Top 10 EV Battery Recycling Companies You Should Know

The automotive industry will present mouth statistics on electric vehicle batteries, as almost all the top manufacturers keep supplying car enthusiasts with fantastic EV cars. That scenario speaks volumes for the telling need for recycling EV batteries. Nevertheless, there is a growing concern amongst most folks on the recycling and reuse of such batteries. Hence, they need to know some renowned EV battery recycling companies.

Lithium-ion battery remains the commonest rechargeable option utilized by most automakers of EVs, and just like other batteries, holds heavy metals. Thus, improper disposal of EV batteries can contaminate the environment and cause serious hazards.

Not to worry, some vendors and companies recycle all components of these batteries; they can take up your old EV batteries and handle them appropriately. So, I will be revealing some of the top EV battery recycling companies and fascinating details about them.

Top 10 EV Battery Recycling Companies 

The rapid sales of EVs worldwide are tremendous, and various EV battery manufacturers keep the supply on. However, it is not enough to supply, as there is a need to create excellent recycling provisions for old EV batteries.

Within the US, the disposal of batteries in the trash is highly prohibited, and most EV car owners need companies that would handle their weak EV batteries. With that in mind, here are a few leading EV battery recycling companies you should know.

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LI-CYCLE CORP. has one of the lithium-ion battery recycling companies’ stock that appears huge. This company, founded in 2016 by Ajay Kochhar and his counterpart, Tim Johnston, recognizes the need for creating sustainable and efficient recovery processes from battery materials from lithium-ion batteries. 

As one of the publicly traded lithium battery recycling companies, the growth of this firm is tremendous. Kindly note that LI-CYCLE CORP. established a facility in Canada in 2017 that has the capacity to recycle up to 50 tons each year. 

With proven technologies, you can depend on this company to recycle your old EV batteries.

02. ACCUREC Recycling GmbH

ACCUREC Recycling GmbH, American Manganese Inc., is a famous enterprise known for recycling diverse batteries, including lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. Thus, this firm is one of the leading options for recycling EV batteries. 

Founded by Reiner Sojka in 1996, this company began recycling batteries and inaugurated their first facility in Mülheim, which handles the recycling of nickel-cadmium batteries. But in 2015, the establishment kicked off the construction of a new facility to handle the recycling of lithium batteries in North-Rhine-Westphalia.

So, when the battery in your electric vehicle reaches its “end of life,” you can rely on this agency to help recycle and optimize the constituents in the battery and recycle it.

Look, this company operates on transparent processes and holds high efficiency. ACCUREC Recycling GmbH complies with regulations and emerges certified for comprehensive battery recycling. 

03. Battery Solutions 

One top EV battery recycling companies in North America is Battery Solutions, as this firm offers sustainable management and solutions for batteries end-of-life. With more than 25 years of experience, this company holds a proven and transparent process within the industry.

The same goes for adding to the circular economy model, and this establishment considers the quality of life while pursuing economic prosperity. Rest assured that Battery Solutions recirculates the reclaimed EV battery materials back to the manufacturing and marketing space.

So, there is lessening strain imposed on the earth, and you can further contribute to making the environment friendly. Since this company adheres to stringent environmental standards and legal compliance, they are the best match to help recycle old EV batteries.

04. G & P Service 

G & P Service Contractors Inc. is one of the prime waste battery specialists within the UK. You should know that this firm offers wide recycling of various batteries and holds excellent reuse solutions for EV batteries.

The company began in 1965 as an expert in providing commercial and household electrical refrigerators, refrigeration equipment, and air-conditioning components. This firm will do a great job if you seek prompt, cost-effective, reliable, and compliant recycling of your EV batteries.

Their effectiveness in handling battery chemistries such as lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride, zinc-carbon, silver oxide, nickel-cadmium, and even lithium-ion is tremendous. The good news is that G & P further offers expert advice on all aspects of transporting, handling, storing, and proper recycling of these batteries.

05. Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials, Inc. is one of the famous battery recycling companies in the USA, founded in 2017. This firm emerged as a brainwork of J.B. Straubel, who served as Telsa’s chief technical officer.

Redwood Materials has its headquarters in Carson City, Nevada, and aims to recycle lithium-ion batteries effectively. Please note that this company also handles the production of battery materials for electrical storage and electro-mobility.

This establishment plans with the trends within the car industry and creates effective solutions for recycling EV batteries. Reports further reveal that Ford, a renowned auto manufacturer signed a deal with this company to recycle EV batteries sometime this year (2021).

06. Retriev Technologies

This company is eminent for manufacturing electrical equipment and proffer various solutions of consumer, electric, and industrial batteries, alongside batteries for hybrid vehicles. Simply put, the company’s recycling technology covers Lead Acid, Alkaline, NiCad & NiMH, Primary Lithium, and Lithium-ion.

For over 25 years, this establishment has built a reputation and emerged as one of the best diverse battery recycling companies.

