services.

Les Schwab has certified technicians you can count on. Plus, they offer free brake checks and inspections, full brake services, brake fluid exchange, brake replacement, and free estimates.

Battery services

Les Schwab keeps you in charge at all times. They sell batteries for what you drive. Whether you need a battery for your SUV, car, light truck, marine, RV, motorcycle, or agricultural equipment, Les Schwab fits into all these categories. Les Schwab offers the best warranty in the industry. They also offer free battery checks, free charging, and battery installation at their stores.

Steering Repair

Les Schwab expert technicians perform steering repairs on any steering system. Visit Les Schwab if you hear a grinding or squealing noise from the power steering pump or if the pump is stiff.

Shocks and struts

Les Schwab helps you maintain contact with the road. They have trained technicians that modify suspensions and replace old shocks and struts. They sell quality shocks and struts, offer free shocks and suspension system inspection, swap out old shocks and struts, give your car a more rugged, customized, and personalized look with added ground clearance, and the best hauling or towing accessories.

Visit Les Schwab if you need the best lifting & leveling or lowering options.

Oil changes

At this point, you’ll no longer ask, does Les Schwab change oil? The oil change is one of the auto services you’ll find at Les Schwab stores. They have trained technicians that can change motor oil on any car model.

Other services

Despite specializing in tires and wheels, Les Schwab offers many other services that keep their shops busy with customers. Other services they offer include:

  • Retreading
  • Farm tire services
  • Fleet tire services
  • Powder coating
  • Commercial Financing
  • Free services
  • Services for your safety
  • Seasonal changeovers
  • Chain tires
  • Wiper blade
  • Light bulb inspection and replacement
  • Cabin and air filter inspections.

So, if you were asking, does Les Schwab replace headlights, you now know the answer.

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Q: What is the best month to buy tires from Les Schwab?

Les Schwab believes there’s no best month or a specific period of the year to buy tires from them because tires do not wear at a certain period of the year. Therefore, the best time to buy tires from Les Schwab or any vendor is when you need new tires.

If you decide to purchase your next tires from Les Schwab, the car tire experts will show you the different types available and help you make a buying decision. As a result, you’ll get the best tire to stay safe on the road at a reasonable price.

Q: Does Les Schwab Do windshield wipers?

Clear visuals are as important as the braking system. If your wiper blades are not working properly, you have to replace them on time. Fortunately, Les Schwab offers free wiper inspection to help you properly clear rain, ice, and snow.

You can drive to a nearby Les Schwab store to replace your wipers when they go bad. Their full-service oil change includes wiper blade and fluid changes at no extra cost.

Q: Does Les Schwab fix power steering?

Les Schwab has trained technicians who repair several mechanical issues like shock and strut replacement, steering repair, brakes, and suspension components. If you suspect your steering is wearing out, visit a nearby Les Schwab store for an inspection. After the inspection, the service technician will recommend what to do or proffer a solution to the problem.

Q: Does Les Schwab do transmission flushes?

Les Schwab does not do engine and transmission work. Instead, they focus on tires, wheels, suspensions, and steering systems. You can visit their shops for a free tire inspection and inquire about their available services. This will help you know when to visit them or contact your local auto mechanic.

Q: Does Les Schwab have a senior discount?

Les Schwab gives a 10% senior discount on any services. However, it’s important to note that the senior discount is not companywide. This means not all Les Schwab stores offer senior discounts to military personnel.

Q: Are tires cheaper at Costco or Les Schwab?

When it comes to tire pricing, Costco beats its competitor hands down. On the other hand, Les Schwab seems to offer the highest price when compared with its competitors. However, when comparing Costco, Les Schwab, and other competitors, note that online sellers like Amazon do not include installation. Costco and Les Schwab include installation, lifetime balancing, rotation, and air pressure checks.

Final Words

Does Les Schwab do oil changes? We’ve explained that Les Schwab offers oil change services. However, it is not companywide, meaning not all Les Schwab store offers oil change. In any case, over 100 Les Schwab stores do oil changes. So, it’s important to visit the nearest Les Schwab store and see if they offer an oil change. Or better still, check their website to see stores that offer oil change services.

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