Top 10 Best Window Tint Brands 2024

One way of keeping your vehicle’s windows attractive and preventing the harsh UV rays from penetrating the car’s interior is installing tinting films. Such action can further prevent the vehicle’s windows from wearing prematurely due to excessive sunlight.

Again, tinted glasses can save you the stares while driving and hold a piece of ‘slightly’ shattered window glasses in place. Please note that you can remove window tints when the need arises. It takes patience to choose the suitable tint material; nevertheless, this piece holds some of the best window tint brands.

Top 10 Window Tint Brand

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There are various benefits of window tints, from elegance to privacy, and it is typical to install automotive window tints for added protection. There are many tinting films available for car windows, with each having different peculiar features.

However, it may appear like a daunting task picking suitable tint materials. Not to worry; this piece would be helping you make a better choice. That said, kindly read through this review below for the best window tint brands available.

1. MotoShield Pro

MotoShield is one of the giants within the industry that supplies various tint materials with top quality. The pre-cut kits of tint materials come in a wide range of dark shades; 70%, 50%, 35%, 25%, 15%, and 5%. 

There are excellent options for all the car windows, side windows, rear glass (for pickup trucks), and front windshields; thus, you can pick the suitable films needed. If there is a need to replace a single piece of tint film, this brand makes specific options that take care of such issues.

With a premium offering from the brand, customers can enjoy some added value with then MotoShield Pro. Again, this brand supplies the advanced Nano Ceramic tint film. Each roll of tint material from MotoShield comes in 100-feet length.

Nevertheless, buyers can get from 20-inch to 40-inch wide. The cost of these films starts from $27.99 to $185.00

2. Lexen

Lexen is one brand that supplies some of the top pre-cut tints that comes at affordable prices, depending on the car brand, since the brand provides vehicle-specific kits. Thus, you may need to provide your car’s make, model, and year in a bid to get the most suitable automotive tint films from this brand.

You can often find different shades of tint materials starting from 5%, 15%, 35%, and 50%. Again, the Lexen window tint appears to be pretty effective, blocking up to 99% UV rays, and you can rest assured that there would be no scratch disfiguring since they are scratch-resistant.

The high-quality non-reflective film comes in a thickness of 1.5 mils, and a complete kit can cover all the car’s windows. Furthermore, the brand provides the universal sun strip for folks keen on getting tint films for their windshields.

Aside from the pre-cut kits offered by Lexen, you would find them having rolls of 2-ply tint materials dyed in 45% shade. Kindly note that this option often comes constructed to be 20-inch long, by 100 or 10 feet.

Interestingly, these products are available, putting them among the best car tint brands in the Philippines for 2021. The estimated price range of this brand’s automotive window tint films is around $12.96 to $85.85.

3. Mkbrother

Most people are keen on tinting their car’s windows but don’t know how to get affordable options. Well, Mkbrother of one excellent brand that supplies top-quality tint films at affordable prices.

However, this brand supplies mostly uncut films, which implies that buyers would cut them into shapes themselves before applying them on the windows of cars. Still, there are pre-cut options that you can get from Mkbrother, and they often come with an excellent warranty, reaching five years.

 Interestingly, these tint films from Mkbrother appear pretty durable. Since they are scratch-resistant, you can rest assured that there will be no scratch disfigurations. The heat rejection capabilities of these films seem pretty high, and possess up to 99% UV rejection.

Furthermore, these films are environmentally friendly and void of metal compositions. Thus, folks won’t necessarily dread the tint materials affecting their car’s GPS or facing issues of “GPS loss of signal.” You can get such products within the price range of $10 to $108.

4. True Black Box Tint

This brand holds over a hundred pre-cut tint films, available for a wide range of car makes and models. There are three different categories of products from this company; Ultimacool, Ultimacool Duo, and Alpine.

The Ultimacool category holds the most affordable options from the brand, and these films come with a fair capability of heat rejection. The good news is that the dye of these films is pretty stable with a 1-ply structure.

The next in line is the Ultimacool Duo which falls within a mid-range, possessing higher heat rejection capabilities compared to the former. Nevertheless, it also uses a color-stable dye film but with a 2-ply structure.

The highest quality products offered by this brand fall in the Alpine category. This top-line product features the Nano Ceramic film, which comes constructed with the spectrally selective coating with a 2-ply structure.

Using the Alpine option, you can car’s interiors can enjoy from its highest heat rejection. The good news is that all products from the True line brand appear very durable and come with excellent warranties. The estimated cost of these films is around $20 to $80.

