Top 10 Best Lowering Springs Reviews 2024

You can apply several modifications to your vehicle to achieve a particular look or make it worthy of specific functions. To make your car look sporty, you can tweak the suspension system. In this situation, you need to get the best-lowering springs to lower the vehicle.

It is a common way of vehicle tuning that you may see in restored vintage cars and also low riders. Aside from giving your vehicle a sporty look, lowering springs also improves your vehicle handling by reducing the center of gravity. The equilibrium achieved makes the car suitable for speed feats, with minimal chances of toppling.

The safety aspect is what many auto-tuning experts try to achieve, and the best lowering kits are standard car parts in the auto-sport scene. If you want to drop your car, you need to look for the best packages in the market, which provide an element of reliability.

Top 10 Best Lowering Springs List

There are plenty of lowering kits, such as H&R lowering springs and Skunk2 coils, that you may find in the market. Below is a review of the best car springs that guarantee you excellent after-modification results.

01. Eibach Performance Spring Pro Kit

The Eibach performance spring pro kit is the best-lowering kit for a street-oriented car project. When lowered, the sturdiness of the springs results in high-performance handling and results in the best aesthetic of the vehicle.

The springs are also durable and will serve you for a long time, giving you the best service when it comes to handling. It has a decent lowering range, at 1.0 to 1.5 inches, which is excellent for street showcases. The progressive design of the springs guarantees you an excellent ride, evident inefficient braking and stopping, tackling corners, and better consumption.

The spring kit also reduces fender-well clearance, contributes to your car’s excellent performance, and reduces noise when braking at low speed.

  • It is a durable spring kit that will serve you long and support the weight of your car.
  • The kit has a decent lowering range of 1.0 to 1.5 inches.
  • Its progressive design contributes to an excellent driving experience.
  • The kit reduces fender-well clearance.
  • They are suitable for heavy vehicles.
  • For the lowering springs to serve you effectively, you will also need to get pro dampers.

02. BMR Suspension Lowering Spring Kit

The BMR suspension-lowering spring kit is a versatile lowering mechanism that you may use for auto showcases and when revving up in the streets. The exceptional tune spring rate is a visible attribute that guarantees you a smooth ride behind your wheels due to the excellent handling.

The linear spring rate ensures the stability of your car when lowered by offering ample support. It is the best kit to look at when you want your vehicle to remain flat, without much variance in the angling, especially at the corners. The leveling of the springs provides the result of an excellent driving experience, with the best feats when it comes to handling.

It can lower your car by up to 1.25 inches, which is an excellent level for street sports cars.

  • It provides an excellent equilibrium, especially on the corners.
  • It lowers your car up to 1.25 inches and ensures it is on a stable level.
  • The linear spring rate provides ample support.
  • The springs are robust, which makes them durable.
  • They work ideally with a V8 body.
  • If not correctly installed or if not the right fit for your car, the ride might be bumpy.

03. Eibach Extreme Lowering Spring

If you are into extreme car sporting tuning, then the Eibach extreme lowering spring is the best choice for you. The springs are ideal for racecars due to their lowering capability, which ensures the vehicle is stable.

The resulting handling feat that your racecar has makes it safe and less prone to rollovers. As such, you can press hard on the accelerator and be sure of maximum traction during your speed showcases. The kit also does justice in the aesthetic department, giving your car a sporty touch.

The springs also provide a good lowering level of 1.7 to 2.3 inches. Such a limit is the best option if you are into the restoration of vintage and classic cars. When it comes to driving, you benefit from quicker stops, better-tackling corners, and an efficient mile-per-gallon consumption.

  • They provide one of the best-handling feats.
  • They are ideal for racecars and ensure safety due to their equilibrium.
  • The kit improves the aesthetic value of your car.
  • The Eibach springs present quicker stops and better negotiation of corners.
  • The spring kit is not compatible with all car models.

04. Pro Suspension 2in Rear Lowering Coils

There is no limit when it comes to lowering the suspension of your car. You can also perform the lowering on your two or four-wheel-drive truck. When you want to tune your truck by boosting its suspension system, the Pro suspension 2in rear lowering coils is an option to consider.

Putting to focus the weight of most trucks, the two rear coils are very robust for proper support. A reinforcement of charcoal powder coating further boosts the coils’ strength.

The user-friendliness of the Pro suspension kit comes to play in its ease of installation. With a standard mechanic’s tools box with principal instruments, you can install these coils in your car.  Additionally, their versatile design allows them to work with factory rear shocks.

For a quad cab, the coils will lower the rear part by 2 inches. For the single cab, it gives a 1.5 inch rear drop.

