10 Best Valve Spring Compressor Reviews 2024

If you have performed any kind of repair on your vehicle’s cylinder head or camshaft that involves taking-off or replacing the valve springs, you will know that compressing these springs is not that easy to pull off. There are several faulty methods out there many people use in doing this, which has resulted in damaging their valve springs. You might have struggled with this too. Not too worry! You will get to know about the best valve spring compressors in the market that you should get as soon as possible.

Servicing your vehicle’s system with quality tools is a thought you need to place at high priority, so you can quickly carry-out repairs and get the satisfaction you desire.

These listed valve compressors are very efficient and safe to use; they all have optimum efficiency. Check it out and make a purchase.

Top 3 Valve Spring Compressor Comparison table

OTC 4572 Large Valve...
ARES 15017 - Valve Spring...
Proform 66784 Valve...
OTC 4572 Large Valve...
ARES 15017 - Valve Spring...
Proform 66784 Valve...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
0.085 ounces
5.24 pounds
3.2 pounds
8.2 x 16.5 x 1.5 inches
15 x 8.4 x 1.3 inches
204 x 120 x 36 inches
OTC 4572 Large Valve...
OTC 4572 Large Valve...
Amazon Prime
0.085 ounces
8.2 x 16.5 x 1.5 inches
ARES 15017 - Valve Spring...
ARES 15017 - Valve Spring...
Amazon Prime
5.24 pounds
15 x 8.4 x 1.3 inches
Proform 66784 Valve...
Proform 66784 Valve...
Amazon Prime
3.2 pounds
204 x 120 x 36 inches

The Best Valve Spring Compressor

1. OTC Valve Spring Compressor 4572

This compressor tool is at the peak on our list of the most efficient valve compressors to use. This DOHC valve spring compressor tool is used for various purposes, not just for compressing valve springs in DOHC engines, it is used in all types of engines, and it is easy to transport and store. With this tool, you will be comfortable compressing your valve spring without stress, and it eliminates the chances of getting your valve spring damaged. The OTC valve compressor tool is of steel manufacture, which makes it very durable.

This tool’s outstanding ability is that the manufacturer’s designed this tool to compress your valve spring in less than five minutes. You don’t need to spend that long time on your valve springs anymore like you use to. It can easily compress, take off your keepers, and reduce the tension of your springs. You can look at this tool in any market store, and you will get nothing but great reviews. OTC has taken this to be one of their best valve compressor tools manufactured.

Key Features
  • Valve spring adapters (two)
  • High steel grade material
  • Rigid jaw opening
  • Comfortable grip
  • Throat clearance
  • Standard compressor lever
  • Easily compresses the valve springs on any kind of overhead valve engine.
  • High durability.
  • It provides a clearer view of your valve springs retainers in some choked areas in an engine system.
  • Very efficient.
  • This tool helps resolve most challenges faced during vehicle servicing.
  • You can use the OTC 4572 compressor tool for a variety of purposes.
  • Cannot be easily manipulated.
  • It is quite heavy.

2. OTC Engine Valve Compressor 6684

The OTC valve compressor 6684 is another very efficient and durable overhead valve spring compressor manufactured by OTC. This type of compressor is majorly for Ford and V8 engines. This tool is designed with the best grade of steel, which adds to its long-lasting feature. Car owners or mechanics who have been struggling with changing the valve on V8 and Ford engines should get this tool now. It is easily workable and safe to use.

You can also use this tool for other simple repairs, so you are getting a whole function in just one tool. It has excellent features that will help you handle your vehicle’s valve spring faster and efficiently. You won’t need to break a sweat. The OTC Engine Valve Compressor is up for grabs at most online stores. You need to hurry now and get it.

Key Features
  • Steel tool
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Robust construction
  • It is a rugged tool.
  • Long-lasting
  • The surface of the tool will not rust.
  • You can use this tool to serve other simple repairs.
  • It makes valve spring compressing easier and faster.
  • Unique functions.
  • You have to couple this tool together before you can use it.

