What Tools Are Made in the USA ?

Tools are an integral part of our daily activities as they enable us to perform critical and challenging tasks easily, quickly, and efficiently. These tools not only make our lives easier but comfortable. Numerous brands offer a wide range of tools designed for various purposes. But when the concern is quality and durability, tools made in the USA are highly regarded. Therefore, those in need of reliable tools often opt for American-made ones. But how can you determine which tools are made in the USA?

One common method is to check the label, where you will frequently find many tools labeled as made in the US. From hammers to wrenches, socket sets to screwdrivers; there is a vast selection of essential tools from American manufacturers. If you are looking for high-quality toolsets made in the USA, refer to this article’s list of Tool manufacturers.

Choosing specific brands is the best and simplest way to acquire tools from your preferred manufacturer.

40 Tool Manufacturers in the USA

Although most tools, once produced within the United States, are now manufactured offshore, you can still find excellent options right in the country. 

These American-made tool brands supply the best quality tools to help folks with their work. Below is a list of some top American tools companies.

made in usa

Briggs and Stratton

This company emerges as a leading manufacturer of gasoline engines for the proper functioning of outdoor power tools/equipment. Briggs and Stratton began in 1908, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where it has its headquarters) by Stephen Foster Briggs and Harold M. Stratton.

Aside from its large manufacturing facility in the United States, this marque owns eight more facilities in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, China, and the Netherlands. Kindly note that the products from this company are supplied to six continents and sold in over 100 countries.

Briggs and Stratton designs and produces power generators, lawn and garden equipment, pressure washers, turf care items, and various job site products. The firm sells these products through Briggs and Stratton and sister brands like Branco, Ferris, Simplicity, Murray, Victa, Snapper, Billy Goat, Vanguard, and Allmand.

Briggs & Stratton


Since the inception of this company in 1933, AriensCo has been supplying superior quality equipment for home and commercial lawn care and snow removal, including lawn tractors, snow blowers, and lawnmowers. 

This American label is located based in Brillion, Wisconsin, and kicked off as the brainchild of Henry Ariens and his three sons. Over the years, this start-up keeps evolving and now emerges as a multi-brand company with over 1,700 employees.


Since 1886, this brand has been manufacturing and marketing top-quality hand tools. This company owns two manufacturing facilities, measuring up to 260,000 square feet, and has over 350 employees.

Channellock pliers are still manufactured in the USA, even though some of their products, including screwdriver sets, are manufactured elsewhere. These pliers from the brand come in 75 different types and sizes, and production takes place in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Channellock markets its tools across 45 countries.



Estwing is one of the most renowned family-owned businesses in the United States, established in 1923. This company designs and produces claw hammers, pry bars, specialty tools, and axes useful for artisans and tradespeople.

This brand owns an excellent manufacturing facility in Rockford, Illinois that produces most of its hatchets and hammers. Estwing’s product lines are marketed across leading retail stores, hardware stores, and home centers in the US, Canada, and other areas.


Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet owns one of the best toolsets made in the USA and owns efficient manufacturing facilities in Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee. However, cub Cadet’s global operations headquarters is in Valley City in Ohio.

This company emerged in 1961 and dedicates itself to designing, manufacturing, and supplying utility vehicles and outdoor components, including garden and lawn equipment. These American-made tools are world-class, manufactured with superior quality materials.

Cub Cadet

Crescent Tools

Crescent Tools Company, established in 1907, has passed through several ownerships but is currently “acquired” by Apex Tool Group, LLC. As it offers the most functional and adjustable wrenches, you can rely on this company to offer the best options.

This brand has various products manufactured in Lexington and Sumter in South Carolina. These items include the Crescent JOBOX Crossover Truck Box, Crescent H.K. Porter 14-inch PowerPivot Center Cut, and JOBX chests.

