What are the Best Air Filter Brands for Cars in 2024

The car’s engine is a crucial component that needs to be in good shape for the smooth running of the vehicle. Nevertheless, you can find the engine’s performance deteriorating as dust and dirt start accumulating on the engine parts.

Installing air filters is one defensive mechanism of preventing dust, dirt, and other debris from entering the vehicle’s engine. Just as oil filters act as the vehicle’s kidneys, the air filters act as the lungs, allowing clean air to pass through the engine.

Thus, it would help to look through the best air filter brands and choose compatible options to replace your car’s old air filters. You can find some of the brands mentioned below supplying top-quality aftermarket air filters that would boost your car’s performance.

best air filter brands for cars

Top 10 Best Air Filter Brand For Cars

By now, you should know that dirt and dust inside the engine can wreak havoc, causing severe engine problems. Hence, the need for high-performance air filters would serve as the vehicle’s defensive mechanism of getting rid of various particles and allowing only clean air to reach the engine.

The filtration industry consists of various brands that supply consumers with air filters for automotive engines. Nevertheless, the following are some of the best air filter brands available in the market.

Fram Air Filters

The air filters available in the market come at varying prices; nevertheless, Fram is one brand that supplies one of the most affordable options that you can find. The good news is that these products come constructed with quality materials that make them durable.

These air filters have a paper media, with layers enclosed within a steel mesh. Car owners can rest assured that such filters would entrap particles, preventing them from reaching the engine. For folks who avoid using reusable air filters, this brand provides some of the best products that you can find.

You can easily spot Fram engine air filters with the orange-colored housing and white ‘mesh .’ Such a unique color blend appears famous within the industry. These products are supplies from Trico Group, manufactured by Honeywell (AlliedSignal, Inc.).

Since 2006, Honeywell has actively manufactured quality filters and other filter solutions for the Fram brand in the United States. Car owners can get an air filter from the brand for as low as $6.35. 

However, you should know that the price varies based on the air filter brand. Kindly look through the many options available and pick a Fram filter that would work for your engine. You can also speak to the experts at the auto store to get one compatible with your engine model.

Mann Air Filter

mann air filter
Image credit: Mann air filter

For most drivers, Mann air filters are one of the options that you would want to try, as this brand is renowned for supplying consumers with top-quality filtration solutions. Car engines need premium quality filters for them to perform optimally and last longer. 

Thus, using this air filter, all vital ignition and combustion elements can work at their best. Mann takes note of the vehicle’s engine in mind and ensures that you get the best product for your money. 

With this brand’s wide range of products, you can get a compatible option that would work well with different vehicle models. Some likable features of the filters from this brand are the good flow of air, high filtering efficiency, and reduced intake noise. 

Furthermore, Mann air filters are pretty affordable, and even though they appear a bit expensive compared to conventional options, they hold great value. Folks can now get Mann air filters for as low as $16 from various automotive stores.

However, the air filter you buy would depend on your type of car; thus, it would be of great assistance to choose only a compatible option. Mann air filters are products of the German company Mann + Hummel. 

This firm is specialized in the production of automotive filters since 1941. Founded by Adolf Mann and Erich Hummel in Ludwigsburg, this group now has over 60 subsidiaries. There are over 16,000 varying products from this manufacturing firm, and all come constructed with quality materials.

K&N Air Filters

K&N Air Filters

The air filters from this product line comes designed to support increasing acceleration and horsepower. Kindly note that these filters ensure exceptional filtration of air before it gets to the engine.

Thus, it appears to be the best option for those seeking a suitable car air filter ‘replacement’ option. The simple design of these air filters has nothing to do with their outstanding performance.

Most of the filters from this brand come with a 10-year warranty, and they can withstand drives across 50,000 miles. But, you should expect this to vary based on your driving condition. The 6-layered cotton gauze of these filters appears between two sheets of epoxy-coated wire mesh.

Since cotton lets in more air naturally than paper, you should expect airflow with these filters to be high. For an overall improvement in the performance of the filters from K&N, you would often find them oiled and pleated. 

