The Best Remanufactured Engines Reviews 2024

When your vehicle’s engine life is on its last days, with symptoms such as engine overhauling, the wise decision is to replace it. We also suggest this recommendation, where you can check out the various crate or remanufactured engines available in the market.

We are here to help you find the best in either remanufactured or crate engines. Check out our article to help you get the best remanufactured engines.

So what are remanufactured engines, and how do they differ from other engine types? This is a question any person in the auto-repair industry may have. Remanufactured engines are the refurbished older engines.

They have worn out parts replaced, and the entire engine is brought to a new condition, the same shape as newly manufactured engines. Remanufacturing involves the replacement of some parts, reusing of others, and additional essential components. It is an excellent option for most automobile owners due to their affordability, performance, and they also fare well when it comes to conserving the environment.

Let us look at some of the best crate engines you may encounter in the market.

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A-Team Performance -...
Genuine GM (10067353)...
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Genuine GM (10067353)...
Genuine GM (10067353)...
A-Team Performance -...
A-Team Performance -...

The Best Re-manufactured Engines

01. Genuine GM 5.7L Gen O Engine

If you have a car restoration project, where you want to make your vintage roadworthy again, you can opt for the Genuine GM 5.7 L Gen O engine. It is a sturdy engine, suitable for older cars and trucks as well as street rods.

All the engine parts are brand new, making it one of the best crate engines you may encounter.  Performance-wise, it is very sturdy, promising you the best feats when it comes to hitting the tarmac.

The engine has a base horsepower of 195 units, which you can further tune up to 260 when you focus on the injection and intake configuration.  The engine’s compression ratio is at 8.5:1, which makes the older cars more street-worthy as most had a higher rate.

Other features of this remanufactured engine are the 4-inch bore, 4-bolt mains, and painted valve covers.  The oil pans and timing covers likewise feature a coat of paint, which makes them resistant to natural and physical elements such as rust.

The engine also has drills for both left and right-hand dipsticks.

  • The engine is suitable for both old and new car models.
  • It is a powerful engine when you look at its performance, and capable of up to 260 horsepower.
  • The painting on some of the components makes them durable.
  • It has an impressive compression ratio.
  • The engine does not come with components such as valve covers and a flywheel.

02. Chevrolet Performance 6.2 L Engine Crate GM

The Chevrolet performance 6.2-liter engine is a worthy option if you have older cars that you want to restore. It is a powerful engine that you can fix into your pre-1976 streetcar, hotrod, or truck. The power that it is capable of makes it suitable for off-road vehicles, with a guarantee of a smooth ride.

This V-8 displacement engine has a 4.06-inch bore length and 3.622-inch stroke length, suitable dimensions to bring your vehicle’s performance at par with the new generation models. This engine also takes the price when it comes to durability.

The block is a cast aluminum craft, which is a sturdy material capable of resisting heat and other natural elements. The metal pistons feature a powder coat, which improves their sturdiness. The engine has an impressive compression ratio of 10.7:1 that, if fitted to restored cars, will enhance their performance.

  • It fits into a variety of cars, both new and older models.
  • It is a powerful V-8 engine with a power of 525 hp.
  • The engine is durable courtesy of its aluminum build and powdered metal pistons.
  • It has an excellent compression ratio of 10.7:1.
  • Consumption and maintenance may be quite costly.
  • Not suitable for marine applications.

03. Genuine GM Economy Performance Engine

If you have a vintage car that you want to refurbish back to its honor, then the Genuine GM economy performance engine is the ideal part for its hood. It is a robust part, which, if you get, you can bid goodbye to engine problems, such as sustained wear and overheating. It is a common occurrence in used and old engines, with this one promising you power when you fix it to your classic car.

When looking at the Genuine GM economy engine’s performance, you have a 350 horsepower limit to your advantage when you hit the tarmac. Such figures are ideal for streetcars or any sports-oriented vehicle. You may also use it for off-road vehicles for a perfect tread on rough terrain, so long as you got a fit suspension system to boot. It is capable of torque of 326 feet-per-pounds, giving you a spoiler of how powerful your vehicle will be with this essential component.

It is compatible with automatic transmission, and it is durable courtesy of its clean aluminum engine parts. Aluminum is relatively resistant to heat and other elements, such as rust.

  • It is a powerful part, capable of 350 horsepower and 326lb-ft of torque.
  • It is a versatile engine that you may use for older cars and supports automatic transmission.
  • It is a long-lasting component.
  • The engine is not suitable for cars with a mass of over 6000 pounds.