Klein Tools

Klein Tools remains one of the oldest equipment manufacturers in the US, which began in 1857, Till date, you can find most of this company’s products produced within the United States. Klein invested in four new manufacturing units within the past ten years. Illinois houses Klein Tools’ corporate headquarters, located in Lincolnshire, and a facility in Elk Grove Village. 

Nevertheless, you can find this company’s other manufacturing units sited in Texas (Mansfield), Arkansas (Fort Smith), and New York (Bolivar). With the top-notch quality and capacity of this label’s existing facilities, they supply some of the best telecommunication and electrical workers’ equipment.

FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems, Inc., established in 1978, began with the development of low-cost but high-performance thermal imaging systems suitable for airborne applications. Interestingly, this company is in Oregon (Wilsonville) and Virginia (Arlington).

If you need one of the best cameras and modules, you can rely on this US-based brand for the best solutions. With a diversified portfolio, this marque serves several industries that include defense, government, commercial, and industrial markets.

Forrest Manufacturing Company

It is no longer news that Forrest is one of the prominent manufacturers of custom and specialty band saws. With 50 years of exposure in the field, this company supplies the most premium blades available.

Skillful employees within the United States manufacture all blades and Dados from Forrest. Forrest Manufacturing Company began in 1946 in Clifton, New Jersey. Please note that this family-owned business is the brainchild of Albert Walter Forrest.


Greenlee is a company founded by the twin Ralph and Robert Greenlee in 1862 and emerged as part of Emerson Electric Company. Its headquarters are in Rockford, Illinois, and its own facilities are in Genoa (Illinois) and Louisville (Kentucky).

Kindly note that the Genoa facility was founded in 1948 and has been producing commercial pulling and bending tools for electricians. On the other hand, the Louisville facility has about 80 staff handling the supply of components and products from fabricated metals.

The products from this firm include wire fishing, cable pullers, storage boxes, tools for general purposes and safety, measurement and voltage test tools, drill and taps, and hydraulic benders.


This company is a famous supplier of affordable generators, established in 1959. According to this brand, they own the first engine designed explicitly for the rigorousness of standby generators. 

Now one of the largest producers of portable generators in North America, folks can rely on Generac for RVs, automatic home standby, and telecom generators. This firm erected its third manufacturing facility in Eagle, Wisconsin (in 1996). Later in 1999, this company finished its 135,000 sq. ft. production unit in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Hobart Welding

Hobart Welding is famous in the United States and supplies its products across various countries. This company manufactures its products in its Appleton manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. 

So, who manufactures Hobart welders? This firm is the coinage of the Hobart brothers, incorporated in 1917. Both Hobart Welding and their sister brand, Miller Electric, are subsidiaries of the parent company Illinois Tool Works (ITW).

John Deere

Deere & Company is another renowned tool/equipment manufacturing company in the US. It offers advanced technology and services for different applications. Since its inception in 1837, this company has established state-of-the-art facilities in Horicon (Wisconsin), Greenville (Tennessee), and Augusta (Georgia). 

With over 180 years of experience, you can rely on this brand to supply superior quality, efficient equipment for agriculture, lawn and gardens, landscaping, forestry, and supply practical electronics.

The Horicon plant manufactures Deere’s X-Series and Gator Utility Vehicles. At the same time, the Greenville facility produces the 100 Series and S240 Lawn Tractors alongside the Z500 and Z300 Turn Mowers. Finally, the Augusta plant makes and assembles Deere’s 1-4 Series of their Compact Utility Tractors.

Craftsman Tools

Craftsman Tools appears to be a brand established by Sears but is now a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker (SBD). This parent company, SBD, claims to have about 48 manufacturing facilities within America where they produce tools using global materials.

Although some speculations suggest a few Craftsman products sourced from overseas, you can find a handful of them manufactured in the US.

What craftsman tools are made in the USA?

Power tools, garden and lawn equipment, hand tools, and storage are among the products this brand manufactures in the United States. Impressively, this company owns some of the best mechanic tools made in the USA.

