What are the Best Underhood Work Lights For Mechanic

It can be difficult to view parts under your car when doing your repairs, especially at night. Underhood work lights are the best way to get a good view of your engine or when working under your car. The work light illuminates your working area, thus enabling you to see even the finest details. The best underhood work light and correct Tools make your car repairs easier. When using a flashlight, you will need to hold it with one hand and do the repair with the other hand, which can be quite difficult.

Work light gives you the freedom to work with both hands. A reliable and good work light improves your work experience in your home, driveway, or garage. This light comes in different varieties, which will suit your work environment. Getting the best underhood work light can be tricky due to the many varieties in the market.

Top 3 Underhood Work Lights for Quick Decisions

Our Choice
NEIKO 40447A Rechargeable...
Best Value
ATD Tools atd-80357 2000...
Amazon Choice
Milwaukee 2125-21XC M12...
NEIKO 40447A Rechargeable...
ATD Tools atd-80357 2000...
Milwaukee 2125-21XC M12...
6.24 pounds
2 pounds
4.63 Pounds
43.3 x 4.9 x 9.7 inches
58.3 x 8.3 x 6.3 inches
49 x 10 x 10 inches
Amazon Prime
Our Choice
NEIKO 40447A Rechargeable...
NEIKO 40447A Rechargeable...
6.24 pounds
43.3 x 4.9 x 9.7 inches
Amazon Prime
Best Value
ATD Tools atd-80357 2000...
ATD Tools atd-80357 2000...
2 pounds
58.3 x 8.3 x 6.3 inches
Amazon Choice
Milwaukee 2125-21XC M12...
Milwaukee 2125-21XC M12...
4.63 Pounds
49 x 10 x 10 inches

The Best Underhood Work Light

01. Neiko Rechargeable Underhood Work Light

Neiko 40447A is among the most reliable work lights to illuminate engine compartments and areas with poor light. This cordless underhood light uses the next-generation SMD LED bulbs, which are powered by an 8,0000mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery is rechargeable, and it will serve you for a long time.

This work light is the ideal choice for both DIY and professional mechanics to offer light during roadside emergencies and nighttime conditions. It features two magnetic hooks that can be detached. You can use these hooks to mount on metal surfaces. The end of the hooks has a protective foam cushion, which prevents it from damaging or scratching the finish of your vehicle.

The high brightness settings will provide the user with 1100 to 1200 lumens and have a runtime of 3 hours. When you set it for low brightness, it will provide you with 550 to 650 lumens and have a runtime of 6 hours. Nekio cordless underhood lights feature polycarbonate light housing, which is impact-resistant.

Its stands are weather-resistant, and the lens offers you maximum durability. The steel light tube telescopes range from 47 inches to 76 inches, making them ideal for any hood size. The underhood light comes with a 110-240v AC charger, which is ul/CUL certified. The charger is quite reliable due to its overcharge protection feature.

Highlighted Features

  • The maximum brightness of 1200 lumens
  • Powered by next-generation SMD LED
  • 8,000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery
  • The light housing is impact-resistant
  • Durable lens
  • Stands are weather-resistant
  • Foam cushioned end hooks for protection
  • Two magnetic hooks which can be detached

02. ATD Cordless Underhood Ligh

This is another underhood light that features an intuitive design. ATD Tools ATD-80357 2000 underhood Light has 250 SMD LEDs with 2000 lumens of bright light. The bright makes sure that the workplace is properly illuminated. The light bar is 40 inches, and it gives maximum area illumination. It has hooks that extend from 55 inches to 83 inches to fit light trucks and new SUVs. The hooks are padded and large for increased stability and easy attachment.

This ATD tool underhood light has two brightness modes. There is a low 1000 lumens and high 2000 lumens. It also features a removable cord of 25 feet. This cord is resistant to grease and oil and flexible in cold weather.

You can also see the battery level by pressing the push LED indicator button. The underhood light still offers you enough light even when it is in the low power setting. When on the high setting, the battery can take you 1.6 hours, and 3 hours when using the low light settings.

Highlighted Features

  • 25-foot cord
  • The cord is grease and oil-resistant
  • Cordless Underhood Work Light
  • High 2000 lumens and low 1000 lumens
  • Large and padded hooks

03. ATD Tools LED Under Hood Light

ATD Tools 80050A is a super bright underhood light ranking among the best in the market. This light has a fluorescent bulb of 30 watts, which offers excellent illumination in your area. It also features 340-360 lux brightness and 1500 lumens.

