What are the Best Drill Brands?

 A good drill is one of the most crucial components of every efficient toolbox, as it comes in handy for different auto repairs and home improvement projects. The same goes for knowing the best drill brands available in the market is essential in ensuring you make the right choice.

From performance to ease of use, there are various factors DIYers would consider when getting a drill. So, as you plan on engaging in projects that require you to create holes, set nuts, and tighten screws, kindly ensure that you end up getting powerful drills offered by trusted brands. 

Folks willing to buy a good drill set would agree that it may seem challenging to make a suitable choice, much more with the many options out there. Not to worry, this piece exposes some of the best manufacturers that supply efficient and durable drills. 

10 Best Drill Brand in the World 

Excellent drills should be the lookout as they come in handy for a wide range of applications, whether lightweight or heavy-duty tasks. Rest assured that you can find numerous brands supplying huge categories of drills, ranging from impact drills, hammer drills to rotary drills. 

If you are looking for a drill for different repairs and maintenance projects, here are some of the best drill manufacturers to check out.


Bosch Drill

This brand is top among the big names in the field, known for the supply of a vast number of tools engineered for excellence. With over 130 years of experience in the industry, Bosch remains one of the top car battery brands and the best supplier of oil and air filters, brake components, and oxygen sensors.  

The German brand offers a wide range of drills that come in handy for creating holes and driving screws into them. From cordless drills to hammer drills, you would find excellent options from this brand’s selection of high-performance drills.

Thus, the drills from Bosch can fit the need of both DIYers and professionals. Thanks to their versatility and developments, these can meet even the highest requirements. In essence, there are suitable drills that fit lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight construction projects.  

The recent introductions from this brand can boast of an inclusive collection of 36v, 18v, and 12v cordless drills. However, the cost of these drills varies as does their voltage; still, you can get excellent picks within $59.97 up to $219.95.


DeWalt Drill

DeWalt is another prominent name in the industry that has designed and optimized various professional solutions since 1924; hence, they supply efficient tools and accessories that suit different applications.

The American manufacturer emerges as one of the top industrial tool company that ensures consumers gets varying hand tools and power tools worldwide. Now a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, the brand keeps presenting innovative products into the market that make woodworking, manufacturing, and construction even easier and more convenient.

The brand has a vast range of drills in line, including the Dewalt cordless drills and corded options that can meet every drilling need of folks out there. Whether your projects require you to drill through steel, wood, or masonry, DeWalt drills are designed for such jobs. 

Since the drills supplied by this brand have edged away some top competitors in their performances, you can rely on them for even professional targets. DeWalt drills have different prices, and you can find appropriate options within the price range of $77.95 and $369.88.


Ryobi Drill

This Japanese manufacturer has been known for supplying different components employed for vast electronic, automobile, and telecommunication applications. With about 77 years of experience in operations, Ryobi supplies a wide range of printing, die-cast, and lawn equipment, alongside various electric power tools.

Again, you can find this brand providing customers with top-quality tools, batteries, and chargers. As a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries, you can expect top-performing products from this brand. Interestingly, Ryobi holds one of the best drills for home use and has an efficient option that works well for various constructions. 

Hence, you can rest assured that the drills Ryobi sells are also constructed with high-quality materials and feature designs to aid your work. Turn your drilling task into fun that is otherwise arduous.  To sum up, Ryobi further supplies one of the leading drills with cordless technology that runs fairly longer on high-capacity batteries. 

Whether as a DIYer or an expert who needs reliable drills in your tool kit, you can rely on Ryobi drills to take on any project. This brand supplies effective drills from as low as $29.97 up to $178.20.


This brand is known for supplying top-performing and durable tools and various outdoor equipment for handling different projects. Thus, you can find many hands, mechanics, and power tools.

Please note that this brand is owned by Lowe’s Companies, Inc., one renowned American home improvement chain. Since the introduction of Kobalt tools in 1998, the brand has kept introducing innovative products into the market.

One such product lineup is Kobalt’s drills, and consumers can easily access different manual hand drills alongside varying corded and cordless drill options. Thanks to their exquisite design and ease of use, Kobalt drills emerged as one of the best lightweight cordless drills in 2020.