04. PROFessional Powertrain HP97

If you are looking to get a reliable engine, efficiency is an area you need to look at for you to get a well-performing car part. Among the most efficient engine that you can land in the market is the PROFessional powertrain HP97. Its reliability comes from its manufacturing process, where it is reverse engineered to point out all blemishes and fix them.

The manufacturing process is technically sound and combines CNC machining and DC torque equipment to create one of the most potent car parts. Quality control personnel check the equipment to ensure that it is up to standards with no flaws present.

The testing part in the manufacturing process involves magnafluxing, where there is spraying of a magnetic, luminous solution to help point out any flaws. The package comes with an installation gasket set and an oil pump, with clear set instructions on fixing these parts.

The PROFessional powertrain HP97 features diamond and CBN abrasives to give off a high-quality finish complementing new-age piston ring technology. The crankshafts are ground on stroke to promote equalized compression for maximized performance.

The 3-angle valve seats ensure optimum sealing for smooth running.

  • The engine is flawless due to a thorough manufacturing and inspection process.
  • It comes with an installation gasket set and an oil pump.
  • The car part is powerful due to the crankshafts’ on the ground on stroke configuration.
  • The diamond and CBN abrasive provide an ideal finishing suitable for present piston ring technology.
  • Not suitable for marine use.

05. PROFessional Powertrain Chevrolet 3.1L

The PROFessional powertrain Chevrolet 3/.1L is one of the best Chevy 350 crate engines you may encounter. The engine comes from one of the best engine manufacturing companies where the rebuilding process looks at the efficiency aspect for the final product to be of the best quality.

Key features of this vital car part, such as compression, oil flow, and oil pressure. The engine sports Federal Aluminum bearings; whose patented thrust improves oiling to the flange. The result is a durable part, which is less susceptible to knocking and thrust failure.

It also features Teflon seals, which are more resilient when it comes to curbing oil seepage due to their adoption of the latest technology in their design. They are also more durable as compared to the standard neoprene seals.

The anodized piston heads are also long-lasting and reduce emissions, being at par with new environmental regulations.

  • It is a great engine fit for smaller cars.
  • This car part is very durable and will last you for a long without the need for a replacement.
  • The Federal Aluminum bearing improves oiling to the thrust flange.
  • The Teflon seals prevent oil seepage.
  • The engine is low on emissions.
  • You need to follow strict maintenance practices for this car component to serve you well.

06. PROFessional Powertrain AMC 4.0L Engine

When talking of efficiency in car part engineering, then the PROFessional powertrain AMC 4.0 L engine, is a true embodiment of this attribute. The manufacturing company reverse-engineers the engines to edge out all flaws, leaving you with the most powerful crate engine, which is very efficient.

All the assembled components are pressure and vacuum tested to ensure that they are of the best quality before leaving the assembly hall. To further guarantee that the remanufactured engine is at par to set standards, it undergoes magnafluxing. This is a testing process, where infrared magnetic particles come to play to check on any flaws of this vehicle component.

Diamond and CBN abrasives on the piston help produce a quality finish, bringing them at the same level as new-age piston ring tech. The cylinder heads use a 3-angle configuration for the valve sealing for a maximum vacuum, which results in a smooth ride.

  • The manufacturing process ensures that the engine is of high quality.
  • The performance of the engine is ideal for small to mid-size cars.
  • It is very durable.
  • The magnafluxing step it undergoes ensures it is entirely flawless.
  • It comes with a recyclable package, which is good for the environment.
  • It is not suitable for marine use.

07. A-Team Performance Front Drive Pulley Kit

When it comes to vehicle engines, power, and durability, you need to look at getting the best vehicle component. A-Team’s performance front drive pulley kit is a true definition of power and strength and warrants an excellent time behind your vehicle’s wheels.

It is a full package that makes it among the most potent crate engines you may encounter. Its aluminum finish makes it a durable component, which is less susceptible to wear. It also comes with a water pump, brackets, and pulleys.

A 160-AMP alternator is in charge of the powering needs and comes with a battery side post, internal regulator, and one-wire support. The SANDEN air conditioning unit provides high-impact cooling, which curbs the engine’s overheating.

  • It fits various cars under the GM or Chevrolet banner.
  • It is a powerful engine that is also durable courtesy of its aluminum casing.
  • It has a high-performance air conditioning unit that prevents the engine from overheating.
  • The 160-AMP alternator provides ample power for the vehicle part.
  • The engine comes with a water pump, brackets, and pulleys.
  • It is not compatible with non-GM vehicles.

Buying Guide

Highlighted above are some of the best remanufactures engines that you may come across in the market. There are vital elements that you need to consider for you to get the best car part when you are out to get one.