With a K&N air filter in use, there would be enhanced engine performance, improved throttle response, and increased gas mileage. Since some folks prefer reusable air filters, K&N decided to provide various reusable options that would work effectively for a wide range of cars.

K&N engine air filters are not overly expensive, with prices starting from $39.99. The air filters from this brand are manufactured and designed in California, US. Nevertheless, these products are available around the world.

Purolator Auto Air Filters

Purolator Engine Auto Air Filters
Image Credit: amazon.com

One of the longest existing brands in the industry is Purolator, and this brand has been providing various effective filtration solutions, including that of fuel and oil. The Purolator air filters are one of the recommendable options available for car owners.

This line of engine air filters prevents any buildup of dust or dirt on the engine that may cause any possible damages. The construction of these filters comes with highly embossed or full-synthetic media.

This feature equips the engine air filters to block 99% soot, debris, and dirt. Purolator constructs these filters with steel grid backings, high-temperature glue beads (from polyamide), or ridge supports for added strength and stability.

Hence, you may not need to think twice since the brand holds a wide range of quality air filters that comes at an affordable price. The price range of the engine air filters this brand supplies consumers starts from $11.99.

Mann+Hummel manufactures these engine air filters for the brand and has been manufacturing top-quality products for Purolator.

ACDelco Air Filters

ACDelco Air Filters

ACDelco is the OEM of General Motors vehicle equipment parts, and as such, they have great experience in providing quality and innovative engine air filters. These premium aftermarket filters protect the engines of both cars manufactured by GM and those of other manufacturers.

With the quality of these filters, the engine’s life is enhanced, and you can enjoy the extended performance. Since the engine air filter from ACDelco supports exceptional airflow, the engine would keep receiving clean and unrestricted airflow.

You would always find these filters meeting up with expectations for functions and fits. Another excellent thing that most folks like about ACDelco air filters is that they appear pretty easy to install.

Although these air filters are made in China, they are available across various parts of the world. Still, these4 filters are quite affordable, as you can get one for $16.43. The durability of ACDelco engine air filters further ensures that you save cost, unlike some other conventional products.

AEM Air Filters

aem air filters

The Dryflow air filters from AEM are an excellent option that saves folks the stress of oiling the filters over and over again. Interestingly, these products work well like some wet options available in the market, thanks to the maximum protection it provides for the engine.

AEM Air filters prevent dirt and other particles from accumulating on the car’s engine as a primary function. They are durable and long-lasting, as they can last for over 100,000 miles drive. Thus, it would last till the next scheduled auto maintenance.

With its construction specifically designed for high performance, you can enjoy increased speed and power from the engine while driving. The synthetic carbon fiber increases the engine’s efficiency, and the media of these filters are washable; hence, they are reusable.

Using filters for this brand to replace old or worn-out air filters would further improve fuel efficiency and ensure reduced emissions since there would be better combustion within the engine. AEM air filters are available for $30.59, and you can get one from an auto store.

Airaid Car Air Filters

Airaid Car Air Filters

This brand of aftermarket air filters offers top-performance solutions that ensure the engine remains protected and free from dust and dirt. The outer stainless steel mesh serves as a strengthened barrier and offers increased durability.

These air filters possess 99.6% efficiency concerning their filtration capacity. You can expect an Airaid filter to resist shrinkage and cracking thanks to the urethane body employed for its construction.

Airaid makes use of a multi-stage filtration technology that meets with various Original Equipment factory specifications. Since these air filters are affordable, you can get more value for your money; kindly note that they are available from as low as $19.42.

Wix Air Filters

Wix Air Filters
Image Credit: Wix Air Filters

When it comes to producing affordable and solid air filters, Wix is a brand that comes to mind. Wix air filters are awesome options within the industry that ensures the supply of clean air is possible without restricting the engine’s airflow.

As recommendable, it is best to replace air filters regularly to ensure the smooth running of the engine. Nevertheless, Wix offers long-lasting air filters and can duly serve their purpose for a long while.