Not only would you find the drills from this brand outperforming some options out there, but they also come at fair prices and offer great value for your money. With that in mind, you can easily get good Kobalt drills with a budget of $36.98 to $304.18; this, however, depends on the kind of drill you need. 


Makita Drill

Makita is another famous brand in the industry supplying efficient tools and equipment since its inception in 1915. The brand has recently focused on providing top-quality motors, lighting equipment, transformers, and various repair products.

In line with those, Makita supplies some of the best drills amongst their wide range of pneumatic and electric power tools available in the market today. To your amazement, you will meet higher reliability and satisfaction while working with the drills of the brand and higher ratings from Consumer Reports to believe and depend in the beginning.

With various manual and electric-powered drills that Makita supplies, you can rest assured of finding a suitable drilling solution for your projects. Please know that this brand supplies one of the best-corded drills out there in the market, including the Makita 6952 ¼-Inch Hex Impact Driver.

Although the drills from this brand may appear pricey, you should know that they come constructed to be very durable and can easily fit varying professional purposes to compensate for the high cost. Not to worry, there are excellent Makita drills around $77 to $582, depending on the exact type you need.


Ridgid Drill

Ridgid is one brand known for supplying effective tools for different task handling, from automotive tools to screwdrivers. So, when it comes to finding suitable drills for your projects, you can rely on this brand to supply some of the best options.

Ridgid tools is an American manufacturing company that has been around for about 98 years. Nevertheless, this brand has been operating as a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. since 1966 and still maintains top quality in its productions.

The drills that Ridgid provides come in varying exquisite designs, including flexible cordless power drills that operate on high-capacity batteries. Their durability is something people like since they can last for a long while serving their purposes.

You can get great deals on such drills from this manufacturer, as there are sets with a wide array of drill bits, which are pretty affordable. The prices of Ridgid drills often vary, and there are excellent options from $30.45 up to $264.02.


Milwaukee Drill

Milwaukee tools remain one of the leading brands within the industry in terms of both performance and durability. The unwavering commitment of this brand in supplying a vast array of tools since 1924 is quite commendable.

Compared to some of its top competitors, Milwaukee supplies some of the best tools out there, with lineups of hand tools, heavy-duty power tools, and a vast collection of storage products. If you seek solid and durable drills, then you should consider getting some from Milwaukee.

Drills from this brand are trustworthy, with innovations that give consumers freedom for various applications. One top-selling drill amongst the brand’s vast collection is the Milwaukee M18 Brushless and Cordless 1/2-inch compact drill, allowing easy use at the right angle. 

Interestingly, Milwaukee appears to be one of the best drill brands on Reddit discussions about tools. The cost of Milwaukee drills ranges from $64.99 to $364.99, depending on the drill type needed for your projects. 

Please note that this brand is also a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based manufacturing company Techtronic Industries, and you can expect them to offer great value for their costs.


As a renowned subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, Craftsman is a major name for providing top-performing and durable tools. Craftsman tools consist of a huge lineup of hand tools, storage, lawn and garden products, and various car parts.

Thus, this company emerges as one of the best rim brands and supplies one of the top-performing nut-splitting tools. Another thing Craftsman does, is to provide effective drills that come in handy for different DIY and professional applications.

Talk of power, durability, and handling across tough projects, suitable Craftsman drills appear great on the scale. The quality of these drills is top-notch, and the brand provides some of the most comprehensive warranty offers.

Craftsman holds some of the best power drills out there, and it would help if you check them out to find a suitable product to aid your tasks. With a budget between $18 and $358, you can get suitable drills from this brand that would work optimally.


The Japanese multinational conglomerate Hitachi Ltd has been supplying folks with a wide range of products since 1992. These products consist of auto parts, electronics, escalators, power plants, defense technology, industrial machinery, and heavy equipment. 

Hitachi has been in the industry with unflinching fame for supplying top-quality products that are created from good-quality materials. In keeping with its fame, this brand provides some of the best drills in the market. As such, you can find these drills with the best factor combinations, including their ease of use.

From impact drills to hammer drills, there is a wide range of drills that you can choose from this brand. Hitachi had some of the best cordless drills in 2021, and you can look them up if you seek options that would offer flexible handling.