3. Ares Valve Spring Compressor

The ARES valve spring compressor is another compressing tool we have termed to be efficient, effective, and reliable. If you are perusing another compressor tool to add to your auto-repair tools collection, you should consider getting this unique compressor tool. This ARES low profile valve spring compressor is made with a compressor lever that provides a much better view of your valve springs retainers that are difficult to see in your vehicle’s engine. This feature will help you easily have a clear view when compressing your valve spring.

This spring compressor tool also allows you to compress your vehicle’s valve springs easily, and ARES designed it to do this fast. You can also operate on several spring retainers having this tool in your palm. ARES designed this tool to make automobile servicing faster and more effective. This tool is also equipped with more features that will help save your valve spring during compression.

Key Features
  • Quality valve spring adapters
  • spring retainers
  • Strong jaw opening
  • Made with steel
  • Comfortable handle
  • Compressor lever
  • It is very durable
  • Can be used to perform other automobile repair functions.
  • Makes valve compressing faster and easier.
  • It is very convenient.
  • Safe to use.
  • Efficient.
  • Protects your valve spring during compression.
  • This tool can create a clear view of your valve spring, allowing you to position the tool on your valve spring properly.
  • It is a little heavy to use.
  • Has a complex operation.

4. OTC Universal Valve Spring Compressor

Here is another OTC tool that is considered one of the best options to consider when planning to purchase a valve compressor tool for your vehicle’s engine. OTC always produces efficient automobile tools which are highly efficient. This tool is amongst their best valve compressor tool produced. It is a universal compressor tool that helps to quickly remove your valve spring. You can use this tool to replace the valve steam seal on many vans, vehicles, and lightweight trucks.

OTC designed this tool to aid car owners, mechanics, or technicians in dealing with a choked-up engine system. One of the unique features of this tool is that you can use it for bench work purposes. It is convenient and easy to use. This compressor tool has many features that increase the benefits enjoyed while using it to perform automobile servicing, including complex repairs. It provides a faster solution to the most common problems encountered during automobile servicing.

OTC Universal Valve Spring Compressor tool has great value and can get it at most online market stores. Every mechanic needs to get this tool.

Key Features
  • Spring adapters
  • Legs for tool stability
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Jaw openings
  • Valve spring retainers
  • Compressor lever
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easily compresses overhead-valve springs.
  • You can use this tool to replace your valve stem seal.
  • Used for simple and complex automobile repairs.
  • This tool can be used for a very long period.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It helps solve some automobile repair difficulties.
  • Very efficient and reliable.
  • Used for bench work purposes.
  • Can be used on trucks, vans, and vehicles.
  • It does not come with a storage case.

5. OTC Valve Spring Compressor 4842

OTC came up with another heavy-duty compressor tool that can be used to compress your valve spring easily. The OTC spring compressor 4842 is made with rugged materials, which makes the tool reliable and durable. It also comes with a molded case that is used to store and organized the tools. You should not overlook the compressor 4842 tool kit. OTC designed it with a steel C-frame. Every mechanic needs to acquire a set like this. Just like the tool listed above, you can use this tool for complex and simple repairs.

The OTC spring compressor 4842 provides solutions to most issues encountered when servicing your vehicle. OTC equipped this tool with unique features that make automobile servicing better and easier. It has a one-year warranty that proves its durability. Its added storage case makes this kit a much better tool than most other compressor tools. The case ensures your tools are well-kept and protected; it also makes transporting the tools easier.

Key Features
  • Steel C-frame
  • Storage case
  • Efficient retainer adapters
  • Steel spring compressor
  • It easily replaces and installs your valve spring without stress.
  • The tools are easily stored and organized.
  • It is easily transported.
  • Easy to lift.
  • It has a limited warranty for a year.
  • Very convenient and efficient.
  • This tool lasts a long.
  • Relatively costly to purchase.
  • Heavy to carry.

