Who Makes Masterforce Tools? Complete Guide

Tools are crucial, as they aid make the work of fixing things more accessible, and Masterforce holds a variety of tools. Whether automotive, home improvement or DIY tools, this brand remains one of the top options that you can find.

This tool line brand supplies tools like wrenches, pliers, drills, and various automotive tools, which appear very efficient. Thus, there are many curious minds out there who want to know who makes Masterforce tools.

Thus, this enlightening piece would reveal the manufacturers behind these excellent tools and inform you about the various tool products.

Who Makes Masterforce Tools?

Masterforce Tools
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If you are keen on knowing who makes Masterforce toolboxes, you should know that the tools from this brand are products of Menard. Masterforce tool is a famous name from the Menard house brand, which holds many tools. 

It would interest you to know that Menard is among the top home improvement centers in the U.S., established in 1958 by John Menard Jr. The firm started off constructing pole buildings, operating with “Menard Cashway Lumber.” 

This company also emerged famous for selling various lumber and home improvement products. Currently, Menards has added multiple tools to the list of products they sell. The firm opened its third and fourth distribution centers in 2007 in Holiday City, Shelby, Ohio, and Iowa. 

There are about 335 stores from Menards across 15 states in the United States. Menard, Inc. emerged 37th on the “America’s Largest Private Companies” compiled by Forbes in 2016. The firm also appeared top for its provision of excellent customer satisfaction by J.D. Power in 2018.

As a subdivision of the company, Masterforce tools provide consumers with various tools and storage products. The good news is that these tools appear less expensive than some big names in the industry but appear pretty efficient and durable.

Masterforce Tools Products 

The Masterforce tool line from Menards holds a variety of tool options that folks can choose. There is an extensive line of automotive tools that you can use for various car repairs. With that in mind, the following are some excellent tools that Masterforce supplies.

Automotive Tools

Masterforce holds various tools for automotive applications, and some standard options include:

The Masterforce Tire Care: This 20-volt tire inflator is an excellent tool that comes with a high-volume inflator hose. Whether it is a deflated tire or other inflatables, you can employ this digital tire inflator that would supply sufficient air that inflates them.

Interestingly, folks can set their desired PSI, and the tool automatically stops when it gets to the set PSI. Kindly note that the maximum PSI for this inflator is 160.

Masterforce Battery Charger and Maintainer: The battery charger and maintainer work effectively for charging standard Gel and AGM batteries. This charging kit comes with a good battery tester and alternator tester. You can use this tool on various batteries for cars, ATVs, RVs, marine, snowmobiles, trucks, personal watercraft, lawn tractors, and farm equipment. 

Truck and Job Boxes: The Masterforce 26-inch truck box comes with a great capacity for storing various automotive tools. It has side handles that allow easy use and comes coated to prevent corrosion. There are pegs for storing box end wrenches within this toolbox and sockets and various slots for ratchets and screwdrivers.

Power Inverters: The Masterforce power inverter works effectively. You can find the MFPC-1500 converting vehicle power into household A.C. power. It comes with double A.C. outlets and USB ports, and there are practical features that help protect the system from possible power surges. 

Apart from the various automotive tools that Masterforce supplies, there are many other products such as:

Power Tools

8.5 Amp Masterforce Belt Sander: The premium features of this power tool are outstanding, as it has an effective control system for dust extraction while it is sanding the wood. 

This tool holds a wide range of speed settings, starting from 790 RPM to 1150 RPM. 

Masterforce 20V Drill (Cordless): This cordless drill provided by Masterforce comes with a unique motor technology, which depends on a microprocessor. Thus, there is decreased heat buildup and lesser friction during use. Again, there is a 2-speed gearbox, which further allows folks to drill without facing any hassles and enables altering the clutch settings. 

Trigger Switch Grinder: This 7 to 9-inch capacity power tool comes in handy for grinding and cutting various materials. The 15 AMP motor operates at 6,500 RPM and further allows rapid adjustments thanks to its keyless guard.

15 AMP Masterforce Circular Saw: This brand of tools also provides an efficient option for wood-cutting applications and can work for both hard and softwood. With the various safety features installed in this 15 AMP circular saw, DIYers can effectively use them without any hassles.

Gear and Equipment Tools

Masterforce Wet/Dry Vacuums: This vacuum comes constructed with a 4-gallon tank made of polypropylene. It comes with an automatic rewind 18 ft. cord and a dust-sealed switch (on/off). With its portability, this tool appears very easy to carry and use, much more with its top handle balanced design.

