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Most car owners and DIYs often like to have a few tools, as they are essential for handling various tasks. Whether screwdrivers, vacuum cleaners, or even automotive tools, you can expect easy handling of projects for their different application.

From hand tools to various sophisticated power tools, you can find multiple options in the market, supplied by different brands. Nevertheless, one famous name within the Industry is Ridgid, as it is known for its superior quality tools.

Thus, most consumers are keen on learning about who makes Ridgid tools. If you are one of such persons, I will provide some excellent details about the ‘Ridgid tools manufacturer’ and some of the standard tools the brand supplies.

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Who Makes Ridgid Tools

Ridgid is one brand that has been concerned with the supply of various tools that fit pipe fitting, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contracting industries. So, the brand holds a wide range of hand tools and power tools that work effectively. 

This American tool manufacturing company has been distributing excellent tools since 1923, founded in North Ridgeville, Ohio. After a while of tool supplies, the brand relocated to Elyria, Ohio, which appears to be its latest headquarters.

But who manufactures Ridgid tools? It would interest you to know that the Ridgid tool company happens to be a subsidiary of the famous Emerson Electric and has been operating under this firm since 1966.

Emerson Electric Co. is a multinational corporation with its headquarters in Missouri (Ferguson), America. It is solely in charge of the production of various products and effectively offers excellent engineering services.

This company, founded by John W. Emerson in 1890, holds up to 200 manufacturing locations worldwide. This manufacturing firm supplied the first electric fans in the US, and such success in the market led to its expansion.

Thus, the company started supplying electric dental drills, sewing machines, and different power tools. Again, World War II made Emerson Electric Co emerge as one of the top suppliers of airplane armament and as such, ranked 52nd amongst the US corporations with World War II military production contracts.  

Apart from the Ridgid tools company, Emerson Electric has acquired various other brands, such as AMS Suite, Klauke, and Greenlee. The good news is that Ridgid happens to be one brand that supplies highly effective tools, commonly known for their pipe wrenches. 

With over 300 varying tool types, you can easily pick a suitable tool for a specific application. Although all the wet/dry tools from this brand come solely manufactured by its parent company, Emerson Electric, you should know that Techtronic Industries, Inc. is responsible for making the brand’s power tools.

Ridgid Common Tools 

Ridged Tools is an excellent brand with top-performing tools. From various reviews amongst customers, it is noticeable that thousands of Ridgid tools are used for different applications across varying conditions daily. 

Still, these tools appear to be effective even within harsh environments and would make work easy. The fact that Ridgid tools supply various tools is outstanding, and as such, folks can easily pick a suitable tool option that matches their needs.

With that in mind, it would be of immense help to know some of the standard tools from Ridgid. Below are some common Ridgid tools that you can find.

The RE 6 Cable Termination Tool

This tool option from Ridgid incorporates excellent technologies with outstanding quality, which increases efficiency. It has the patented QuickChange system, which comes with a moveable collar. Thus, contractors can quickly the three interchangeable heads, possessing a 360° rotation.

Kindly note that this 3-in-1 feature further eliminates possible trips to the truck for seeking other valuable tools. Another added feature is the rubber molded grip and bright LED illumination light for the workspace. Furthermore, the inline design for this tool also supports an easy operation, even with one hand.

Ridgid Portable 3-Gallon Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner comes in a compact size, which is likable. It comes designed to offer excellent performance and much more since it’s lightweight, making it easy to carry from place to place. 

For a less stressful operation, this tool comes constructed with a suction-powered dustpan. The brand further equips this vacuum cleaner with the Qwik Lock FFS (Filter Fastening System), which offers a secure and easy installation and removal.

2-Tool 12V Combo Kit

This combo kit from Ridgid saves people the stress of carrying two different tools for handling projects. Thus, you can find the circular saw and ½-inch drill combined as a single tool, working efficiently on an 18V 4.0 battery.

In essence, while you need the drill to fasten things securely, you can further employ the circular tool for cutting through varying materials. Kindly note that this tool appears to be pretty compatible with varying batteries, chargers, and tools from Ridgid.