6. Ford Spring Compressor, Oemtools

One unique characteristic of this compressor tool is the fact that it is easy to manipulate; this makes spring compression done at a more effortless and faster rate. OEMTOOLS are amongst the top automobile tools in the market. They are very durable and efficient. Many professional mechanics or technicians use this tool and other harbor freight valve spring compressors to remove and replace spring valve springs of various vehicles. The best feature of this tool is that it is lightweight. It works best with a breaker bar or a ratchet.

You do not have to remove various components like the cylinder head of your engine before you can use this tool to compress your valve spring. It is designed to make sure you compress your valve spring with a lot less time. You can use this tool on V8 and Ford engines.

Key Features
  • Made of high-grade material
  • Light-weight
  • It makes valve spring compression faster.
  • Very handy.
  • You do not need to remove your engine’s cylinder head before using this tool.
  • High efficiency.
  • Convenient.
  • Requires less effort to handle.
  • This tool cannot be used on all models of vehicle engines.
  • It is not very affordable.

7. B & S Valve Spring Compressor, 19063

The Briggs & Stratton compressor tool is also one of the best spring compressor tools in the market. You can get this compressor at major online stores. B & S always produce automobile tools that are OEM standards, so you can trust this company to deliver the best. Their tools are of high quality and standard. Plus, they are very durable.

The 19063-valve spring compressor by B & S is a small engine valve spring compressor used to compress the engine head valve springs. Briggs & Stratton manufactured this tool from high-quality materials; that give its durable characteristics. It is a straightforward tool, and you can use it for simple automobile repairs. This tool is also relatively cheap in most online stores. So, if you don’t have a large budget to spend on automobile tools, you can easily go for this.

Key Features
  • Manufactured from steel
  • Strong compressors
  • It is a light-weight tool.
  • Can be used for other simple repairs apart from valve spring compression.
  • High quality.
  • Efficient.
  • Reliable.
  • Durable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Used for simple repairs only.

8. 3mirrors Valve Spring Compressor 67605

This valve compressor spring by 3mirrors is amongst our list of top ten valve springs compressors to consider buying. It is a very durable tool with loads of benefits. It is made up of high standard materials that guarantee the efficiency of the tool. This tool can remove and replace your valve springs without having you do much work. It was specially designed to make valve spring compression very easy to perform, and it can be used on almost all vehicle engines.

Non-mechanics can also conveniently use this foot in servicing their vehicle. It is very convenient and easy to operate. 3mirrors sure did a great job on this tool. This particular brand of spring compression tool is sold worldwide. You can get it at any automobile tool shop. The 67605-compressor tool kit also has added features that will make vehicle servicing better and faster. It is a perfect tool for you if you are a mechanic, car owner, or automobile technician.

Key Features
  • Made from steel
  • Comes with nuts and bolts kit made from steel
  • CNC machined
  • Durable Compressors
  • High durable
  • This tool can be used in most vehicle models.
  • You can also use this tool to perform simple automobile repairs.
  • Very efficient.
  • Can install valve springs in seconds.
  • It eliminates any form of difficulty you might encounter during spring compression.
  • Has complex parts.
  • It is relatively not easy to operate.

9. Proform Valve Spring Compressor 66784

The PROFORM valve spring compressor is one of the most straightforward tools to use when compressing your valve spring. Car owners or mechanics can use this tool. It is a lot convenient and easy to handle. If you need a simple, light-weight, efficient, durable, and affordable tool, then you should get this PROFORM compressor tool now at any automobile market store. It is one of PROFORM’s best automobile tools produced. It was designed with OEM standards.

This simple compressor tool is made from standard materials, and it has a rubber-coated handle that increases the convenience while using it to service your vehicle. It has an exceptional tool designed by PROFORM to enable you easily compress your valve spring. It is straightforward and requires much less effort to operate.

Key Features
  • Steel manufactured.
  • Rubber-coated handle.
  • Spring compressors.
  • It is handy
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Does not require much effort to hold.
  • Convenient for use.
  • It can be used as an air valve spring compressor.
  • You do not need to read a manufacturer’s guide to use this tool.
  • This tool can be used to perform other simple services.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Durable.
  • Cannot be used to perform complex repairs.
  • Not a very fancy tool.

