What Is Mercedes B1 Service?

Mercedes Benz, the German darling, is known for building some of the most luxurious and comfortable cars in the world. But you must maintain the vehicle to keep it at its peak performance so you can enjoy the luxury and comfortability in the years to come. One of the essential maintenances you need is the Mercedes B1 service.

But what in the world is the Mercedes B1 service meaning? You’ll find out in this comprehensive guide. You’ll also learn what services are included in the B1 service, the cost, service intervals, and what to do when you see the service notification.

what is done on a mercedes b1 service

What is Mercedes b1 service?

The B1 service is part of the Mercedes Flexible Service System, which is maintenance scheduled every 20,000 miles or 24 months (whichever comes first) after you have completed the service A interval. It is a major routine check-up that comprises different services designed to keep your car running at peak performance.

In newer models, the Mercedes FSS will alert you when you start approaching the due date for its service B1 maintenance date. The system will pop a message on your multi-function instrument cluster.

What is Mercedes service A, anyway? Service A is maintenance scheduled by the Flexible Service System at approximately 10,000 miles or one year. The Mercedes FSS determines the exact time.

Is Mercedes service B1 necessary?

The Mercedes Service B1 is very necessary because Mercedes cars that do not follow the B1 and other service maintenance are subject to performance issues and engine misfires. For instance, if you ignore Mercedes service B1, which includes oil and filter changes, you risk engine sludge buildups, increased fuel consumption, overheated engine components, wear of engine components, and a voided car warranty.

Also, if you ignore Mercedes Service B1, you may start noticing vibration and grinding when braking, uneven tire wear, slow brake response, and damage to the rotor and caliper. This typically happens when you fail to inspect and replace worn brake pads.

But if you carry out the B1 service when it pops, the regular oil change will extend your engine’s longevity, improve its performance, and guarantee better gas mileage. Regular brake and tire inspection will extend tire lifespan, prevent damage to braking components, and decrease your braking response time.

Inspecting your car fluids is one of the things you should do to keep your Mercedes running as it should. The fluid checks in Service B1 include all fluids, such as the wiper washer fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil, et cetera.

What are included in Mercedes b1 service?

The B1 service comprises of the standard B service and an additional “1” service. This maintenance is intended to keep your Mercedes running at peak performance.

The Mercedes B service checklist depends on your vehicle’s year and model. However, all B1 services include the following regardless of the year and model:

  • Replace synthetic engine oil (standard B)
  • Change oil filter (standard B)
  • Check tire pressure and conditions (standard B)
  • Inspection of the braking components (standard B)
  • Inspection of fluid levels and conditions (standard B)
  • Check cabin air filter (standard B)
  • Replace brake fluid (B1 specific).

What is the service interval for Mercedes B1?

The B service on Mercedes is done after 20,000 miles or one year from the last service maintenance, which is usually service A. After the first B1 service, the subsequent interval changes to 20,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first.

However, I’d recommend you check your service booklet, as the interval may change depending on the vehicle year and model. It is, however, important to note that the exact time you’ll see the maintenance notification on your dashboard varies. This is because the B1 service is a reminder that comes a bit earlier before hitting the 20,000-mile interval.

Is Service B1 covered under warranty?

Unfortunately, Mercedes service maintenance, including services A and B, are not included in their new car and extended warranty coverage. However, the Mercedes B1 service cost is relatively low compared to the services done. Some dealers may have additional discounts when you schedule the service online.

How much is service b1 on Mercedes?

At this point, you will be wondering, how much is the Mercedes B1 service? The cost of the B1 service varies depending on your location and where you took your car to. You can choose to drive to your dealership, a local mechanic in your neighborhood, or any mom-and-pop shop.

On average, a B1 service at a mechanic shop will cost around $600, while you will spend up to $1,200 on your dealership. The price can be lower or higher, depending on the exact mechanic or dealership doing the task. It’s recommended to ask prices from different dealers and mechanics and compare them to find the best deal.

Pricing is one of the various things to consider when searching for the best place to schedule the B1 maintenance service. Independent mechanics charge way less than dealers. However, it’s ideal to choose one that has a solid gold reputation and good knowledge about the ins and outs of your Mercedes Benz.

How do you reset the service b1 on a Mercedes?

Whether you carried out the B1 service at home or a technician did it, the B1 service notification should be reset. The service B1 Mercedes on C300 or your respective model can be a nuisance if you do not reset it after doing the required maintenance. Luckily, you can clear the light with a few simple steps.

  • Park your car on a level ground and switch it off.
  • Put the car in park or neutral, depending on your transmission type
  • Turn on the ignition without starting the engine
  • Tap the left arrow button on your steering wheel like a woodpecker until the service B1 message pops up front and stays in the middle of the dash display.
  • Press and hold the phone and OK button for 5 seconds

The B1 service notification will disappear at this point. But if it doesn’t, you will need a high-end scan tool to erase it.

Is Mercedes B1 service mandatory?

Yes, the Mercedes B1 service is done every 20,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. If you fail to carry out the service, you risk damaging the brake system components and engine breakdown. Plus, if you don’t do it, your dealership may void your warranty plan.

How do I Schedule Service B1

To book a B1 service, all you have to do is search for Mercedes B1 service near me on Google, and the list of Mercedes dealers near you will pop. Then, select the one that is convenient to you and visit them. When you get there, you can schedule your appointment and come back later for the service.

However, most dealers understand that time is money. Most dealers, like Mercedes-Benz Burlington in Canada, Mercedes of Littleton in USA, and others allow you to schedule your appointment online.

Final Words

Your Mercedes is a comfortable and luxurious car that deserves the best care and attention. Mercedes services A, B, C, and D are some of the ways you can give your car the best care and attention it deserves.

Lastly, maintenance is better and cheaper than repair. Locate any reputable independent shop or dealer and do the Mercedes B1 service to avoid risking engine and brake damage or voiding your warranty.

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