The ratcheting and telescoping brackets make it easy for the user to position the light. The ends of the telescoping brackets are covered with soft foam. This enables the user to use them on hoods ranging from 47 inches to 75 inches without damaging the paint.

This DIY underhood work light by ATD Tools has an 18/2 stow cord. The cord is completely flexible during the cold season, and it is grease and oil-resistant. The electronic ballast in the underhood light makes it more durable. The product is listed by Ulf/CUL, and thus you can be assured of the quality.

Highlighted Features

  • 30-watt fluorescent bulb
  • 340-360 lux brightness and 1500 lumens
  • Durable due to electronic ballast
  • Has ratcheting and telescoping brackets
  • Listed by UL/CUL
  • Telescoping bracket ends are covered with soft foam
  • 18/2 stow cord
  • The cord is oil resistant
  • The cord is flexible in cold weather

04. Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood Light Kit

Milwaukee 2125-21XC M12 LED Underhood Light is manufactured in China. It is well known in the market for meeting customer requirements. These underhood lights have a stronger grip, longer protection, and shine much brighter. The M12 underhood light offers 1350 lumens. It has a Trueview high-definition output, which gives the user full engine clarity and coverage.

Milwaukee LED work lights have Finishguard hooks, which prevent them from scratching or damaging the finish of your vehicle. The two times more gripping surface gives it a better positioning. This light bar makes this work light to be among the most versatile and flexible since it can be hung, removed, slid, or rotated.

This work light can be used in different types of trucks and cars since the carrier extends between 48 inches to 78 inches. It is a perfect choice for professional mechanics working with fleet maintenance and automotive shops. Milwaukee underhood lights are powered by the M12 REDLITHIUM 4.0 XC Battery, which gives you a runtime of 8 hours when in low light mode.

In high settings, the work light can last up to 4 hours. It is built and designed to withstand the toughest environment. The light is resistant to chemicals and impact. The package includes a charger, one 4.0 XC battery, and M12 underhood work light.

Highlighted Features

  • Trueview high-definition output
  • Has 1350 lumens
  • Fishguard hooks for protection
  • Two light modes
  • Cordless Underhood Light
  • Hooks cover 48″ to 78″ inches

05. Sunex REDLUH Underhood Light

Sunex REDLUH Underhood Light is a reputable work light in the market due to its high quality, design, and super brightness. The SMD square LED lights have a maximum of 1000 lumens brightness. This automotive LED work light is made with a slim design, which gives the user ahead clearance when using it under the hood.

The clamps of the work light are padded on the ends to protect your vehicle from getting scratched during use. Sunex REDLUH Underhood Light is a fill-length LED that works to light. The LEDs will expand the length of light, thus offering consistent brightness in the whole working area.

When in low light settings, the underhood light can run for 6 hours and 3 hours when using the low mode setting. The underhood work light can extend up to 68 inches enabling it to fit the hoods of different types of vehicles and cars. The end clamps can rotate 360 degrees. It comes along with a USB C-type charger.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 1000 maximum lumen brightness
  • Made with a slim design
  • Clamp ends are padded
  • The runtime of 3 to 6 hours
  • It can extend up to 68 inches
  • End clamps rotate 360 degrees

06. Nightstick LED UnderHood Work Light

Nightstick SLR-2120 is a purpose-built LED underhood light for automotive enthusiasts. It is rechargeable, and the spring-loaded grippers are adjustable.  The grippers are covered with the foal for protection purposes. The lights can be used on almost any automobile since they can extend from 48 inches to 77 inches. It also features a light bar that can rotate 360 degrees, and thus, it is easy to put it in your desired position.

This work light features two modes of brightness. The half-power is 650 lumens, while the full-power is 1200 lumens. The on and off buttons are located on every one of the two handles. You can easily remove the cradle from the light bar. The handle can rotate independently, either upward or downward. It also has a flat surface which you can use as a stand. On top of that, the handle is equipped with three flush mounts.