As a North American battery recycling industry pioneer, Retriev Technology serves consumers in the United States and Canada. You can rely on their unwavering commitment to recycling management and solutions to handle your old EV batteries appropriately.

07. SNAM S.A.S.

SNAM is one of the top companies profiled within the recycling market of EV batteries, with numerous activities in mitigating the environmental impacts of heavy metals and CO2 emissions. The French enterprise focuses on recycling Nickel-Metal-Hydride, Nickel-Cadmium, and Lithium-ion.

Thus, their services can help handle old EV batteries and save car owners the stress of seeking means of disposing of such. In 1977, SNAM emerged in Lyon and established its St-Quentin-Fallavier facility in 1981, which became authorized to handle 800 tons of cadmium waste.

The first treatment of lithium-ion wastes kicked off in 2000. It would interest you to know that this company follows the ISO 14001 standard while setting its environmental management system.

08. Recupyl

The France-based firm is a global recycling company established in 1993 for the commercialization of Dr. Farouk Tedjar’s works. Nevertheless, Recupyl has grown to hold an intriguing portfolio within the battery recycling industry.

Please note that this company develops a patented hydrometallurgical process that deals with treating a wide selection of lithium batteries. The steps used by this establishment often involve the dissolution and extraction, purification, and transformation of the metals.

Over the past few years, Recupyl has actively inaugurated several battery recycling facilities, which exceed high regulatory requirements. Thus, you can find these recycling plants in France, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

09. Umicore

This group handles the recycling of global technology materials and works hard to reduce harmful emissions into the environment. The multinational company emerged in 1989 and has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Since its formation by a merger of four companies within the smelting and mining industries, it has restructured into a renowned technology-focused business. As such, the firm controls the recycling and refining of valuable metals.

Unsurprisingly, Umicore holds many recycling plants across Germany and the US, which take charge of rechargeable batteries for hybrid electric vehicles and mobile phones and laptops.


SITRASA is another renowned company that handles the treatment and recycling of various batteries, including EV batteries. Since the inception of this company in 2003, its technically experienced founders have kept offering efficiency in the industrial waste market.

With a great commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, SITRASA adheres to strict compliance with safety and quality environmental legislation. Thus, the firm does a great job in the recycling and reusing of metals from EV batteries.

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Are there any publicly traded battery recycling companies?

There are publicly traded companies that handle battery recycling, and a good example is Li-Cycle. This firm currently turned up as a publicly-traded company following its merger with SPAC. Hence, it is listed among the New York Stock Exchange. This leap is sure to create tremendous growth in the global market.

What company recycles Tesla batteries?

Redwood Materials Inc., a renowned battery recycling company founded by the former Tesla exec, is speculated to recycle Tesla batteries. Reports show that this company recycles batteries from Amazon and Panasonic, and the latter is the one that makes Tesla batteries.

The firm now operates two manufacturing facilities within Nevada, with a scaled capacity of handling about 20,000 tons of batteries each year.

What percentage of EV batteries are recycled?

Although the percentage of batteries recycled varies, companies in recent times often find recycling more than 95% of these batteries deposited by consumers. Furthermore, the renowned EV automaker Tesla reveals that none of their scrapped lithium-ion batteries goes to landfills, as they are 100% recycled.

Is Lithium Battery Recycling profitable?

The economic viability of recycling lithium-ion batteries is pretty significant. However, the processes involved may seem challenging due to their structure and battery cell components. Generally, the profits from this business would depend on varying factors such as transportation, recycling methods, and more.

Who is the largest lithium battery recycler?

The leading companies that handle the recycling of lithium-ion batteries include Umicore, Retriev, and Accurec Recycling GmbH. These key players mentioned above have adopted acquisitions, partnerships, new technologies, and collaborations that enhance their positions within the market. 

Nevertheless, Retriev remains the largest lithium-ion battery recycling firm in North America now, and the company continues to expand its roles as a solution provider. 

How much of a Tesla battery is recyclable?

The renowned automaker Tesla reveals that the batteries that their electric vehicles use are fully recyclable. In essence, none of their lithium-ion battery material goes to landfills, thanks to their distinctive battery recycling solution. As such, these EV batteries are completely recyclable and recoverable.

Can you make money recycling batteries?

Folks out there can make a fortune from recycling batteries, as the materials from these batteries can be restructured and sent into the market as new ones. You can engage in such a business and start collecting and selling old batteries to top companies that can use efficient recycling technologies and reuse them.

Final Words

By now, you are well aware that the wave of EV car adoption is quite tremendous, as most people are moving towards reducing harmful emissions in the air when driving. And EV cars run on rechargeable batteries that release fewer emissions. Nevertheless, EV batteries are changed after a while when it reaches their end of life.

Inappropriate disposal of batteries poses severe threats to the environment, and it is the same with EV batteries. Therefore, you should know leading EV battery recycling companies that can help recycle your scrap EV batteries. That is where this article serves its purpose.


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