Husky Liners Vs. WeatherTech – Which One to go for?

Car floor mats shield the carpeting from wear, dirt, and other debris, plus they add to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. When getting floor mats, you should always go for the best quality, which you can only get from a few brands. The Husky Liners vs. WeatherTech comparison introduces you to two Top floor mat brands.  

Know which is better of the two and what makes each brand stand out. For that, you have to carry on with us as we are gonna deep down into Husky liners and WeatherTech, presenting pin-pointed comparison and in-depth analysis. Beyond doubt, this will help you end up with the selection.

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Husky Liners and WeatherTech Comparison Table

Both brands have their strengths, and the choice between Husky Liners and WeatherTech often depends on personal preferences, the specific vehicle model, and the intended use. WeatherTech is known for its precise fit and premium quality, while Husky Liners offer good coverage at a relatively more budget-friendly price point. Here’s a comparison table between two popular brands offering automotive floor mats and liners:

Husky Liners -...
WeatherTech Custom Fit...
Husky Liners -...
WeatherTech Custom Fit...
Amazon Prime
Husky Liners -...
Husky Liners -...
Amazon Prime
WeatherTech Custom Fit...
WeatherTech Custom Fit...
Aspect Husky Liners WeatherTech
Material Made from a durable rubberized thermoplastic Utilizes a custom-engineered TPE or TPO material
Fitment Custom-fit for various car makes and models Precision-cut for specific car makes and models
Coverage Offers excellent coverage, including edges and sides Provides full coverage, including raised edges
Durability Known for durability and resistance to wear. Renowned for durability and long-term performance.
Maintenance Easy to clean with water or standard car cleaning products. Easy to clean with soap and water or vacuuming.
Pricing Often slightly more budget-friendly. Typically considered more premium with higher pricing.
Warranty Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Usually backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
Noise Insulation Provides some noise insulation and reduces road noise. Offers insulation, reducing road noise to a degree.
Traction Ribbed or textured surfaces to improve traction. Textured surfaces for better grip and anti-slip features.
Color Options Black, gray, cocoa, tan Black, gray, tan, chocolate, light gray
Overall Excellent value for the money Excellent quality and wide range of options

Husky Liners Mat Overview

husky liners floor mats

Since its advent in 1988, Husky Liners has been one of the big names to revolutionize the aftermarket vehicle accessory scene with top-of-the-line interior and exterior protection products that excel. Nestled in Winfield, Kansas, this powerhouse has soared under the wing of Truck Hero since 2016.

The company deals in numerous products but is famous for its car floor mats. The mats fall into three categories: Uni-Fit, Weatherbeater, and X-Act Contour. Uni-Fit mats are the cheapest, currently retailing at $69.99, with durability and OEM fit being its main selling points. The mats’ patented DuraGrip material is stable against harsh chemicals.

Husky Liners Uni-Fit mats bank on the UniEdge technology, which works with the center channel to contain dirt and debris. As a result, cleaning the mats is effortless. The Uni-Fit design prevents the mats from sliding.

Weatherbeater mats have a sturdy construction, boosting their resistance against wear agents like harsh chemicals. These mats remain stable, supported by a zero-edge curl and Stay Put Nibs tech. The laser-scanned FormFit Design will upgrade your vehicle’s interior, while the FormFit Edge build contains spills. Husky Liner Weatherbeater mats have a $62.95 starting price, going up to $200.

X-Act Contour mats are designed to fit your car’s floor perfectly. These laser-scanned liners have an anti-slip DuraGrip surface, which is hardy and soft. The X-Act Contour mats’ FormFit Edge design holds spills and debris for easy cleanup. Their cost is between $70 and $240.

Besides floor mats and liners, Husky Liners stocks mudflaps and guards, truck bed mats, sun shades, and seat covers. It is a one-stop shop for your car accessories.

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Product Materials and Quality

Husky Liners floor mats don’t disappoint when it comes to quality. Most of the rugs are rubberized thermoplastic builds, a durable material that combines the properties of rubber and plastic. This material is resistant to harsh chemicals, feels comfortable, and is easy to clean.

The rubberized thermoplastic is flexible; thus, mat fitting is easy. The flexibility ensures the mats conform to the vehicle’s contours, translating to a perfect fit.


Husky Liners uses several patented technologies to make its mats stand out functionality-wise. The DuraGrip design targets durability, making the liners resilient against harsh chemicals and other wear agents. The mats have raised edges, courtesy of the UniEdge and FormFit Edge designs, which help contain spills and debris for easy cleaning.