The magnet allows you to attach the light bar to any flat metal surface. This unit is powered by AC and DC chargers. It can charge for at most 6 hours. The 2120 LED underhood light runs for 8.5 hours when in low power mode for 4.5 hours and when in full power mode.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with high-quality metal
  • Has a full power and half power mode
  • The light bar can rotate at 360 degrees
  • Detachable cradle
  • Dual off/on buttons located on the handles
  • Comes with AC and DC power supply

07. NextLED Lumen Rechargeable Underhood Work Light

NextLED 1500 is a detachable underhood light that uses COB LED technology. The technology gives it a maximum brightness of 1500 lumen per watt. Therefore the user is able to illuminate the entire engine components at the same time. The work light has a length that ranges from 48 inches to 77 inches. It is made with a reachable design that assists the user in fitting in any hood size.

The end of its hooks is also cushioned with foam, which prevents it from scratching the vehicle. This underhood light by NextLED comes in two detachable work lights. Each of the lights has hooks which you can use to hand anywhere you want. The lights can also be rotated at 360 degrees. This design ensures that the entire place is illuminated at once.

NextLED underhood work light comes with a big capacity battery of 8000 mah. This battery will serve you for 6 hours when on low light mode and 3 hours when on high light mode. Its fast charging cable enables you to charge the work light in 4 hours fully. The light is multifunctional. You can use it as a warning light, camping lamp, or maintenance lamp.

Highlighted Features

  • The maximum brightness of 1500 lumen
  • Hooks are foam-cushioned
  • Extendable length of 48 inches to 77 inches
  • Comes in two detachable work lights
  • 1500 lumens and 750 lumens brightness
  • It is multifunctional
  • 800 mah big capacity battery

08. Clip Light Manufacturing Underhood Light

Clip Light Manufacturing 2125-20 Underhood Light is another popular work light in the market because of its outstanding features. Clip Light Manufacturing manufactures this underhood work light under the license of Milwaukee. Most of its highlights are similar to those of Milwaukee’s underhood work lights.

The underhood light has a maximum brightness of 1350 lumens. It has Fishguard hooks, which prevent it from scratching your vehicle. The carrier can extend from 48 inches to 78 inches, thus able to cover a wide range of trucks and cars. When on the low mode, it offers a brightness of 600 lumens and a run time of 8 hours. The high mode has a brightness of 1350 lumens and a runtime of 4 hours.

It uses M12 REDLITHIUM 4.0 XC Battery, which can serve you for up to 8 hours. The work light is made to be chemical and impact resistant and to withstand tough environments. The underhood light uses Milwaukee batteries, but the charger and the battery are not included in the package. Therefore you will have to buy them differently.

Highlighted Features

  • Trueview high-definition output
  • 600 lumens in low-light mode
  • 1350 lumens in high-light mode
  • Uses M12 REDLITHIUM 4.0 XC Battery
  • Chemical and impact-resistant
  • Versatile and flexible

09. LED Underhood 120 SMD Foldable Light

LED Underhood 120 SMD is a foldable work light that will offer you super brightness. It has 120 SMD lights, which are super bright. The underhood light has two lighting modes. There is the standard mode and eco mode. The standard model offers the user a brightness of 1000 lumens with a running time of 2 hours.

The eco mode, on the other hand, has 500 lumens brightness and a running time of 4 hours. The work light has an adjustable length, which ranges between 54 inches to 72 inches. The work light can be used in hunting, boating, camping, automotive and commercial use.

It can also be used to illuminate a standard-sized shop since it can be folded in half. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This underhood work light comes with a shoulder carry strap, making it easy to carry around.

Highlighted Features

  • 120 SMD lights with super brightness
  • Eco mode offers 500 lumens brightness
  • Standard mode offers 1000 lumens brightness
  • It can be folded in half
  • Uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Length is adjustable between 54″ to 72.”
  • Has a shoulder carry strap
  • Include 120v and 110v chargers

Things to Consider When Buying an Underhood Work Light

best LED underhood work light

There are several things that you need to look for in a work light before the purchase. The feature of the work light enables you to choose a work light that fulfills your needs. These are the things you should look at when buying the best LED underhood work light:

Brightness: Choose a light source that provides enough light when working, or else it won’t be of any usefulness. Considering brightness is important when buying under-hood work light to light enough space and not that bright. It should have lighting settings high, low, and a strobe or flashing setting during an emergency. The higher the number of lumens or watts in work light, the higher the brightness.

Source of power: Underhood lights work on both DC and AC power; therefore, many lights are cordless and easy to carry because they are lighter and small. Hoods that are cordless provide convenience and flexibility in terms of place and how to use them. Always consider cordless work lights.

