How To Date Craftsman Tool Box?

Craftsman manufactures some of the strongest, most durable, and most efficient automotive and industrial tools. Take a moment to discover how to date the Craftsman toolbox to know the production year of your Craftsman silver toolbox.

The Craftsman brand has been relevant in the automotive and industrial equipment market for over ninety (90) years. Since the Craftsman brand was taken over from Sears Holdings Corp. by Stanley Black & Decker, manufacturing shifted to Taiwan in China.

However, the company’s migration has not really affected the quality of their products, irrespective of some modifications towards reducing cost. Let’s see how you can tell the production date of your Craftsman toolbox.

How to Date Craftsman Tool Box

Understanding how to identify the production date of a Craftsman toolbox is as easy as ABC if you know the exact location to check and how to define the characters of the model and serial number.

If you own a Vintage Craftsman toolbox, the following procedure will help you easily unveil the manufacturing date of your Craftsman toolbox. Kindly pay attention to the brief explanation of the process below:

craftsman tool box identification

Locate the toolbox’s serial number

You can find the Craftsman toolbox identification or serial number on the Product Identification Label. It features a set of alphabets and figures up to 11 characters. It usually includes the initials – CM.

Locate the first six figures (numbers) of the serial number.

Once you identify the serial number, check for the first six-digit numbers on the 11-character serial number.

Identify the month of production.

The first two digits among the initial six numbers signify the month of manufacture. It can be from 01 to 12.

Identify the day of production.

The second two-digit numbers among the six digits of the 11-character serial number connote the production day. It can be from 01 to 31.

Identify the production year.

Last, the third two figures (numbers) of the six-digit numbers of the serial number signify the production year.

how to date craftsman tool box


Where is the model number on a Craftsman toolbox?

Locating the model number on a Craftsman toolbox is pretty straightforward. You can find the 11-character (including alphabets and numbers) model number on a Craftsman toolbox on the left side of the toolbox’s Product Identification Label.

The Craftsman toolbox’s model number usually starts with two letters – CM. Then, the other characters follow, up to 11 characters. If you own a mini Craftsman toolbox, ensure to look inside the bottom drawer to find these characters.

When a tool chest, you can find the model number on a tag behind the cabinet. All you need to do is look through the cabinet’s back.

Who made the old Craftsman toolboxes?

The history of Craftsman toolboxes reveals that Emerson Electric Company manufactured the old Craftsman toolboxes.

The old Craftsman’s toolboxes feature the model prefix – 113. Before the 113 model prefix, King-Seeley manufactured the toolboxes under the model prefix – 103.

Around the 1960s, Emerson Electric Company bought King-Seeley. Over time, different companies have been in charge of the production of Craftsman tools under contract. Once, Sears was also responsible for selling those Craftsman tools.

Since the establishment of the Craftsman brand, the tools have ranked top among others within the industrial equipment market. The 1970s Craftsman toolbox was a high-quality and durable toolbox. 

What year is my Craftsman mower?

Craftsman mowers feature a formula that helps reveal the products’ manufacturing date through the serial number. Once you can identify your mower’s serial number, you can easily discern its production year.

To identify the production year of your Craftsman mower, locate the model and serial number on the frame beneath the seat. The serial number’s first six-digit numbers reveal the month, day, and year of manufacture, respectively.

You can also find the mower’s manufacturing date, including the year, from the manufacturer’s manual. You may have to check it out on the manual if you can’t understand it through the serial number on the toolbox.

How do you read a Craftsman model number?

Understanding how to read the Craftsman model number is quite easy if you follow the procedure below.

  • Identify the mower’s serial number on the frame beneath the seat.
  • Locate the first six figures (numbers) of the serial number.
  • The first two figures (numbers) are the month of manufacture.
  • The second two figures (numbers) connote the production day.
  • The third two figures (numbers) reveal the production year.

Ensure first to locate the model number on the Craftsman tool on the Product Identification Label. The serial number is 11 characters (including letters and figures).

How do you tell if Craftsman tools are made in the USA?

Many third-party companies manufacture Craftsman tools through various contracts with the brand’s owners. While some manufacturers produce the tools in the United States, others engage their production in China, and so on.

The following can help you tell if Craftsman tools (particularly wrenches) are made in the United States:

  • The brand name (CRAFTSMAN) is written or engraved in bigger letters on the USA tools compared to Craftsman tools made in other countries like China.
  • The tools come with a broader handle.
  • The wrench includes wider beams.
  • The wrench also includes a plastic button and switch.

Some of the most common Craftsman tools made in the USA include screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, and pliers.

Are any Craftsman tools still made in the USA?

After the establishment of the Craftsman brand by Sears, manufacturing the tools was based on contracts with other companies. Some Craftsman tools were manufactured in the USA until production shifted to Taiwan and China.

When Stanley Black & Decker bought over the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings, they moved the manufacturing of the Craftsman tools from the United States to China to reduce cost.

However, Craftsman has also announced on their website their intention to continue the expansion of their USA manufacturing footprint through their factory in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Do Craftsman tools still have a lifetime warranty?

Sure! Some Craftsman tools still have a lifetime warranty. However, it is important to emphasize that not all Craftsman tools have a lifetime warranty. You can replace tools with a lifetime warranty from any retail store where you buy a Craftsman tool.

Some tools with a full lifetime warranty include; hammer and demolition tools, hex keys, nut drivers, finishing tools, pliers, screwdrivers, ratchet and sockets, wrenches and wrench sets, etc.

However, some Craftsman tools do not feature a full lifetime warranty; instead, they have a limited lifetime warranty.

Replacing tools with a limited lifetime warranty usually comes with some terms and conditions, such as the payment for recalibration after 90 days on some hand tools.

Final Words

You have just learned how to date the Craftsman toolbox. I’m sure that you never expected identifying your Craftsman 6500 toolbox production date to be as easy as it looked in this article.

Anything seems complicated if you do not have the proper guide to take you through the process. I’m sure you can explain the process of identifying a Craftsman toolbox’s serial number, including its production month, day, and year to anyone after now.

Recommend that to anyone around you who finds it hard to date their Craftsman toolbox read this article. Share this information with your friends and colleagues.

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