10. Lisle Valve Spring Compressor 23300

Lisle has come up with another masterclass compressor tool that you need to try out. The Lisle valve spring compressor 23300 is another unique compressor tool widely used during automobile repairs and servicing. It is a compressor tool that makes automobile servicing easier and faster. This Lisle spring tool is made to compress valve springs more safely and quickly. It is made from standard materials that will help protect your valve spring while compressing the springs.

This type of Lisle spring compressor is rigid and has strong properties. This backs up the claim of high durability. The best characteristic of this tool is its light-weight, this makes it easily manipulated. This tool is organized in a skin-pack that makes it easier to transport it to different locations. It comes with an affordable price considering its usefulness. You should consider getting this one for yourself.

Key Features
  • Comes in a skin-pack
  • Made from steel
  • Light-weight tool
  • High rigidity
  • Used for springs of different sizes.
  • It is affordable.
  • This tool can be conveniently used.
  • Highly durable and strong.
  • Can be transported to different places easily.
  • Very efficient.
  • It is of great value.
  • Cannot be able to function on all models of vehicle engines.

Things to consider before buying valve spring compressor

If you are not a mechanic, it is best to seek professional advice or assistance before purchasing any automobile tool. For valve spring compressors, there are few factors to consider before buying this type of tool. Knowing the criteria to get the best valve spring compressor in the market will help manage the money you will spend on buying a spring compressor tool. You have to take note of the following factors if you want to ensure you are getting the right tool:

diy valve spring compressor

Tool Material

The material used in manufacturing the compressor tool is a factor that you need to consider. The higher the quality of the material, the more durable the tool will be. No one will want to purchase a tool that can only function for a short period. You have to make sure that the compressor tool is made up of high standard materials. To a large extent, the material of the tool also determines tool efficiency.

Steel is a perfect material that should be used in manufacturing automobile tools. It would be best you purchase tools that are made up of steel.

Nature of tool

The size and length of the tool should also be important factors. Most vehicles have choked up engine system, that makes some areas difficult to reach. If you get a tool that cannot conveniently get to the area where it is supposed to function, it will make it very difficult for you to use that tool. You might also run at a risk of hurting yourself by touching hot areas in your engine system.

Therefore, before you purchase a tool, you need to consider the nature of the tool. However, most manufacturers consider the operation of the tool before manufacturing. Considering this will help them determine how they will form the tool.

Stability of tool

It is important to purchase tools that have features of stability. Tool stability will reduce the chances of the tool falling while using it to carry out repairs. When some type of tools drops on hard surfaces, the effect incurred can reduce the tool’s life span. Hence, check for the stability features of the spring compressor tool before making the purchase. For instance, tools with support feature like stands.


Portability is one of the essential points to consider when purchasing a compressor tool. Though not all quality compressor tools are made portable, it is best to get a portable one. Portable tools are easy to handle and manipulated. You will also be able to carry the tool to any location easily. Portability will make spring compressing easier to perform. But you have to be cautious when considering this factor. Ensure you are confident of the efficiency and durability of the tool before going for portability.


It is advisable to get a compressor tool that produces less noise like the oil-lubricated ones. Though oil-free spring compressor tools are considered more versatile, they are not more efficient than the oil-lubricated compressor tools. Moreover, it can be somehow annoying using tools that make squeaky sounds. The high friction between the parts making the noise can cause the tool to wear out quickly.

Valve Spring Compressor (FAQs)

Q: What does a valve spring compressor do?

Valve spring compressor tools allow you to remove and replace the valve springs or to change stem seals while your vehicle’s cylinder head is still fixed on your engine or when it is removed. The valve spring compressor basically compresses your valve spring, so you will be able to remove the keepers, which is positioned on a retainer and held by a groove on the top part of the valve stem.

The valve spring compressor’s main job is to control the entire valve train by ensuring the proper amount of spring pressure is constantly applied to prevent the valve from bouncing. A valve spring compressor compresses a cylinder to remove locks supported on the retainer and attached with a groove at the upper section of the valve stem, retained by the pressure that is applied beneath the retainer of the valve spring.