Hardcore Hammers

Hardcore Hammers are among the premium tool manufacturers based in America. This company kicked off in 2010, keeps supplying high-quality and innovative tools across the US, and owns some of the best hatchets, hammers, and axes. 

Kindly note that Hardcore Hammers LLC is in Shawnee, Kansas (official headquarter). In 2020, this firm opened its 18,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Illinois.

American Carbide

This company supplies practical cutting tools such as burs, carbide end mills, thread mills, and drills. The products from this brand are made in the United States, making them one of the biggest domestic manufacturers. 

America Carbide Tolls is a subsidiary of the famous Art’s Way Manufacturing Co., Inc. With more than 60 years of experience, you would find this firm providing extensive repair services of CNB and PCD across North America for various milling and turning tools.

Ideal Industries

Ideal Industries is a renowned America-based tool manufacturer headquartered in Sycamore, Illinois. Established in 1916 by J. Walter Becker, this company provides various hand tools, connectors, meters, and testers for telecommunication and electrical applications.

Most of this firm’s products are produced within the US. Such items include T-Stripper Wire Stripper, Wire-Nut Wire Connectors, and Yellow 77 Wire Pulling Lubricant. Ideal Industries also own a manufacturing facility in Colorado that handles the production of pliers and wrenches.

Barr Specialty Tools

Are you keen on knowing what woodworking tools are made in the USA? Barr Specialty Tools is a name that comes to mind for US-based handmade woodworking tools. It is a renowned firm located in McCall, Idaho. It produces lovely garden and woodworking tools and other hand-forged accessories.

This company emerged and rose to fame through the efforts of Barr Quarton, who has been an expert knife maker since 1977. From framing and bench chisels to chair-building tools, slicks to draw knives, and gouges to mallets, you can get quality tools from Barr Specialty Tools. These items should help you with your projects as a DIYer or a professional.

 Johnson Level

Johnson Level is another company that still has a lineup of made-in-America tools, which emerges as a patriotic choice for folks. It also helps improve the American economy, which is laudable.

With 70 years of experience in developing solutions that professional aid folks need to execute their tasks, this company remains trustworthy to professionals worldwide. This brand supplies top-quality digital measuring tools, levels, and protractors. You would also find a wide range of laser distance measures and measuring wheels from Johnson Level.

Chapman Tools

As one of the top manufacturers of screwdriver sets, Chapman Manufacturing is a renowned company based in the US. The parts and tools from this firm are manufactured and assembled in America with materials sourced within the country.

Since 1936, Chapman has recorded three owners but is now acquired by Tracy. From 2010 to date, this marque keeps modernizing production, taking the business into the digital form. You can rely on Chapman for critical tools supply such as mini ratchets and superior quality screwdriver bits.

Eklind Tool Company

Although owned by Swedish immigrants Henning and Ruth Eklind, this company has vast products manufactured in America. Eklind Tools and Manufacturing Company started in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois. 

This company owns a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Logan Boulevard, Chicago, and another 110,000 sq. ft. facility in Illinois (Franklin Park). It deals with the production of fold-up tools, hex keys, and screwdrivers.


Lenox owns a series of tools manufactured in America. This brand was founded in 1915 and supplies some of the best power and hand tools and various accessories. Bear in mind that it is a Stanley Black & Decker subsidiary, and its headquarters is in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

Remember, SBD owns close to 48 manufacturing units across the United States. Impressively, Lenox holds an extensive collection of corded and cordless power tools made in the USA, alongside industrial band saws, snips, and utility knives.

Malco Tools

When it comes to tools for HVAC professionals, the Malco brand comes to mind since they keep supplying effective solutions for over seven decades. Malco has its headquarters and manufacturing units located in Annandale, Minnesota.