This buying guide focuses on these elements that will lead you to the befitting item, depending on your needs.

best crate engines


Price is the most common determinant factor when looking for an ideal car part for your car. The same applies to refurbished engines. When looking at remanufactured engine prices, you need to focus more on affordability.

Affordability is relative and depends on your finances as well as other factors you are looking at. The critical thing is to get a decent bargain where the vehicle part comes at an affordable price but has excellent features.

With these types of engines, getting second-hand models is out of the table, which means you are looking for used engines, mostly of poor quality.

Car Model

Engines are most of the time specific to the car model, though there are versatile types that can fit any model. To be on the safer side, go for an engine matching your vehicle’s make. For example, if you have a Ford car, it is advisable to go for remanufactured Ford engines. The same case applies if you have a Chevrolet or a Toyota.

Use Of The Engine

The use of the engine focuses on car modification, where you want to boost its performance. For example, if you want a part for a sports car, you will go for a powerful engine capable of a high horsepower limit.

If you are looking for a good off-road performer, you will look at the resiliency aspect, focusing on high-level torque.


When looking at the engine’s efficiency, many factors come to play, more importantly, user-friendliness. A user-friendly engine is easy to install, and the standard mechanic tools will aid in installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Efficiency also looks at performance and consumption, where the car parts will consume less fuel, but bring the best feats when the car hits the tarmac.

Look at reviews, concentrating on the pros and cons of crate engines to know how efficient they are once they find their place under the hood of your car.

Pros And Cons Of Remanufactured Engines

As part of the review of remanufactured engines, you need to look at both sides of the coin. Here we are going to look at both the pros and cons of these crate car parts.


  • They are cheaper to manufacture and also to purchase. The low price tag compared to new engines comes about due to the use of parts from old engines.
  • They have a higher efficiency level as compared to used engines. Most of the crate parts undergo a thorough screening process to edge out any flaws.
  • The remanufactured vehicle parts are friendly to the environment as they rely on recycling old engine parts. The remanufacturing process also brings the engine to the set standards, more so with a look on emissions.
  • These engines also come with a warranty, just like a new one. In case of any issue, you can take advantage of the friendly return policy the various dealers offer.
  • Crate engines are also versatile when you look at the various car models they are compatible with. Most of them work perfectly with older models, hence their popularity in vintage restoration garages.


  • The remanufacturing process can be quite long.
  • The crate engines are quite expensive when you compare them against used and rebuilt engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are The Best Crate Engines?

There are several manufacturers of crate engines in the market, with some emerging as the best. Among the stand-out brands include ATK engines, PROFessional and Genuine GM. These brands major inefficiency, user-friendliness, and power, among other determinant factors. They are also versatile when you look at their compatibility with different car models.

Q: Who Makes The Best Ford Crate Engines?

Ford is a common car brand in the market; as such, getting replacement parts is not much of a hassle. When it comes to crate engines, the best engine remanufacturing companies include ROUSH and Jasper engines.

Q: Is Remanufactured The Same As Rebuilt?

Remanufactured and rebuilt are two confusing terms when looking at the state of replacement engines. Many people in the auto-repair scene wrongly use the terms interchangeably. Rebuilt engines have some of the parts replaced after disassembling and inspection, with new additions being brought in to update it.

Remanufactured engines, on the other hand, refer to engines returned to factory state, and they are like new vehicle parts. An essential process with these engine types is the update, where components are brought to standard factory state, reflecting on the existing auto-engineering technology.

Q: How Long Do Remanufactured Engines Last?

According to experts, remanufactured engines can serve you as long as new engines; at times, they may even be more resilient. They are durable due to their hardy nature; hence they are less prone to wear. You need to service it regularly for it to last.

Q: Is It Better To Rebuild Or Replace Engines?

In the case of engine problems, getting a new one to fit under your hood is advisable. If you want a cheaper replacement, rebuilt engines are the best option. However, when you need performance, durability, and overall worth for your money, then the remanufactured engines are the ideal choice.

Final Words

The engine is the heart of your car, and it controls the power supply to all the parts to initiate movement. When your car engine wears due to long periods of use, you need to replace it for your vehicle to get back on the road.

Among the options you have to rejuvenate your car is by opting for remanufactured engines. There are several manufacturers of crate engines in the auto-maintenance scene, and you need to keep your eyes wide to get the best car part.

This article looks at some of the best crate engines you may encounter and a supporting buying guide that shows you what to consider when looking for one. The crate engines are reliable and are also environmentally friendly. Look for the best the market has to offer and bring your vehicle back to life.

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