Q: How do you use a valve spring compressor?

Removing the valves can be a tough job when rebuilding a cylinder head. It is easier and more in order when using a valve spring compressor tool. The valve spring compressor has openings that are adjustable between 74-164mm and throat clearance of 155mm; this makes it usable for any small and medium overhead valve engines.

The process of how to valve compressor tools depends on the type of compressor tool in your possession. To effectively use the tool, you need to check the manufacturer’s guide to help out. However, simple compressor tools are easily understood.

Q: How do you remove a valve spring without removing the head?

Get your DIY tools box close by. Remove the spark plug for the cylinder that has the fault. Then screw the adaptor into the sparkplug hole, and blow a continuous supply of compressed air into the cylinder through the adaptor.

The spark plug needs to be separated to gain passage to the cylinder; apply care as the end of the spark plug is very brittle, and it is very easy to break if the socket does not stay straight on the plug. Turn the engine with your hand using a socket on the bolt in the front balance; continue this process until the piston is near the bottom dead center.

Ensure the valves are closed by removing the rocker arms. Use the bottom of a hammer to tap the valve spring retainer to break the attachment between the keeper and the retainer. Place a wire or rope into your cylinder through the spark plug hole in a continuous manner.

Repeat the process of rotating the engine manually. Use a valve compressor fit for the head, compress the valve spring, then remove the keepers and the spring. Complete repairs and rotate the engine in the opposite direction.

Q: How do you install a valve spring?

You can do this by installing the retainer and valve locks, pulling them together tightly while steadily holding the valve assembly, and measuring the distance between the spring seat and the retainer’s step. Use a height of micrometer and a set of calipers.

Repeating this procedure, make sure to locate all the smallest heights, which later becomes valve spring installed heights for the cylinder heads. Make sure set heights are within .0.20″ on all the valves. Check for coil bind after you have installed the valve spring.

Add pressure to the cylinder to hold the valve in place. When cylinder heads are on the engine, hold the valve in place using a pair of valve locks and compress the spring using a magnet to remove the locks. Add shims between the valve seat and lower the retainer to get the desired height, reinstall the new valve springs with the upper retainer and the valve locks.

Q: When should the valve spring be replaced?

You should replace your valve spring when they are out of the square. If the spring bends to one side with more than 1/30inch when placed against a 900 square, the coils are out of shape, and the valve spring needs replacement.

When the valve spring is broken or weak, which causes driving problems such as noise, compression loss, and severe engine damage, replacement is needed. A faulty valve spring can fall into the cylinder and lead to your engine knocking and damage to nearby parts. To avoid faults in your engine system, you have to replace the valve springs.

How do I know if I have a broken valve spring in my vehicle?

You can do this by observing the engine’s vacuum gauge readings at an idle or progressively high speed. If the problems are due to a weak valve spring, the vacuum readings showing on the gauge will vacillate as the engine speed increases.

A broken valve spring will cause engine problems like a misfire and loss of engine power. It will also cause too much valve noise, compression loss, and severe internal engine damage. When a spring breaks, it causes collapse just enough for the valve to drop into the cylinder, where the piston strikes it.

The valve starts to float when it cannot keep up with the engine speed; this is a symptom of a broken valve, causing hydraulic lifters to pump up and exhaust valves to run hot, burn and fail. A broken valve spring cannot hold the valve shut at all.

Q: What is the cost of installing a valve spring?

To install a valve spring costs between $850-$1,900 depending on your car’s type or model. The processes involved in replacing valve seals include separating the entire engine until it reaches the valve spring. The valve replacement cost may be up to $120 for a valve that needs replacing on new engines, with the cost is higher for an engine with over twelve valves. Finally, the total valve job can cost up to $1200.

Final Words

We are sure this article has been able to enlighten you on how to purchase valve spring compressors. So if you want to get the best valve spring compressor in the market, kindly purchase any of the listed compressor tools in this article, or you can let us know your considerations so that we can help you out.

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