How To Put Air In Tire With Broken Valve Stem – A Step by Step Guide

Do you have a broken valve stem? Are you contemplating how to put air in tires with broken valve stem? This exercise can be both tedious and tricky if you decide to try any random approach.

With a proper step-by-step process, you can air up your car’s tire in a moment, irrespective of the challenge of a broken valve stem. This article explains all you need to do a perfect job. Ensure you study the following section carefully.

How to put air in tire with broken valve stem

Don’t let a broken valve stem steal your joy. You can fix the issue in a few minutes and refill air into your car’s tire. If your tire valve stem broke in half, ensure to follow the steps below to replace the component and pump air into the tire.

car tire valve stem wont take air

Step 1: Jack up the car and loosen the tire

To start with, get a suitable jack to lift the car, especially on the side (front or back) with the tire that has a broken valve stem. Once you jack up the car, hold it up with a jack stand. Then, use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the tire and remove the tire.

Step 2: Discharge the air in the tire

After removing the tire, go ahead to deflate it before you proceed. Removing the valve core using a valve core tool will help you deflate the tire.

Step 3: Separate the bead from the car’s rim

Once the tire is flat, get a pry bar and fix it between the bead and the tire’s lip around where the valve stem is located. Then, apply a bit of force to pry the bead away from the car’s rim. You may need to hit the pry bar with a hammer to ease the process.

Step 4: Remove the old valve stem

Now, remove the old valve stem by snipping the inner rubber lip. Then, grab the valve stem and pull it out with pliers. Ensure to prevent any tiny substance from entering the hole in the tire.

Step 5: Insert the new valve stem

After removing the old valve stem, get the new one and insert it into the hole. Then, pull it through with the pliers to enable it to sit properly. After that, get the tire up straight and lean onto it. This will enable the bead to swing over the inner rubber lip of the valve stem.

Step 6: Inflate the tire

Once you fix the new valve stem, go on and inflate the tire. Ensure to pump the pressure level to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Step 7: Fix the tire

Now, go ahead and fix the tire back in place using the wrench to tighten the lug nuts. Ensure to check whether it’s tight enough as you tighten each nut. Once you complete this process, you’re good to go. If you already have had a temporary fix for a leaking valve stem, it’s time to do it right.

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temporary fix for leaking valve stem


Q: How do you air up a tire with a broken valve stem?

If you have a tire with a broken valve stem, refilling air into the tire can be a bit cumbersome. However, you can overcome this challenge by getting a new valve core package and a valve core tool.

After that, get a powerful jack to lift the wheel and remove the old core using the valve core tool. Then, screw in the new valve core. The process can be pretty easy. Simply snug it up and you’ll be done in a moment.

Once you replace the valve core, you can go ahead to air up the tire. This process can be as cheap as $10 or less in some cases.

Q: Can a tire hold air without a valve stem?

A car tire valve won’t accept air and hold the pressure without a valve stem. The valve stem plays a crucial role in allowing air intake to the tire, as well as exit. The component also prevents moisture and dirt from accessing the inner tube.

However, the valve stem can wear out over time due to road salts and several other chemicals that come in contact with it as you drive. So, if your tires constantly lose air without a trace of any hole on the tires, you most likely have a valve stem problem.

Q: Can I drive with a broken tire valve stem?

Yes, you can drive with a broken tire valve stem. However, the faulty tire valve symptoms will start to manifest after a while. Although it is possible to drive with a broken valve stem, your tire will constantly lose air until it becomes flat.

The valve stem is designed to both help a vehicle’s tires hold air and prevent debris from entering the inner tube. Therefore, driving without this component will not only cause slow air discharge; it will also expose the tires to toxic substances that easily destroy tires over time.

So, if you’re currently driving with a broken valve stem and the car tire valve stem won’t take air, stop by the nearest parts shop and get a new replacement immediately. This will help extend your car tires’ lifespan.

Q: Can I replace a valve stem without removing the tire?

Of course, a valve stem replacement without removing the tire is possible. However, the process can be a bit tedious. Nevertheless, if you have a bad tire valve stem that needs replacement, all you need to do is deflate the vehicle’s tire and separate the bead away from the rim.

The separation is usually done on the side where the vehicle’s valve stem is located on the tire. Once you can access the valve stem directly, replacing it becomes extremely easy. However, the process may seem tricky at first.

Notwithstanding, the best option how to replace a valve stem is to take the vehicle to a tire repair shop. Most service providers have a tire machine that helps to remove and replace the tire valve stem in a few minutes.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a valve stem on a tire?

Replacing a car’s valve stem doesn’t cost a fortune, especially when you do it yourself. With as low as $5 – $10, you can replace the component. However, an auto repair shop may charge up to $30 to do the job.

So, it would be best to do it yourself. However, it will be easier for DIYers compared to a car owner who wants to try a DIY repair for the first time. In any case, if you are not sure about doing the job, kindly contact an expert auto technician.

Final Words

If you’re battling a broken valve stem and unable to retain air pressure in your vehicle’s tires, here’s a solution for you; replace the valve core and inflate the tire.

So, if you were wondering how to put air in a tire with a broken valve stem, the seven steps, outlined above, will turn the other-way tedious task into a fun activity. So, make sure you follow the guidelines carefully.

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