Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive – Oil Change Prices 2024

Car owners often overlook regular oil changes, but they play a critical role in maintaining the health and longevity of your vehicle. Amazingly, frequent oil changes help ensure fresh, clean oil is circulating through your engine, keeping it running smoothly.

Take 5 Oil Change, a national chain of express oil change and car wash centers, can be your go-to option. Take 5 is known for its quick and convenient service, but its prices can be higher than some other oil change providers. 

Our close inspection finds a plethora of reasons why Take 5 oil changes can be more expensive than other providers. First, Take 5 uses premium oil and filters. Second, Take 5 offers a variety of add-on services. Third, Take 5 is a national chain with higher overhead costs than smaller, independent oil change shops.

If you are looking for a quick and convenient oil change with premium oil and filters, then Take 5 may be a good option for you. Read on to learn more about this oil change service, why it is that costly, and then decide if the high price is worth it. 

how much is a take 5 full synthetic oil change

Take 5 Oil Change Explained

Take 5 Oil Change, as its name hints, is a company that specializes in motor oil change, among many other services. A brainchild of Mont Montgomery, Take 5 Oil Change has been operational since 1984, when it had a single outlet in Metairie, Louisiana. Initially, this oil change partner had a traditional garage-like store, and it expanded to three in its founding area.

The firm grew fast, establishing branches in other parts of the country, and ventured into Canada in 1985 with a shop in Mississauga, Ontario. Take 5 stirred up the vehicle servicing scene when it introduced a stay-in-your-car oil change. The shop’s design incorporated a pit to allow for drive-through servicing, translating to speed and efficiency. This operation model proved popular with clients.

Typically, vehicle maintenance will take 10-15 minutes, with the qualified staff ensuring you get the best. Take 5 vs. Walmart oil change; which is better? Walmart Oil Change comes top courtesy of accessibility and affordability. On the other hand, Take 5 offers fast services, and you don’t have to book an appointment. Additionally, it opens early and remains so till late and on weekends.

When visiting this auto-service store for an oil change, you pick from synthetic, semi-synthetic, and regular engine oil. All the products are high-quality, coming from renowned oil brands. A Take 5 Oil Change near me search is simple, requiring you to visit the website and specify your location. You will see the available store locations and their operating times.

Take 5 Oil Change Price List 2024

A crucial part of Take 5 Oil Change reviews looks at its price. Highlighted below is the cost of the oil change, depending on the product.

Oil Change Services Price Per Quart
Regular oil $5.97
Semi-synthetic $7.97
High-mileage $6.97
Edge $8.97
Mobil 1 $9.97

As you can see from the price list, regular oil is the cheapest, while synthetic entries like Edge are on the higher side. It is advisable to use synthetic oil courtesy of its efficiency, especially if you own new vehicle models.

Take 5 Vs. Other Providers: Comparison of Prices

 If you’re considering an oil change, I suggest comparing prices from different providers. It is a super smart move to make sure you’re not overpaying. And guess what? I’ve got a table below showing the price differences between Take 5 and other providers.

Name of Providers Standard Oil Change Price Full Synthetic Oil Change Price
Take 5 49.99$ 79.99$
Valvoline 49.99$ 89.99$
Jiffy Lube 44.99$ 84.99$
Firestone 49.99$ 74.99$
Meineke 29.99$ 69.99$

What Does Take 5 Oil Change Include?

Take 5 primarily deals in oil change and stocks products from notable oil brands for the maintenance routine. As earlier hinted, you don’t need an appointment to maintain your car at Take 5’s shops. Besides lubricant replacement, this servicing companion also deals with the following.

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Engine and cabin air filter cleaning and Replacement 
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Undercoating
  • Power steering and transmission fluid Check
  • Wiper blade installation 
  • Seasonal tire changeover
  • Car wash

When visiting a Take 5 shop near you, you indicate the service you want, and you receive the directions. Most of the routines are fast and don’t require you to leave your vehicle. The experienced and friendly technicians will help you find the best products for your car’s maintenance, depending on your preferences and cost. Furthermore, they offer vehicle care tips for the best on-road experience and longevity.