Malco established another manufacturing facility in 2018, sited in DeWitt, Nebraska, where they produce the Eagle Grip lineup of locking handle tools. While Malco emerged in 1950, this firm provides excellent tools for gutter installation, fiberglass duct essentials, vinyl sliding tools, fiber cement siding, and roofing essentials.

Montana Brand

Montana Brand tools focus on supplying USA-made products such as driver bits, drill bits, hex keys, and plug cutters. These innovative and superior-quality products have been around since 1990 and are suitable for large-scale construction to DIY projects.

The power tools accessories from this marque come from proprietary ultra-modern CNC machining equipment. Not to miss, Montana Brand Tools are products of Rocky Mountain Twist, a renowned company located in Ronan, Montana.


Dewalt is a manufacturing company in the USA and one of the best miters saw drill brands. Are Dewalt tools made in the USA? While a few products from this brand come from outside the US, you can still find a few Dewalt tools manufactured in the United States. What are Dewalt tools made in the USA? 

Some of the products from this brand still manufactured within the US include top-performing power tools such as grinders, air compressors, reciprocating saws, and impact driver kits. Where are Dewalt tools made? Within the United States, Dewalt owns manufacturing facilities in Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, and Kentucky.

Wright Tool

The Ohio-based firm Wright Tools is another manufacturer of made-in-America equipment. This company has existed for almost a hundred years. With manufacturing techniques that yield long-lasting and high-efficiency tools, Wright tools tend to exceed industry standards.

You can find a comprehensive lineup of hand tools provided by this brand. However, you should note that the vice grips from Wright Tools are from Taiwan, China. The company forges ratchets, sockets, and wrenches from alloy steels manufactured in Barberton, Ohio.

SK Hand Tools

SK is a famous company first established as Sherman-Klove and specializes in the production of screw machine products. Since the 20th century, SK has been manufacturing equipment in Chicago and still has multiple tools produced here. This label now has its corporate headquarter in Sycamore, Illinois.

It may sound impressive that SK Hand Tools currently own a tool line of more than 3,500 products, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, and toolboxes. If you are keen on learning what air tools are made in the USA, you should know that SK Hand Tools provides some of the best air tools.

Stiletto Tool Co.

Stiletto Tools has been in existence since 1901 and has been supplying practical tools employed in the building of homes and businesses across California in the early years. This company deals with the production of stainless steel and titanium striking tools alongside pry bars.


This firm is among the top names that help improve the US economy. Research indicates that Milwaukee provided 350 new jobs and spent more than $100 million in America. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp has been producing equipment in the US since 1924 and has a rich history of supplying top-quality American-made tools. 

So, what Milwaukee tools are made in the USA? This firm has a lineup of products such as step bits, large drills, LED lights, corded SawZalls, hole saws, and multi-tool blades. Where are Milwaukee tools made? Milwaukee owns state-of-the-art facilities in Greenwood and Jackson in Mississippi, and Mukwonga, Sun Prarie, and West Bend in Wisconsin. 


Makita is a famous tool brand founded in 1915, with manufacturing facilities worldwide. Where are Makita tools made? Since 1985, many tools from this company have been produced in the United States. The head office is in LA. Mirada.

Within America, Makita owns manufacturing units in Atlanta, Buford (officially known as the Makita Corporation of America), and two others in Texas and Nevada to help handle the firm’s continuous growth in the country. Makita supplies some of the best cordless and brushless power tools.

Snap-On Tools

When it comes to high-end tools and equipment for aviation, railroad, automotive, and marine applications, Snap-On Tools comes to mind as one of the best brands you can trust. This company manufactures quality products that help experts and DIYers accomplish their projects efficiently.

The tools from this brand, made in the USA, have manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Milwaukee, and Elizabethton.

Blue Spruce Toolworks

Blue Spruce Toolworks is famous for making top-notch hand tools, and artisans get efficient woodworking tools such as marking knives, bench chisels, dovetail chisels, and mallets. For over ten years, this firm has been crafting efficient made-in-America products.

