Who Makes SuperTech Oil Filters and Why Does It Stand Out?

All car owners yearn for a smooth ride with their vehicle’s engine working correctly. Hence, clean motor oil is a must, as accumulated contaminants could cause some engine problems. For this reason, you would need the best oil filter to keep contaminants away from your car’s engine oil. 

While there are various oil filters on the market, choosing the best one for your car is pretty tasking. SuperTech is a famous name within the industry that supplies a wide range of oil filters. So, a frequent query is who makes SuperTech oil filters?

With most drivers and auto experts testifying to the remarkable filtering capacity of SuperTech oil filters, you can trust this brand to have compatible oil filters that would ensure your engine runs efficiently. We’ll reveal some interesting details about the manufacturers of SuperTech oil filters and some of their top products.

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Most Popular SuperTech Oil Filters

Various complications are associated with a faulty oil filter, from decreased performance and engine spluttering to sludge formation. Thus, you would need a replacement, and it is crucial to invest in a quality oil filter to improve your vehicle’s performance.

SuperTech is one of the best brands out there. This marque produces top-performing vehicle fluids, lubricants, and oils, including the SuperTech motor oil, and has some of the best car filters. Here are the most famous Supertech car filters you will find.

SuperTech MP10575 Oil Filter

SuperTech MP10575 Oil Filter
Image Credit: walmart.com

Highlighted Features

  • It helps reduce restrictions on oil flow
  • It works well with synthetic oil
  • It is equipped with 99.9% filtration efficiency
  • It is constructed with artificial and natural fibers 

This product appears more sustainable, with an outstanding filtration style and dirt-holding capacity. The oil filter works well for various vehicles, including Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, Jeep, Ford, and Dodge.

Again, this SuperTech oil filter is durable, can last for up to 20,000 miles of oil change intervals, and is compatible with synthetic oil. The SuperTech MP10575 meets/exceeds top OE function and fit criteria, following stringent quality requirements for its manufacturing process.

With such a filtration product in place, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s engine is free from harmful contaminants that could lead to expensive car repairs or leave the car’s internal parts in bad condition.

Supertech ST6607 Oil Filter

Supertech ST6607 Oil Filter
Image Credit: walmart.com

Highlighted Features

  • Effectively reduces oil flow restriction
  • High-strength filtration center tube
  • Superior dirt-holding capacity
  • Woven with top-quality natural and synthetic fibers

If you need a replacement for your clogged oil filter, considering the SuperTech oil filter ST6607 will be of great help. It is constructed with excellent materials and subjected to manufacturing processes that meet the most stringent requirements.

Hence, it offers maximum protection for various car-demanding engines, and you can trust this product since it reaches top OE requirements. This model’s filter media comes crafted with combined natural and synthetic fibers for optimum efficiency.

Supertech ST9688 Oil Filter

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed to withstand harsh driving conditions
  • Excellent filtration media with up to 99.9% efficiency
  • It has an excellent dirt-holding capacity
  • This SuperTech oil filter reaches 10,000 miles of oil change/service interval

The ST9688 oil filter offers maximum protection and keeps your car’s engine free from oil contaminants. Hence, you can rely on this oil filter to extend the life and performance of your vehicle’s engine and allow a smooth driving experience.

This product comes designed with an anti-drain valve that is entirely compatible with various car oils, including synthetic motor oils. More importantly, it is affordable, and your car would get much value for its cost.

Who Makes SuperTech Oil Filters?

SuperTech oil filters are leading products within the industry-owned and are exclusively supplied by Walmart. Walmart is a retail company with one of the most expansive networks globally, founded by Sam Walton in 1950. With multiple sales outlets across 23 countries, this retail company supplies consumers with top-quality products worldwide.

Thus, you can find various SuperTech oil filters online or offline at Walmart. This brand’s product line consists of filtration technology that meets conventional consumer-grade quality, satisfying the needs of cars. 

So, who makes SuperTech oil filters?

SuperTech oil filters are manufactured by Champion Laboratories, Inc., a company that has emerged as one of the top global manufacturers of automotive filters. Since its inception in 1936 (as Luber-finer), this brand has been known for quality oil filters for small cars and truck applications.

 The US-based company is also one of the top suppliers for various OEMs such as Volkswagen, GM, Ford, and Porsche and supplies many private labels. Champions Laboratories employs only the best quality materials for constructing their products. 

It is located in Albion, Illinois, and has various manufacturing plants. Champions Laboratories also manufactures other brands of oil filters such as STP, filter K&N, and Mobil 1 oil filters.

Are Supertech products any good?

From various reviews, SuperTech oil filters have high ratings for fulfilling the fundamental purpose of allowing only clean motor oil to get to the car’s engine. Most auto repair experts and drivers recommend such oil filters as they meet high OE requirements and can fit and function optimally across a wide range of vehicles.