5. LLumar

One of the leading suppliers of window tint is LLumar, and it appears among the top-quality options. Although it may come pretty expensive, it provides customers with great value for their money. 

The LLumar ceramic tint offers long-lasting protection for the vehicle’s windows. This brand’s ATC metal-free dyed tint film provides sufficient protection against UV rays from the sun. Kindly note that you would steer clear of the hassles associated with the standard metal automotive window tints using these products.

The LLumar window tints are manufactured in the brand’s facility in the United States, with excellent machinery and technology employed. 1Kindly note that LLumar tinting films are products of Eastman Chemical Company, one of the leading tint films manufacturer in the industry. 

This firm holds top-performance products for architectural and automotive applications and has been operating for more than 55 years. The cost of this brand’s tint films varies, often between the price ranges of $189 to $499.

6. HÜper Optik

HÜper Optik is a top name that supplies excellent tint products for residential, marine, security, commercial, and automotive applications. This German brand holds one of the best-performing tint film products designed with high standards. 

HÜper Optik’s automotive window tint films often exceed expectations with the superior look it gives to the car, enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetics. You can find dye-free tint constructions to come made of metal films with minimal reflectivity.

This brand assures car owners of 99% UV rejection and 98% infrared light rejection with its excellent window tint materials. If you think of a perfect solution to protect your car’s interiors from possible discolorations caused by the sun, this brand of tint materials would be an excellent solution.

The cost of the tint films from this brand varies but often appears to be around $500 to $600, which seems fair for folks keen on getting very high-quality and durable tint films.

7. 3M

3m window tint is among the top-performing brands and owns a substantial network of certified installers. The firm also has an excellent ceramic window tint line known as Crystalline, and it boasts of the best TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected).

These innovative products from 3M can help you reduce glare and effectively choose the desired shade of tint. Please know that the Sun Protection Factor of these tint materials has a totaling reaching up to 1000 and keeps the car occupants protected. 

With the crystalline series from this brand, the installed tint films would improve and further enhance the view of visible light while it keeps the heat out. Again, these options do not necessarily interfere with the radio reception and GPS of the vehicle.

Kindly note that this brand supplies their tint materials in a wide variety of tint films in varying. These products are sold in various authorized stores and can be installed by top professionals provided by the dealers. 

The prices of these films are intriguing, much more with the outstanding value they offer. In essence, car owners can get a complete tinting job from this brand within the estimated cost of $500 to $600. 

8. True Line Automotive

One of the bestsellers within the industry is True Line Automotive, as this brand supplies some of the best tint materials in the United States. There are various products available for different car makes, models, and years.

The premium Nano Ceramic pre-cut kits from True Line offer superior heat reduction and can withstand years of use with efficient performance. Kindly note that the brand cuts these films to fit the specifications of your vehicle’s windows and comes in various shades.

Thus, car owners can choose from 50%, 20%, 5%, and 3% shades, and there are “mix-shades” options too. You can also find the brand supplying unique sun visor window strips that fits the front windshield for different car brands. The price range of these products varies, but they usually come within the range of $14.99 to $80.99.

9. Gila

The heat shield tint materials from Gila doesn’t only block heat but blocks more than 99% UV rays and darken the windows to reduce glare. The good news is that they further improve the car’s aesthetics with upgraded styles. 

Thanks to their durable materials, since these materials are scratch-resistant, you can expect them to last long. The installation process is easy, as the brand provides adhesive films with the Gila complete application kit.

Remember, each state and region has regulations governing the colors, darkness, and reflectivity of cars. Thus, you should refer to such laws and pick suitable options from the Gila heat shield collections of tint materials. 

Interestingly, the films are available in a wide range of shades. As an affordable option in the market, Gila tint materials come around the estimated cost of $10.81 to $71.05.

10. Madico

Madico window films are one renowned brand that supplies various automotive window tinting films. This firm, Madico Inc., appears to be one of the top leading manufacturers of top-quality and innovative window film, metalizing, coating, and excellent laminating solutions. 

Kindly note that this brand has been operating for the past 100 years, with its headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida (US). Their products appear to be a solid all-around option for most car owners seeking the best car window tint for heat reduction.

Since it helps reduce the temperature of the car’s interiors and blocks the harmful UV rays from the sun, the vehicle’s occupants can remain comfy. By now, you should know that the excellent protection from Madico tint films can further protect the interiors of your car. 

