Walmart Battery Vs. AutoZone Battery: A Faceoff of The Superior Retailer

When replacing your car battery, you should look for a reliable retailer that guarantees quality and the best shopping experience. Several entities deal in aftermarket batteries, each claiming to offer high-standard services, which is not always the case. To save you from the stress of finding an ideal retailer, Walmart battery vs. AutoZone battery discussion is arranged.

Walmart and AutoZone are giant car part dealers, boasting diverse product catalogs and a large customer base. Choosing between the two companies can be challenging as they offer high-quality products at competitive prices, with amazing rewards as a top-up.

We step in to help with this faceoff by comparing the retailers to guide you to the most suitable aftermarket battery partner.

walmart battery vs autozone battery

Walmart Battery Overview

Walmart is a global retail corporation with over 10500 stores in 24 countries. Walmart stores stand out courtesy of their adaptability, evident from their vast products, comprising groceries, clothing and shoes, electronics, and auto parts, among many more.

You find car batteries under the vehicle parts section. Walmart stocks top battery brands, such as:

  • Optima
  • Odyssey
  • Full Throttle
  • Universal Power Group
  • ValuePower
  • Battle Born
  • Chrome
  • Dakota Lithium

EverStart is Walmart’s in-house battery brand, a Johnson Controls, Inc. product, with several battery types under its tag. EverStart Value is the budget pick, but you can upgrade to Plus, which is cheaper but offers more power.

EverStart Maxx is perfect for extreme conditions, supported by its sturdiness. EverStart Platinum works well with modern vehicles with high power demands. Other brands likewise have grades, such as Optima, with YellowTop, BlueTop, and RedTop varieties, each meeting different vehicle needs.

Apart from batteries, Walmart has accessories like chargers, jump starters, cables, adapters, and terminal clamps.

How good are Walmart batteries? Walmart partners with various battery brands, like the earlier highlighted ones. These battery brands have a strong reputation for dealing in quality products and won’t shortchange you. Like other stores, you may encounter a brand or two that don’t live up to expectations, especially the cheaper options.

walmart batteries

Are Walmart Batteries Good?

Walmart is an excellent companion for your aftermarket battery needs, with something for everyone. This retailer’s inventory consists of different kinds of batteries from other brands, plus accessories like jump starters and chargers.

The batteries are high quality, and you will get something worth your budget. The staff are supportive; you can consult them about any queries regarding this car component. Walmart has plenty of stores spread all over the country; thus, getting what you need from its stores is easy.

You don’t have to physically visit Walmart to buy a battery. The company has a retail website where you can effortlessly purchase the desired product and wait for its delivery.

Walmart has fantastic offers and reward programs that you should check out for impressive bargains when replacing your battery. Furthermore, this retailer has many car parts, like tires, spark plugs, brakes, paint, lighting, and suspension components.

AutoZone Battery Overview

AutoZone is among the best online auto parts stores and has been a mainstay in the auto repair scene for over 40 years. This online retailer solely deals in car parts, with an extensive catalog to boot. AutoZone batteries are of superior standards, coming from brands that don’t compromise on quality.

The battery brands include:

  • ACDelco
  • Optima
  • Odyssey
  • Valucraft
  • Duralast
  • Econocraft

Please note that Duralast is AutoZone’s in-house battery brand manufactured by Johnson Controls. Under the Duralast tag, you get OE, Gold, and Platinum batteries.

Duralast OE is an OE-grade battery with specifications similar to your vehicle’s original battery. Duralast Gold is more powerful, with a high cold cranking amperage, hence its suitability for extreme driving conditions.

Two battery types bear the Duralast Platinum name: enhanced flooded battery (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM). The former suits vehicles with start-stop systems, courtesy of its resiliency against repeated charge and discharge cycles. AGM batteries are durable and supported by a leak-proof and vibration-resistant design.

Odyssey and Optima batteries also have multiple grades. Odyssey has the Performance and Extreme batteries, while Optima has YellowTop, BlueTop, and RedTop batteries.

As a dedicated auto parts seller, AutoZone provides battery accessories like:

  • Battery covers
  • Clamps
  • Terminal bolts
  • Battery terminals
  • Auxiliary batteries
  • Battery hold down
  • Terminal charging posts

How much is an AutoZone battery? The cost depends on several factors, such as brand, ratings, and more. Generally, the prices are friendly, with several offers you can take advantage of.

When changing your battery at AutoZone, you will enjoy free services like testing, charging, and recycling.

autozone batteries


Are AutoZone Batteries Good?

Your experience with AutoZone batteries depends on the brand. Some brands are renowned for their quality and guarantee the best experience. You might encounter brands that are not as good, and it may be due to incorrect product selection or the battery is of low quality.