The company started as a part-time project handled by Dave Jeske, who designed and manufactured essential marking knives for small-scale projects.

Atlas Cutting Tools

With over 30 years of superior American craftsmanship, Atlas Cutting Tools remains one of the top manufacturers of US-made tools. Atlas Cutting Tools LLC is based in Delaware Avenue, Waterbury.

The products Atlas Cutting Tools supplies include reamers, end mills, bars, taps, drills and are manufactured in Connecticut

Blue Point

Various speculations suggest Blue Point be a part of Snap-On, and this company supplies excellent tools manufactured within the US. Although crafted by different manufacturers worldwide, you would find a handful of tools produced in America. 

Snap-On also supplies the items from Blue Point. Blue Point’s first tools from this brand emerged in the company’s catalog in 1925. This firm owns a wide range of ratchets, sockets, toolboxes, and master toolsets.

Flange Wizard

Flange Wizard is a firm established in 1981 focused on designing and producing top-notch tools. This company is located in California and provides consumers with a wide range of made in America welding tools.

They supplied the first products into the welding industry, designed by Bob Doan, a renowned pipe fitter and pipeline welder. The marque’s lineup of tools, such as beveling cutters, magnetic centering heads, and flange aligners, are sold through a vast network of welding distributors across various countries.


Vaughan remains one of the oldest manufacturers of tools in the United States. Alexander Vaughan founded this company in 1869 (incorporated as Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. in 1882). The brand began as a producer of post augers in Chicago, Illinois. 

After a short while, Vaughan ventured into producing other hand tools. Today, Vaughan offers many tools, including handsaws, hammers, claws, and hatchets.

Council Tool

Since the inception of Council Tools in 1889 till date, this company has been utilizing domestically crafted materials and manufacturing tools within the United States. Please note that this brand was established by John Pickett Council, a woodsman and toolmaker.

Although the product lines keep evolving with the change of times, this company maintains high quality and meets the needs of consumers. Council tools have some of the finest tools, with extensive lineups of sledgehammers, axes, prying and digging tools, shovels, and firefighting products. 

The firm has an efficient manufacturing unit in Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina.


Proto Tools is another renowned US-based tool manufacturing company. It was founded by Alphonso Plomb in 1907 and is located in Los Angeles, California. Research suggests this trademark to be a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker’s industrial automotive repair division.

Proto deals with the manufacturing of a wide range of industrial tools. Hence, this brand has a lineup of air, torquing, impact, cutting, and driving tools. Today, this label has over 5,000 tools and sets produced in the USA, and they come crafted with precision to exceed ASME specifications.

Wilde Tools

Wilde Tools is a company incorporated in 1922 and has since been manufacturing top-notch tools within the US. This company emerged as the brainchild of Otto and Paul Froeschl, as both brothers worked on the idea of supplying superior quality hand tools.

With over 95 years of experience, you can find a lineup of angle nose pliers from Wilde Tools that allow extra gripping power and offers better leverage. This marque also owns effective screwdrivers, chisels, pry bars, service tools, wrenches, and punches. Kindly note that Wilde Tools is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

 Lie-Nelson Toolworks Inc

This company remains one of the top suppliers of heirloom quality hand tools, workbenches, and sharpening tools. Products from this brand come manufactured with woodworkers and other DIYers in mind, carefully shaped to help folks execute projects with much ease.

Lie-Nelson Toolworks Inc. was established in 1981 and has since been manufacturing superior quality tools in the United States with different locally-sourced materials. You would find this label’s products made in Warren, Maine.

Final Words

What power tools are made in the USA? These likely questions cross the mind of most people very often. From the above discussion, it is easy to note that a surprising number of tools stem from America.

So wondering for answers to what tools are made in the USA and the other queries is a common scenario. Hopefully, this article will help you find tools manufactured and supplied in and by America.


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