Most car owners like that Wix engine air filters come with easy installation features, and the soft sealing gasket makes the task much easier. As hinted above, the air filters from Wix are affordable and fall within a price range starting from $12.35.

Being a product of one of the giants in the filtration industry, Mann+Hummel, you can expect these air filters to come constructed with only the best materials. The manufacturing locations for Wix air filters include North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Still, the distribution of these products is across the world.

Bosch Air Filters

Bosch Air Filters
Image Credit: Bosch Air Filters

The products supplied by this German firm appear awesome, and they offer excellent engine air filtration solutions. The engine air filters from Bosch appear at the top, superior to a few other brands in the market.

The good news is that this brand employs quality materials for constructing reliable and high-quality air filters. Again, these environmentally friendly products further ensure that the engine receives an unrestricted flow of clean air. 

Based on a few customer reviews, these air filters hold high ratings. With 98% efficiency, you can rest assured that your engine would be free from possible dust interference. Again, Bosch air filters are quite affordable and are available from $8.

It would interest you to know that Champions Laboratory, Inc., is the manufacturer of Bosch filters. Champions Lab is a popular name, producing quality filtration equipment for private labels like Bosch. 

Filtron Engine Air Filters

Filtron emerges as one of the most famous providers of filtration solutions, including air, fuel, and oil filters. This brand holds an extensive number of engine air filters that do a great job in improving the engine’s performance.

There are options with non-woven synthetic fabric and even some others made of cellulose blotting paper. Still, these filters function optimally and last for a long time.

This American-Polish firm ensures that it uses reliable materials for constructing these products; hence, they offer high throughput. As a more affordable option, unlike a few options out there.

These products are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Audi. Being products of Mann+Hummel, you should expect the air filters from this brand to have optimal performance.

performance air filter


Q: Does it matter what brand of the air filter?

The brand of the air filter may not necessarily matter since the goal is to get a good filter that would prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the engine. Nevertheless, a few brands within the industry have been tested and trusted to supply only top-quality products.

In essence, it would be best to look for air filters that would work effectively for your vehicle. If you appear clueless on the one to choose, you can check various customer reviews and seek the assistance of auto experts to ensure you make a more natural choice. 

Q: Do expensive air filters work?

The cost may not matter when choosing air filters, but this can help you differentiate between top-quality and poor-quality air filters. It is often known that very cheap products are likely to make use of poor materials.

However, it would help if you went for products with a fair price that offers great value for the money, ensuring that they prevent the passage of dirt into the engine.

Q: Do air filters make a difference?

The importance of air filters is huge, as the engine remains one of the most expensive car parts. Dust and other particle buildups can damage the engine, leading to reduced performance to complete replacement.

Since air filters can remove the dirt from the air that goes to the engine, they can help improve the engine’s lifespan. In essence, this car component matters, and it would help if you replace worn-out air filters.

Q: What type of filter is best for HVAC?

One of the most common filtration options employed in HVAC units is the Fiberglass filter. You would like this option since it appears inexpensive and pretty effective. This air filter comes constructed with fine fiberglass strands, having microscopic spores.

However, most folks prefer Merv filters for home use, as they are one of the best air filters for home HVAC, as recommended by ASHRAE.

Q: Is a 2-inch filter better than a 1 inch?

The varying thickness of air filters provides different results; some are 2-inch thick and others 2-inch thick. It is noticeable that thicker versions of air filter works better, accompanied by longer replacement intervals.

Thus, you can find 2-inch filters possessing double the surface area as 1-inch filters. In essence, the 2-inch filter would allow better airflow and further lets in cleaner air.

Final Words

One of the most expensive car repairs is replacing a car’s engine, and as such, it is crucial to keep your vehicle’s engine from factors that may cause damages. The buildup of dust, dirt and other particles could reduce engine performance or even complete damage.

Hence, the need for effective air filters would eradicate dust and dirt and let in only clean air to the engine. There are various aftermarket air filters that would work well for your car’s engine. Nevertheless, it would help if you read through this piece on the best air filter brands.

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