  • The coils are durable and can support the weight of trucks.
  • The charcoal powder coating makes them corrosion-resistant and also boosts their sturdiness.
  • You can easily install the coils.
  • It has a tremendous lowering level between 1.5 and 2 inches, depending on the configuration of your truck.
  • The coils may fail to work with some shocks or suspension air.

05. Eibach Pro Kit Performance Spring For Hyundai Veloster

For your frequently driven streetcar or sports car, the Eibach Pro kit performance spring is a suspension addition part to consider. The springs will improve your car’s aesthetic while also working on its handling element.

If you love speed feats on the tarmac, Eibach pro performance springs will help reduce squat during acceleration. It likewise curbs extreme nose-diving during breaking and rollovers when negotiating corners. The kit works against excessive fender-well clearance, and it improves the aesthetic factor of your car.

The kit can reduce your car’s height by 1.0 or 1.5 inches, depending on the car’s specifications.

  • The springs are hardy and can support both sedans and lightweight trucks.
  • Its handling translates to controlled braking, accelerations, and corner tackling.
  • It provides an excellent balance to your car, ensuring that all corners are at perfect equilibrium.
  • It reduces fender-well clearance, hence improving your car’s looks.
  • It has a sound reduction value of 1 or 1.5 inches.
  • The coils have a powder coating, which acts as a protective layer.
  • The Eibach pro kit is not compatible with all car models.

06. Progressive Suspension Fork Lowering Kit

Aside from cars, you can also make adjustments to the suspension of your motorcycle to make it street-worthy.  They are typical tuning kits for low-rider motorcycles, mostly the cruiser types. The suspension modification using this kit provides utter comfort and a sense of control when it comes to cruising on your bike.

The suspension, as usual, will work on the handling element, resulting in a smooth ride on most terrains. This modification also improves the looks of your bike, giving it an adventurous touch. The forks can lower your bike up to 2 inches, presenting a remarkable ground clearance.

With the center of gravity lowered you have a considerable equilibrium, which allows you to move at impressive speeds with minimal risks of accidents.

  • The springs are durable, courtesy of their robust construction.
  • They improve the looks of your motorcycle.
  • The springs improve handling on most types of roads.
  • Aside from springs, the tuning kit comes with washers and a set of instructions for installation.
  • It has an excellent lowering range of up to 2 inches.
  • They are not compatible with older motorcycle models, more so with fork sizes under 49mm.

07. D2 Pro Lowering Springs

When you get the D2 pro lowering springs, you have the guarantee of longevity due to the coils’ solid build. Its 55-chrome silicon steel build gives it the resiliency to support your vehicle’s weight; the result is the proper lowering of its body.

It provides an impressive ride due to the proper control the suspension tuning gives you. The progressive grade springs give you a lowering value of up to 1.5 inches, which is ideal for daily use sports and streetcars.

With the equilibrium attained from the shift in height, you can safely negotiate corners and accelerate without the risk of the vehicle toppling or squatting. The springs additionally assure you of the best shape of the wheels. As such, say goodbye to tires worn inside or outside.

  • They are durable springs that will serve you for a long.
  • The springs are easy to install.
  • The efficiency of the coils helps in ensuring proper handling.
  • They have a lowering value of 1.5 inches, which is suitable for daily-use streetcars.
  • It works mainly with new-age sedans, mostly Honda.

08. Skunk Lowering Spring For Honda Civic

The Skunk lowering spring for the Honda Civic is an excellent suspension modification set for your sedan if you want to make it sportier. While it’s designed for the Honda Civic, it is compatible with other sedan models, mostly the new ones.

Using the skink springs, your vehicle’s performance will be on par with racecars, especially in achieving balance. The steel coils are very hardy and designed to support the weight of standard saloon cars. The powder coating makes them more durable by making them corrosion-resistant against elements such as rust.

The height-altering value of the springs also helps in spreading the vehicle’s weight. It translates to a smooth driving experience, reducing excessive nosedive during braking.

  • It has a height alteration of 1-1.5 inches.
  • The springs are durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • They improve the look of your car, making it look sportier.
  • It can fit with other sedans with the same body build as the 06-11 Honda Civic.
  • It is not compatible with older car models, especially those manufactured before 2006.

09. Belltech 964ND Lowering Kit With Nitro Drops

Looking at one of the most versatile lowering kits, the Belltech 964ND lowering kit with nitro drops is a full suspension tuning package. It is suitable for a variety of vehicles from SUVs, trucks, and also muscle cars where they work on the looks as well as their handling aspect.