The non-metallic dyed film automotive window tints from Madico also offer excellent privacy, ensuring that you don’t get stares from the public as you drive. To increase the safety of the vehicle’s windows, this brand provides durable materials that duly serve their purpose.

When it comes to picking the shade of dark for tint films, individual preferences differ. Thus, this brand further makes films available in multiple darkness levels, and you can choose the one that suits your needs and complies with the regulations of your local authorities.

3m window tint


Q: Which tint is better, 3M or LLumar?

Both 3M and LLumer are top names within the industry, and 3M is regarded as one of the best for offering complete protection against UV light (99%), glare, and further preventing discoloration of the vehicle’s interiors.

On the other hand, LLumer supplies a diverse range of top-performing tint films that block up to 99% of the UCV rays, 90% glare, and 63% solar heat. In essence, both 3M and LLumer are top brands with an excellent reputations in the industry and constantly deliver top-quality tint films.

Q: Is a 3M window tint the best?

3M is among the top famous options you would find in the market and appears as one of the best, offering up to 99% protection against UV rays. The products from this brand supply additional layers of protection for the vehicle’s interiors, ensuring that there are no discolorations due to sun rays.

Once installed, you can rest assured knowing that your windows will receive some added protection, reducing the cost of some maintenance and saving you from some expensive car repairs

Q: Is carbon or ceramic tint better?

Carbon and ceramic tints lack metals, and you can find carbon films appearing dark and possessing a matte finish. On the other hand, ceramic tint films are among the newest options in the market, lacking dye and carbon in their formulation.

 Whether you choose carbon tints over ceramic tints or vice versa depends on your preferences since both come with their peculiar features. Nevertheless, Ceramic films are considered the highest quality and excellent efficiency even though they are pretty expensive.

Q: Is LLumar the best tint?

One known brand that holds a diverse range of top-quality films is LLumar, as their products get 99% of UV rays blocked. The good news is that the products from this brand help reduce the fading of the interiors of your car.

 With the excellent formulation, LLumar tint further keeps shattered window glass protected. These tint materials may come quite pricey, but they offer great value for the money and are pretty durable.

Q: How long does a 3M window film last?

3M tint films are pretty durable, and you can rest assured that an installed window film would last for a long time. The warranty from this brand reaches 60 months, covering thermal shock fracture and 40 months, covering seal failure.

In essence, the tint materials continue to maintain their solar properties without peeling, cracking, bubbling, or crazing. Hence, the brand supplies excellent value for your money and ensures the interior of your vehicle remain free from discolorations for an extended period.

Q: Does ceramic tint look different?

Ceramic tints are very different from the regular options available in the market, as they lack metals, dye, and carbon. The good news is that they are durable, and the color never fades, unlike the dye-based films that start fading with time.

Nevertheless, the dark shades of ceramic tint materials appear lighter compared to carbon-based window tints. Thus, most folks would go for ceramic tints since the carbon shades may be too dark than what is needed.

Q: How much should I pay for ceramic tint?

Ceramic tints are pretty expensive; nevertheless, they come constructed from durable materials that offer more value than other options. It is common for the non-reflective and standard car tinting to fall between $50 and $600. 

However, if you are keen on installing ceramic tints, you should expect this price to go higher, around $100 and $800. Such products give the vehicle a sleek appearance and would not fade, and further rejects a high amount of UV rays. 

Q: How long does ceramic tint last?

You may find the standard tint materials lasting up to five years (on average). Nevertheless, ceramic tint films last longer and can remain for ten years without compromising their top-quality performance.

Still, you should note that some factors influence the lifespan of tint materials. Installation and sun/heat exposure are two significant factors. It would interest you to know that poor installation of ceramic films and excessive heat or sun exposure would decrease their lifespan. 

Q: What is the difference between ceramic tint and regular tint?

Ceramic tints appear to be one of the most premium options available in the market. Although they may come as expensive, they deliver top performance with high heat and UV rejection capabilities.

Unlike regular tint films, ceramic tint materials lack metals, carbon, and dyes. Furthermore, such films ensure no issues with the car’s GPS, radio connectivity, and other similar components.

Window Tint Brands

Final Words

In recent times, tint films are among the things most car owners look forward to installing, as they come with many benefits. By now, you should know that the UV rays from the sun can cause various skin damage and discolor the car’s interiors. 

Nevertheless, installing automotive tint films can protect the vehicle’s interior, windows, and even those in the car. But, it may appear like a difficult task to choose the best tint films for your car windows. A glimpse through this piece reveals some of the best window tint brands.

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