Run Time: When shopping for hoods that are rechargeable, then consider the size of the batteries and quality; how long does it take to charge fully, and how long will it last after charging? The one that takes fewer hours of charging and more hours in use are of good quality.

Construction: The construction of underhood working lights matters a lot. You should consider buying one made of high-quality materials. High-quality construction makes the tool more durable. Also, ensure that the construction is dustproof and waterproof.

Price: Price is an important factor to check. Have a budget of how much you want to use, and it will direct you on the work light to buy. Do not opt for cheap work lights in the shop, as good quality is the most expensive.

Weight: When shopping for LEDs, consider the weight of the underhood work light because they are used from different places. Weight determines portability; light has a chance of having cheap components. However, when it is too heavy, it is difficult to carry it from one place to another.

Size: Small, portable work lights and those lights that are expandable to different sizes are considered to be the best work lights. Smaller work lights are preferred to reach points that are hard to see in the vehicle’s hood.

Magnetic Base & Hooks: A strong magnetic base provides an alternative option for attaching the light to illuminate the working area in a vehicle hood. Lights with hooks also provide space for hands-free repair. It is better to buy a work light with both hooks and magnetic hooks since it is more versatile and flexible.

Dustproof and Waterproof: Water and dust are two elements that cause impairment to electrical devices; therefore, consider work lights that are water-resistant, dustproof, and, finally, waterproof, taking into account the environment in which the light is intended to be used. Lights with a rating of IP65 mean they are resistant to dust and low-pressure sprays. Those with a rating of IP67 are fully secure from dust and can withstand being submerged in water of about 3.3 feet for more than 20 minutes.

Stands & tripods: In order to light a wide area, these accessories will permit work lights to be fitted in different heights. Consider the height of where you want to work so that you can choose the right stands. It will be even more prudent to get a work light with adjustable stands.

Battery level indicator: Rechargeable work lights have features that indicate the percentage of battery remaining to/after a full charge. This will make it simple for you to know when it is almost running out of charge and when it needs to be charged.

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diy underhood work light

Can LED Lights be used in Range Hoods?

At times you can want to replace your halogen or incandescent bulbs with LEDs because of their clarity and brilliance. However, it is not advisable to use LED lights in range hoods, especially when you do not know the bulb’s specifics. The hoods easily get hot, thus degrading the light level of the LED light. Most LEDs are also not designed to work well with the type of controls in range hoods. I would advise you to use the recommended bulb for your range hood.

What Is the Brightest Work Light?

Most work lights have super brightness. Some of the brightest work lights are Neikio 40447A, ATD Tools 80050A, and Milwaukee. Different people will want a different level of brightness. When buying and looking at the brightness of a work light, consider its lumens both on low and high modes. Remember that the brightness you choose to use will affect the runtime of the work light.

Are Work Lights Waterproof?

There are several work lights in the market, and their features differ depending on their manufacturer. Therefore the waterproof feature will depend on and range from one manufacturer to another. However, the best underhood work light for mechanics should be waterproof. This makes it easy for you to use, even in harsh weather.

What Is the Best Underhood Rechargeable Work Light?

The best rechargeable work light will depend on your needs. The work lights in the market are of different features to meet different needs. However, a good rechargeable work light should be able to hold power for a long period, even when used in power mode. It should also be able to charge in a few hours. Some of the best work lights for mechanics are from Bosch, Milwaukee, ATD, Dewalt, and Neiko underhood lights.

Can LED Lights Cause Fire?

One thing that can make a bulb cause fire is overheating. LED lights rarely overheat; thus, it is almost impossible for them to cause a fire. The LEDs produce light at lower temperatures compared to other types of bulbs. The lights might be hot when you touch them, but they are not as hot as incandescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs. Learn more about LED Lighting.

How To Make An Under Hood Work Light YouTube Video

Final Words

An Underhood work light is a must-have tool for every DIY or professional mechanic. There are times you get held up at night when the car breaks down, and the work light is the only source of light for you. Getting the best underhood work lights purely depends on your needs. With the many varieties in the market, the tips above will help you to come up with an informed decision. Consider the weight, battery life, design, brightness level, and power source before you invest in it. The work light will offer you help when you want to check compartments in your engine, see your brake fluid or coolant reservoirs, and when doing other maintenance needs for your vehicle.

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