Masterforce Work Light: The 20-volt cordless LED 2000-lumen work light is one tool that supplies hours of efficient energy light, which lightens dark environments. It comes with a compatible battery from the brand and has a hook that users can hang the light with as they work.


Masterforce Dehumidifiers: This brand holds various dehumidifiers that work efficiently in battling high humidity in homes. The good news is that options can handle large-grade dehumidification by removing a large amount of moisture.

Masterforce Air Scrubbers: One excellent tool from Masterforce is the HEPA Air Scrubber, which acts as a purification system that restores the air quality within the home. It works effectively in reducing the noxious odors circulating in the air.

Masterforce Air Movers: The Masterforce air movers do an outstanding job in keeping tight spaces dry by supplying ample airflow.

Hand Tools

Sledge Hammers: The drop-forged sledgehammers from Masterforce come designed with durable handles and work effectively. Since its head appears to be constructed with carbon steel, it is pretty stable. Thanks to its rust-resistant finishing, you can rest assured that there would be no case of corrosion.

Chisels: Chisels are additional tools that go into the toolbox, and you can get excellent ones from Masterforce. These chisels come constructed with durable forged steel that supplies superior strength. You can also handle the Masterforce chisel with ease, thanks to the non-slip, soft rubber grips.

Masterforce Screwdriver Sets: Screwdrivers are essential tools that people use for various home improvements and can also come in handy for fixing various automotive issues like adjusting the car’s drum brakes. Masterforce supplies sets of heat-treated steel screwdrivers of varying sizes. Who makes Masterforce screwdrivers? All tools from Masterforce are products of Menards.

who makes craftsman tools


Where are Masterforce tools made?

All tools supplied by Masterforce are manufactured in their facility in the United States. This line of products appears owned by Menards, Inc., providing top-quality products within the United States and other parts of the world.

Kindly note that there are over 335 stores right there in the U.S. that supply these tools, and they are further distributed around other locations. Interestingly, the Masterforce tools warranty covers these tools, assuring consumers of their effectiveness and durability.

What company manufactures Masterforce tools?

Masterforce tools are products of one of the top American home improvement retail companies, Menard, Inc. The company has its headquarters in Wisconsin (Eau Claire), the U.S., and was founded by John Menard Jr. in 1960.

The essential products from Menard include building materials, garden supplies, ceiling fans, paints, doors and windows, automotive propane, electrical supplies, light fixtures, cabinets, hardware, and tools.

Are Masterforce tools any good?

Folks can get great value for the money they spend on Masterforce tools, as the products from this brand come manufactured with top-quality materials. The good news is that these products are pretty affordable.

Again, the brand holds a wide range of tools that works effectively for different applications. Thus, you can easily find a tool needed for a specific application from the list of options supplied by Masterforce.

Where are Masterforce cordless tools made?

Masterforce cordless tools and other options supplied by the brand are Menard, Inc., one of the top home improvement retailers in the United States. This firm has been providing top-performing tools, and their cordless options work efficiently.

With the excellent features they come with, you can find the Masterforce cordless drill or other cordless tools to appear pretty easy to use. You can navigate through the Masterforce tools website to access the various agencies they supply.

Who makes Masterforce tape measure?

The Masterforce tape measure appears to be the product of the renowned home improvement retail firm Menard, Inc. Being a top supplier of various home improvement materials, Menard decided to introduce a line of tools. This brand supplies multiple hand tools, automotive, power, pneumatic, and measuring devices. 

This excellent measuring tool from Masterforce features a fantastic and visible set of numbers and comes at an affordable price.

Will DeWalt batteries work with Masterforce tools?

By now, you should know that batteries come in varying capacities, having different volts. Nevertheless, the standard 20-volt DeWalt battery can effectively work for 20-volt Masterforce tools and chargers. In essence, if you get the correct DeWalt battery in terms of capacity, you can use them for your Masterforce tools.

Final Words

Repairs and various DIY projects often require the right tools, and Masterforce provides folks with excellent options. This brand supplies wrenches, drills, saws, pliers, power tools, sanders, and various automotive, pneumatic, and gardening tools.

Is Masterforce a good brand? The products from this brand work effectively, seeing to the various needs they come constructed to do, and the good news is that they appear pretty durable. You can read through this piece to learn about who makes Masterforce tools.

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