Werner vs. Gorilla Ladder: Choose The Right one

In the workshop, a ladder is a useful tool, mostly used to access higher places. In the auto-repair scene, the ladder is an essential mechanics tool that you can use to access large vehicles for maintenance practices, such as cleaning and some fixtures or painting. You can also use it for making repairs and installations in the workshop.

The case is the same with these ladder makers as with many utility brands; both brands are well-known for their quality, and it brings us to the Werner vs. gorilla ladder debate. To give you a hint of the two ladder makers’ greatness, we will look at each of them.

Werner vs. Gorilla Ladder

Werner and Gorilla Ladders Comparison Table

Below is a basic comparison outlining key features and differences between Werner and Gorilla ladders. Here, we have taken the step ladders to be the standard among multiple types of ladders produced by them.

Feature Werner Ladders Gorilla Ladders
Material Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, and more Aluminum, Fiberglass, Hybrid, and Steel
Weight Capacity Varies depending on model and type – 225 – 300 lbs Varies depending on model and type – 300-375 lbs
Maximum Reach Up to 20 feet Up to 26 feet
Specialty Different types, such as extension, step, platform Specialty ladders, adjustable, multi-position
Price Range Broad range based on material and type Broad range based on material and type:
Warranty One year Limited Lifetime
Availability Widely available at hardware stores and online Widely available at hardware stores and online

Werner Ladders

Werner Co. is an American brand that spares no effort in crafting the best ladders. The company has been in the ladder manufacturing industry for a long time, translating to immense experience in handling clients’ needs. The result is top-grade products, which are very durable and up to set standards in construction and other related industries.

Talking about its products, you will discover that the company has a diverse catalog. Besides ladders, it stocks attic ladders, scaffolding, stages, and step stools. Werner also invests in safety equipment, mostly those that will prevent accidental falls like harnesses, anchors, and lanyards. The full package of climbing tools guarantees you a fulfilling experience when you use them. A thing you cannot overlook about Werner’s products is the technology employed to bring them in good shape. The tech innovations factor in the changing face of the construction and general repairs and maintenance industry to enhance aspects like convenience and longevity.

Werner Ladders try to keep up with the competition, and it is always looking for ways to improve its manufacturing process. It does this through research and development, testing, and investing in state-of-the-art facilities. Among the noticeable advancements, the company employs the Werner Performance System, where clients select their preferred ladders to educate themselves on safety. The EDGE Professional Bracing System helps in the ladders’ reinforcement to make them stable, safe, and long-lasting.

Are Werner ladders any good? When you look at the company’s profile, you know that it lifts its weight to satisfy its clients. It means that the products are great and suitable additions to your working area. A peek at the company’s profile you will note that it proudly operates guided by four principles. They are durability, safety, productivity, and full line. The productivity principle is evident in its user-friendliness, supported by features like the general-purpose tops on some of its ladders. Extension ladders have D-shaped rungs for comfort, especially when performing time-intensive tasks like powder coating cars.

The Werner M22 is one of Werner’s products, coming with excellent features that uphold its name. The ladder has an array of superb features like its sturdy aluminum build that makes it durable and lightweight; hence, easy to carry. Its 28 different working positions show its flexibility, which you further appreciate when you realize you can convert it to an extension ladder, a 2-person stepladder, or scaffold. The double-riveted steps and non-marring feet give the M22 ladder anti-slip properties, making it a safe addition to your workshop. It is one of the best multi-position ladders you will encounter to give you value for your spending.

Pros of Werner Ladders

Werner Co. delivers its best in ladder manufacturing, an aspect you notice from its high-grade products. User-friendliness is one of the perks you will enjoy when you get ladders from this company, noticeable from its dedication to safety. When using ladders, you are above ground level, and any mishap can lead to an accident. The ladders’ sturdy build rules out any accident from happening when you are atop it due to its stability.

Additionally, the robust construction makes these utilities long-lasting, meaning you do not have to worry about them getting damaged. The company stocks various ladder types, like stepladders, step stools, scaffolds, and safety equipment like harnesses. In case you need to do anything that requires a height alteration, Werner is a company to rely on, with a guarantee of the best experience.


Werner ladders have a few problems that you may encounter when using them, like some varieties being quite heavy. For the dual-purpose ladders, the conversion from one form to another might be quite hard, particularly for novice users.

Gorilla ladders

A look at the other side of the Werner ladders vs. Gorilla discussion; we look at the latter, Gorilla Ladders. The company is a notable ladder-producing brand, and one thing you will appreciate about its products is the versatility element. The company has a diverse catalog that caters to different needs. For example, it has household and outdoor ladders, aluminum super light, heavy-duty steel, platform, and multi-position ladders. A look at Gorilla Ladders’ collection, you get the idea that there is everything for everyone.

The American company, like its counterpart, has been on the scene for a decent time; as such, it has an idea of customers’ wants, and it uses this knowledge to its advantage to stand out. In its facilities, the manufacturing processes look at the personalization factor, where ladders seem destined for the clients who pick them. The climbing tools seem natural in their surroundings, and their construction is a significant contributing aspect. While the ladders sport various materials in their build, like steel or aluminum, they are sturdy and stable, translating to durability and safety, critical points to consider when getting a ladder.