The Ridgid Aluminum RapidGrip Wrench

This excellent wrench is designed to allow a quick and easy one-handed operation. Thus, you can expect your work to be faster. Again, this tool comes in a jaw design with springs loaded to offer a rapid ratcheting action. Kindly note that the hook jaw design of this tool further assures you of a secure grip.

The Manual RE 12-M Hydraulic Crimp Tool

When looking for a lightweight crimp tool, this excellent hydraulic crimp tool from Ridgid appears to be a great option, weighing only 11.8 lbs. Thus, it becomes easier to get materials joined and get all your wiring projects completed quickly.

In a bid to get all connectors in with only two pumps, this tool comes with the RapidAdvance System, which appears to be one unique feature from Ridgid. You can rest assured that your hand will remain free from fatigue and strain thanks to its low handle force.

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Does Milwaukee make Ridgid tools?

Ridgid tools are not products of Milwaukee; instead, both names are top brands within the industry. Although Ridgid is a subsidiary of Emerson and Milwaukee is a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries (TTI), you can find TTI supplying Ridgid with a wide range of power tools.

Thus, both brands may share some similarities in their power tool designs. Nevertheless, you may often find Ridgid tools appearing heftier compared to Milwaukee tools. Still, both brands have excellent characteristics and technologies found in their tool collections.

Are Ridgid and RYOBI the same?

Ridgid and Ryobi tools are two different brands that appear famous for supplying a wide range of tools. But, it would interest you to know that Ridgid tools are products of Emerson Electric.

So, who makes Ryobi tools? You should know that Ryobi tools are manufactured by Techtronic Industries (TTI). Still, you should know that TTI is a renowned name that supplies various power tools for the Ridgid brand and other private labels. 

Who manufactures Ridgid tools at Home Depot?

All Ridgid tools, including those found at the home improvement store Home Depot, are manufactured by the famous Emerson Electronic. It would interest you to know that the brand has been a subsidiary of Emerson since 1966.

Nevertheless, some speculations indicate that this brand’s power tools appear to be products of Techtronic Industries. It is known that TTI manufactures various tools with top performance for many private labels.

Is Ridgid as good as DeWalt?

Both Ridgid and DeWalt are famous names within the industry, known for supplying practical tools. Nevertheless, various reviews talk about the performance of tools from these brands. 

Some reviews from folks indicate that DeWalt tools offer good performance and have an excellent feel on the hand. Thus, it works well for both beginners and professionals alike. Still, you can find Ridgid tools a great option, as they come constructed with top-quality materials and work effectively.

Is Ridgid a good brand?

Whether the hand or power tools from Ridgid, you would often find the tool collections to be highly effective. Ridgid tools appear durable and come with an excellent design that makes them easy to assemble, use, and disassemble.

It would interest you to know that the tools from this brand are manufactured by the famous Emerson Electric Co., a company known for supplying various top-performing products. This company also holds multiple other excellent brands, which suggests that their products are trustworthy.

What’s better, Craftsman or Ryobi?

Craftsman and Ryobi are among the top power tool brands, supplying various tools for different applications. If you want to know which brand offers tools with the best performance, it will interest you to know that both possess their peculiar features.

Nevertheless, you would find Craftsman tools appear lightweight with acceptable performance. But compared to Ryobi, folks believe that Ryobi tools have low-speed power, with their price being lesser. Still, both brands supply tools suitable for lightweight-duty professionals.

Where are Ridgid cordless power tools made?

The American tool company Ridgid now has its manufacturing location and headquarters in Elyria, Ohio. Nevertheless, some reports suggest that these brand’s power tools are supplied by the famous Techtronic Industries.

Interestingly, TTI has manufacturing facilities in China, the United States, Vietnam, Mexico, and Europe. Thus, the Ridgid cordless power tools appear to come from these facilities and are constructed with top-quality materials.

Final Words

What company makes Ridgid tools? This question and other similar ones seem to be troubling most folks, as they appear keen on knowing the manufacturers of the tools from this renowned brand. Ridgid is a famous name that supplies a wide range of tools that work effectively in completing different tasks.

Whether hand tools or power tools, you can find the tool collection to have various excellent options. If you are keen on knowing who makes Ridgid tools, it will interest you to know that they are products of Emerson Electric Co.

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