With efficient media, you would find the SuperTech oil filter line products have excellent dirt-trapping capacity. The fantastic media construction of natural and synthetic fibers ensures these filters perform at their best and operate even in harsh conditions.

SuperTech Oil Filters Vs. Others

SuperTech has built a great name over the years and offers optimal performance compared to other brands. While oil filters appeared similar in the past, thanks to the same filtration media used, there are significant changes now, and SuperTech seems among the best.

So, if you are thinking of the best choice to make while comparing SuperTech oil filters vs. Wix, AC Delco, or other oil filter brands, you should look out for the outstanding features of SuperTech oil filters.

SuperTech vs. Fram Oil Filters

Comparing SuperTech oil filters vs. Fram, many consumers confirm that SuperTech oil filters are better. You would find this marque’s product line with oil filters that are sturdier and have more durable cover plates. Also, the synthetic and natural fibers are of high quality, which improves their filtration capacity.

On the other hand, Fram oil filters are great products and appear as one of the top oil filter brands. But, Fram oil filters use paper cover plates compared to steel canisters (as in the case of SuperTech oil filters). Again, you may not like the anti-drain valves and sealing rings of such oil filters since they are of poor-quality rubber.

SuperTech vs. Mobil 1 Oil Filters

The difference between SuperTech oil vs. Mobil 1 oil filters are not much, as both have efficient products that work well for car engines. The end caps of most oil filters from these brands are sturdy and thick. Although Mobil 1 oil filters may appear pricier, you can get SuperTech oil filters with great features at an affordable price.

SuperTech Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart

There are various SuperTech oil filters, and it may seem tasking to pick the right option for your vehicle. Hence, a SuperTech “oil filter cross-reference chart” should alleviate such stress. But, there are no provisions of such on the SuperTech oil filter website. 

Not to worry, you can contact the manufacturer or make reasonable inquiries at Walmart, as experts are willing to help you out.


Q: Does K&N make SuperTech oil filters?

Both SuperTech and K&N oil filters are independent brands available in the market. You should know that SuperTech oil filters are supplied by Walmart but manufactured by Champions Laboratories, Inc.

This company is based in the United States and supplies superior-quality filtration products for lightweight and heavy-duty vehicles. If you wonder who makes K&N oil filters, you should know that they are also products manufactured by Champions Laboratories.

Q: Who manufactures SuperTech?

Champion Laboratories, Inc., a company grown into one of the top global manufacturers of vehicle filters, produces SuperTech oil filters. The company is a leading supplier for various OEMs like Volkswagen, GM, Ford, and Porsche and has been known for high-quality oil filters for various private labels.

However, SuperTech oil filters are exclusive products supplied by Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, established in 1950 by Sam Walton.

Q: Who makes Walmart SuperTech oil filters?

Walmart SuperTech oil filters are produced by the renowned America-based filtration solution manufacturer Champions Laboratories, Inc. In essence, Walmart owns and supplies these oil filters but outsources the production of this brand of oil filters to Champions Laboratories.

Impressively, Champions Laboratories is renowned for manufacturing some of the best products in the industry. This company employs only the best materials for constructing its products; hence, SuperTech oil filters reach high OE requirements.

Q: What does a SuperTech ST10060 oil filter fit?

The SuperTech ST10060 oil filter is an excellent product compatible with a wide range of vehicles, such as Buick, Chrysler, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Jeep, and Dodge. It ensures that modern demanding engines of such cars can run smoothly without contaminants from the motor oil passing through and causing problems.

This oil filter can withstand harsh conditions and last through 10,000-mile service/oil change intervals. Furthermore, the high-strength center tube of this product ensures the constant and proper flow of the motor oil.

Q: Is SuperTech a good brand?

SuperTech is a household name for the best oil filters, as the products from this label effectively prevent dirt and grime from getting to the engine. These oil filters’ high standards and sturdy construction make them a suitable replacement option.

You can rely on such products to work optimally since they meet OE requirements. Again, the blend of organic and synthetic fibers for the filtration media, coupled with the super-strong center tube, allows proper oil flow to the vehicle’s engine.

Final Words

A clogged or damaged oil filter could cause a series of problems, such as decreased engine performance, oil pressure gauge dropping, and engine sputtering; hence, the need for a suitable replacement. In this case, you should try SuperTech oil filters, as they are known for their efficiency and filtration capabilities.

But who makes SuperTech oil filters?

Champions Laboratories, Inc. manufactures SuperTech oil filters. This American manufacturer is known for producing different automotive accessories. You should read through this piece to learn more about SuperTech oil filters and their excellent features.


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