Not only are Hitachi drills effective, durable, and sturdy, they come at fair prices too. Thus, you can find options from as low as $19.80, and there are top-performing drills that come at higher prices, reaching $223.95.

Black + Decker

The innovative power tools, cleaning equipment, garden and lawn tools, and vast accessories from this brand are evident of its big name and fame in the industry. This American brand has been operating for the past 111 years. 

Most people have trusted this brand to supply some of the best products to help them get varying jobs done; as such, you can rely on Black + Decker drills for your work. This brand has some of the best drills for making holes and driving nuts and other fasteners with great ease. 

Whatever drill type you seek, this brand got you covered with a vast array of designs. This brand holds vast options with great power configurations, from cordless to electric-operated drills, either as a single tool or combo sets. 

For more flexibility, this brand introduces their exquisitely designed cordless drills that aid beginners and professionals in their tasks. The price remains a top factor in choosing good drills, and it would interest you to know that Black + Decker has less expensive options ranging from $30 to $179.99.


Which drill is best for home use?

Drills come in handy for various home improvement projects, and it is crucial to get an excellent drill to get such repairs and constructions within your home done. There are many options available in the market; nevertheless, below are some of the top options that you can find in your target drill.

  • Black + Decker Cordless 12V Drill
  • Makita Cordless 18V Hammer ½-inch Drive Drill
  • Bosch Compact 12V 3/8-inch Drill
  • Milwaukee 2801-22CT Compact Brushless ½-inch Drill
  • DeWalt DC791D2 Brushless Compact 20V Max XR Li-Ion Driver Kit

Which are the two types of drills?

The two major categories of drills that exist are manual drills and electric-operated drills. The manual options, as the name suggests, are often hand-operated, amplified in circular motions to create holes or fasten screws. The same applies to electric drills, just that they operate on an electric motor.

Although these drills offer multiple operations, they often have some common features. You would find the latest options of these drill types having multi-function power, including different drilling power and driver bits selection. 

What is the price of a drill machine?

The cost of drill machines varies, as they come in varying designs and types. In essence, you can find pretty cheap options, from as low as $30, and further find those that are expensive, reaching $500.

It would interest you to know that drills often come both as a single unit and combo sets to save your time and increase your convenience. Not to worry, you can get good options that come at fair prices and can efficiently get your job done.

What are the types of drill machines?

Drill machines often appear in varying configurations; you would find them falling into four major categories. In essence, drilling machines can be either upright sensitive, radial, upright, or special-purpose.

The first comes in handy for light-duty applications, and it is hand-fed during applications. On the other hand, the radial press drill allows the placement of the spindle on the workpiece and can work on pretty large parts. 

You would find the upright drill press suitable for heavy-duty applications used for wide hole-generating operations. Finally, there are special-purpose drills that come in different designs to suit specific drilling needs.

What is a portable drilling machine?

Portable drilling machines are options that work well for creating small holes and often come in designs that make them easy to use and carry. In most cases, you would find that these drills are handheld and run across the workpiece. Some of the best portable drills are cordless, running on special batteries. 

What type of machine is a hand drill?

A hand drill appears as a compound machine designed to create holes in various materials such as wood, concrete, and metals and gets fasteners across these pieces. This manual tool is crucial for various constructions and repairs and helps both DIYers and experts in their work.

Are drill motors AC or DC?

Drills come in different designs, and you can find drills that work connected directly to the electricity sockets at homes (AC-powered options) and those that operate on special batteries (DC-powered options).

Generally, you would find cordless drills with DC motors and would not need connections to electric sockets to work. Nevertheless, the corded drills out there have designs that run on AC motors.

Final Words

By now, you have become pretty aware of how crucial a drill machine is and how versatile it is to accomplish a wide range of tasks both for DIY jobs and big projects in your workshop home. That is why from creating precise holes to driving in fasteners, drills emerge as one essential tool employed by mechanics, construction experts, and folks at home.

However, this article will make the selection of your drill easier and face the challenge of picking the right drills out of the various options out there. To shave your leg works, this piece on the best drill brands has gathered the big and the trusted names on the list to supply some of the most efficient drills within the industry.


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