The good news is that AutoZone’s customer support is helpful and will help you pick the befitting power unit, depending on your budget. Speaking of budget, this auto parts retailer has a vast inventory, meaning you will get a product that matches your finances.

The service is excellent, with perks like free testing and charging. Moreover, you can dispose of your old batteries at AutoZone’s stores for recycling.

Walmart Battery Vs. AutoZone Battery: Main Differences

Picking between Walmart battery vs. AutoZone battery will be a walk in the park when you factor in various attributes. The following are some of these crucial attributes.

Product Quality

Quality should be the first consideration when choosing the ideal battery seller. A high-grade battery will serve you for long without hitches like dying or corrosion. Walmart and AutoZone don’t disappoint when it comes to quality. They partner with renowned battery brands such as Optima, ACDelco, and Odyssey, which bring their A-game in product standards.

While Walmart stocks top-standard batteries, it also has a massive collection of generic brands, which may not be excellent performers. AutoZone does not stock many generic battery brands.

Still, on product quality, we look at the Duralast vs. EverStart review to see how the in-house brands of the two retailers fare against each other. On the battlefront, we can spar the Duralast Platinum AGM H6 against EverStart’s Platinum AGM H6.

The two are equals, with a similar cold cranking amperage of 760, making them suitable for intense climates and driving habits. Keep in mind that Duralast and EverStart are products of the same company, Johnson Controls Inc., which can explain their similarities.

Regarding product quality, it is a tight duel between the two firms, with AutoZone emerging victorious due to its low collection of generic battery brands.

Retailer Inventory

AutoZone and Walmart owe their success to many factors, primarily an extensive product catalog. The large catalogs are convenient for customers, who are sure to get what they want or something closer.

Walmart and AutoZone’s inventory comprises car, RV, SUV, truck, lawn mower, and golf cart batteries. The batteries fall into more subcategories. For instance, Walmart’s batteries can be:

  • 51R
  • AGM
  • Lithium
  • Deep cycle

On the other hand, AutoZone battery subcategories are:

  • Valve-regulated
  • Deep cycle
  • Dry cell
  • Gel cell

These batteries serve various purposes, and an attendant can guide you on their specifications. The two dealers stock generic battery models, with Walmart having a larger inventory.

Apart from batteries, the two retailers also deal in add-ons like chargers and jump-starting kits. While their battery catalog may be the same, AutoZone has a broader accessory collection than its counterpart, with components that may be hard to find from other retailers.

Does AutoZone sell EverStart batteries? A quick search for EverStart batteries on AutoZone’s website yields zero results, possibly due to the competitor aspect. Likewise, you won’t find Duralast batteries on Walmart’s stores and website; instead, there are replacement batteries. 


When discussing availability, we focus on how easy it is to get to the retailer in different locations. AutoZone and Walmart are giant retail outlets with a strong presence in and out of the country.

Walmart has a wider market reach, with over 10500 locations in 24 countries. Out of this figure, more than 4600 are in the USA. Other countries that Walmart is present in include Chile, India, Mexico, Canada, the UK, and Brazil.

AutoZone has around 7000 stores, with over 6300 being in the USA. The remainder is shared by Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands.

The two auto parts dealers have online stores for convenience. Nevertheless, Walmart is the victor in availability, as it has more locations with a substantial global presence.


Many people opt for aftermarket car parts due to their relatively low pricing and prefer dealers with friendly-priced products. There are several takeaways from the Walmart battery vs. AutoZone battery cost consideration.

First, the price of some batteries is the same for both retailers. A good example is the Optima YellowTop 750 CCA size 34 battery, which goes for $309.99 on either marketplace. For brands like Odyssey, certain batteries are expensive on AutoZone but cheaper on Walmart and vice versa, though the price difference is relatively thin.

We can bring up the EverStart vs. Duralast price discussion, where we once again weigh the EverStart Platinum AGM H6 against the Duralast Platinum AGM H6. The two are similar batteries, coming from the same manufacturer. Walmart’s EverStart Platinum AGM H6 costs roughly $180, whereas AutoZone’s Duralast Platinum AGM H6 goes for around $250.

Generally, you will find the prices of most Walmart batteries to be cheaper than AutoZone’s. Nevertheless, AutoZone redeems itself through its discounts, offers, and rewards programs.

Although Walmart may have offers like cash backs and the Walmart Rollback program, they hardly match up to those offered by AutoZone. Walmart has financing options that allow you to pay for batteries in installments.


AutoZone and Walmart’s warranty terms differ depending on the brand. For their in-house battery brands, the terms are very friendly. A 36-month warranty covers AutoZone’s Duralast Platinum and Gold batteries. The regular Duralast comes with a 24-month protection period.