The liners sport an anti-slip design to prevent them from moving and exposing the carpet. The flexibility of the mats makes fitting easy, as they adhere to the floor’s configuration, preventing them from slipping.

While the mat design mainly targets functionality, it works for the car’s aesthetic value. The accessories come in many forms and colors to complement your vehicle’s looks.


Many Husky Liners reviews laud the company on its reasonable pricing. You don’t have to break the bank to own a Husky Liners mat; you have multiple options depending on your budget. On the lower side, you have Uni-Fit mats, which are the most affordable, followed by Weatherbeater and X-Act Contour.

The car accessories are top-grade, meaning you get a decent bargain from your purchase. You can enjoy fantastic price cuts with a Husky Liners discount code.


A limited lifetime warranty covers Husky Liners mats. The warranty covers all flaws in the material or workmanship and is valid for mats appropriately installed, as per the provided instructions. You can claim your Husky Liners warranty by sending your details, product number, receipt, and images of the product to the support center. You will receive your response promptly.

Public Reviews

Are Husky Liners mats good? The mats are excellent, with many car owners vouching for them. A look at Husky Liners vs. WeatherTech Reddit discussions paints a picture of how great the former is.  

‘I got Husky mats for my Mazda. They fit well and were much cheaper than WeatherTech mats.’ This excerpt from a Reddit discussion highlights the mats’ flexibility and affordability.

Here is another review of the mats from an F150 forum, ‘Husky contour floor liner here, perfect fit. Higher quality than regular mats and have a softer feel. I personally like them better than Ford’s as it covers a lot more of the carpet and doesn’t get dirty fast.’

Look at more public reviews to get a hint of how good Husky Liners mats are.

Pros Of Husky Liners Floor Mats

Husky Liners mats are high-quality, supported by a heavy-duty rubberized thermoplastic construction. The carpets will serve you long without signs of wear and tear. The material can withstand harsh, degrading agents like chemicals. 

The liners offer a custom fit, as the material is flexible and effortlessly conforms to the floor. The elasticity is handy during installation.

Husky Liners carpets offer superior protection against dirt, mud, and other debris. They have curved edges to contain the dirt; therefore, you won’t stress when cleaning the carpet or mat. An anti-slip design ensures the mats are in place and won’t expose the floor. 

This car accessory dealer has plenty of products in various price ranges, meaning there is something for everyone. Depending on your finances and needs, you can choose from the Uni-Fit, Weatherbeater, and X-Act Contour categories of mats. The prices are reasonable, and a limited lifetime warranty covers the products. 

Husky Liners has a solid countrywide presence, with many partner stores stocking its products. You can find Husky Liners mats in countries like China, Australia, Sweden, and the Dominican Republic. 


A downside about Husky Liners mats is that it has minimal customization option. You may fail to get a rug that perfectly fits your car. Additionally, Husky Liners focuses more on functionality to a point where fewer products target aesthetics.

WeatherTech Floor Mats Overview

weathertech floor mat

WeatherTech, hailing from Bolingbrook, Illinois, was founded by CEO David MacNeil back in 1989 after experiencing frustration over subpar mats available at that time. Inspired to craft superior, low-maintenance solutions, he set about revolutionizing the market through groundbreaking innovation.

WeatherTech is synonymous with its FloorLiner line of floor mats embodying the highest standards. Under the FloorLiner brand, you get DigitalFit and HP. 

WeatherTech vs. WeatherTech HP, what is the difference? The regular WeatherTech FloorLiner or DigitalFit is a laser-measured mat designed for all-around protection of your car’s footwell. Its primary material is the patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE), which is robust and provides friction to avoid slipping. 

WeatherTech FloorLiner HP sports the rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) as its main material. This soft, sturdy compound is resilient against extreme weather conditions and 100% recyclable. In short, the FloorLiner HP is superior to the standard FloorLiner. The two items cost from $64.95 to $298.85.

WeatherTech’s Trim-to-Fit floor mat is a universal-fit mat suitable for various vehicles due to its unique form. It is a high-grade liner built from TPE, which is 100% recyclable and very elastic, even when cold. 

The Trim-to-Fit mats have tall outer ridges and a reservoir to capture debris and fluids. They come with the patented TechGrip II retention device for a secure fit. The Trim-to-Fit HD mats are heavy-duty upgrades. The regular Trim-to-Fit retails at $49.95 to $54.95, while the heavy-duty version costs roughly $55.

The WeatherTech all-weather floor mats are ideal for all seasons. The mat’s surface has deeply sculpted ridges to trap sand, salt, water, snow, and mud.

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Product Materials and Quality

WeatherTech floor mats are high-grade, a reason behind their immense popularity. The quality comes from the material, which is either the patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) or Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). 

