Duralast Vs. EverStart Battery – Know the Pros & Cons

You can’t afford to go wrong when picking a battery for your car, considering its significance. A bad battery comes short in many areas, translating to a lousy driving experience. Steering you to the right path, we present the Duralast vs. EverStart review.

To many people, Duralast and EverStart are underdog brands that hardly match the excellence of top battery manufacturers, considering their association with auto part retailers. This is a wrong assumption, which many car pundits can attest to after using them. An in-depth look at the two battery brands will reveal their key features and debunk myths about them.

Duralast Overview

Duralast battery
Image Credit: Duralastparts

Duralast Battery is AutoZone’s in-house brand. AutoZone is a giant car parts retailer with an extensive product catalog and client base. Who makes Duralast batteries? AutoZone does not manufacture the batteries.

AutoZone used to get the batteries from Johnson Controls, an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in Cork, Ireland. However, Johnson Controls sold its power division to Brookfield Business Partners, now Clarios.

Clarios maintains the standards set by Johnson Control. The batteries undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are in excellent shape, guaranteeing exceptional performance.

Duralast boasts a diverse inventory, with various types of batteries to meet different needs. Duralast OE batteries meet the manufacturer’s specifications, such as cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity. They are ideal if you want to stick with your automaker’s recommendations.

If you want more power, you can upgrade to Duralast Gold, which outperforms OE-grade batteries. Duralast Gold has a higher cold cranking amperage; thus, it is suitable for extreme climatic and driving conditions.

Duralast Platinum battery is available in two options: Duralast Platinum EFB and AGM. Duralast Platinum EFB, or enhanced flooded battery, recharges fast for consistent power provision to cars with immense power needs. The Duralast Platinum absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery is perfect for modern vehicles with start/stop technology and add-ons with high power demands.

There is also the duralast marine battery, built for marine and RV applications. This battery is resistant to vibrations and contains a high-density paste for efficiency and durability.

EverStart Overview

everstart battery
Image Credit: Walmart

Flipping the page of our discussion, we focus on EverStart battery, a brand owned by Walmart, an American retail corporation. Walmart does not manufacture the batteries; instead, it sources them from reputable manufacturers, then rebrands them. So, who makes EverStart batteries, then?

Clarios is behind EverStart batteries, the same company responsible for Duralast batteries. As hinted earlier, Clarios came by after the sale of Johnson Controls’ power division. In the past, EverStart batteries came from Johnson Controls.

There are several items with the EverStart name, including jump starters and chargers. We focus more on the batteries, where you discover a wide variety. The EverStart Value is a budget selection, with the batteries having a cold cranking amperage of 490 to 650.

The EverStart Plus offers slightly more power at a reasonable rate. For sturdiness and reliability, you can upgrade to the EverStart Maxx, whose CCA is around 800. It is ideal for extreme climates. For modern cars with high electrical needs and heavy demands, the EverStart Platinum is the best pick.

EverStart marine batteries are typically lead-acid, with excellent cycling and charging capacity. They are heavy-duty and easy to maintain.

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Duralast vs. EverStart Differences

The first part of the Duralast vs. EverStart comparison reveals that the two are products of the same company, Clarios. We also learn that they are in-house brands of reputable American retailers. A look at their differences will help you understand their selling appeals, which is crucial in picking the finest. We cover the contrasts based on the following points.

Duralast Vs. EverStart

1. Cold Cranking Amps

When buying a battery, it is critical to consider its cold-cranking amps (CCA). Batteries may experience difficulties starting the engine in harsh weather. The CCA rating shows how many amps a charged battery will produce at 0⁰F in a 30-second while maintaining at least 7.2 volts. Batteries with a higher CCA will have a greater and better starting power.

On the Duralast vs. EverStart cold cranking amps comparison, we can appreciate the product diversity of the two brands. The batteries have different CCA ratings, with Duralast having the lowest at 400 on a 67R battery. EverStart’s lowest figure is 490 on a size 35 battery.

The CCA rating depends on the battery type. In this case, we can weigh Duralast Gold vs. EverStart Maxx, the high-performance batteries of each brand. Here, we see both have a CCA ranging between 650 and 800, which is a decent value.

2. Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity (RC) is the duration in minutes that a 12v battery can sustain a load of 25 amps before it drops to 10.5v. A battery with a reserve capacity of 100 will supply 25 amps for 100 minutes before its voltage dips to 10.5v. A battery with a higher RC is better, especially for RVs and other applications that need sustained power supply over long periods.

The reserve capacity of Duralast and EverStart batteries is almost the same. It is evident when you compare the values of the AGM batteries, the Duralast Platinum vs. EverStart Platinum. Here, H7 batteries with an 850 CCA have a reserve capacity of 140. The same applies to other batteries of the two brands with almost-similar specs.

3. Product Inventory

On the Duralast vs. Walmart battery discussion, we can appreciate the diversity of both brands. Duralast categorizes its batteries into OE-grade, Gold, Platinum, and marine. EverStart’s battery categories are Value, Plus, Maxx, Platinum, and Marine, one more than its counterpart. It also has chargers, jump starters, and other battery extras.

The batteries from Duralast and Walmart are top-grade, with something for everyone. Nevertheless, EverStart is more diverse, with two budget options, an improved performance battery, AMG, and marine batteries. Duralast holds its ground firmly with two Platinum products, the AMG and EFB batteries.

You can find Duralast in most AutoZone stores, while EverStart is available in several Walmart locations.

4. Price

When shopping for a battery, you should factor in the cost and work within your budget’s limits. The two battery brands price their items competitively, though, EverStart has the most reasonable prices.

Duralast batteries are relatively costly, but you can enjoy flexible payment modes, such as payment in interest-free installments. You may land amazing discounts, which AutoZone offers occasionally.

How does Duralast vs. Diehard vs. EverStart compare in costs? A perusal of these batteries’ respective retail platforms reveals Diehard to be the most expensive, followed by Duralast and EverStart. The good news is that its retail platform, Advance Auto Parts, stocks legit items and may occasionally offer impressive price cuts.

5. Warranty

EverStart and Duralast have friendly warranty terms though the duration varies depending on the battery type. The EverStart Value battery has a one-year warranty, while the EverStart Plus has a 2-year warranty. Maxx batteries have a three-year free replacement warranty, and the EverStart Platinum AMG has a 4-year free warranty.

On the other hand, Duralast offers a 2-year warranty on the OE-grade battery and three years for the Gold and Platinum batteries. Please read the warranty terms when getting the battery to grasp what it covers.

6. Customer Reviews

Before purchasing a battery, it is advisable to check out customer reviews for a spoiler of their performance. Duralast vs. EverStart Reddit reviews are mostly positive and highlight the selling points of the two battery labels.

This Reddit comment points out the ease of replacing EverStart batteries, as Walmart has many locations countrywide. On a different thread, there is a response lauding Duralast’s performance in winter, possibly due to its high cold cranking amperage.

You should exhaustively peruse legit online reviews, which hint at what to expect from specific battery brands.

Final Word

The presence of many car battery brands causes an uphill task to car owners seeking a replacement as they try to figure out the best one. This piece reviews Duralast vs. EverStart, two famous brands associated with AutoZone and Walmart, respectively. They are in-house battery labels for the two retailers, making them easily accessible.

From this discussion, we have learnt that Everlast and Duralast come from the same manufacturer. They tie in several aspects, such as CCA and RC ratings, plus they have reasonable costs and warranty terms. The ideal selection should be compatible with your car. Regular maintenance of the battery will improve its service life and efficiency.


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