The servicing environment is conducive, and the shops provide the daily newspaper, satellite TV, and magazines to keep you busy as your car gets attended to. You also get complimentary beverages like tea, coffee, chocolate, or a glass of water.

Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive?

Take 5 Oil Change is considered more expensive than other oil change businesses for a few reasons. Along with the reasons hinted at in the previous section, you have the critical factors for the hiked price of the Take 5 oil change below.

  • They use high-quality oil and filters. Take 5 Oil Change uses high-quality oil and filters to protect your engine and keep it running smoothly. This type of oil and filter is more expensive than the lower-quality options.
  • They have highly trained and certified technicians. Take 5 Oil Change technicians are highly trained and certified to perform oil changes and other maintenance services on your car. This level of training and certification comes at a cost, which is reflected in the price of their services.
  • They offer a variety of additional services. In addition to oil changes, Take 5 Oil Change also provides various other services, such as tire rotations, brake inspections, and battery replacements. These additional services can add to the overall cost of your visit.
  • They have a convenient and quick service model. Take 5 Oil Change is known for its convenient and quick service model. You can get your oil changed in 15 minutes or less. This convenience comes at a cost, reflected in their services’ price.
  • Their location and real estate expenses. Take 5 Oil Change locations are typically high-traffic areas, which can drive up their real estate costs. These costs are also reflected in the price of their services.
  • Their marketing and advertising costs. Take 5 Oil Change spends a lot of money on marketing and advertising. This helps them to reach a wider audience and attract more customers. However, these costs are also reflected in the price of their services.
  • Their franchise fees. Take 5 Oil Change is a franchise business, meaning each location must pay a franchise fee to the parent company. This fee is also reflected in the price of their services.

An observant car owner should always notice that the added price claimed by Take 5 oil change is compensation, in one way or another. Ultimately, whether or not Take 5 Oil Change is worth the price is a personal decision. However, other oil change businesses offer lower prices if you are on a budget.

Types/Variations of Oil That Take 5 Uses

You should consult your car’s owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will tell you what type of oil is recommended for your vehicle based on its make, model, and mileage. Here is what Take 5 Oil Change offers. Three types and four oil variations for their oil changes include regular, semi-synthetic, full synthetic, and high mileage oil.

Regular: Regular oil is the most basic type of oil made from mineral oil. It is the least expensive option, but it also provides the least amount of protection for your engine.

Semi-synthetic: Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil. It is more expensive than regular oil, but it provides better protection for your engine.

Full-synthetic: Full synthetic oil is made from synthetic oil and is the most expensive option. It provides the best protection for your engine and can help to extend its lifespan.

High-mileage Oil: Take 5 Oil Change offers high-mileage oil for cars over 75,000 miles. They use a high-mileage synthetic blend oil designed to help reduce oil burn-off and engine.

How much is a Take 5 full synthetic oil change?

If you want to rev up your engine with a Take 5 full synthetic oil change, ensuring your ride has top-notch protection, it will cost you just $79.99. Beyond any dispute, it’s a bit higher on the price scale. But who can put a price on your engine’s performance?

Yes, you have a cheaper alternative if you’re on a budget. You can grab a conventional oil change at Take 5 for just $35. Moreover, it’s the quick fix that keeps your engine running smoothly.

Why go synthetic, given you have affordable alternatives? Synthetic oil fill is not just an oil change; it’s a boost for your engine’s superhero mode. Going fully synthetic amounts to unleashing better protection and performance like never before.

How often should you treat your engine? Well, that depends on your driving style, what your vehicle craves, and what the manufacturers suggest. So, it’s time to hit the road with a happy engine.