The ladder stocker also has multi-position varieties, which have an adjustable height. A glimpse at the gorilla ladder 26 reviews introduces one of the best multi-position ladders, with an impressive 375-pound capacity. Still, on the best ladders from this company there is the Gorilla Ladder 23. While it has a shorter reach than the Gorilla Ladder 26, it makes up with durability and 28 telescopic adjustable levels. You can convert it to a double-side, extension, wall, or stepladder, as you prefer. The ladder is lightweight courtesy of its aluminum frame, making it portable, and you can effortlessly move it from one place to another. This Gorilla Ladder product is also safe due to its stability, and you can use it as a scaffold base.

Pro of Gorilla Ladders

Versatility is Gorilla Ladders’ selling point, an element you first encounter from its highly diverse catalog. There are several types of ladders under this company, like household ladders, multi-position ladders, and platforms. The company brings its best to uphold safety, which is evident in the climbing tools’ design. The ladders are very robust, preventing accidental breakage, which can cause the user to fall. The rungs are likewise sturdy and have some treads to provide ample grip when using them.

The steps are durable, a feature that comes from its hardy build, and they can serve you for ages. You can appreciate the user-friendliness of the company’s products, especially the ones with a longer reach of up to 28 positions. Coupled with stability, you can access hard-to-reach areas, do your work, and climb down safely.


The main downside with Gorilla Ladders is their weight. While some of the ladders, especially the aluminum builds, are light, you will notice that the longer and multi-position varieties are relatively heavy. The heaviness may affect their portability. On a positive note, the weight helps boost their stability, thus upholding the safety element.

What Is The Difference: Werner Vs. Gorilla Ladder?

After looking at each of the ladder brands, we can finally conclude the Werner vs. Gorilla Ladder argument, the goal to find the best. Before looking at their differences, we can look at some of their similarities. The two are American companies and have been in the ladder manufacturing and supplying business for a long time. The result is a large clientele base that makes them some of the biggest ladder-producing firms. Furthermore, Werner Co. and Gorilla Ladder both have extensive product collections.

gorilla ladder vs little giant reddit

Onto their differences, you will notice a variance in the ladder design. Werner ladders lean on safety as their marketing point, supported by tech features like the Werner Performance System and EDGE Professional Bracing System. The two systems aid in educating about ladder safety and reinforcing the ladders, respectively.

On the other hand, Gorilla Ladder’s products lean more on versatility, though it does not mean that the ladders are not safe. You will notice the brand’s flexibility from the various ladders it stocks. From its collection, you get all types of utilities that you can use to perform several duties like installing work lights, painting, and generally setting up some fixtures.

Werner also brings its best in flexibility, where aside from having different ladder types, it has other supporting utilities like harnesses and lanyards for the user’s safety. When you look at the best between the two, you realize it is almost a tie. Werner is the best brand if you are targeting safety, and Gorilla Ladders is ideal for adaptability.

How do the two brands fare against other ladder brands? In this case, we can look at Little Giant Ladders, another American ladder maker. It brings on the discussion of Werner vs. Gorilla vs. Little Giant ladders. Little Giant brings its weight to the argument, and after a look at its products, you realize it is a worthy competitor against the other brands. It has a broad collection of ladders and accessories like planks and racks.

gorilla ladder review

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gorilla Ladders Any Good?

Yes, Gorilla Ladders are some of the best that you can encounter, crafting high-quality products. It draws together features like versatility, durability, and safety, making the climbing tools all-rounded and will suit your different needs.

Which Is Better, Little Giant or Werner?

Picking the best in the Little Giant vs. Werner debate is quite challenging as they have strong, appealing aspects. Little Giant ladders are perfect in the durability department, with the company stocking heavy-duty ladders, great assets in any workshop. On the flip side, Werner Co. dedicates much effort to the safety factor.

Where Are Gorilla Ladders Made?

Gorilla Ladders is an American company with its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, roughly 12 miles away from Minneapolis. The company boasts of many years in the ladder supply business and is one of the leaders if you are looking for quality tools.

Is Little Giant Ladder Made In The USA?

Little Giant Ladders is a USA company that operates under Wing Enterprises, which prides itself as the country’s largest ladder maker. The company has its headquarters in Springville, Utah, and its founder is Harold Ray Wing, who found a ladder prototype in Germany in the 1970s. He patented the design, giving rise to his company.

Is A Gorilla Ladder OSHA Approved?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the regulatory body that takes charge of examining workplaces and the associated equipment to see if they meet safety standards. Gorilla Ladders is a credible company and has approval from the safety overseeing body.

Final Words

A ladder is a must-have tool in your working area, which comes in handy in several situations, mostly where you need to reach higher set items. There are several ladder brands that you may encounter if looking for one, among them Werner and Gorilla Ladders. After an in-depth look at both brands, we can see that they are some of the best in the industry, boasting characteristics such as safety, user-friendliness, and durability. You should never miss a ladder in your workshop and if you want one, check on the Werner or Gorilla Ladders for the best value.

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