HDTE mats have multiple layers, typically comprising a rigid base for strength, a comfy and soft cushioning layer, and a hardy upper section that is resistant to wear and tear. HDTE mats are tough and resilient to various degrading agents.

TPE mats have the elasticity of rubber and the sturdiness of plastic. They feel soft to the touch and have a high resistance to wearing agents like chemicals. Furthermore, TPE is 100% recyclable and easily conforms to the car’s contours.


WeatherTech’s mats are products of advanced engineering, optimizing on design and material to enhance their functionality. You will appreciate the mats’ crafts, especially when you consider the laser-measured FloorLiners.

FloorLiner mats’ design aims at all-around protection of the footwell and supporting components. The liners have a specially crafted retention system and non-slip nibs to secure them in place and avert sliding. The retention clasps have a watertight seal to prevent dirt from getting to the carpet. Beveled edges ensure that the walls don’t curve in.

The heavy-duty and all-weather mats have a tall outer ribbing structure and dip ridges to trap fluid and dirt.


The price of WeatherTech mats depends on your selection. Standard carpets are cheap, though they may lack crucial features. On the other hand, heavy-duty and high-performance car liners are pricey, understandably so, as they pack several impressive features. Keep tabs on WeatherTech’s offers and discounts for a fulfilling experience.


WeatherTech is a customer-oriented brand, an attribute you will notice in different aspects, such as its practical warranty terms. The mats have a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects from the manufacturer. You should purchase WeatherTech products from authorized sellers to get the warranty.  

The company reserves the right to deny your warranty claim, particularly if something is amiss. Please read the warranty terms of your mats when buying them to understand what they entail.

Public Reviews

Are WeatherTech mats any good? This is a common question, especially among those who want to test the brand. Public reviews will give you an idea of how good this brand is. You can peruse forums like Reddit to know what people say about WeatherTech. 

‘Weather tech for their domestic R&D, manufacturing, and their strong support of motorsports and automotive journalism. Anybody can make a nice floor mat. Being a decent company gets my $$$.’ This is a Reddit review highlighting how the company handles its business.

Here is another WeatherTech mat review from an F150 Tremor forum. ‘I have had the WT in my current truck for 8 years and they have worked great. Will probably go with them again on the Tremor since I know they will hold up. I think either option cover way more than the Ford all-weather mats.’ 

Peruse other forums and sources to know what to expect when you buy WeatherTech floor mats. 

Pros Of WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech mats bring their A-game in quality, with their primary materials playing a significant role. The material can be TPE or HDTE, both of which are robust and will serve you for a long time. They can withstand harsh chemicals and other wear agents without breaking down. Moreover, the materials are elastic and simplify installation and maintenance. 

The design of the mats enhances their functionality, evident from features like raised edges and deep trenches to confine debris. The fastening and retention systems prevent slips after installation. 

WeatherTech’s catalog is vast, with different grades of mats to meet various uses. The pricing is reasonable and can be better if you take advantage of the occasional discounts and offers. 

WeatherTech has decent warranty terms. The mats are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, giving clients peace of mind in case of any defects. 

The Trim-to-Fit liners are customizable and can fit numerous vehicles. 


WeatherTech mats made from HDTE are pretty rigid and may be uncomfortable. The company has limited options for older and less common vehicles, though the Trim-to-Fit mats do their best to fill this void. Additionally, some of the items are pricey.

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What’s the Main Difference Between Husky Liners and WeatherTech Mats?

Husky Liners and WeatherTech share similarities like being reputable auto part dealers, featuring a vast catalog of utilities and having a loyal customer base. The two companies also have several differences, mainly the primary material used in their products.

Husky Liners mats use rubberized thermoplastic, while WeatherTechs rely on their proprietary thermoplastic elastomer. Despite being different materials, they have the same properties, such as durability and elasticity.

Husky Liners and WeatherTech mats differ in price, with the former being more affordable. Both offer excellent lifetime warranties on their items.

Husky Liners vs. Weathertech: Is there a clear winner?

Husky Liners versus WeatherTech brings us into the realm of celebrated car part dealers renowned for producing top-of-the-line floor mats. In this head-to-head review, we unveil each brand’s individual selling points so you can identify which is the right one for you.

It is a tie in warranty and product quality, with both bringing their best. Husky Liners is the victor in product design and price: it uses various patented technologies to develop functionality-oriented designs, and the mats are cheaper. WeatherTech takes the top spot in product catalog and all-weather performance. 

Visit the two companies’ websites and check out their listings to see which one you prefer the most. 


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