Walmart’s EverStart Value batteries have a one-year free replacement warranty, whereas the Plus batteries have a 2-year window. A 3-year and 4-year free replacement warranty covers EverStart Maxx and Platinum, respectively.

Optima batteries from both retailers have a 24-month warranty. Odyssey batteries have a 48-month cover. Judging by their respective in-house brands, we can see that Walmart offers the best warranty policies, especially on premium products. AutoZone also has a friendly policy, which is more balanced.

Shipping and Returns

When looking for the perfect auto parts dealer, it is necessary to review crucial policies, like shipping and returns. Walmart and AutoZone have physical stores nationwide, allowing for direct pickups and same-day delivery. Typically, deliveries take 2-3 days for both companies, and they don’t handle international shipping.

Walmart has a 90-day car battery guarantee that allows you to get a cash refund or exchange your battery if the one you bought fails tests. Once the 90 days elapse, you can only bank on the warranty.

AutoZone requires you to return purchased items within 90 days. The battery should be in its original packaging and form, with a receipt acting as proof of purchase.

You must pay shipping fees for either company, and the payable amount varies depending on distance, urgency, and offers. Speaking of offers, both firms have reward programs that waive or reduce shipping costs.

Customer Service

Walmart and AutoZone stay ahead in their retail game by offering customer-oriented services, which explains their immense clientele base. Their respective staffs are efficient and dedicated to helping you with any queries you may have with their products.

The two auto component dealers have top-grade websites for remote shopping. Additionally, they have mobile apps that work on iOS and Android devices and are excellent for shopping. AutoZone’s website has a blog section with a sector that provides necessary information about batteries, like types, uses, and the most suitable for various applications.

AutoZone will test, recharge, and recycle your battery for free. Actually, when recycling your battery, AutoZone will offer you a gift card or other rewards. Most of its stores accept the batteries.

Walmart battery replacement includes free testing and installation. Does Walmart recycle batteries? This firm recycles batteries and other electronic waste. However, its recycling program is not as straightforward as AutoZone’s, as it partners with other companies that recycle the waste.

In case of a problem with the batteries, you can visit your nearest Walmart or AutoZone store for help. Alternatively, you can contact the firm’s respective support center via call. AutoZone has many communication channels, like phone calls, live chat, or leaving a website or store feedback.

Customer Reviews

An easy way to pick between Walmart and AutoZone batteries is by checking out customer reviews. The reviews will offer a first-hand insight into how good the sellers are. Many people consider AutoZone batteries pricey, though they also appreciate the quality of services, especially the recycling part, as evident from this Reddit contribution.

Walmart customer reviews are generally positive, lauding this seller’s competitive prices. This comment highlights Walmart’s friendly warranty terms and how easy it is to get help, as there are many stores in the country.

You should dig through reputable auto discussion forums for a spoiler on AutoZone and Walmart’s services to guide you to the right marketplace.

The following table summarizes AutoZone battery vs. Walmart battery differences.

Aspect Walmart Battery AutoZone Battery
Quality Generally high with a decent collection of generic brands High quality with few generic models
Price Cheaper Pricey, though with excellent discounts and offers
Product Catalog Large Large
In-house brand EverStart Duralast
Installation Free Paid
Recycling It is quite complicated as it relies on third parties to recycle e-waste A free and straightforward process. You can get a gift card or other rewards when you bring in a battery for recycling.
Warranty Friendly terms, with a hassle-free claims process A friendly warranty, though it can be pretty strict

Are Batteries Cheaper at Walmart Or AutoZone?

The Walmart battery vs. AutoZone battery price discussion is crucial when choosing the befitting marketplace. Walmart is famous for its affordability, an element that remains constant in its battery deals. AutoZone batteries are pricey, though you can get a decent bargain during purchases if you bank on its numerous offers and discounts.

Walmart’s affordability comes into play when you compare its in-house brand, EverStart, to Duralast, which is AutoZone’s brand. Despite being products of the same manufacturer (Johnson Controls Inc.), Duralast is pricier than its counterpart, a difference that can be as much as $80.

Is It Better to Buy Batteries at Walmart Or AutoZone?

If you are looking for an aftermarket battery, Walmart and AutoZone will have your back, assuring you of the best value on your purchase. When picking the finest between the two, you consider price, accessibility, customer services, and more.

Typically, Walmart batteries are more affordable and easier to get due to the abundance of Walmart stores. AutoZone batteries are relatively expensive, though customers can get a reprieve courtesy of fantastic offers and rewards.

AutoZone nails it in customer service quality. It solely operates as an automotive parts store, meaning the attendants can offer top-notch consultancy on batteries and other components. It also provides free testing, charging, and recycling.

This Walmart battery vs. AutoZone battery comparison is crucial when looking for an ideal battery seller.


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