Full Oil Change Service Prices at Take 5 – 2023

Oil Change Type Price for Every 5 Quarts
Castrol GTX High Magnatac $ 58.93
Castrol Edge (Synthetic) $ 76.93
Castrol GTX Ultra Clean $ 41.193
Five-Minute Motor Oil Change Prices Conventional $41.93
Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil Change Price $ 56.93
Castrol Edge Extended Performance $ 84.99

Take 5 Oil Change Contact Number

Take 5 Oil Change is easily accessible if you have any queries. You can reach its support center via phone, email, or by visiting its physical stores. Additionally, it is present on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit Take 5’s website to get the contact number and other relevant details of shops around your location.


What Is the World’s Most Expensive Oil Change?

The world’s most expensive oil change is by Bugatti, a luxury car brand. Bugattis are high-performance vehicles requiring top-notch maintenance, and an oil change costs around $25000 for a Veyron. As you can see, the price is roughly that of a new vehicle. The servicing is thorough and may take more than 20 hours to have your car ready.

Why Is a Full-Synthetic Oil Change So Expensive?

There are several oil types, including full-synthetic, which many car enthusiasts recommend, though it may be discouraging due to the price factor. The high price of full synthetic oil is due to its quality. It is a rich lubricant formulation free of heavy bases, translating to excellent performance. Your engine will run smoothly with minimal chances of sludge formation. In short, while a full synthetic oil change is expensive, you are sure of desirable results.

What Type of Oil Does Take 5 Use?

Take 5 offers various oil changes using different types of oil: regular, full-synthetic, and synthetic blends. Regular oil is conventional or mineral oil and is suitable for older or heavy-duty vehicles due to its viscosity. Regular oil is the most affordable lubricant.

Full Synthetic is a premium product offered by Take 5 and will enhance your vehicle’s performance in various conditions. The downside of synthetic oil is its cost. A synthetic blend combines the bases of full synthetic oil and regular oil. It is cheaper than full synthetic and has some of its redeeming properties, like being less prone to sludge formation.

What Is the Cheapest Oil for Oil Change?

Conventional oil is the most affordable lubricant at servicing centers. Also referred to as mineral oil, it primarily features base oils from petroleum and is ideal for everyday driving conditions and older vehicles.

Does Take 5 Use Castrol?

Take 5 partners with several oil brands to offer the best car maintenance routines. Castrol is one of the brands that recently got into a long-term partnership with Take 5 Oil Change. You are sure to get various Castrol products at most Take 5 outlets.

What Brand of Oil Is Used at Take 5 Oil Change?

Take 5 Oil Change deals with numerous high-quality brands to ensure clients get the best experience once they leave the auto maintenance shops. It stocks products from brands such as Mobil, Castrol, DuraMAX, and Drydene. You select a brand of your choice when you visit Take 5’s stores and specify the type of product from regular, synthetic, and synthetic blends.

What Is the Price of Take 5 High Mileage Oil Change?

High mileage oil is ideal for vehicles clocking more than 75000 miles. Take 5 has the high-mileage lubricant change service that costs around $6.97, though the price might vary slightly from one service center to another.

How Much Is the Conventional Oil Price Change at Take 5?

Take 5 Oil Change offers conventional oil change, which you may opt for if you want an affordable lubricant replacement service or if you own an older car. The oil change cost is $5.97, and it may be slightly lower or higher depending on your location.

Final Words

Why is Take 5 Oil Change so expensive? This discussion answers this question, and we now know it has to do with product and service quality. Take 5 has a strong relationship with major oil brands such as Mobil 1 and Castrol, whose products can be relatively high due to their top grade.

The service is fast, efficient, and comfortable: you can have refreshments and read a magazine provided by the shop as your car undergoes maintenance. We also learned that Take 5 handles other servicing routines besides oil changes, such as seasonal tire changeovers, car wash, and inspections. Another redeeming factor about Take 5 is that you don’t have to book an appointment.

Check out Take 5 Oil Change’s website for stores within your vicinity and visit them for a fulfilling auto care experience.


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