Aside from the coils, the package also consists of nitro drop shocks, which improve the efficiency of your suspension system. The kit is very versatile and works with several car models.

With this suspension component, you have the assurance of a smooth ride as the weight of the vehicle is evenly spread. With speed-oriented cars, you are sure to tackle corners smoothly with minimal instances of squats when accelerating.

  • They are very flexible and work with different models of trucks, SUVs, and muscle cars.
  • It is an extensive package that also comes with nitro-drop shocks.
  • The coils are long-lasting courtesy of their massive build.
  • The spring system prevents squats during accelerations or rollovers when negotiating corners.
  • Installation of the coils and nitro drops can be quite complicated; hence you will need to bring a professional aboard.

10. Tein Lowering Spring For Toyota

Durability is a crucial element to consider when looking for the best lowering kits for your car. Tein lowering springs for Toyota are some of the best when looking at the durability factor as they have a robust build. Their chrome vanadium construction is a contributing factor to their longevity.

The green powder coating further reinforces the strength of these springs, lending them rust-resistant properties. They provide a 1.5-inch drop on average and are an excellent choice for sedans intended for street races and sporty showcases.

The kit contains four mainsprings and an equal number of individual springs for each wheel. Silencer rubbers complete your Tein lowering kit. The lowering kits are compatible with most Toyota sedans and other models.

  • The springs are sturdy due to their chrome vanadium build.
  • The green powder coating reinforces the spring’s build and makes them rust-resistant.
  • The silencer rubber protects the spring system.
  • It has a decent lowering capability of 1.5 inches.
  • The lowering kit is compatible with many Toyota sedan models.
  • The lowering spring will not work with some vehicle models, especially station wagons.

Lowering Springs Buying Guide

lowering coil springs

The following buying guide is a worthy companion to lead you to the right lowering coils when you need them.


Price is the number one factor to consider when you are looking for lowering springs. You need to work with your budget to avoid being pressed to the wall financially. There are several manufacturers of lowering kits, and it is advisable to look for the one offering the best price. Cheap lowering springs may be affordable, but they may lack features such as sturdiness and longevity.

Unlike other car parts, it is not a good move to go for used lowering kits as they may be faulty and will compromise your safety when driving.

The Intended Use

The lowering kits perform a lot of functions, and you need to know which one you are looking for. It may be for aesthetic purposes to achieve a sporty look or maybe to boost your suspension.  Some springs are suitable for your car’s handling, while others do well when it comes to giving it a unique street look.

The Type Of Car

You also need to consider the type of car you have when looking at the tuning kit to get. The lowering springs vary depending on the car’s make, with the focus lying on the weight. Sedans have their specific lowering kits, the same as trucks and SUVs.  A mismatch in the tuning kits to your car may lead to structural anomalies, which may compromise your safety.


The efficiency factor also plays a role as a factor to consider when looking for lowering coils. It looks at the user-friendliness of the kit, looking at how easy it is to use. The efficiency also captures how the springs perform their role. Check on the lowering spring’s pros and cons to ascertain the ease of use of the kits.

Some kits also come with instructions on how to install lowering springs to guide you in your auto-tuning practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lowering Springs Good?

Lowering springs are excellent when it comes to improving the handling aspect of your vehicle. Their lowering action enhances the car’s balancing and also improves its sportiness. They are exceptional when it comes to the modification of vintage cars.

Which Is Better, Coilovers Or Lowering Springs?

The lowering springs vs. coilovers debate is one of the longest in the auto-repair scene. Each of them performs a unique function, though coilovers are more versatile as compared to lowering springs. Coilovers feature a shock-absorbing unit and spring, making them a full package for your car’s suspension.

Will Lowering Springs Ruin My Suspension?

Lowering springs will not ruin your suspension if you have the right fit for your vehicle. You need to ensure that the lowering kit is compatible with your car and will complement your suspension system.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Lowering Springs Installed?

The cost of lowering car springs varies from mechanic practice to another. However, for high-quality services, expect to part with something from $100 and above for installation only.

Do You Need An Alignment After Replacing Springs?

Alignment is essential after spring replacement to ensure balancing your wheels. It helps sustain your car’s weight and prevents structural issues.

Final Word

When you want to lower the height of your car, lowering springs come in handy. They look like coils, and when you install them, your car’s height reduces by an average of 1.5 inches. Extreme tuning can achieve a significant variance in the reduction value.

This article looks at some of the best-lowering springs and gives you a buying guide to help lead you to the right item. When you get a decent lowering kit, get your car-repair toolbox, and get to work to attain the height you want for your car for a fulfilling cruising experience.

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